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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The State of Unions

It used to be that Democrats and Unions were as synonymous & inseparable as bread and butter or toast and jam..

This was when Democrat leadership was what we call 'True' or 'Sincere' Democrat v this current bastardization started by the rotten Clintons in 1992 which is best labelled 'Wall Street' Democrat.

And trust us, there is a Big difference between Sincere Democrats and Wall Street Democrats who is nothing more than figurative 'donkeys' performing the same whore servitude to the stock market, banks and 1% as their Republican whore 'elephants' have perfected over the last century...
Sincere Democrats successfully fought for Civil Rights in the 1960s..

If Wall Street Democrats had been in power, they would have consulted with Wall Street, sought their approval and only Then pursued the social-legislative changes.

That's certainly the only reason gay marriage was pushed hard and ultimately won in the Supreme Court..

It wasn't that the Wall Street Democrats like the Clintons and Obama had any moral passion or genuine concern about gays obtaining full secular equality in this area beyond using them as a voting bloc every election..

Corporations, especially retail decided it was in their financial best interests to support marriage equality and that along with some public nudges by VP Biden toward reluctant Obama gave the party the 'courage' to support the position.
The last few decades, Democrats have been a shell of the political party they used to be especially when it comes to protecting the worker and Unions are now Finally beginning to wake up..

As if the collapse of her poll numbers and trust factor were not already accelerating, it appears rotten old Hillary Clinton may have just seen yet another nail in the coffin of her run for Queen

Yesterday, the Teamsters union’s general executive board voted unanimously 26-0, to hold off on endorsing Clinton at its meeting in Charleston, South Carolina.

Furthermore, to rub further salt in that wound, the union is seeking a "sit-down" with Donald Trump.
The vote was no accident.. It was meant as an intentional snub of old bitch Hillary for backing away from her previous support for the job-creating Keystone pipeline.

The union is holding off until union-friendly Vice President Joe Biden makes a decision about whether or not to run for president.

The union also seeks a “sit down” meeting with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, whose recent tax reform proposal drastically lowers the corporate and individual tax rates for the middle class in an effort to spur job growth, savings, and investment.

And this is not the first time a Union has made a public stand vs that wretched old woman..
Last month, the National Nurses Union endorsed Democratic challenger Sen. Bernie Sanders (a Sincere Democrat) over Clinton.

In addition, AFL-CIO head Richard Trumpka threatened to sit out the 2016 election until Clinton backed away from her support of President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, which unions strongly opposed.

Whether or not these and other Unions have the guts to ultimately middle-finger Hillary in the general election if she is the Democrat nominee, who knows..

Personally, we doubt it..   That would take even bigger testicles than Hillary possesses underneath her pantsuits

But its nice to see Unions wake up from their 20+ year slumber
Republicans historically have always been anti-Union so that forced them into the warm embrace of the Democrats who especially between 1932 and 1976 have been able to use their manpower and donations to get their party into power.

It is no secret that Union loyalty and support deserves a lot of credit for the fact that between 1931 to 1995 (64 years) the Democrats had been the majority party in the House of Representatives for all but 4 of those years.

But two embarrassing blowout Presidential election losses to Reagan in 1980 & 1984 along with George "I am not a Wimp' Bush Sr kicking Michael 'I like riding in tanks for PR' Dukakis' tushy in 1988 made along with dwindling Union resources made party Democrats re-think things

And in 1992 along comes Bill Clinton, the epitome of backwoods poor white trash who only loved one thing more than chasing pussy (no, not Hillary)   That love was wealth; the admiration of and desire to hobnob with the financial elite..
So as President he did everything he could to make Wall Street as rich as they could and the power boys rewarded Bill with eight years in office and a lot of financial connections for his wife to receive through that funneling mechanism called the 'Clinton Foundation'

And Obama being no dummy, saw in 2008 which way the bread was buttered..

