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Friday, October 30, 2015

Another Example of NFL Hypocracy

It is Friday and so I will wrap up the sports-themed week of postings with this little "gem" care of the NFL for those who may have missed it..

The NFL has uniform 'police' and they will fine players and coaches if for example they wear a non-approved sneaker brand or color or a bunch of other trivial things..

On Wednesday, 2 Pittsburgh Steelers players were fined for uniform code violations..

The first player had words in his eye-black (that's the black stuff under their eyes) which to the league is a no-no, and the second player wore purple cleats when there's no purple allowed on the Steelers' uniform

OK.. Pretty straight forward stuff.. What's the big deal?
The guy who wore eye-black had the words "Find the Cure" written on them meaning a cure for breast cancer and the purple cleats was meant to raise awareness toward domestic violence and the need to put an end to it.

Now really think about that...

As we said before, the NFL really doesn't give two shits about women's health or safety or the veterans or anything else they are not in control of and profiting from..

Had the NFL Pro Shop sold 'Find the Cure' eye-black for $19.99, then the player would have done nothing wrong and thus no fine.

Totally OK for big strong muscular men the drench themselves in feminine pink for the "cause" which translates to increased merchandise sales.. Just can't honor those who suffer beyond the pink face towels and wristbands
And believe me, if not for the fact that former Ravens' RB Ray Rice' closed fist punch to his wife's face was on video for the world to see, the NFL would have let that incident blow over.

Now they're forced to care even though they don't wish to..

But line in the sand..  No player can wear anything on a uniform even a color alteration to show they care about domestic violence for real.

I used to love sports..   I mean LOVE it..

Loved watching it on TV and live.. Loved playing it..
It just gets harder and harder to embrace professional leagues especially run so corrupt, disingenuously and with little to no concern for the feelings of the individual fan.

It is a fiefdom and we're so far on the bottom among the millipedes and dung beetles, we don't even register to those calling the shots

Our role is to buy the tickets, boo & cheer while even the home athletes INTENTIONALLY ignore and block us out, then buy the concessions, boo & cheer some more and then promptly leave before security releases the hounds..

Beyond that, as individuals and collectively we can all jump into a lake and drown for all team owners and league Commissioners feel
And the players..  black and white.. Multi-million dollar paid niggers.

See.. the naughty 'no-no' word can equally be applied to 'crackers'

A player means nothing to an owner.. That guy is traded, cut, released, fined and/or suspended at the Master's discretion.

I can one day see myself permanently cutting from following sports altogether..  Only so much one can take..

Unfortunately there are so many to take my place without all that scruples baggage.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Feudal System of Professional Sports

"It is more profitable for me to have a team that is in contention for most of the season but finishes about fourth. A team like that will draw well enough during the first part of the season to show a profit for the year, and you don't have to give the players raises when they don't win.” --  Connie Mack

I've used that quote before in previous postings.. It is as honest and genuine a quote as you will ever hear, and if you want to really understand what professional sports is about..  what Corporate business is about..  what America is about..

That's the quote to put up on your wall.

Today I want to continue with some of the themes of yesterday's post because sports is the perfect microcosm of the world we live in, especially the relationship, albeit a quite thin one between those at the top (the owners) and those at the very bottom (the fans)
If sports were a fiefdom, the owner would be the knight, those under his employ would be the serfs (or slaves) and then there's the fan - the worthless nothing peon to be peed on with no voice or say

It may sound harsh but really when you move beyond the entertainment value of the sport teams you support and look at it from not just a business side but a behavior psychology perspective, fans matter less today than ever before when it comes to decisions and overall operation of teams.

We sit in the overpriced seats.. we boo.. we cheer.. we pay $10 for beer..

We pay $100 a month for cable to see our teams on TV then sit for three hours to watch games that should be taking 48 to 60 regulation minutes to play..
Or the most desperate shell out $150 or so for a league 'package' that allows us to watch pretty much every team without commercials.. Just can't watch the local teams you spent your childhood into adolescence formulating a bond to..

