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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Video: The Birth of the Economic Hitman

Last night on Netflix I watched a program called "Zeitgeist: Addendum" which was the 2008 sequel to the documentary 'Zeitgeist' made in 2007.

And while I do not agree with 100% of what was in the documentary, there was a section called 'The Economic Hitman' which was absolutely truthful and spot on; something so few know about or understand when it comes to how the US conducts our foreign policy over the years regardless of which political party is in office.

The above video is 18min long but for those who are interested and really want to have an true understanding of how the US flexes its corporation-protectorate muscle, the time will go by rather quickly..

Simply push 'play' on the video to start and adjust volume accordingly..

Our next post will be Monday, April 4th..

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pope Frances: Prostrate to the Muslims

~ Pope Frances cleaning and kissing the feet of Muslim so-called refugees’ feet only days after believes of Islam denotated suicide bombs in Brussels, killing 34 and wounded hundreds more

* Definition of prostrate -- laying oneself flat on the ground face downward, especially in reverence or submission.

The current head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis is probably the weakest and most clueless Pope the Vatican has seen in history.

And we're talking a long history..
The Church has lost many devotees to the flock due to the enticing tugs of secularism, atheism, new-age 'Zen' thinking and people confusing what is man made law with what is in the Bible 

There's a demand by some within the fold that after nearly 2000 years telling people what is right from wrong, the Church should modify or outright change all its doctrine and principles to appeal to egotists who call themselves "Catholic" yet don't want guilt for promiscuous sex, abortion on demand or any other sins they carry out in their lives

Remember, we now live in the Era of Non-Judgment as the Progressives and Secularists want us to believe..  No one ever does wrong
And as embarrassingly he goes out of his way to appear 'cool' to young dum-dums who think they can define what Christianity should be, Frances tries even harder to appeal to an enemy religion that has been at war with Christianity for over 1400 years..

Islam... The cult-faith that makes Scientology look valid in comparison..

But this love-affair with an evil, violent people isn't all about peace and love..  it is also in some instances about money

Christian charities in the US receive quite a bit of taxpayer dollars in exchange for importing U.N.-selected Muslim refugees into American neighborhoods... 

And do so without ever checking these people's backgrounds..
Right now there’s a federal refugee program that hands out $1 billion per year to non-profit charities with five of the top nine being Christian charities of which  one is Catholic. 

Among other financial perks, each charity receives by the federal government a $70 million per year refugee resettlement budget. 

And who decides who these refugees are? 

Of the 100,000 refugees resettled in the United States in 2014, an estimated 40 percent of them are Muslims.
The Catholic charities — they’re paid by the head for each of these Muslim refugees and paid handsomely. And after four months, they’re not required to learn anything about them: where they go, where they live, what they’re up to. 

They’ve got their cash and they wipe their hands of it, and they go on to import more possible terrorists into the country without the slightest care or concern.

There was a time when Muslims would kill hundreds of Christians with an explosion or rape & kill 4 nuns like what happened in Yemen earlier in March of this year at a mission blessed by Mother Teresa..
And the Pope, being the leader of the Catholic Church would tell his people of a great enemy to peace in the world; the greatest anti-Christ of them all.. the Muslim..  And then motivate the people to avenge the bloodshed by the descendants of Satan, or whatever language a real Pope would use

This Pope Frances the Prostrate does the opposite..  

He cleans and kisses the feet of people who believe Christians are polytheistic because they believe in God & Jesus and to Muslims, Christian people like Jews should be wiped off the Earth.

Just wondering when the Prostrated one had his prostate (and 'balls') removed and how many dead innocent Christians, Jews and Hindi people have to die before the world stops pretending a people of murder are a people of love and peace

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Where is a 'John Tyler' When We Need Him Most

Today, March 29th is the birthday of John Tyler (born in 1790) who was the 10th President of the US, serving between 1841 and 1845.