How about that-- we used the same analogy twice..
The State of Unions of 2015 is very sad

We see them as the 21st century version of the American Indian and as globalization becomes more prevalent, outsourcing a part of employment reality and a business' best buddy - temping not going anywhere, Unions with no sincere political support left..

All that is left is the 'reservation' and a couple pages mention in history books when they were relevant.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

When Wolves Give Advice How to Protect Sheep

~ Carl Icahn

We talked a bit yesterday about the extreme wealthy only doing the 'right' thing and being charitable, altruistic and/or caring about those who struggle when these people are up in years and ultimate death is eventuality

Today we're going to be a little more specific..

So let's look at Carl Icahn who recently wrote a policy paper on income inequality that the billionaire financier recently sent to Donald Trump and others on Wall Street and in Washington.

In the paper, Icahn focuses on the economic imbalances in our society and warns of “dangerous systemic problems that will affect each and every American in the coming years.”  If you're interested in seeing a a video where he discusses this, you can visit his website,
One section of interest was the following:

"The average worker makes approximately $50,000 per year. The average annual compensation of the thirty highest paid CEOs is approximately $47 million per year. (I don’t believe this disparity was ever this great even in most dictatorships!) 

You will hear many politicians argue that government should not interfere with the ‘business judgment’, of our companies and, therefore they cannot pass laws to encourage ‘income equality.’ This is completely untrue – the sad fact is that the government has actually passed many laws that have brought about ‘income inequality.’”

Now statements like that are 100% true and somehow we live in a sycophantic society where we are completely brainwashed to love, admire and seek to hope to emulate the extreme-rich rather than what is natural - to loathe, despise and want to take them down.

So often we applaud comments like above but completely ignore Who said it..
Icahn who is 79yrs old, possesses a net worth of $21,000,000,000 ($21B according to Forbes)

How do we even begin to give perspective to that??

Well as Icahn says, the average worker makes $50k so it takes 420,000 workers (just under the population those who live within Atlanta's city limits) making $50k to equal in one year before taxes Icahn's net worth

Interestingly, back in 2010 the Jerusalem Post named Icahn 12th in ranking the wealthiest 50 Jews in the world..  Well that in itself isn't that 'interesting'..

What is interesting was in 2010, Icahn's fortune was listed at $10.5 billion meaning in the last 5 years during this recession-depression thanks to endless QE and other 'gifts' for the 1%, he's doubled it!
So how did Icahn make his fortune?

He began his career on Wall Street as a stockbroker in 1961 and in 1968, he formed Icahn & Co., a securities firm that focused on risk arbitrage and options trading and in 1978, he began taking controlling positions in individual companies.

By 1985, Icahn developed a reputation as a ruthless "corporate raider" (and junk bond king) after his hostile takeover of TWA. The result of that takeover was Icahn systematically selling TWA's assets to repay the debt he used to purchase the company, which was described as asset stripping.

*  Think specifically to what the character Gordon Gekko did in the film 'Wall Street' to the fictional airline 'Blue Star' since those actions were based on what Icahn did..
In 1988, Icahn took TWA private, gaining a personal profit of $469 million, and leaving TWA with a debt of $540 million. In 1991, Icahn sold TWA's prized London routes to American Airlines for $445 million.

And notice today there is no TWA in existence..

To quote Gekko in reference to his airlines, "I wrecked it because it was wreckable!"

Icahn also attempted  a hostile takeover of U.S. Steel for 89% of the industrial giant for $7 billion in late 1986. He was finally rebuffed by CEO David Roderick a few months later

You can look up Icahn's bio to see his history of ruthless greed.
So its funny when someone who's lived such a despicable life finally in his elder years wants to be all altruistic and talk with concern and compassion about those who are struggling at or near the bottom.

Now Icahn is not Christian and his father described as a 'dogmatic atheist' so there's none of that religion/Bible 'stuff' to cloud Icahn's focus.

Now if people ever remember Icahn 20 to 100 years after his death, will it be for being such a money-hungry carnivore?

