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Friday, December 30, 2016

2016- A Great Year.. 2017- Even Better!

Well its the last Friday of 2016 meaning our last posting of the year..

You will be hearing many people say and write about how terrible n' awful 2016 was and how it can't end soon enough, blah.. blah..

Understand this is not just normal venting..   It is code-speak

It is just people who say such things are too lazy to just complete the sentence which is ' ...because Trump won.'
Remember how everyone dissed the 1980's as the 'Me' generation and the 'Decade of Greed' as if sinful avarice, complete selfishness and the disregard to the thoughts, feelings, needs and concerns of fellow man began on January 20, 1981

Yep.. You guessed it..  When people crap on the 1980's, its code speak for Reagan/Bush and Republicans
How many tragedies befell Americans back in the '80s?

There was the Challenger tragedy..   some US Marines died in Beirut at the hands of terrorists and a dozen US troops died in Grenada

How many innocent Americans have died needlessly on US soil from terror attacks during that fucking bastard Obama's Presidency?

Compare the two and guess how the media and liberal historians will mark the Obama years?
The liberal left are quite disgusting people..  Not all Democrats are.. far from it, but enough vocal rottenness is there from the fringe to spoil the whole litter

America's favorite HIV infected sex addict, drug user and 9/11 conspiracy theorist Charlie Sheen yesterday decided to share his classiness and brilliance with the rest of the world by tweeting that he hopes and prays Trump is the next celeb to die

Isn't that lovely..  We are sure pretty much all of Hollywood smiled then 'Liked' and re-tweeted to all like-minded friends
Of course his piece of shit father Martin Sheen (a good actor we admit) was part of the incredibly silly and offensive video where celebrities urged Electoral College voters to break the law and go against the will of the people of their states to vote for their closet lesbian gal, Hilly..

So bad apples really don't fall far from the tree

Funny how if someone wishes and hopes and prays the same result for the current guy in office, that is 'offensive' if not illegal
No different with how CNN cheered all the brown skinned little middle-school idiots in California who staged walk-out protests during class to show how much these 'worldly' 13 to 15 yr olds hated Trump

Yet recently when middle-school students in a Red-State chanted 'Build the Wall!' repeatedly, CNN called that 'racist'

And let's say it was..  So what!
This is a very important point and spoken with honesty you won't find elsewhere:

There's absolutely nothing wrong with not liking or not wishing to associate with a group or groups of people for any reason one wishes, whether it be based on race, sexual orientation, physical looks, financial status, political affiliation or the sports teams they root for..

If you choose this path, then you will of course lose out on the opportunity to meet quality individuals to befriend; diamonds in the rough which are always found within the rubble of every rabble..  

But that would be your right and you should not be harassed or attacked for it.

As long as you do not physically harm or harass/verbally degrade others or impede the legal rights and protections others have to their pursuit of happiness, a person has a right to judge and pre-judge anyone they feel for any reason without all this PC bullshit shunning and financial repercussion
So back to the main point..

Unless you personally lost a loved one or had something sincerely bad happen to you this past year, it is just silly-stupid to blame a calendar year as being 'good riddance' because of something like an election

As happy as we are Trump will be President 3 weeks from today, we don't expect 2017 to be either terrific or depressing..

It will have its ups and downs like any year but in all our personal lives and the nation at large..
Admittedly though, we do anticipate 2017 with far more excitement and joy than we did 1993 or 2009..

Hopefully you do too..

Happy New Year and see you all on Monday~

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Lovin' the Trump Tweets

Prior to Trump entering the race for the Presidency last year, yours truly was probably one of the last 3 or 4 people under the age of 70 not to have a Twitter account

Just hated the thing.. 140 characters to get a thought across.. yuk..

Then Trump tweeting and doing so in a way I could identify with and respect -- it was very pointed, sometimes crude, other times cruel but often both necessary in a political campaign

Most importantly, he was honest and unfiltered..

So of course I had to get an account just to follow him..
This morning Trump wrote 3 tweets which re-affirms why I am so excited for January 20th, why I despise Obama with every breath and why its so absolutely Refreshing to have someone like the Donald soon enter the White House

The firstTrump tweet was "Doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory President O statements and roadblocks.Thought it was going to be a smooth transition - NOT!"