Well you 'can' but have to wait 48 hours after game is played so that means total local sports blackout and the hope/prayer no one you come across says 'Hey did you see that game last night?  Ugh..'

If you are a fan of a select few teams, you are Very fortunate and lucky and probably don't have a clue what the big hub-bub is about..

There are certain organizations that sincerely Try every year to win..  They may not always be successful and they may not always get into playoffs but they genuinely TRY..  They will spend or overspend.. aim at the biggest names, the best talent..
In football, Dallas comes to mind as does the New England Patriots..  Maybe the Steelers..  The Oakland Raiders of Al Davis when he was alive and mentally sound, also sincerely tried.

In baseball, the Yankees of course, Red Sox as well.. They may have finished last in AL East but it wasn't a lack of trying..  Dodgers..

In basketball, the San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, LA Lakers.. maybe 1-2 others I missed..

Etc.. Etc..
The rest of the teams in each sports league..   They all go through the motions..

They do just enough to get you to keep interested and want to attend..

Some owners can't even bring themselves to do that, so the big sell is on the 'future'.. Future talent.. Future draft picks..  Future glory..

Then in the case of the Philadelphia Phillies, after losing 99 games decides to raise ticket prices..  They're no dum-dums..  They know the fans will still go and pay more to watch an inferior product.
The Kansas City Royals are in the World Series taking on the NY Muts (Mets)..  Obviously I hope they win it all but the bigger story is that from 1985 when they last won a Championship until 2014, this team did not make the playoffs once!!

That's 29 years of failure, futility and ownership that Intentionally found it more profitable to convert their ball club into a glorified minor league team that would draft good players and as soon as they deserved to be paid, would trade for prospects

Pittsburgh Pirates did the same thing.. for decades
And the ballclubs always made a nice sizable Profit even though they averaged among last in annual attendance because of revenue sharing among the other clubs and its not difficult to make a profit when your payroll is 1/10th the Yankees or Sox

And the KC fans?  Fucked over year after year after year with 'One day..'

And they lucked out, and that 'one day' is today..   They better enjoy it immensely because if history is an indicator, this team will be gutted in another year or two for more prospects..

When one is very young, the future seems so full of possibilities and so infinite a space of time

And when you get older, and I'm not even talking "old", you realize that life is short and one doesn't just have 3 or 5 or 7 years to fuck around waiting for a sports team to be competitive enough for one to enjoy seeing and feeling relaxed/joyful by..
Win, lose or utterly stink, the GD owners make a financial killing every year...

It is a lot like the concept of warfare as in, why if we all know war is terrible and horrible is the world always engaged in some fight or another?

Well most understand.. but the wee ones.. the kiddies and naive-minded adolescents look at things different and war is 'fun' and exciting and thus all it takes for new wars to start is to replenish those who are old and jaded with healthy, fit lads and lasses with doe eyes

Same with sports..  to a 10 year old or a college kid, sports don't just matter, they really MATTER!

And they, especially those with disposable incomes and no real responsibilities yet will piss away their money on courtside seats to see a shitty Sixers game or whatever..

And they more than anyone else will believe the lie of 'We're trying..'; Eat it up in gulps..
When you know 'the deal' or 'the score' to use jive talk, its harder and harder for others to sell you a line..

But so many people love sports; zealously passionate about following their teams and shockingly most don't care or wish to bother pulling back the veil to see who are the real villains when their 'guys' are perpetually in last place,,

The players?  Yeah, OK.. get what you pay for..   The manager/coach?  Ehh, maybe..   General Manager?  Possibly-Maybe..

But you gotta tilt that neck a little bit higher.. go to the very top..
A sports franchise owner of a team you love can do more (or do less via inaction) to overall impact a person's life in a negative, depressing way than any US President, Dem or Rep, and unlike a President  the sports gets completely absolved of blame.

