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Friday, January 29, 2016

The (Lack of) Power of a President in an Individual's life

As we were thinking more and more about the whole process of selecting nominees who will represent each political party followed by ultimately a grande November general election, a reality dawned upon us..

With very few exceptions, it really does not matter who is President.

That's not to say we don't have our preferences and if the primaries were to end this moment, we openly admit the candidates we'd like to see is Trump v Sanders.

Now as to who would have the easier go of it vs the other, let your opinions and political loyalties entertain you..

But as stated before. a President has not as much impact upon an individual's daily life as one might think.
For instance a President can have us invade any nation(s) and get into endless wars if he or she wishes but until a national draft is ever once-more enacted, no individual is legally compelled to participate.

When it comes to taxes, Congress works with the President to set a budget and decide whether or not to raise and while it is nationally decided the legal age for alcohol and cigarettes, for those who love to get high, pot legality is now state by state decided

A President mostly presides..  He/she delegates responsibilities to the various Secretaries who delegate to their deputies and so on..

The rest of the time, speeches are made, dignitaries are entertained and lots n lots of vacations are taken..
Your daily life is far greater impacted by who your state Governor is than President, and if living in a city or town, your Mayor or other local government administration being even more important

It is certainly not the President who decides if your property and/or school taxes are to be raised, or if your sales tax on purchases will go up another half-penny

The President is not responsible for potholes being filled and the community libraries, playgrounds and swimming pools remaining open or whether you get your zoning permit to build a fence so not to look at the next door neighbor you despise...
And yet a Presidential election takes about two years to run from potential candidates announcing exploratory committees until final National election and sooo much money is wasted on the process.

The Democrat National Convention to be held this summer in Philly is expected to cost the city upwards of $60 million with the Republican Convention in Cleveland targeted about the same amount..

All in the hopes these 4 day propaganda-fests draw in lots of tourism dollars to pay the bills and then some..

And everyone promises this or that and every candidate has an answer for everything..
Governor Jerry Brown expressed it very honestly back in 2000 after his victory as Governor of California and its a quote we've never forgotten:

"It's all a lie...  You run for office and the assumption is, ' I know what to do'.. You don't!.. You say you're going to lower taxes, you're going to put people to work, you're going to improve the schools, you're going to stop crime.. And crime is up, schools are worse, taxes are higher.. Be real!"

The quote from a CNN interview can be found via this link:
So how do you decide who to support in an election of any magnitude when everyone lies or puts on a show to convince you only 'he' or 'she' can make your lives better or save the world?

The best suggestion we can give is decide what 3 things are most important to you in who your next leader is..  And we don't mean to vote by gender, how a candidate dresses or who tells the funniest jokes..

What matters to you... Taxation?  Education?  Public Safety?  Civil Rights?  Abortion Rights?  Gender/Sexual Equality rights?  Gun rights?  First Amendment?  Etc..
Once you decide your personal top-3, study each candidate closely to see who is honestly most consistent and representative of your beliefs.

Don't just based on recent speeches.. See what each person's ideological history is..

Once you find the person who most closely shares your values or takes the same things seriously that you do, then there's your guy or gal, and you can pretty much tune out the election for 9 more months while you do other, more productive things with your time
That's why we don't bother watching debates or reading the daily news of who said what

We want Trump v Sanders because they best represent the purest polar political opposites and whoever would win in November, you'd finally have a clear-cut ideological direction which we haven't had in decades

For instance Democrat Bill Clinton pushed for and won Welfare Reforms that the poor and elderly are still suffering from today..  Republicans Bush 41 and 43 neither had the guts or inclination to ever seriously challenge Roe V Wade while constantly lying to their Republican voting base...

And Obama while somehow painted (wrongly) as Socialist is really a fiscally conservative Wall Street whore; a step n fetch 'boy' for the corporations, banks and 1% to get richer as everyone else is economically stuck in the mud

Don't listen to the speeches..  study the policy decisions..