Or philanthropy such as the Carl C. Icahn Center for Science and Icahn Scholar Program at Choate Rosemary Hall, a prep school in Connecticut. (This organization pays for tuition, room and board, books, and supplies for 10 students every year for four years (freshman-senior), an expense that adds up to about $160,000 per student)
Or the fact Icahn made a substantial contribution to his alma mater, Princeton University, to fund a genomics laboratory which bears his name, the Carl C. Icahn Laboratory at the University's Institute for Integrated Genomics.

God forbid it was named something other than Icahn but like we said, he's not really religious so God wouldn't come into play..

Or his foundation, the Children's Rescue Fund, built Icahn House in The Bronx, a 65-unit complex for homeless families consisting of single pregnant women and single women with children, and operates Icahn House East and Icahn House West, both of which are homeless shelters located in New York City...

Etc.. Etc,,
It reminds us of a story about how rich people think/act:

Two wealthy men leave a very expensive restaurant when an extremely poor child comes toward them with his hand out asking for some money...

And even though the child's clothes are raggedy and tattered and clearly the child hadn't had a good meal for days, the first wealthy man shoo's the child away with his hand..

The second man looks at the child for a couple moments, then recognizing the youngster says "You're Robeson's boy aren't you?' to which the child nodded he was,,

Then the second wealthy man takes out a couple $20 bills and places it in the little one's hand and smiles, to which the boy exclaims 'God Bless You!' and each party continues their separate way

The first wealthy man was shocked by the generosity and exclaimed, 'Did you lose your mind back there?!'.. Why did you give that dirty boy $40??'

To which the second wealthy man stated. 'Eh, he needed it more than I...   Besides, a couple months ago I fired his dad when he asked for a raise...'

Monday, September 28, 2015

God Hates the Wealthy almost as much as Wealthy Hate God

Ah Monday Monday..

Even when one is not in the position to need to work, it makes for the sleepiest of days..

We see the Dow is down 265pts as of 1p est..  

Very nice

As we often say, add a '1' or '2' before those numbers and then you really got something special

The Pope left Philly this morning and ultimately we're sad to see him go..
Prior to that he visited America's version of Sodom & Gomorrah; a place even worse than Hollywood or Las Vegas... it is called New York City.

He didn't really wish to but he was obligated to go.

While in that cesspool of greed, corruption and uber-Capitalism, Pope Francis delivered a speech to the United Nations where he did not shy away from criticizing capitalism, saying that it contributes to society's ills and for the rich to stop hoarding their money and instead invest in the poor.

The well-to-do collectively smiled, nodded and then ignored..

There really isn't a more distorted group of individuals than the super-wealthy...
So many of them think that they can go through life earning their billions unethically and immorally, crushing competition and upstarts from fairly competing in the economy, choosing to fire their workers rather than give a 25 cent hour raise...

And Yet..

As they get up in years, suddenly become philanthropic, and set up charities and endowments to benefit the average person...

Shitty Bill Gates and glad he's dead Steve Jobs come to mind.

But they just follow a long like of ultra rich parasites like John Jacob Astor, John Paul Getty, the Rockefellers, Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie..    Take the time to read their bios and you see they them for who they really were..
For those who believe in Christianity, the following has been written:

Matthew 19:24 says "Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God."

And then there is this passage from Luke 18: 22-24 about the Rich Young Ruler..

"When Jesus heard this, He said to him, "One thing you still lack; sell all that you possess and distribute it to the poor, and you shall have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me." But when he had heard these things, he became very sad, for he was extremely rich. And Jesus looked at him and said, "How hard it is for those who are wealthy to enter the kingdom of God!…"

Many wealthy pretend to be good Catholics & Protestants yet ignore these words as actively and intentionally as adulterers ignore the Ten Commandments
Of course many super-wealthy people do not believe in God or religion so technically they do nothing wrong by making gobs n gobs of money then hoarding it;  Then again upon death not a penny of it can be taken to the ash heaps

Wealthy are only generous for egotistical purposes..