Most of you probably have not a clue who he was other than the catchy phrase you were taught in history class --  'Tippacanoe & Tyler too'

This was a campaign slogan for the 1841 election where 'Tippacanoe' was the famous (in his day) military hero William Henry Harrison; the same one who died of pneumonia about a month into office because he have an incredibly long Inaugural Address in the cold rain without a hat.
Smug historians like to gloss over Tyler's Presidency and say he didn't accomplish much except establish the line of succession from the President to VP rather than go to a Congressional vote as some back then considered the proper thing to do when a President died.

But historians like most elitists tend to only see the forests for the trees and miss the bigger picture.

We at A&G greatly admire Tyler because he possessed qualities completely lacking in modern politicians, namely Inner Strength and Personal Conviction.
These are qualities Completely Absent in pieces of garbage like Georgia Governor Nathan Deal who went against the will of his own constituents and vetoed the 'religious liberty' bill which currently forces people who oppose same-sex marriage on religious and moral grounds, from having to participate nonetheless (florists, caterers, Reverends, etc..) or be open to lawsuits or jail time.

Now Deal did not veto the measure because he personally found offense with the bill..  That would have been understandable for many governors veto legislation they personally disagree with.

But in this case the cowardly puss-puss vetoed the bill because of continued and coordinated pressure by profit-first corporations and that den of Evil called Hollywood to veto or they were going to financially try to hurt the state every way they could i.e. no movie shoots, no conventions or conferences, no future Super Bowl, moving the MLB all-star game, etc..

Why is it when the mafia arm-twists people to comply to its will, its considered wrong and illegal but when liberal-progressive minded corporations do it to appease and not alienate any demographic who possess a credit card, its a normal part of the political process.
We can just imagine what the response would have been if Tyler was Governor

He would have been too dignified to say 'Fuck You' to these scumbags but not only would Tyler have signed the legislation into law but said to Apple, NFL and the others the following:

 'Any company that tried to bully/harass myself and the State, we're going to pass a law either preventing your products or services from being sold here or add an high excise tax so people go to your competitor to buy what they need'

And ironic isn't it how Apple run by a openly gay man is so active in gay rights and the whole gay marriage push while threatening states like Georgia who disagree and yet when it comes to nations like Uganda and Nigeria which kill gay people just for being gay, CEO Tim Cook stays silent while Apple products are freely sold without interference in their politics..

Selective defender of gay rights or another ass-spreading money whore?
Pres. Tyler would have stood up to these bastard-bully corporations..

The reason we can say this so assuredly is simply by looking at his record as President..

Even though he was politically a Whig (precursor to Republican), he also had Democrat policy leanings..  No one seemed to care when he was chosen the VP candidate because the fact Tyler was southern was good enough for ticket balance.

No one then actually expected a VP to serve more than a couple weeks if a President passed; the VP was meant to be a temporary fill-in and nothing more.

So as written prior, Tyler stood up to the pressure of Congress and defied them that he was no 'accidental President' and Won..
Tyler later bravely stood up to and defeated the monstrous entity called the 2nd National Bank of the US which was like the 1st National Bank, a precursor to the Evil-Rotten Federal Reserve that runs the nation financially at present

President Andrew Jackson in the 1820s was able to stand up to the greedy soulless bankers and vetoed their measure even though they purposely caused a financial panic to scare the people into pressuring Jackson to cower...  He didn't

The bankers and financial Wall Street scum of the day were prepared to cause the economy to suffer to get their 2nd National Bank bill passed..

Tyler stood firm.  
No matter the political pressure.. No matter that every one of his cabinet resigned except for one in protest.. It did not matter..  Tyler had those two valuable qualities lacking today..  Inner Strength and Personal Conviction..

Tyler vetoed the 2nd National Bank and the nation would be saved another 70 years before the corrupt financial world fully entrenched its tentacles around the nation, affecting everyone's life ultimately for the worse

Toward the end of Tyler's one term (he didn't run for re-election), the hot issue of that day was whether to annex Texas and thus end up fighting Mexico over it
Most politicians of both stripes wanted the next President whoever that may be to make the decision on annexation but Tyler knowing that politicians even then were cowards and corrupt opportunists decided what needed to be done..