Now compared to the things we at A&G write about Obama, its pretty mellow but when you're about to be leader of the free world in a little more than 3 weeks and the establishment media is seeped in bias n' hatred, its quite an eye opening tweet..
What Trump does so well besides control and shape the message is he often takes a figurative 'thumb' to the eye of those who diss him

And that is a big difference between the in-coming and outgoing Prez

One is a real man who will go up to your face, look you in the eye and tell you what you did wrong or why he doesn't like you, and there's no guessing or exclaiming 'what did he mean by that?'

The other is a petty, fucking coward who waits until the very last moments of his Presidency to revenge an independent State that isn't going to kiss his ass so he can win a 2nd Nobel Prize at their expense
So only Trump's 2nd and 3rd tweets which are really the same topic but for the few out there who do not know, when something written is more than 140 characters, one has to continue with a new tweet..

"We cannot continue to let Israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect. They used to have a great friend in the U.S., but.......

"not anymore. The beginning of the end was the horrible Iran deal, and now this (U.N.)! Stay strong Israel, January 20th is fast approaching!"

I would add to that for Americans to stay strong as well..
Name any other President in recent memory or current politician with the guts to attack this smug, mulatto prick so openly and consistently

So let's imagine for a moment that the shoe was on the other foot; that the US did not have UN Security Council veto power but Israel did

Let's also imagine in the last few weeks of Netanyahu's administration, he went behind the scenes to arm-twist a few Israel-dependent countries to adopt a resolution saying all territory representing the continental US was acquired illegally through the deportation and extermination of the American Indian, thus making all those Americans living on such lands outlaws, vagabonds and squatters..
And then while all the other nations support the Resolution, the Israeli President instructs their Ambassador to Not veto it ending decades of support because he wanted to teach our President a lesson and punish him for not heeling like a good 'dog'

How would we feel then?

Well that's what that nigger Obama did to our only ally in the Middle East
And there's still more damage this motherfucker could do, like imposing more sanctions on Russia for alleged election hacking that never took place

This time Russia is threatening retaliation

Putin responded to the threat of more sanctions with the following (It was translated from Russian to broken English so we smooth it out where possible):
"The outgoing US administration still hopes to finally have time to do something else for bad relations with Russia...

Frankly, we are tired of the lies about the "Russian hackers", which continues to flow into the United States from the very top.

The Obama administration launched six months ago, this misinformation in an attempt to play up the desired (effect) for himself a candidate in the November presidential election, and not achieving (it) looks for an excuse for their own failure, and with a vengeance is played on Russian-American relations..
If Washington really takes new hostile steps, it will get the answer. This also applies to any action against Russian diplomatic missions in the United States, which immediately ricocheted on US diplomats in Russia.

Perhaps the Obama administration is quite indifferent to what will happen to the bilateral relations, but (history) is unlikely to forgive her behavior.."

And of course there's the possibility of Obama pardoning that closet lesbian cunt Hillary for her myriad of illegal acts but that would require some admittance of breaking the law by her
Here's the best way to understand what Obama's doing..

Imagine you're an immature person with a lot of bitterness and resentment which you've bottled up while attending High School..

You're a Senior, ts the last day you will ever spend in the public school system and because this is the highest level of education you will ever seek out, you figure there is nothing that any teacher or school administrator can ever hold over your head..
So you go about defacing school property with graffiti, putting gum under the desk, ripping pages from textbooks, causing a total mess in the boys and/or girls' bathroom, telling your teacher to fuck him/herself, etc.. and figuring you're untouchable to consequence

Now in the example presented, you still would be arrested, thrown in jail, possibly administered a psych evaluation and all that 'good' stuff..

Unfortunately in the world of politics, 50% of the nation will still love you and weep when you leave because you're black and Democrat while the nation at large and incoming President has to clean up the damage
That's Obama..

One true piece of chocolate colored excrement

So just count the days folks  till things improve..  It is not far off

Until then just enjoy the tweets.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Signs that Americans Anticipate Trump with Excitement

~ Trump hugging the American flag.. Nice to see him replace a guy who has spent 8 yrs defecating on it..

As with all things involving political bias, there is a great disconnect between the image of America that the media want to depict and what is real truth..

For instance, every Christmas holiday, the media love to focus on the few random acts of violence that occur at a shopping mall or Wal-Mart to try to show that everyday people.. um, you know 'Red State' America are a bunch of savages beating and killing each other over $5 toasters..

By extension, these are the same 'stupid' people who voted Trump..
Then of course there's reality

1)  Tens upon tens of millions of people went out to shop yesterday with absolutely nothing even remotely remarkable or tweet-worthy happening other than purchases and returns.. 