Most don't even know the names of the owners of their local professional sports teams, much less how these billionaire scum made their fortunes or their priorities - Win or make profit?  Keep team in city or relocate it?

As I get older I think the smartest fans are the bandwagon fans..  Just choose the teams that are 'hot', watch with some detachment and then jump into the next team's 'bed'

Because life is stressful enough without sports adding to it..

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

NBA and paying 'Money for Nothing' in Perpetuity

Sorry there was no post for Tuesday.. Just one of those 'under the weather' days that autumn brings about..

Last night, the NBA began its new season..

A league full of venomous profit-hungry self-interest snakes and rats (like I suppose all owners of all sports leagues are) whether only 15% sincerely does and spends what it takes to win a Championship and the other 85% give lip-service to their gullible fan base.

I guess there is a special place of animus in my heart toward the NBA because they collectively kicked an owner, Donald Sterling from running and operating his business because some harmless words illegally recorded in his private residence by a mulatto bitch he was sleeping with..
And yet a complete scumbag parasite piece of shit like Philadelphia 76ers owner Josh Harris who makes his billions as a Wall Street Venture (Vulture) capitalist buying up distressed companies under the guise of rebuilding to profitability then gutting them into insolvency and bankruptcy, collecting full profit before any other debt collector can..

This Prick who spends the absolute minimum on salary and intentionally tanks season after season while collecting $25-$35m profit annually due to revenue sharing is allowed to keep hold of his team

Say 'nigger' & say you don't prefer ghetto riff-raff attending games -- lose your franchise; gut the team and make it unwatchable -- you're commended by the Commissioner.
So that's why the following true fact is so deliciously fun:

Did you know there is a basketball franchise that hasn't been in existence in nearly 40 years that NBA gives a portion of their shared revenue toward??

They were called the Spirits of St. Louis, a former ABA franchise.

In the summer of 1976, with the ABA at the point of financial collapse after nine years, the 6 surviving franchises (the Virginia Squires went bankrupt immediately after the final season) began negotiating a merger with the NBA.

But the senior circuit decided to accept only four teams from the rival league: the then New York Nets (then became New Jersey Nets), Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers and San Antonio Spurs.
The NBA placated John Y. Brown, owner of the Kentucky Colonels, by giving him a $3.3 million settlement in exchange for shutting his team down.

But the owners of the Spirits, the brothers Ozzie and Dan Silna, struck a prescient deal to acquire future television money from the teams that joined the NBA, a 1/7 share from each franchise (or nearly 2% of the entire NBA's TV money), in perpetuity.

That means forever..

With network TV deals becoming more and more lucrative, the deal has made the Silnas wealthy, earning them $186 million as of 2008, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and $255 million as of 2012 according to The New York Times.
The NBA nearly succeeded in buying out the Silnas in 1982 by offering $5 million over eight years, but negotiations stalled when the siblings demanded $8 million over five.  In 2007, it was extended for another 8 years, ensuring another $100 million+ windfall for the Silnas.

In 2014, the Silnas reached agreement with the NBA to greatly reduce the perpetual payments and take a lump sum of $500 million.

In the last few years before the lump sum agreement, the Silnas were receiving $14.57 million a year, despite being owners of a team that hadn't played one minute of basketball in more than 35 years.
The Silnas will, however, still be receiving a cut of television revenue through a new partnership with the former ABA teams the Nets, Nuggets, Pacers and Spurs, though smaller thanks to the half a billion agreement, but are currently suing the NBA for a cut profits from 'NBA League Pass'

I have no sympathy or empathy for the NBA..  This is a sports league that as early as next season will be placing corporate advertising patches on their uniforms like NASCAR and soccer does..