So who would you like to see win the primaries?

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Master Debaters

Tonight (Thursday) on FoxNews, will be another Republican party Presidential Nominee debate....  I think its the 50th

I won't be watching, and not just because that conceited, rotten bitch Megyn Kelly will be one of the moderators, a classless pretend-journalist who sucked and fucked her way to the top and whose political views are more aligned with the nutty-nuts at MSNBC..

I won't be watching as I've refused to watch every single 2016 debate on both the Rep and Dem side because what the networks are presenting to viewers is not a debate in any accurate representation of the word.
On the Republican side, its more of a comedy roast, where all 20 or so candidates try to pile on as many un-funny, mean-spirited yuk-yuks at Donald Trump as their fear for his candidacy grows and their self-confidence shrinks

On the Democrat side, its more of an anointment for the old wretched power-hungry bitch in the decades-old politically expedient yet completely loveless marriage

Thank goodness Bernie Sanders is showing himself more formidable a candidate than many believed at the start or the Hillary 2016 bum-bum kissing/licking by Dem debate moderators would even be more overt
So what is a 'Real' political debate?

Well, I will tell you but you won't like it..  Involves too audience listening and thinking

It goes like this: You have let's say 3 candidates on stage, and moderators who are politically independent, impartial and sincerely fair ask questions

And a panelist may ask a question like 'Candidate A, what is your specific stance when it comes to guns and gun possession?  Are you happy with laws at present and if not, what would you like to either change or rescind if President?"

Then Candidate B and C is asked to present their positions in their allotted time but without this back n' forth nonsense where the other candidates gang up on the front runner or give mean one-liners to make the audience laugh..
Its the best way to truly know where candidates stand on issues of the day, there's no leeway given for them to go on rants or jags or defend their record from empty attacks..

Its boring.. its conventional..  It works!

Nearly 160 years ago, (1858) the most famous debate in US history took place in Illinois between Steven Douglas and Abraham Lincoln as both men sought the office of US Senator..

Now these events were nothing like the 'gotcha' garbage on TV today..

There were seven debates held between August and October of that year and were both specific in content and philosophical in tone, and candidates had far more time than 60 second arguments with 30 second rebuttals
The format for each debate was where one candidate spoke for 60 minutes (yes, a Full Hour), then the other candidate spoke for 90 minutes (imagine any political candidate sitting patiently for one hour, 30 minutes before giving a response), and then the first candidate was allowed a 30-minute "rejoinder."

So each debate lasted 3 hours with no potty breaks..  

And unlike in the present, people not only possessed long attention spans but eagerly sat through such debates with full attention and keen interest.

An example as good as any how deeply dumbed down we are as a society today vs then

People just want to see fireworks..  Watch candidate yell at each other and come up with mean-spirited one-liners, then check a shit TV show like Saturday Night Live to see how the super-ultra liberal writers mock and degrade the Republicans into vicious caricatures

It is just not worth my time to watch the FoxNews debate, just like I won't waste my time watching the Academy Awards and see whiny monkey Chris Rock and a cavalcade of white-guilt celebs try to put other Caucasians down because no black performer was good enough to be nominated

Thank goodness there's still some semblance of 'choice' left..

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

White Appeasement

~ Hattie McDaniel won an Academy Award back in 1939 for playing a loyal, contented slave..Maybe if more blacks were willing to play such a role today, they'd earn more nominations and awards...

We're really, really sorry to keep harping on a topic that has been a dead-horse issue since it was first brought up in the news two weeks ago, especially when more important things are going on in the world..


A&G is absolutely Fucking sick and tired of this whole Pretend Academy Awards controversy and the reaction by so many of the parasites who work in the industry who express such 'disgust' and 'embarrassment' with lack of color representation
We wish it would go away..

We wish we could ignore it..

But It Just Does Not End!

Just very piece of shit actor, especially the ones nominated express empathy and solidarity with the blacks...  The usual suspects.. Clooney, Damon, Theron, Penn..