2)  Most of these violent acts including 61 shot in Chicago with 12 dead this Christmas being perpetrated by blacks..  And who did 90% of blacks vote for in 2016?   Hint:  It wasn't the Donald..

So there's that misperception..
Then there's the media created falsehood that the mood of the country is very depressed at the thought that in less than 4 weeks, this Trump guy who the elite look at as merely an annoying cartoon character will replace such a 'beloved' President as the Oreo cookie

They like to cite his approval rating and Obama's own boast that had he run against Trump for a third term, he would win..

Of course after countless polls telling us Hillary's victory was in the bag, why should anyone believe any poll telling us that mulatto bastard is well liked and respected?!

And would Obama win vs Trump?   We say No
People in modern times do not want dynasties which is what a third term would be assuming it was allowed by law and in spite of what Hillary's team said after the election, she did not lose because of the Comey letter or the emails or the Foundation scandals...

She lost because she is a spiteful, power hungry woman and any rational, clear-thinking person could see that you do not put that kind of person in the White House..

The fact that Obama even dreams of a third term and what he did at the UN to our ally of nearly 70 years (Israel) hows he is cut from the same sociopathic cloth
So now the reality of the mood of the American people..

It was announced today that consumer confidence has surged to the highest level its been in quite a while..   

Specifically, since August 2001..

In other words, Americans are the most excited about the future of this nation economically and their ability to get good paying jobs since before 9/11!! (over 15 years ago)
The Trump Bounce as it is called is also responsible for the Dow rising to 19,952 as of noon today..

When all those stupid investors were scared of Trump following his victory over that rancid woman on election night, the Dow futures dropped about 900 points to around 17,500

In less than two months Specifically because Trump won and the excitement that corporate America feels for their future, the Dow has risen 2,400 points!

Of course it always yo-yo's but investing is emotion based whether traders like to admit it or not, and right now a lot of people in the world of finance as well as main-street Americans are feeling pretty excited about January 20th
Which of course pisses off the establishment media, ignorant Hollywood and hardcore leftist Democrats who have yet to fully accept that all their beliefs, values and views on PC progressivism were thoroughly rejected

We know.. We know..  popular vote to Hillary, cries the snowflakes

Sorta like a Super Bowl where one team gets trounced 35-10 and the losing side yells 'But we had more total yards and first downs, controlled time of possession and won all our referee challenges!!'

Guess which side hoists the trophy though?
Lately the media has tried to show that people are unhappy how Trump is conducting himself by saying he has the lowest approval rating of how he's transitioning of the last 3 Presidents...

Didn't the White House recently try to scold Trump by saying 'one President at a time'?  So why the hell should it matter how a President-elect is perceived 7 weeks after his victory and 46 months before he needs to run again??

It is all to paint a distorted reality that America is unhappy..
As Trump's own Christmas tweet states, American shoppers spent over $1 Trillion this Christmas season which is a record..

People don't do that in a depressed state of mind

People who are depressed bitterly write distorted articles and express ignorant, hateful tweets about how 2016 was the worst year ever and 2017 will be worse..
The distorted left see 2017 as entering a tunnel of perpetual darkness

The rest of America, including many moderate Democrats see things more accurately i.e. the bright light at the end of that tunnel

Just makes one feel deeply sorry for their pathetic attitude..  That is, if they weren't such repugnant, immature children about things..

But don't cry for them, Argentina..   The haters will benefit from a Trump Presidency too..  even if they never admit it publicly or to themselves

Monday, December 26, 2016

Obama.. That Rotten, Sneaky Bastard..

~ Obama:  'Just so we're clear Netanyahu.. You hate me and I hate you.. but I get to point at you and push my finger into your chest, and you don't'
  Netanyahu: 'Just so we're clear Obama... On Jan 20th, I'm still a world leader and you are Nothing'

Probably the hardest postings to write are the ones that come after holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving

We assume readers are in a relaxed mental-mush state (which is sometimes alright) and not immediately keen to reading about what's going on in the world with the bluntness and intensity we provide

But our piece of shit President did some terrible things the Friday right before Christmas, while the nation was mostly focused on last minute shopping, travel and other holiday prep..
First, the asshole scrapped a post-9/11 registry for immigrant men from predominantly Muslim Arab countries so we could track people of that ethnic and religious demographic who are responsible for over 96% of all the acts of terror and violence around the world since 2000.

The move came a day after Trump reiterated his necessary plan to ban entry of Muslims to the US.