Sports is cut-throat..
Maybe a very small handful of owners genuinely care about winning Championships (the Buss family which owns the Lakers and Jerry Jones of the NFL's Cowboys are among the exceptions)

The rest.. They sell their fan base nothing but lies and 'hope' and the more loyal and generational the support for such teams, the more they keep buying the bullshit...  Literally..  

Buying the season tickets and seat licence fees and over-paying for parking and concessions and the merchandise...

The best sports fans when it comes to sports live in places like Jacksonville and Tennessee.   They have no deep loyalty to any professional franchise..  Its not yet fully ingrained in their DNA..

So if a team is terrible and/or its obvious ownership doesn't care, they simply stop going; stop following altogether which leads to empty seats and football blackouts..
This Forces ownership to care and act, whereas in a city like Philadelphia, there's no need to pretend to try all that hard..

The fans there treat the sports businesses with a perverse local pride and are so stupid at times, they will vent about players, managers and GMs and never lift their heads high enough to attack the owners.

Something Pavlog dog about that..

So another NBA season begins.. and if you love Golden State, Cleveland or maybe 2-3 other teams, expect to have an enjoyable season watching & following

And if you root for the other 25 franchises or so, well.. enjoy mediocrity.

Monday, October 26, 2015

A Million Mags & Nothing Worth A Look-See

~ An exception to the rule.. A magazine worth reading with a Great person on cover worth reading about..

I used to love magazines..

Reading them.. Subscribing to them.

Even back the days when I was going to school at the age when school-bus dependent, I enjoyed taking them with me and looking at them

And then..

Dunno..  Maybe I grew up?
Or just became very conscious after 9/11 that every single magazine cut their pages by 25-40% and that included number of articles and less quality writers working cheaper for such magazines..

And it all got stupider and more showy and more gossipy..

Did I change that much (for the better) in the last 10-15 years or the quality of the weekly & monthly publications (for the worse)?

Or Both?

I was tempted to join a magazine service again.. one of those where for X dollars a month you have access to 150+ magazines on your iPad and I keep being bombarded with free trials so..

But then I looked at the catalog of recent mags & their covers and one word came to mind ..   Yukk!!
So I will take the opportunity to vent on some of the more glaring mag covers and of course give my two-cents..

You may totally disagree with every opinion uttered but to A&G, we look at that as a positive, never a negative..   Annoyance and irritation lead to passion and that's a good thing..

Allure -  On the cover is Kate Hudson with the words "Her Golden-Hued, Fairy Dusted Life"...  HUH??  

What is so wonderful about a egotistical Bitch who has a child with her husband, then cheats on him which leads to divorce, then has a another child a few years later out of wedlock with a man she breaks up with two years after??

Poor fucked up kids..
Bike & Bicycling -- Can you believe there are not one but Two magazines devoted to this!  I'm sure in another couple years it will be joined by 'Unicycling Monthly' and 'Trike' - a magazine for kids and their tricycles

Bloomberg Markets -- Of course leave it to a financial publication to put a corrupt, evil parasite cunt on their cover..  No not Hillary.. someone worse...

Fed Chair Janet Yellen..

The world of finance is really no different than the scene in Lady & Tramp where all the dirty, filthy stray animals converge at the rear of the restaurant for whatever free leftovers and other crap the owner wishes to toss their way..

Yellen is the deeply ugly old woman who holds the bucket of slop (interest rate go up/down?) and the mongrels (Wall Street traders and speculators) wag their tails and engorge on the slop filth (by pushing the markets higher)
Cooking Magazines -- I'm just bunching the 2-3 dozen needless recipe-filled magazines here into one quick vent..

1)  If you're attractive and still kept your figure, your husband isn't going to care if you serve him black-burnt eggs and raw bacon.. He will still want you.  And if you're a wonderful mother, your family will still love you if you serve pop-tarts for Thanksgiving..

2) The only real recipe to remember in an emergency..

Take two slices of bread.. smear peanut jelly on one.. jelly on other..  press together and cut into adorable squares or triangles..  Serves 1-2
Cosmopolitan --  Those Fucking Kardashians are on the cover.. Every single classless Armenian ethnic one of them..  