So days before the end of his Presidency, he annexed Texas so future President James Polk couldn't weasel out of a decision.   That was very unpopular but as before stated, Tyler had convictions and he wasn't going to be intimidated.

The end result.. by early 1848 the US wins the Mexican War and not only acquires Texas from that nation of future illegals, but also acquired California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, etc,,,

Not a bad haul..
We're sure President Tyler would be too dignified to say from beyond the grave "You're Welcome!" if it was possible so we will express it in his behalf,

Now compare this man to that spineless Prick in Georgia (and so many like him in office, especially the current little brown monkey in the White House).

We are not anti-gay by any means but A&G has always been anti gay marriage because we have always seen it clearly for what it was and not what we were told

The ultimate goal was a big middle-finger to organized religion especially the Catholic Church since it is religious institutions who historically have treated gays and lesbians the most horribly over history, especially teens finding out who they are and at times the rejection by God some faiths push lead them to suicide

So there was a vengeance aspect that was kept under wraps as the outward focus was on equality.
All Congress needed to do was pass a law strengthening the legal rights and benefits of partners in a civil union and forcing companies, hospitals and such to treat them as valid as a marriage for the sake of health benefits, last-rights decisions, etc..

Then you would have had real equality without crossing over into religion which is what this nation was always supposed to be about i.e. a separation between church and state.

Everyone knows the rest.. What could not be won in a ballot box was usurped through a Supreme Court of 9 people deciding for 320 million, and now people are forced to obey their conscience and suffer legal repercussions or participate in something some may find abhorrent.
Now of course corporations have become political muscle in the manner the mob and loan sharks possess

Governor Nathan Deal peed in his undies and capitulated to the God of money and progressivism over the God to which he was raised to love and serve

John Tyler sure as hell would not have..

Can you honestly name anyone else in politics today who represents the political strength and convictions of Tyler?

Monday, March 28, 2016

Have We Recovered Yet??

Have you noticed if you listen to any of the political speeches or interviews of any of the remaining candidates for President, Democrat or Republican, there is one very important word no one ever has uttered, not even once to describe the US economy...

The word is Recovered.

As in a post-2008 stock market crash 'recovery' that has concluded.

Think about that a moment..  The market tanked around September 5th, 2008..  I will never forget it because prior, the McCain/Palin ticket actually left their Rep. convention with a 4 pt lead in the national polls over Obama
Once Lehman Brothers collapsed and the bailouts began with $700B of TARP, the old cadaver and his too energetic to tame VP nominee never lead again

And none of the candidates, not even Socialist Sanders takes the time to explain what's happened over the last 7yrs, 6 months with any detail because they know most people's brains can not comprehend what unlimited QE has done

To most, QE sounds like a a British ocean liner
They don't know how deeply evil and all-controlling the Federal Reserve is..   How they are really a private bank that is a backstop to protect the corporations and banks every time their greed runs amok

People don't know that every dollar the Fed spends is added onto the National Debt so that $1.05 Trillion annually pumped into the market so everyone can enjoy the gaudy figure of Dow 17,000+ meant at least $3 Trillion increase in the National Debt

When Obama took office, the National Debt was $10.6 Trillion

And today its at $19.2 Trillion and climbing
And as much as we hate Obama, we're not laying all of the $8.5 Trillion increase on his feet..   About half came from the Federal Reserve and if you ever wondered why we can't simply default, here lies your answer..

Yes we owe China more than any nation ($1 Trillion) with Japan second, but we owe our own Federal Reserve far greater so to default is to basically middle-finger and sabotage ourselves

No candidate has talked about that either I'm sure..

And no candidate is really going to bring back the jobs shipped overseas, not even Trump who A&G has never hidden from anyone we prefer to see as President
The best he could do and who knows if Trump is thinking this or not, would be to get a law passed (call it a 25% Rule for simplification) that says 25% of your manufacturing must be done in the US with American workers or a 25% tariff will be put on your products sold here

Candidates love talking education..  How important a degree is..