Of course not a single one who has reaffirmed their white-guilt liberalism has volunteered to step down and not be considered for the award he/she was nominated for
Oh, they will express their hypocrisy in interviews and who knows if a pretentious celeb wins, maybe they'll pull a page out of Marlon Brando's Oscar playbook

You know.. let a token Negro come up on stage and accept the award in behalf of the "suffering" of their people like an American Indian did back in 1973's Oscars accepting for Brando

But its all many blacks know how to do -- Cry 'racism' at every turn when the deck isn't stacked in their favor and a whole lot of shameful whites will repeatedly acquiesce and appease like Neville Chamberlain to Hitler

We wonder what will ultimately be the blacks' "Poland" moment where the weak and conciliatory actually begin to try to fight back against the darkness?
So, OK..  Ever wonder how the nomination process really works?

All the Academy members eligible to vote are given an initial ballot with quite a lot of names in each respective category.. Some may have upwards of 40-50 names for each..

Then a few are selected.. maybe 3 to 5 off each list and once ballots are received, an accounting firm tabulates the results and the top 3 or 5 of each list based on category become the 'official' nominees...

So to be so-called 'racist' that would mean there was an intentional conspiracy among voters not choose a black actor among the 3 to 5 names that could be checked off in each nominating section
And as expressed in a previous posting, what the Hell has any black actor or actress been in this year worth a damn?

Some will say Will Smith in 'Concussion'..  

Why?!! It's just a biopic with the 'hook' that it goes after the NFL

The film financially was a bomb.. only $33.8 million made domestically since Christmas and critically, showed a consensus grade of 63% which is not all that stellar

So what else has any black been in worth a shit this year?

Honestly.. Name one!
People also love throwing up the name Spike Lee..  Ok, let's look at him..

He released a movie recently called 'Chi-Raq' about..  well, does it really matter??

The critics gave it a consensus score of 82% positive but audiences overall thought it stunk and gave a 56% approval..  The film has only generated $2.6 mil at box office thus far

Now why should Spike be honored with a nomination?
Once again.. What black person has acted or directed anything worth a damn this year to be worthy of a nomination??

And yet the white-guilt Hollywood clique keeps expressing horror that only Caucasians received honors

There may be great black actors and directors but it doesn't mean they played great parts or directed anything worth seeing this past year and who's fault is that.. the Academy voters??

Besides, black performers should be thinking 'Thank God I am not nominated for anything' since no one ever sees the films nominated anyways!
Let's look at the nominees for Best Actress and the current domestic box office figures based on thus far...  

Cate Blanchett, Carol  --  $10.5 million
Brie Larson, Room -- $7.8 million
Jennifer Lawrence, Joy -- $54.1 million
Charlotte Rampling, 45 Years -- $680k  (yes, that's $680,000)
Saoirse Ronan, Brooklyn  -- $27.5 million

That's pathetic!  All five movies combined do not equal $100million
If the average movie ticket cost $8.42, that means this many people saw the following films thus far in a nation of 320 million people:

'Carol'  --  1.24 million people
'Room' --  926,000 people
'Joy' --   6.42 million people
'45 Years' -- 80,760 people
'Brooklyn'  -- 3.26 million people

That means only 2% of the entire population bothered to see the highest grossing film of the five, 'Joy'..
Why would any black want to be a film that grossed figures so low??

And yet is artsy-fartsy nonsense like this which gets all the hype between now and when the award show mercilessly ends

Then America instantly forgets all the winners and moves on..

This event is as good an example of any as to how the corporate controlled media not only creates news from nothing then gives it extended legs to distract from other things of relevance..
But people do not realize how fully entertainment, news, pop culture.. even sports seeks to manipulate how you are to think and feel and act and react through covert social engineering

By rights, people should be reading and observing the non-stop coverage of black victimization with the Oscars and feel Deep profound Resentment and Hatred for blacks and people who actively work to help their continual power-grab

But instead, you're told you're 'bad' and 'racist' and 'evil' if you don't agree with the discrimination narrative created
It really is hard to fight this daily onslaught..