Just can't say the word 'Kardashian' without saying 'Fucking' which of course was Kim's claim to fame.. Fucking a black man and video-taping it for purposes of a porn release while pretending it was for the couple's privacy

Amazing how long she's been famous for being a whore that only takes black seed

And Cosmo calls them 'America's First Family'

And sadly these Fucking Kardashians and their rotten vile lives still sell magazines..  

No wonder al Qaeda hates us.. It is not because of our freedom.. Its because we hurt their brains with our collective Western vapidness!
Dr Oz The Good Life --  Why does this guy have his own magazine?  You'd think if a Quack had a monthly mag, there'd at least be stories or pictures of adorable duckies

Everyone knows how to live a healthy life.. Few to none wish to do it..

1)  Maintain a heathy body weight
2)  Exercise even moderately (light walking)
3) Avoid fatty and sugary foods
4) Don't smoke

There.. Now everyone can live till they're 100 and have feeding tubes shoved down their throats by hospitals who'd prefer to pull the plug if more cost-effective
Elle -- I never thought I would see a human being who's face closely resembled Miss Piggy until I discovered a year or so ago this talentless, classless comedienne named Amy Schumer.

Now the fatty-faced corpulent pig adorns Elle a magazine meant for women who are attractive and yes, slender..

How the hell is this GD person so popular?

And what ever happened to beautiful refined women of beauty, class and dignity like Grace Kelly or Bo Derek?   Why must women have to look at scum like Schumer and be told That is 'beauty'??
Essence -- I'd never bother to look at a black magazine but the cover gave me a double-take.. I thought it was RuPaul, the famous cross-dresser..

Turns out it is 'Empire's' Tariji Henson

Its funny.. on the cover it also says 2016 Election Preview..  Would be far more accurate if it said 2016 Democrat Nominee Preview since around 95% of blacks vote in mindless lockstep Democrat and they vote for a praying mantis with 'D' attached before ever voting a human being with 'R'

And if the praying mantis happens to be a person (Hillary) then all the easier for them to decide..
Field & Stream - On this month's cover is a beautiful proud majestic deer

Every issue should basically be the same topic:  'How to kill innocent, defenseless living creatures that never did a fucking thing to you just for sport/fun'

Glamour -  Sandra Bullock is on the cover

Note to publishers:  your magazine is called Glamour!  It is supposed to be about Glamourous women!  That means your cover is supposed to be um.. you know.. a 'Deeply Ugly woman with pug nose free' zone

Also gotta love all the sex advise..  Every magazine seems to have them..

If women truly believed the shit these empty magazines wrote on intimacy and men truly believed the crap which comes out of GQ, Men's Health, etc,

Well we certainly wouldn't have to worry about over-population problems..  Just live in a happy world chock full of frustrated virgins
GQ --  Taylor Swift is the cover gal meaning it took people behind the scenes hours upon hours to make her look sexy enough via hair & makeup to put in the cover

Because that is one thing Swift is not... Sexy..  No one who looks and acts wholesome as milk and reacts to every breakup by writing endless songs about it, is 'sexy'

I do give the people behind the scenes props though.. She actually looks like she has something of a chest in the cover photo..  I know its all illusionary but.. as they say in ghetto ebonics, 'Dat take sum Mad Skillz, Yo'

Gold & Golf Digest -- Ugh!!  Two magazines devoted to the ultimate recreational activity for corporate conformity

The reason why it is not a sport?  If extremely overweight men with pacemakers & comb-overs and those over 65yrs old can play it regularly, it is Not truly a sport!

Golf Digest has a story on 'Shake the Shanks'.. Yes, take a spoon or two of Pepto Bismol and drink lots of water to avoid dehydration..  Done..
Jeez.. I'm only on 'G'  This is starting to turn into work..  I better do more summarizing..