You must know their endowments or Foundations are in Their Name..  You must know it is They writing the big check for a cause, or if its a corporation, that they are sponsoring a charity event..

The days of a person of business supporting the fight against Cancer or helping Wounded Vets in silence is well gone..
If there is a God, and we believe their is, then NO genuinely wealthy person is ever going to heaven

Disbelievers like to ask us, "How can you prove the existence of God"?

We answer very simply..  'If there was no God, then Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein currently wouldn't have cancer'

When they point out that the media says its 'highly curable', we respond 'So was Jobs' cancer at first...'

And speaking of Jobs, we think the only despicable person who has had more movies, books and TV bio pics made about him in last 50 years was Hitler..

We at A&G believe..  And know ultimately in time all the baddies will be taken off this beautiful planet while the 'Devil' in whatever form you wish to envision, will be working to replace and replenish

Friday, September 25, 2015

Douche-head Phil Simms & 'that Washington team'

People close to me wonder why little things tend to irritate me so much..

Its hard to avoid sweating the small stuff as the slogan goes when there are so many simple minded idiots out there in everyday life who make it a point to get under your skin

Especially politically correct ones who need to instill their worldview on everyone else.
Case in point:  I am watching the Washington Redskins take on the New York Giants on Thursday Night Football on CBS and very quickly I am noticing something peculiar..

There is constant reference to the word 'Giants' but not the other side's team name

It seems Phil Simms, former Giants QB and all around PC piece of Shit doesn't want to say 'Redskins' and CBS being the PC cowards they are, let him get away with it

So the blonde haired imbecile who makes about $2 million to serve as color commentator decides he will just refer to the Redskins as 'the Washington team..'

How clever clever is that?
Of course doesn't matter a damn to Simms that Redskins is a very accurate name to described American Indians who are still to this day red-skinned people.

Or that the name and logo has defined that 'Washington team' for 83 years and counting (1932) so there's a long rich football history behind it

Or that fans of that team LOVE the name Redskins and if they weren't so popular, the franchise would not be ranked 3rd most valuable according to Forbes

Or that most Indian groups actually do NOT have a problem with the name and even those who do admit any name change will have zero bearing on improving the horrible living conditions of most Indians on reservations including higher than average unemployment, drop out rates and alcoholism
Douche-head Simms wants to do the 'right thing' and not hurt anyone's sensibilities..

Wonder if Phil Simms gives a damn about American Indian people as much as he does the word 'Redskins'?  How many Indian friends do you think he has?

Or it just makes him feel good to be PC because that takes Zero effort.

And whatever should we call the Redskins if the name is changed?

The Forehead Scalpers?

The European Settler-Killers?

The Caucasian Women-Rapers?

The Caucasian Children Abductors?

The Native American Casino Operators?
Everyone wants to think of American Indians historically with the eye of 'Dances with Wolves' revisionism;  that they were all peaceful agrarian people that only killed the food they needed, respected nature and were spiritual shamen

Sorry but that only represented a sliver of who they were before the Union Army defeated them in the late 1890s

The Indians were also cold-blooded killers.

They fought & killed whites.. They fought & killed each other..

For instance in 1675, the blood-thirsty savage Indians murdered 1/4th of the population of Connecticut and thousands more in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.
But historical reality often gets in the way of the PC fiction the white-guilters wish to feel.

If Phil Simms or any other bleeding heart who can't stomach to say 'Redskins' really gave a damn about the Indians or wanted to make things right, then he or they would take the deed to their home, the title to his or their automobile and all wealth acquired over the years..

And then hand it over to the first American Indian spotted by the side of the road and apologize profusely for whatever you think your great- great- great- great- great- great- grandparents did..

Then relocate to Europe and live your remaining years of life there..

If you're not willing to do that, Shut Up about the 'poor' Indian.
When's the last time anyone has devoted serious thought or spent time concerned with the plight of the American Indian living in today's world?