In a way that's more criminal and unethical than anything Hillary has done while Secretary of State because at no time in US history has a degree cost more and give less employment 'bang' for the buck then at present..

What is so special about a Business degree from Football-Factory U when every other job applicant possesses one?
In 1940, only 5.5% of men possessed a four-year degree while only 3.8% of women achieved the same..  Now a diploma is as common and unexceptional as autumn leaves fallen from a tree

Of course there are ways to fix the problem, at least making attending college less expensive

For instance, any public or private University that accepts one-penny of Federal tuition money in the form of grants or student loans must lower the amount of credits to graduation from 120 (4yrs) to 60 (2yrs)

A student could stay longer if he/she chooses but otherwise, most non-essential electives and other fluff is to be streamlined so the person attending can focus on all the courses in their particular field of study and compile only half the debt load as in present..

No politician or candidate will ever float that balloon about
It was written before here and still true..  An election for your local mayor, alderman or city counsel person is far more important and directly impacting your daily life than a Presidential election

And the cause of excitement one ends up getting for President is the same reason people get nutty over Star Wars 12 or 'Batman and Superman Three-Way Wonder Woman'.. Or whatever these silly movie titles are..

A lot of money was spent to create a hell of a lot of hype and attention..

And what can any of them really do to fix things?
Did you know that when you take the number of working age Americans that are Officially unemployed (8.2 million) and add that number to the number of working age Americans that are considered to be “not in the labor force” (94.3 million)...

That gives us a grand total of 102.5 million working age Americans that do not have a job right now

Nearly 1 in 4 Americans of what is considered working age (25-54) is unemployed -- that number equals 28.9 million of the total 94.3M

Even if you have a job, that does not mean that you are on easy street.  According to the Social Security Administration, 51% of all American workers make less than $30,000 a year.
This means in most families the only way one survives is both parents not only working one job but possibly two..

And do not tell me the current situation of Rush-Rush, takeouts and microwaving is better than the 'Mad Men' days when the Dad brought home the bacon and Mom was content to keep the house nice and prepare warm meals for her family at dinner time

We will take that over mandatory diversity in the workplace anyday

So much that was better 'Then' vs Now and no politician from slimy Hillary to boisterous Trump really is going to put that toothpaste back into the tube..

At best one hopes the next President won't be a continuation of what we have and what has been, and at worst..  Well its Monday.. I don't want to think on it..

Friday, March 25, 2016

Un-PC Explanation Why Working Classes are Dying

Over the last 40+ years, the middle class has been on a progressively slow and painful Baatan-like death march where wages have either stagnated or decreased as life expenses such as home ownership and basic costs of raising a family have risen.

So what is the cause?

Now you ask different people and you will get different answers based on their world view and bias..

Some will say we live in a highly technological world and only the most educated and motivated will survive..

Others will say its all the competition from abroad or the manufacturing base is gone or we as people are holding onto too much debt and its stunting our ability to make the same choices as our parents, etc..
The real answer is not going to be a pleasant one; it is highly un-PC and will rile a lot of feathers but it is nonetheless the truth..

The slow death of the middle class (and for that matter, the continual struggles of the working lower classes) is due to competition from within

To really explain it properly and honestly, we need to use an example rather than just write a few paragraphs so it sinks in

We start with a business which we will call A&G-Mart and for this example, we'll pretend its a WalMart or Target-like chain of stores with locations across the nation
And we're going to pretend our business has white/black and male/female hiring ratio of 99 to 1 meaning 99% of all our employees are white males.

When there's a job opening for anything other then secretary or custodial, only whites are considered and usually per job opening which will pay an average salary of $40,000, A&G-Mart will get 25 to 50 responses 

So one day a law was passed that blacks could not be discriminated for hiring, and now when there was a job opening, A&G-Mart had to consider all men no matter their race
Instead of 25-50 applicants per job, the company receives 50 to 100 resumes

And because of this, A&G-Mart soon realizes they don't have to pay out $40,000 for an annual salary because surely they can find someone black who will accept the job at $37,000 and be grateful compared to the salaries he was used to being offered...