Notice how all these magazines are sooo overly-positive?  Not normally positive or inspirational but really forced down the reader's throat..

X has found new love.. new happiness!;  Y is stronger than ever!;  Z is bouncing back and feeling beautiful...

How can anyone with half a brain read that shit?   And yet notice it is women's magazines that treat women far stupider and more shallow than any gender-neutral magazine would ever Dare to do!
Also, notice there is not a single conservative mainstream magazine out there?

Yes there's 'National Review' but that is a Republican publication and one does not have to necessarily be or vote Rep to hold some or many conservative values about life, family, society or the direction of the country..

Every mainstream magazine is liberal..  If not politically but socially and often its not even noticed..

Not a single mainstream magazine ever writes anything that is positive pro-life, or pro-faith or anti-greed and anti-materialism..

They're all varying degrees of New Yorker and Vanity Fair
On the cover of Teen Vogue, there's a story on Elle Fanning, sister of Dakota Fanning and among a long long list of precocious, me-first children who get pushed into the entertainment industry by greedy parents..

 And her cover quote is "I know trans-gender kids and I am honored to help tell their story"


First of all, while being gay is genuine, being trans-gender is not!  I know some out there will strongly disagree but as I've stated using Bruce Jenner as an example, no matter how many breast implants you have or how much estrogen you take, you are NOT a woman if you still possess a penis
Second, I may sound super-old in saying this (which I am not) but what the Fuck is that topic doing in a magazine aimed at 12-17 year olds?

Its hard enough being a devoted parent raising children and keeping them safe from all the predatory evils in one's real world while working and keeping the family together..  How is one supposed to have time to be conscious of all he/she reads, watches, listens to and/or is exposed to on Internet?!!

Well that last horrible magazine did the trick..  Looks like no free-trial for me

Just too much evil out there on the covers and inside the folds between the endless ads..

Too many toxins out there for one strong mind to filter from infecting and not a single magazine that appeals to one's intelligence, creativity, imagination and desire for a better tomorrow where consumption is not involved.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Hillary: Public Enemy #1

~ Warning: Some pics in today's post are graphic..

When one writes anti-Hillary pieces that cut through the political bullshit (since both parties are really shades of the same color bought and owned by the same super-wealthy elite) and become very personal, at times it feels like I am on an island

The media who are predominately liberal and do a very poor job hiding it when it comes to election coverage certainly won't expose her personal flaws and failings

Her former colleagues in the Senate on both sides of the aisle won't really go for the jugular vein with their stabs because they know the American voter is by and large Stupid and worthless meaning a realistic probability for 4-8 years of Queen Hillary in office
And its not as if I was one of the myriad of women Bill fucked without protection repeatedly while in a position of power and influence then went back to his raggedy wife who chose to hate & despise the accuser while always pardoning the philanderer...

Certainly others could see Hillary as a vengeful, spiteful power hungry woman who does not in any sincere way represent the needs and wants of everyday women who have real issues and concerns that this rotten, rotten woman has never personally experienced..


That's why for me at least, it was so Refreshing to see another woman write a very accurate piece on this vile bitch; a columnist for of all newspapers the Philadelphia Inquirer which is so far-left in its political coverage usually, it makes the NY Times look moderate in comparison..
We're talking about a city where every four years, there is a mayoral election and genuinely No One knows the name of the Republican candidate, much less if there ever was one that ran..  That's how deeply Democrat this city is..

The columnist's name is Christine Flowers, not to confuse her with Gennifer Flowers the genuinely attractive woman Clinton put his penis inside again and again and again back in the late 80s/early 90s while Hillary just 'took' it and stood by her man like any non-feminist cookie-baking woman from time past would have..