Then the little brown monkey instructed his Ambassador to the US to abstain from a US Security Council vote which was extremely biased and highly critical of Israel when historically we've always vetoed such hate-filled measures from being adopted
Trump contacted Egypt the day prior and successfully got them to pull their resolution from the table but President along with Secretary of State John 'I purposely married into money' Kerry back-channeled to have other nations submit a similar resolution with the promise of not blocking it

And of course liberal Jews were totally fine with it..

Those people have already sold their souls many times over the past 8 years as they've betrayed Israel and their God to make Obama their 'golden calf''
Even those pro-Israel Democrats who were critical like Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer expressed 'disappointment' with the UN but never connected the dots to show the UN got away with it because that black bastard President allowed it!

If he wasn't a disingenuous, hypocritical Democrat like so many in that fucking party are, he would have instead said something like 'Once again, Obama let Israel down..  He treats our enemies like friends and our allies like enemies'

So yes, Obama is a nigger
Now to be clear, the vast majority of blacks are not such and do not deserve to be called such a word..

But sorry to break PC bubbles but there Are some where the word not only fits but is in fact too weak and does not properly encapsulate the person

Like Obama..  
Everyone on the left including the Oreo cookie himself keeps talking on and on about his 'legacy' as if there really is one

So let's take a moment to analyze what this 'legacy' built mostly of sand castles really is..

He is the first black President  -- whoopie..

Because Obama was so bad and so racially divisive, we believe this nation will not have another black President for another 75 to 100 years from now, if ever...
Then there's Obamacare

It's really called the Affordable Health Care Act but because it is such a disaster and nothing more than a communist-socialist enterprise where people who work and have coverage pay for those who do not, it was named for the fucker

And of course being the egotist he is, the guy is quite proud to be named for it

Most of this will be gone within the next few months thanks to Trump reversing quite a many executive orders Obama signed to get this monstrosity passed since Congress wouldn't go along with it so his healthcare legacy will be swiss cheese
If anyone does try to take the time to remember this bastard, he will be known as the first US President to openly middle-finger Israel, the only true ally we have in the Middle East and to have done so at every turn with spite and vindictiveness

What else can one expect though from a closet Muslim

And beyond that, Obama's 'legacy' is of an immature man-child who liked to fly all over the world on Air Force One on taxpayers' dime (his recent Christmas trip to Hawaii cost $5 million alone), play tons of golf as if he was white then pretend to the black community he was one of them...
In 26 days, the nation and world at large will be forever rid of Obama as a man of any importance

He will never again have any meaningful decision making power, never again be briefed on the goings-on in the world, and never have the ability to mold, shape or alter public policy

If the prick wants to jet set to Hawaii to play golf or take his gorilla-faced wife to dinner in Paris to celebrate Valentine's Day (as he did a few years ago), the mother fucker will have to pay for it himself!
Sure there will be people who seek out his opinions from time to time and he will make a financial killing off the corporate speaking tour circuit and writing books..

But it is absolutely nothing like being President; like the difference between eating filet mignon and beef jerky..

From importance to inconsequence..  From POTUS to P.O.S.

And in less than four weeks a Real man will be President.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Pres. Elect Trump's Christmas Cards

~ We are sure they're smiling on the inside..

In all likelihood this will be our last posting before Christmas and will return on Monday, December, 26th..

So yesterday we very accurately skewed Hillary Clinton and today is President Elect Trump's turn to write out some very honest, sharp & pointed Christmas cards to all his enemies..

Of course Trump does not need a few drinks or injection of truth serum to tell people what he thinks of them and that's one of many qualities we at A&G like about the incoming President

So as yesterday, this is simply a 'what if' situation based on how we feel Trump would deal with others if he really thought it mattered and we keep all 'greetings' to 25 words or less..
To Hillary Clinton:

'You ran a spirited campaign.. Also ran a dirty, unethical one.. You are corrupt to the core but I've bigger fishes to fry...  Enjoy Retirement'

To Bill Clinton:

'Wishing you a Merry Christmas to my golfing buddy..  No idea why you need to stay married to her anymore..  I could always 'pardon' you..'