Most people are just too busy with work, family and their own personal day to day lives to take the necessary energy to be aware much less organize and combat it..

And that's why the politically correct keep winning and the world is so rotten and unrecognizable than it once was

Monday, January 25, 2016

Why Hollywood Skews Heavily to the Left

As the last week's news was dominated by blacks and white-guilters uttering empty complaints of lack of diversity in the nomination process of actors as to who gets Oscars which the Academy succumbed to with typical cowardice

And how no one seems to give to care that blacks have their own segregated movie award show called NAACP Image Awards, which like their music awards, theater awards and black-only scholarships, race-preference based affirmative action and everything else under the sun they control via manipulation..

Caucasians are excluded as in "Sorry honky Whitey, you are not allowed entrance into our celebrations of achievement but you better make sure we.. *ahem* African Americans are"
Well it got us thinking, how is it the entertainment industry which we will include all of the performing arts, got so wacky-left?  For simplification purposes, we will just use the term 'Hollywood' but it is an umbrella term to also mean television, the theater and entertainment news

After considerable thought and brainstorming around the round table, this is what we came up with (and please, feel free to disagree as you wish since this is more a thought-stimulating exercise than anything else...

Hollywood always had people who espoused liberal beliefs and voted Democrat and there's absolutely nothing wrong with any person voting their conscious and using the medium of film to express their convictions..
But in the 1930s, even with FDR as President, being liberal was something of a minority in Hollywood and you stood out.  Especially notable entertainers like Charlie Chaplin who never hid his political beliefs and used his movies to satirize everything from the wealthy to big business to Fascism..

Hollywood in fact flirted with Nazism during this period..  It is documented fact that the big-wigs of Hollywood,many of them Jewish would actually capitulate to the demands of Hitler so their films would be shown putting money over morality and ethics.

This included never having Jewish actors or characters be portrayed as heroes or physically strong, and insist all Jewish actors change their names if ever appearing in films to be shown in 1930s Germany

If interested, you can read more by clicking the link below:

By the 1940s, we entered WWII and then for better or worse, the entertainment would become very stereotypical-based and according to some, 'racist'..  That is not something a 'liberal' Hollywood would do..

The shift occurred during the 1950s and the one evil parasite to 'thank' was Sen. Joseph McCarthy and his pathetic witch hunts which hurt Hollywood deeply and caused a great chasm between those who would and would not testify i.e. rat out their colleagues over whether or not 'X' was a Communist.

A lot of people needlessly got blacklisted and blackballed from their chosen profession and suffered economically for decades if not the rest of their lives...  Just because of their beliefs... or alleged or insinuated political
When the fire died out and McCarthy was put out to pasture, Hollywood was still full of wrath and fury... And many who otherwise may not have been politically left saw a great injustice done, empathized and well..  

Hollywood politically would never be the same. and while they hated what was done to them, they became masters at his tactics including social ostrasation based on political belief which in Hollywood's cliquish society is career-death for an outward Republican.

By the 1960's the shift really was seen clearly for the first time as the early part of the decade painted blacks always in sympathetic light and the motion picture industry did every humanly possible to promote and push Civil Rights upon the rest of America
By decade's end, the counter-culture infected the industry with films like Easy Rider and the lawless, wild, drug happy hippie was portrayed more and more as the hero or sympathetic figure against the 'Man'

And from the 1970s onward, Hollywood has looked at itself as on a zealous mission from high above (ironic since most in the industry are secular or utterly godless Atheist) to challenge  mock all semblances of morality and decency.

Senseless continual violence which is more vile and damaging to the human spirit then watching any amount of naked bodies having sex..  Constant profanity, especially among black comedians in black oriented films..  