You can read her excellent column here:
Some nice nuggets from her piece:

"I can pinpoint the precise moment when I realized that Hillary Clinton was as toxic as one of those old Superfund waste sites and needed to be eliminated from the political landscape so she'd stop leaching poison into the groundwater: about three-quarters of the way through the Democratic debate. Anderson Cooper (or one of the other indistinguishable CNN moderators) asked her which enemy she was proudest of making. 

I envisioned Monica Lewinsky, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers jumping up and down in their own private living rooms saying, "Pick me, pick me!" But Hillary knows better than to acknowledge that the only woman her husband didn't have sex with was her (Chelsea being the Arkansas version of the virgin birth).

No, the current Democratic front-runner with the newly ironed-out forehead threw in a couple of expected and innocuous things like Islamic terrorists, but then lobbed fire at her real target: Republicans.
~ "Hey guys.. I'm totally kicking butt with this Benghazi 'bullshit' hearing"

That's right, folks, the woman who wants to be president of all Americans made sure to let us know that she considers members of the other main political party in this two party system "enemies." 

And it's fairly clear from her past pronouncements that it's not just registered Republicans who make her stomach turn and her trigger finger itchy. Hillary hates all conservatives, charter members of the vast right-wing conspiracy that forced her husband to be serviced in the Oval Office and then lie about it."

Used to be back in the 1980s, the word 'liberal' was used as some kind of dirty word by conservatives.  Now Democrats dismissively and disrespectfully call you 'Republican' with a whiff of their hand as in.. 'You are a 'Republican; so..  Nothing you think on this topic is valid or real or to be respected'
~ Back Then:  "'Jesus Christ!  God Damn Move on will you!"

Doesn't even matter if you are or not..   God help you ever concede a point because they sure as shit will not..  'Ehh.. Republican.. go shoo fly'

"But Hillary is an angry woman, scarred by past criticism and with a taste for vengeance that makes Michael Corleone look like Pope Francis. She does not forget even the slightest offense, and stores it away in that ENIAC* mind of hers until it can be downloaded and used to take out the enemy.

* A&G:  ENIAC stands for 'Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer' which was the first electronic general-purpose computer..  The kind that was large enough to fill up rooms..  The columnist is making a sophisticated crack about Hillary being old in body and mind..
~ At Present:  "My prepared statement which I am reading says I am saddened by what happened there..  So..  I am"

"Basically, it amounts to anyone who stands in her way to the White House. Hillary and her minions, wandering in the electoral desert these last eight years (after having snatched defeat from the jaws of Hope and Change) have had a lot of time to figure out a comeback strategy. 

Becoming secretary of state, one who presided over the murder of an ambassador and four Americans who tried to save him, was an unfortunate yet insignificant detour in the master plan. As I watched her respond to questioning from members of the congressional committee investigating Benghazi, she seemed almost annoyed that people were still interested in the death of Ambassador Stevens. 

You could see the thought bubble appear above her head: "Really, don't you people have some Planned Parenthood clinics you need to bomb?""

As I said..  Excellent column especially for someone who works for a paper more liberal than Hillary's core beliefs (assuming she possesses an inner core of any substance)
~ Obama: "I love standing next to you Hillary because you're such an outwardly cold, calculating uncaring bitch, you make me look warm and fuzzy by comparison.."

And good for her not to mince words where Benghazi is concerned.

These next 12 months are going to be a very difficult one  -- so easy for friendships and relationships to fracture over the taint of politics.

Most ultimately do survive because debating politics is as impersonal as it is for the candidates themselves who post-election, shake hands, have coffee and become best of friends (which is NOT how politics should be!)

Makes one almost wish for the good ole' days when the losing party supporters were rounded up and arrested or worse..  Heh Heh..  Said 'almost'..  Heh Heh..
But what to do when one or both arguers feel personal sincere animus toward this terrible woman?

What to do when anything short of assassination or a diagnosis and public admittance of terminal cancer, she will be the representative for a political party of lost souls once again sacrificing their core values to support anyone who will give them victory and more unbridled power..