So now across the corporation, when openings needed to be filled, the salary was $37k and while the white men with families and mortgages scoffed, the black men with families living in rentals were excited...

Then one day another law was passed..  Women could not be discriminated either when it came to job opportunities..

And when A&G-Mart had vacancies to fill, they were not just getting 50 to 100 applications but more like 100 to 200..  
Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Men, Women,, All competing

And this made A&G-Mart very Excited because now those job openings once offered at $40k then $37k would be offered at $33k

And the white men were insulted by the offer and the black men used to normal pay were upset but the women..   How excited they were..  'Wow.. $33,000!!'

Whether the women were former homemakers or living on their own and used to much less, $33k felt like a windfall so they happily accepted openings at that salary in droves
So now the man of the house used to making $40k is now bringing in $33k which is nearly a 20% pay reduction..  How do the bills get paid and there be any savings to be put in the nest egg?

Well now his wife Has to work...  No longer a luxury of wanting to or spiritually needing to..  Now the wife has to experience the same misery as men and deal with asshole bosses like men and that means now you have two partners in a relationship coming home every night tired and irritable..

And what about the kids?  

Children once doted on and attended upon are now latchkey and abandoned and bored..  Bored kids get into trouble and the disintegration of the family unit commences.
Then A&G-Mart realizes the more desperate the person, the less salary they will happily accept, so the chain store begins targeting Legal immigrants with just enough education that if hired, the store will train them and still save $$ vs hiring college educated males, females and blacks

So now those jobs are offered at $29k plus free training and the people used to getting barely anything in their home country are super-excited!

If those whites and blacks and men and women used to getting more want to keep their employment, they better accept that $29k is the new $33k or they can quit and good luck finding better..

And that is how the the middle and working classes have been destroyed
Government laws interefering with the workplace such as Affirmative Action and Gender Equality have created a large, diverse talent pool of job applicants where greedy employers can play everyone against each other to see who will accept the lowest salary while the company does not suffer in quality of applicant..

And the more out there who will take your place at your job, the more fearful you are to stand up for your rights or seek a raise, or simply quit when you're fed up..
Diversity in the workplace is helpful for some but hurts most others and employers absolutely love it.

And because of it, instead of one parent being able to afford to raise a family and still build up some savings you have most families with two parents working and still struggling to make ends meet

Yeah..  Real Progress..

Thursday, March 24, 2016

"The Greatest" When Compared to the Worst & the Argentina visit

When I sit and have discussions with people on domestic politics and global affairs, the best way to accurately describe the USA as a country comparatively to others, is to say as a nation it is equivalent to former NFL QB Donovan McNabb

To which I get confusing stares, and then I go on to explain.

McNabb spent most of his career with the Philadelphia Eagles and is widely regarded as the greatest QB to ever play for that franchise

Which is a super compliment until truly understands how mediocre to awful the rest of the QBs were to ever wear an Eagles jersey since the team's inception..  75+ years of absolute collective garbage representing that city's football team.

So yes, McNabb is the 'best' compared to crap but when compared to QBs who were actually great, the guy was nothing special
The USA is in most ways the greatest nation on Earth when comparing to others historically, yet we have the potential to Truly be a nation that the rest of the world envies and time and time again we fall flat due to greed and the need for total control over the world

For instance there are nations that completely deny their citizens the right the vote, and others that have rigged elections where the act of voting is allowed but only one name on the ballot..

Wonder who wins that election?
And in the US, we have supposedly "free" elections that are structurally limited to two candidates who pretend they're as different as night and day but greedily suckle from the same financial and corporate teats.

And both parties do their utmost to control who the candidate will be to ultimately represent them in the Presidential election..

For Democrats, it is super-delegates which are current and former politicians, lobbyists and others with no legal responsibility nor allegiance to select who the people want..

With the Republicans, they set up archaic and intentionally confusing rules for their delegate count so that even a candidate who crosses the number threshold still can not breathe a sigh of momentary relief
Two weeks ago, a Republican convention rules member told CNBC, a day after GOP front-runner Donald Trump rolled up more big primary victories that Political parties, not voters, choose their presidential nominees..