Seems they love saying 'Fuck' on screen to each other even more than 'Nigger'
Then there's the glamorizing of drugs, including the continual Lie that marijuana is harmless.  Back in the studio days, cigarette use was pushed upon the unsuspecting public but unlike drugs, at least we know it was due to cigarette companies paying the studios..

Anything deemed 'religious' or traditional was and is to be satirized

So when you have everyone from writers to directors and producers to the actors themselves generally sharing the same world-view and political beliefs, no wonder the entertainment is so distorted..
Another reason Hollywood is left is because there is both a guilt factor about the success many have as well as a complete smugness toward the people they used to know and lived among..

Most actors are not wealthy when starting out in the business.. Far from it

Financially many have come from less than ideal circumstances and pretty much all actors end up waiting on tables and doing menial jobs to make due until the big break comes, all the while wishing they one day strike it rich

So then It happens,.. Dreams come true..Hard Work pays off and these people are extremely wealthy..
Now the guilt and the sudden need to fight for the poor person they were once and hated interacting among and to appear like they're still 'everyday people' while driving their Mercedes into Malibu and shopping on Rodeo Drive..

And God how these people look down on Middle America; the 'scum' which make up the Red States..

Average people travel on vacation to places like DisneyWorld or Six Flags attractions..

Celebrities travel to London, Paris, Tokyo..  

Of course they mostly spend their time in clean 5 star hotel rooms and visit the clean tourist-accessible sites and are waited on like Kings & Queens because the movie studios pay for everything to promote the films globally..

But these ditzes, many possessing no more than a HS diploma, think they are more worldly and more cultured than stupid Red-State America with their antiquated beliefs on faith and Bible based spirituality..

"Jesus is sooo 20th century..  Everyone should seek out Buddha"

Or accept that planet Earth is merely a speck of sand in the great infinite Cosmos and when you die, nothing happens so that makes 'God' as real as Santa

There's something fucked up about an industry where the vast majority of those making a living, do not possess a college degree yet dare to pontificate to others how their beliefs and worldview are superior to others..

But what can you do.. Even the most harden of Conservatives allow the industry to run amok and even go so far to fight for their copyright protections vs global content piracy..
And so in summary, that is why we believe Hollywood is so liberal and will always be :

1) The lasting poison of 1950s McCarthy witch hunts

2) The belief that true actors need to be completely open to experiment with what goes in their body (and who sexually enters it) and never pass any judgments on anything or anyone,

3) Mixture of wealth-guilt and superiority over those in the 'Red States' as more enlightened and worldly especially those they left behind and uttered by many with merely a HS diploma 

This is why the vast majority of what comes out of Hollywood is a mixture of social engineering and pure shit masked as 'entertainment'
And the dirty secret Hollywood never wants to admit is this:   

It is the wholesome family friendly movies the elites hold their noses at; films like Star Wars, the comic book films and animated Disney fluff that makes all the enormous profits for studios and helps recoup the heavy financial losses of the sanctimonious Crap they release every Oscar season.. 

For instance, current Oscar nominated 'The Danish Girl' starring nominated actor Eddie Redmayne which promotes and hard-pushes for the acceptance of the abnormality of Transgenderism has generated $9.7 million domestically according to BoxOfficeMojo..

The family-accessible Disney Pixar film 'Inside Out' has made $356 million domestically
About 40x more people will have seen 'Inside Out' vs the liberal social engineering film 'Danish Girl'

And yet what does Hollywood keep churning out every Oscar season even at sizable financial losses??

Ironic isn't it..

Friday, January 22, 2016

Work Stipends vs College Loans

~ Students attending Washington Agricultural College, 1900

Once upon a time, life was simpler

The year was 1900..

The air -- fresher, the water -- cleaner, people knew their social status & stayed there, and people communicated with one another in person.. face to face

And having a college degree meant something quite special.
~ Malvern College football team, 1900

It meant you were the brightest of the brightest and the world and all the opportunities a good education presented was truly open to you

This was because in 1900, only 4% of Americans attended a University.