When's the last time someone has hired one to work as their employee or donated $$ to help pay for scholarships so they can afford a college education?

Think that piece of garbage PC coward Phil Simms has?

No, he does is basic do-gooder minimum then goes to sleep at night happy-naive that he's making a positive difference while other PC drek applaud him..

Sorry for the profanity folks..  Told you its the little nothing people like Simms who seem to get under my skin the most..  They're so oblivious to what matters vs what doesn't

If you genuinely care about people of different backgrounds, races, ethnicites, using polite terminology to describe them is the easy and lazy way out..

If you really care about people, make a sincere difference in their lives in some way; genuinely learn their history, don't be afraid to sit next to someone or invite over your home for coffee or to watch a ballgame

Watching your word choice is the weak way

Thursday, September 24, 2015

How Much Will the USA Papal Visit Cost?

The Pope is in Washington DC today then NYC for some reason and then the Important gathering in Philadelphia this Sunday.

 Earlier he gave a speech pushing for religious tolerance

Guess no one told him the religion of 100% of all the perpetrators of both WTC attacks (1993 & 2001), the London subway bombing of 7-7-2005 and goodness knows many other terrorist atrocities going back to the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics were committed by...

No, not Catholics..  Or Protestants..  Or Jews or Hindu

All of them..  Muslim.
He also evoked Lincoln in his speech which is Always a sign of deep Ignorance of the rotten ex-President and pandering to Congress

It is sort of like how we in the US loved and admired Gorbachev in the late 1980s and 1990s because we only know he tried to make reforms.  The Russian people still hate and despise him because his reforms failed and led them to misery..

But all that aside..

How much will this needless trip to visit the US cost?  
His visit to Philadelphia will cost $48 million alone..

Just to protect one person who gives speeches contradicting nearly 2000 years of Church doctrine, there is the cost of a private chartered plane and a super-secure Pope mobile.  He also requires a detailed security force, local police and street closures in each city he visits.

That doesn't run cheap.

And you know the Pope and entourage aren't sleeping economy..

So who’s footing the bill?

Simple answer -- everybody but the Vatican.

God Forbid...
The Vatican never pays out of pocket for these trips.. it’s really either the local Catholic dioceses that he’s visiting or sometimes the government on some level- federal, state or local.

It's good to be the King, um.. President.. Um.. Pope..

What's the difference between the three when it comes to taking needless trips on others' dime?

The Pope’s visit to the U.S. has been classified as a national security special event by the department of Homeland Security. That means they’ll be spending some of their annual allocation of $4.5 million on the visit but the rest will be coming from local budgets and Catholic groups.
The World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia is currently attempting to raise $45 million to pay for some of the expenses that come with a visit from the Pope.

If they can’t raise that money the state and city will pick up the tab so the taxpayer may subsidize the Pope a little bit..

Including the non-Christian citizens.

Cities, of course, are hoping to gain from a boost in tourism during the Pope’s visit.

Last week one could go into a local Bed Bath & Beyond in the Philly area and pick up a Pope doll or T-shirt..  We assume the 20% off coupons could be applied.
So the Pope will come and go and the people will cheer only the things he says which they want to hear, namely that they can sin and sin, the Pope will look the other way (wink) and thus not worry on excommunication or damnation & hell fire..

And if the Pope tells anyone they are wrong, it will be quickly ignored.

But this is a big deal for many.. well worth the millions upon millions spent

It will be interesting to see how many show up..

No better way to judge economic misery gauge of a nation than how many appear to see a Papal Visit.  * See Latin America & Africa..

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Cutting the Cord

Yesterday among other things on my personal to-do list was to call the company I receive internet and residential phone service with and find out what 24 month specials were available for the purpose of renewing..

The guy on the phone I spoke with was nice and as we're going over what the company offered, he said "I notice you don't have cable with us.."

"That's right" I replied...

"Would you be interested in switching to us and thus be fully bundled", he asked...

"No that is OK, thanks.."
"May I ask why?  I can save you additional money if...", he began..