""The media has created the perception that the voters choose the nomination. That's the conflict here," Curly Haugland, an unbound GOP delegate from North Dakota, told CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Wednesday (3/16). He even questioned why primaries and caucuses are held.

"The rules haven't kept up... The rules are still designed to have a political party choose its nominee at a convention. That's just the way it is. I can't help it. Don't hate me because I love the rules.""


But I digress..
Someone please remind me how our system of choosing nominees by party officials differ from how the Fascists and Communists elect their leaders?

Now if Trump can actually survive all the sickening sabotage and dirty tricks by small-minded power-hungry men and women in his own party, maybe I won't look so negatively on the vote and lack of significance it holds for Americans..

Until then, I still keep my cynicism

Presidents of both parties have shown they do not have the slightest clue what true democracy is and never seem willing to learn
Once in office the purposely insulate themselves from the voice of the people and ultimately only hear positives about their performance and never truly know how hated they are by some

They also love using the power of the Presidency to meddle in the affairs of other nations, sometimes even starting up coups to destabilize regions until people are put into power that we like and can do business with

Once such incident occurred 40 years ago today in fact.. March 24th, 1976 and it happened in the nation that the little brown monkey President decided to visit with his family on the taxpayers' dime..

On that date, a US supported military coup began resulting in the disappearance and death of over tens of thousands of people and resentment still lingers toward the US for it..

Of course the little brown monkey will lay a commemorative wreath which is as meaningful as the moment of silence in Brussels by the leaders responsible for letting the Muslims live in Belgium in the first place...

Argentine Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo PĂ©rez Esquivel wrote in an open letter prior to Obama's visit that he would not be welcome on Thursday's anniversary because the U.S. “has been and is behind all the destabilization attempts on popular governments of our continent.”

So very true..
But let's move mast the symbolism and this bullshit that the little brown monkey President is a good person wanting to do the right thing..

Why is the prick in Argentina?

Obama’s visit is meant to promote the Trans-Pacific Partnership and like all trade agreements we enter into,  it is led by large corporations and filled with secret clauses which threaten countries’ sovereignty,”

The 12-nation TTP is one of the largest economic treaties to lower trade barriers. Concluded in 2015, it has drawn political opposition in the United States as well.

You didn't think the mulatto was visiting these nations as a good-will ambassador did you?
Ever since the Monroe Doctrine, the US has looked at the rest of this hemisphere as our playground and we set the economic rules which the Caribbean, Central and South America are to abide

We also treat the Middle East as our stomping ground and pretend Israel is our friend and ally when its really treated by one Administration after another as our yelping dog to sit and fetch as we please.

If it was truly treated as a sovereign, independent State, then Israel would never be under any obligation to tell the US ahead of time of its desire to bomb Iran's nuclear sites just to have careful plans fall to pieces when the US intentionally leaks the secret to the media

A true sovereign, independent nation or state simply Does
But analysis of that distorted relationship is for another time

Less than 10 months to go and then all that Presidential decision-making power will be taken away from this little brown monkey forever

Maybe American Democracy isn't so bad after all..

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cuba: Our Once and Future(?) US Colony

~ Obama:  'I felt so bad over the tragedy in Brussels, I can not even take off my "too cool for school" Ray Charles Ray-Bans because then you will all see my tears'   (yeah, right)

Yesterday while Brussels was being attacked by Muslim terrorists resulting in dozens of deaths and over 100 injured, the little brown monkey we call 'President' was in Cuba watching an exhibition baseball game between a local team and the Tampa Bay Rays

It made us wonder..

Were the Rays there to celebrate the fact that the President was visiting?

Or was the President visiting to celebrate the fact that the Rays were there in Cuba playing?
This is very important distinction and something no worthless media outlet even hints at..

We all know corporations and banks run the world and the leaders of the various nations of the world are nothing more than 'ambassadors' or glorified servants to their interests..