When you had a diploma, you separated yourself from the everyday rabble, 50% of which had not even completed an 8th grade education before dropping out.

With a degree, you were learned and treated with respect and esteem.
~ Boston College basketball team, 1900.. no tattoos.. how refreshing

Even in 1959, going to college was something somewhat special with only 35% of young Americans attending while the rest either found decent work that didn't require a degree or accepted their lack of academic intelligence and moved on with their life.

In 2015, over 20 million students were attending college with the enrollment rate among young women at 72% and young men at 64%

And for most, what a complete waste of time & money!

For the 2013–14 academic year, the average annual price for undergraduate tuition, fees, room, and board was $15,640 at public institutions, $40,614 at private nonprofit institutions, and $23,135 at private for-profit institutions.
~ Victoria College (Canada) Field Hockey champions, 1902

Charges for tuition and required fees averaged $6,122 at public institutions, $29,648 at private nonprofit institutions, and $13,787 at private for-profit institutions

And during the 2015–16 school year, colleges and universities are expected to award 952,000 associate's degrees; 1.8 million bachelor's degrees; 802,000 master's degrees; and 179,000 doctor's degrees..

Add this to the millions upon millions upon millions of people already possessing degrees who currently possess employment and you can see how obtaining a degree at best keeps you swimming with the rest of the school of guppy fish...

And does anyone really care that a generation of young people are locked into a perpetual debt cycle that even bankruptcy will not rid themselves of before a young person is even old enough to legally drink?

~ Women's basketball team, Vassar - 1900

Now some professions do require undergrad degrees so the student can advance to Masters and beyond.. fields like law, medicine and certain sciences for example..

However most majors including all Humanities do not..

Here's how we would fix the problem if in a position of power to do so..

As an option besides taking out a traditional school loan, a young person applies for an educational stipend...

Now this is quite different from a standard loan because instead of giving it to a college or university, the stipend is given to a company in exchange for an apprenticeship.
~ Girls' dormitory, Oxford College for Women (Oxford, OH) - 1900

So if you wanted to learn business management, you could go to a 4 year school or you could give the stipend which you are borrowing to a corporation of your choosing and in exchange they retain your services and teach you the ins & outs directly..

Same would apply if you were interested in being a mechanic or plumber or fix air conditioners, roofs, build homes, etc.. and the stipends would help to keep businesses afloat that may be struggling from the continued economic slowdown..

As stated before, the stipends are loans which the student is ultimately responsible for paying back in the future but what would mean more to someone starting out in the work world -- a degree from Chug-a-Lug U. or saying you apprenticed 2-4 years under a reputable local or national/international company?

Of course the schools would lose a lot of money but.. So what!
~ Virginia State University, a black college - 1900.. See how respectable and dignified they dressed vs the sloppy way students attend school today

Did you know last year the athletic conference known as SEC generated over half a Billion dollars just from its football alone while giving those who play nothing but a worthless degree

So they'd survive if our idea was ever implemented..

The big loser would be political correctness and white-guilters who call themselves Professors and Deans

They use their positions and power of grades at 2 and 4-yr Liberal Arts colleges and universities to indoctrinate millions of young people to look through life and themselves with very specific and often distorted racial, ethnic, gender and socio-economic prisms.
~ Cycling club at College of William & Mary, VA - 1900

People don't spend all that money seeking to be told how to think..  They just want a good paying job that leads to a career..

We believe our idea would accomplish this task.

****   A quick aside --  Because of an impending snow storm this weekend and unpredictability of potential power loss, A&G may not be back on Monday..   We certainly hope so but if not, it would realistically be the first day after power would be restored..

And with that, happy weekend and to the blizzard people, stay safe ~

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Explaining the Falling Dow

So today we're going to take a break from the Stupidity & Absurdity of wealthy black entertainers complaining about how ultra-extreme liberal Hollywood discriminates against them to talk on the stock market..