"See I don't have cable from any service because watch very little to no TV.."

There was a little pause, followed by "Wow.."

After the call ended and I renewed for the services I did use, I started to think hard how long its been since I 'cut the cord' with cable TV as the saying goes..
And while I couldn't recall a specific date, I know with certainty it has been over Five years since I have paid a cable TV bill.

Can't say I miss it much..  All the channels seem to have changed for the worse back in the mid to late 00's & I would wager its still on a downward trajectory..

I remember when ESPN used to be about Entertainment through Sports Programming..  You know -- what their initials stand for..

Oh sure they still show a lot of sports but they have a ton of opinions too and not just on the games or the participants.   ESPN decided somewhere along the way to go heavy down the political-correctness route so all their stories of good vs evil are distorted through that prism.
Its nauseating enough when social engineering is attempted through cable news like CNN but its really awful when you just want to sit and watch some sports without being told its racial, ethnic or gender significance constantly.

I remember when MTV known as Music Television actually showed Music!   Admittedly I also remember when MTV made the switch to 24/7 of NO Music so they could create a programming schedule that TV Guide would publish instead of 24hrs of 'videos' like in the 80's

Now its all garbage aimed at the lowest common denominator teens but I'm certainly no teen anymore so I suppose in fairness, MTV is not gearing its programming to the parent set.

I do remember when A&E and Bravo were the two channels to turn to for art and culture - ballet, theater, musicals, art-house cinema..   Now its a lot of reality TV schlock.
I remember when the History channel actually showed content that was 'historical' and not so Deeply dumbed down with actors, music and action while ugly looking professors stared off camera and simplified events while seeking to find inclusiveness in its programming.

What do I mean by that phrase?

You will often see on History (as well as Smithsonian Network and PBS) the need when covering a major event like say the Civil War, to give the perspective of every minority group under the sun to appease which is akin to throwing audiences specialized 'bones' rather than just cover the topic in a straight-forward manner.

Ken Burns is to blame for this style of historical teaching using his films to digress into black issues to beat in social lessons that he wanted his audience to take from his films.

In many ways Burns injects more ideological bias into his work than Michael Moore ever did
Anyways, back to cable..

I remember when CNN used to be fair and newsworthy and relevant and when CNBC didn't do a hard left-turn to try desperately to get out of the bottom of the ratings and when Fox News didn't go out of its way to eat its own..

One channel after another full of "reality" and repeats and old game shows

By the way, here's a trivia Q for you..  Off the top of your head, think to yourself which cable TV network shows the Most commercials vs actual programming per each 30 minutes cycle?

Which channel bombards you with the most ads?

Answer: Weather Channel.  
Notice how short the weather segments are between 2-3 minute commercial clips.  The exception of course being their coverage of bad weather events

Cable television's pricing goes up and up and the quality goes the opposite direction..

If I want movies or TV shows, I will get Netflix or Hulu or watch You Tube on the computer or through Apple TV apps..

If I want sports, I would rather pay to directly subscribe knowing as long as i avoid the scores, I can see my local team as well as the rest of league games in condensed form meaning No commercials to sit through..

If I want weather, I look outside my window or open the front door..
Its a pretty cool thing to be out of the loop; to be among the genuinely last to know what the hell a 'Duck Dynasty' is, or who are the 'Duggars', or who are the latest interracial conquests for the cackle of loose-lipped (think other lips) whores known as the Kardashians

I've never seen a single episode of Bruce Jenner pretending to portray a woman or anything that begins with "Real Wives" and I feel the better for it..

Also feels great knowing I've saved at least $3600 over the last Five years by not being a cable subscriber, and that is rationale and reason enough.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

This Day in History: A Gay Man Saves A President's Life

~ The man in yellow circle stopping the woman in red circle from killing the President back in 1975..

Back in 1975, then President Gerald Ford survived two assassination attempts on his life within a span of three weeks..

Both mentally ill shooters being women..