Other than a political blackout agreement to never talk politics, how does any friendship or relationship survive the continual Hillary machine?

I know personally I won't let that Fucking Cunt Hillary damage any personal interactions I have with others who disagree with me..  I refuse to give such a disgusting person that power
Even in the throws of political passion, its vital to remember these people.. Hillary, Jeb, Trump..  They don't know you from anyone..

They're not your personal friends and once the election is over win or lose, they are back to living their lives, making as much money as possible and any relationship fractures caused from their circus is on you not them..

Yep.. Gotta keep remembering that..

Going to be a long 12 months..

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Real Questions that Should be Asked Hillary

Currently as I write, the rotten old bitch-witch Hillary is answering questions about Benghazi

Since I know that no one will mercilessly grille her as she deserves and there will be no 'A-ha!' moment that causes her Presidential anoiting to end and finding herself in a Vince Foster-like outcome (Wiki him if you don't know)..

Well, just no reason to watch, especially on probably the last warm-lovely day of the calendar year

Besides if given the opportunity and allowed to pump lots of truth serum into her dried up elderly veins, there are many questions of my own I would like to ask which go beyond Benghazi
It would be interesting to hear them truthfully answered..

"Why are you running for President?..   No, Really..Why?"

"How long have to dreamed of one day being in a position of total power?   Back in your First Lady days?  When you were First whatever of Arkansas?   When your daddy neglected you as a child?"

"Do you need to be loved?  Do you have a martyr complex?"

Is Obama a great President?  If so, why do you really think you could do better than him?  If he's a bad President, why did you serve in his Administration and still support him publicly like a loyal dog?
"Do you love your husband?  Do you really think Bill loves you?"

"Why didn't you do the right thing and divorce Bill decades ago when all the allegations of numerous affairs even going back to his days as Governor came out?

Why did you basically display to other women in your inaction that a philandering male doing as he wanted and potentially bringing back contracted venereal diseases into the bedroom was perfectly acceptable in a marriage?

"Was it because you're power-hungry and didn't want to give up being First Lady?  Was it because he was the one with all the political connections and you knew you'd one day need it for your own campaign?

"Are you even still attracted to men anymore? It's ok.. its 2015.. Everyone is a 'free agent' nowadays.."
"Why do you call yourself a 'Democrat' when you're a Wall Street-loving whore and support the rich getting richer?"

"You say you want guns ultimately banned i.e. mandatory buy-backs so people ultimately have no guns to protect themselves.. If Chelsea, your unattractive daughter had a knife to her throat by an evil assailant and the only way to save her life was by using a gun and shooting her attacker, would you?"

"When Chelsea married outside your faith to someone Jewish, did it sicken you, were you overjoyed, a little of both or did you not care since you don't really practice any faith to begin with?"

"What is the genuine purpose of the Clinton Foundation?  Is it to help others or to help yourself win election then payback all the foreign donors once in office?"
"When is the last time you've ever done something a normal woman has done-- the kind of person you pretend to identify and associate with?

"When is the last time you've cooked a meal for your family?  Or did the laundry?  Or shopped for food at the supermarket paying attention to how much things cost?  Or pumped gas in your own vehicle?  Or been in a situation where due to finances you had to deny yourself or the family something?"

"When is the last time you truly spent a day walking and living life like millions of everyday women do, the ones you pretend to represent and non-stop court for donations and votes?"

"When is the last time you held a REAL job of any kind outside of the political power apparatus?"

"Speaking of employment, has your daughter Chelsea ever worked a day in her life for a company or individual who did not donate heavily and loyally support Bill when in office during the 1990s?"

"Given the choice, would you rather live until 100 but never be President or win election, die in office before turning 70 and get to enjoy a grandiose State funeral in your honor; big enough to satisfy the largest egotist?"

"Once again, why are you Really running for President.. to serve the American people or to try to fill some emptiness or void inside?"

~  Darn it..  I've run out of truth serum..