You are leader of a nation and want to improve your infrastructure or improve education or hire more police, how do you pay for it?

You go to the global banks.
You want to create jobs so people are not out of work and can pay taxes which is used to pay back those loans, well how do you do it?

You bow down to the Corporations' needs and allow them entrance and while they pay little to no corporate or property taxes, now jobs are now created..  Wonderful jobs in factories, fields and fast food restaurants

And the PC word for all this exploitation is called 'Globalization'

Now there used to be a time the US treated Cuba as our playpen..
Hard to figure out once upon a time who was more corrupt and evil - the mob, the Corporations or the US Government itself..

And collectively they exploited Cuba every which way to Sunday and like rats on top of a fresh corpse, they ran over each other to see who could make the most money off the island while the people saw little to nothing..

Ultimately the collective US greed which we teach in school to be 'good' got to the point the people of Cuba couldn't take it anymore and many chose to support Communism and Castro over the failed weakling Batista who let the Americans run amok.

So now all these years later after embargo and trying to economically destroy Cuba, the little brown monkey President wants to normalize relations..

How lovely..
We can see it now.. One day US corporations will open factories as they have in Haiti and Dominican Republic, have the locals make our underwear and toilet tissue and hemorrhoid creme, and pay the Cubans the same wages as their Caribbean brothers and sisters..

Three dollars a day or 38 cents an hour

That is how much workers get to make your Froot of the Loom's and Hanes under-garments

Who knows, maybe the pieces of scum that run the casinos in Las Vegas will then try to expand back into Cuba as the mafia once did prior to the overthrow

And that gets us back to baseball
The MLB like all sports entities are Corporations.

Your local sports franchises..  Dodgers.. Giants..  Yankees.. Cubs..  they are also Corporations..

When you commit your time and energy and money and passion to root, cheer and be saddened by your local sports franchise, you might as well take the same emotional allegiance to Burger King or McDonalds or Wendy's

Maybe in 100 years instead of the NY Mets vs the Atlanta Braves, it will be the NY Verizons vs the Atlanta Coca-Colas
The MLB like all the other sports Corporations have a massive boner over the idea of future international expansion of their product

The league already had played a couple games in Cuba in 1999 and now yesterday.  Ultimately the goal one day is to perhaps expand and have a Cuban based team as part of the league.

Why else would the MLB have spent so much time and energy flying teams over to Japan to start its regular season..  The hope is one day to make their sport international and reap the financial benefits.

The NFL plays annual games in England and is thinking of how to get China to be interested in allowing a game to be played there

The NBA has sent teams over to China and various nations of Western Europe as 'ambassadors'

It is all about money..
There are currently Only three nations that do not owe the IMF or World Bank a single penny in loans..  There's Iran, North Korea and..

Yes, Cuba.

What do you think the first thing we the US will demand to truly normalize relations?

That Cuba commit to improving its infrastructure which will be expensive since there's parts of the country that are as backward as the 1960s..    

The money needed will not be just given out..  It will be Lent, and who owns/runs the global banks..  The US does.   We always have a puppet European at the head of the IMF but the US runs it.
There used to be a time this world was beautiful and corporation free and different nations and backgrounds kept their cultures and traditions sacred; their clothing, hair styles, food, etc unique

Now everyone dresses and looks and acts and thinks and shops the same

Thanks Corporations, you bastards..

Corporations were created during the early days of  colonialization to go into indigenous populations, steal their resources or offer a fraction of what the sold product was worth, then use government protections (bribes) to keep competitors out and all decisions made to only benefit shareholders.

No different then as in now..
So now in the present.. these American corporate profit hungry fucks want to get into Cuba badly and the hope is Obama or some other Wall Street whore in office will broker whatever deal is necessary to either get their businesses a foothold or at least establish Cuba as a corporate tax safe-heaven like in Switzerland and Tel Aviv, Israel

And oh yes.. improve the lives of the people..

If the present and future leadership of Cuba has any brains, they will never let the US and its nefarious interests of greed and modern colonialism back in