The first was Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme who was part of the Charles Manson "family",.  Her failed attempt was on September 5th, 1975 and she served 34 years in prison.

The second insane woman as Sara Jane Moore who made the attempt to take Ford's life 40 years ago on this day, September 22nd.
Moore had a fascination and an obsession with Patricia Hearst and after she was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army, her father Randolph Hearst created the organization People In Need (P.I.N.) to feed the poor as a response to the SLA's claims that the elder Hearst was "committing 'crimes' against 'the people.'"

Moore was a bookkeeper for P.I.N. and an FBI informant when she attempted to assassinate Ford.

She was about 40 feet away from President Ford when she fired a single shot at him with a .38 caliber revolver. After realizing she had missed, she raised her arm again..
Oliver Sipple, a Marine and Vietnam Vet no longer on active duty, dove towards her, knocking her arm the second time, perhaps saving Ford's life.

Sipple said at the time: "I saw [her gun] pointed out there and I grabbed for it. [...] I lunged and grabbed the woman's arm and the gun went off."

The single shot which Moore did fire from her .38 caliber revolver ricocheted and hit John Ludwig, a 42-year-old taxi driver. Ludwig survived.

Moore was sentenced to life but ended up being released after 32 years..
Now at the time Sipple was rightfully made into a hero by the media: A United States Marine Corps Vet who fought in Vietnam. (shrapnel wounds suffered in December 1968 caused him to finish out his tour of duty in a Philadelphia veterans hospital, from which he was released in March 1970)

Most people at the time did not know Sipple was gay.

He made no effort to hide it in San Francisco where he lived having participated in many gay pride parades and gay rights demonstrations and was active in local causes, including the historic political campaigns of openly gay City Council candidate Harvey Milk..

But at the time not even his family knew he was gay and probably because of it, Sipple did not want his name used or location known by the media.

Milk as all political zealots do, decided for his own political agenda and interests to out Sipple to the local media and push that he be written up as a gay hero without Sipple's consent.

Upon finding out, his mother refused to speak to him and Sipple then insisted to reporters that his sexuality was to be kept confidential.

Once news of his orientation went public, there was no invitation to the White House for Sipple, not even a commendation.   Weeks later, Sipple received a brief note of thanks from Ford.
Sipple sued the SF Chronicle for invasion of privacy.  He also filed a $15 million invasion of privacy suit against Chronicle columnist Herb Caen who wrote the story, seven named newspapers, and a number of unnamed publishers, for publishing the disclosures.

The Superior Court in San Francisco dismissed the suit, and Sipple continued his legal battle until May 1984, when a state court of appeals held that Sipple had indeed become news, and that his sexual orientation was part of the story.

So by saving a President from death who ultimately did not appreciate it, a private man lost his right to keep his life private because others with social-political agendas cared more about themselves and validating their life choices.

Later in his life, Sipple went through a period of estrangement with his parents, but the family ultimately reconciled with him.
Sipple's mental and physical health sharply declined over the years.

He drank heavily, gained weight to 300 lbs, was fitted with a pacemaker, and became paranoid and suicidal.

The incident brought him so much attention that, later in life, while drinking, he would express regret towards grabbing Moore's gun.

On February 2, 1989, he was found dead in his bed, at the age of 47.

Earlier that day, Sipple had visited a friend and said he had been turned away by the good ole' Veterans Administration hospital (sarcastically stated of course) where he went concerning his difficulty in breathing due to pneumonia.

Sipple was buried in San Francisco and his funeral was attended by about 30 people
The morals of the story:

1) Being 'famous' is not what its cracked up to be especially if you never have actively sought it

2) For every gay person pushing themselves and their politics front and center while looking to be media darlings, most are just normal hardworking people living a normal existence who simply want to blend in quietly and live their lives without drawing attention to themselves.

In addition, the people who push the social politics do not always represent the wants or wishes of most others.

3) Whether it be a President, Policeman or the Pope, sometimes its best to not get involved because it won't be appreciated anyways