On December 31, 2015, the Dow closed at 17,603

As of the closing bell on January 20th, the Dow stood at 15,766

A drop of 1837 points in 12 market trading days (The market was closed both on New Year's Day to celebrate the birthday of refreshing cold Milk..  um..  we mean MLK)

You know if you added 24 points, you'd have yourself a really good year (1861)..  Just a little Civil War jokey there..
And of course people want to know why..

Some 'experts' blame the extremely low oil prices..

Ha!  Yes, let's all pay double at the pump so those with large portfolios in energy can see them grow

Others blame the Fed finally raising interest rates after keeping them artificially low for 7+ years..

Double Ha!  As if a quarter percentage point means much..

And others wish to put the blame on China's economy mess..

Triple Ha!  As if no one in the 'know' knew for months if not years that China has been running a shadow economy and artificially manipulating both its GDP projections and its currency
According to CNN, China is projected to have a 2015 GDP that finished at 6.8% which to the rat traders is a far cry from 10% growth in 2010 (assuming all figures are accurate, which they are not)

But let's pretend it was..  How is it investors get so 'jittery' over GDP of +6.8% from China and yet so jubilant over the US growing at a snail's pace of +2.0%?

The reason the market is dropping is because of the cliche of chickens coming home to roost..

No government, even the US can keep spending endless amounts of money to prop up a stock market that since 2009, does not represent the real US economy
Its like the whole big Powerball phenomenon last week..  The media kept focusing on the $1.5 billion pot that was out there for one lucky winner..

They Never EVER spent a moment to take the time and look at the kind of people buying those lottery tickets.. those on welfare, those between jobs, those who are seniors barely getting by, everyday families struggling to make it as things currently are..

You know.. the Poor & Disenfranchised.
So when you have a stuck in the mud economy during a Presidential regime of a Know-Nothing with the credibility of an elixir pitchman who decided to cheer lead the market spike instead of openly question or halt its out of control spike..

Then add the end of $1.3 Trillion in annual liquidity injections by the Fed which had occurred over a 5-6 year period (In other words, $7 in increased US debt went to pump up the stock market during the Obama years)...

And the panic of deeply greedy, parasitic people in expensive suits and dresses who make their living by investing...

And well, this is what you get..  A nice continual drop.
If the stock market was based on the US economy as it really existed at this moment in time factoring in true unemployment, the stagnation of both wages and government benefits compared to increased cost of living, expansion in consumer and student debt along with US National debt,..

The Dow would be in the 9,200 to 9,700 range.

But 17,000+ and beyond seemed soooo much better..

And everyone was conditioned to root for it to keep going higher even though so few of us are actually invested in it to any meaningful extent  (Sorry Charlie but owning 150 shares in Apple stock does not make you a "playa" in this game)
We are always hoping and wishing and wanting it to keep dropping

And drop n' fall and then drop n' fall some more

Of course its manipulated so much by those in power, it will take much for what needs to happen to actually well.. Happen

We explain it this way:
Let's say you have a really bad heart; it is in need of medical attention and most likely immediate surgery to fix the problem so you will live..

But every time you get that warning pain, you just pop in an aspirin, wait 10min then keep on chuggin' along..

The aspirin doesn't fix anything..  Only delays the inevitable and meanwhile the blockage or decay gets worse and worse and a double bypass turns into a triple or a quadruple...

Do we really need to connect the dots of our medical/economic analogy?
No one wants to fix anything, especially Presidents..

W Bush probably thanked God on a million times the crash occurred when he only had four months left in office.. Then he got to spend the next 7 years sitting at home watching baseball

Obama has only been interested in keeping plates spinning just long enough that whoever wins in 2016 deals with the big Crash while his precious 'legacy' of being a crap President is protected

And whoever wins..  Dem or Rep..

Do they Really understand what he or she is getting themselves into?