To Obama:

'You are an inspiration, Sir..  You inspired me to make my incoming Presidency as 100% opposite from yours in every way possible..  Enjoy golfing..'
To Mitt Romney:

'Wasn't that funny when I pretended I would actually consider you to be Secretary of State..  Sure got excited didn't you..  Learn loyalty'

To the Bushes, Georges 41 & 43, Jeb, Barbara & Laura, etc..:

'Thanks for your support.. Couldn't have done it without you.  Oh wait.. I did.  Enjoy continued irrelevance'

To Vladimir Putin:

'Finally - improved US-Russian relations..  We will work together to destroy these evil Muslims and make the world safer..  Just Never test me..'
To Benjamin Netanyahu:

'After years of suffering, Israel finally has a sincere ally in the White House.. I officially apologize to you for Obama.. He was awful yes..'

To the news media:

'Hope you liked the crates of Pepto Bismol I sent to each of your outlets.  Trust me, I will make sure you need it..'

To Megyn Kelly:

'Roses are Red, Violets Blue.. You were a terrible debate moderator and I won the Presidency in spite of you..  Cheers'
To the Hollywood community:

'Never seen an industry so full of emotionally fragile babies..  My new tax plan will include funding of sippy cups and coloring books for you'

To Lorne Michaels:

'Never met a more phony man..  You have me host SNL then try to destroy me afterwards.. Deeply disingenuous..  You should have been a politician..'

To college student 'snowflakes':

'It is scary how sheltered you are as a generation..  I'm afraid how you will react if I tell you Santa is not real..'
To corporate and financial leaders"

'By and large you supported Hillary.. I will still make you prosperous & am sure you rats will 'thank' me by supporting the Democrat in 2020.'

To illegal immigrants:

'Be afraid.. Be very afraid..  Nobody like squatters..'

To Legal immigrants:

'You came to this country the right way; you followed the rules..  Wishing you the happiest Christmas and continued success with your new lives..'
To all the loyal Trump supporters:

'Thank you very much!.. We will make America Great again.. Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah'

The last two sentiments we especially agree with.

Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah..  See everyone on Monday..

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Imagining Hillary's Christmas Cards

With Christmas soon approaching we at A&G thought we'd do something a little fun with today's posting

One of us around the office came up with the humorous notion of trying to imagine what Hillary's holiday cards would look like if she personalized each while in one of those drunken Mel Gibson-like states where only bitter, sincere truth pours out, and limited to 25 words per 'greeting'

Remember, this is simply an 'imagine-if' exercise based on everything we all know about Hillary's true personality and how upset she still is over the election loss..

Let's Begin..
To President Elect Donald J Trump:

'Can not believe I lost to you.  Just..  can..  not..  believe..  Of all people... You!.. I was Next, Goddammit!   Hope you fail Miserably!'

To FBI Director James Comey:

'You fucking bastard!  You Nobody-Nothing!  You cost me the election!.. I hope you share the same fate as Vince Foster..'

To Wikileaks Founder, Julian Assange:

'If I ever get my hands on you, I will cut off your cock and balls, and shove them in your fucking mouth!
To President Obama:

'You selfish motherfucker! You peacock!  You should have endorsed me Sooner!  You should have campaigned harder for Me and not your god-damn "legacy"!'

To Bernie Sanders:

'Are you happy now?  You sabotaged my election, you fucking Jew!  Huma was right about you..  Can't ever trust them..'

To Vladimir Putin:

'How dare you meddle in my election, you Russian prick!  I would have fucking destroyed you like I did Ghadafi..  I want to gouge you!'
To election Campaign Chair, John Podesta:

"Idiot!!  You incompetent Fuck,  I was at least smart enough to bleach and destroy My emails..  I just want to Strangle you.. '

To anyone on her campaign staff:

'Can't believe I hired so many worthless incompetents!  You did not do enough! You did not work hard enough! It is Your fault I lost!'

To anyone in the media:

'You all did not do enough to help me win..  You rats!  I should have had more access and given greater approval to your articles.. '
To anyone who donated to the Clinton Foundation:

'Sorry all the money you donated was in vain.. I know you expected much and I wanted to oblige but was sabotaged at every turn..'

To anyone who voted for her this November:

'You did not do enough.. You should have donated more.. canvased your communities more.. Voted more..  Whatever it is, You cost me the election!'

To hubby, Bill Clinton:

'Well I hope you're happy!  All your failings came back to hurt me... I would have won without you..  Should have divorced you years ago..'
To daughter, Chelsea:

'You really should have done more to help your Mother... You let me down.  But what's done is done.. Tell your husband 'Happy Hanukkah'

To Huma Aberdin:  

'Incredibly stupid of you to have my emails on your worthless husband's PC but I forgive you.. See you tonight.. Wear something sexy..'