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Friday, April 29, 2016

Drug Use & Social Tolerance

Last night while most sports lovers were focused on the NFL draft, it was announced that reigning MLB National League batting champion Dee Gordon of the Miami Marlins tested positive for banned substances and would be suspended 80 games

Gordon basically cheated last year to pump up his statistics to earn an off-season contract of 5 years/$50 million that he most likely wouldn't have received if the PEDs didn't assist him in hitting .333 and stealing 58 bases

His current hitting coach is super-cheat Barry Bonds and when in LA playing for the Dodgers, his hitting coach was that cheater-coward Mark McGwire...

Wonder if either pieces of shit taught Gordon tricks of the trade?
The Marlins response from owner to manager to players?

They 'love' him and they 'support' him

And this folks is why we continue to lose and always will lose the drug war

I know it seems like I am confusing two types of drugs.. addictive and performance but the end result is the same..

'Love' and 'Support' rather than Anger and Ostracization

Not a single Marlin sees Gordon as a Loser human being??
If people boo Gordon when he returns to baseball after the suspension, mostly its because he does not play for Their team and not his actions.  Miami will cheer him

A-Rod still gets loud cheers in NYC and McGwire is still adored in St. Louis and Bonds is still looked upon as a hero in San Francisco

People react to habitual drug users the same..

How many undeserved chances and opportunities did Robert Downey Jr get?

How long is this unwarranted tribute to Prince going to continue?
Now compare this over-tolerance with how we as a society look at pedophiles?

How many chances to redeem himself will Jared from the Subway commercials get as he's currently serving time and getting beaten up by other inmates for his sick attraction to collecting sexual photos of children?

Recently a teacher in California was sentenced to 10 years in prison simply for sexting (sexual texting) a minor..  Not even touching the victim..

Drug users.. what is their sentence?   Counselling?  Rehab?

How many times did Lindsay Lohan avoid jail back in the day because the weak, timid judge chose rehab and halfway houses?
We tolerate drugs because no one wants to judge anything or anyone.. We're told its not politically correct..

Well, except pedophilia and be patient -- give the leftist social Progressives another decade and we as a society may not even be allowed to harshly judge man on boy "love".

I've personally always hated drugs and not just because of the physical and mental damaging effects and how they hurt the innocent, fracture families, etc

I've always hated drugs because with few exceptions those who use always thought themselves so G-D fucking 'Cool'..
Goodness knows music and movies portray it as such and every teen comedy has to have pot use or references..

The worst part about drugs including marijuana is that because one does not OD and die after one use, users think the worst of it won't happen to them..   Denial

I watched a documentary last night on Chris Farley which was supposed to be a celebration of the man and his funniness..

What I saw was an extremely fat man who was still emotionally a little boy craving for people to like him and willing to embarrass and humiliate himself to the most outrageous extent so his friends and fans would laugh

Behind the scenes, he would eat and drink and drug and party to extreme excesses to the point none of his friends and family were really that shocked when he died at 33.
And some got him into rehab (he was in rehab over a dozen times..  what does that say about voluntary treatment?) and others tried nicely to tell Chris he was going down a really bad path that would kill him..

No one had the guts to tough-love him and shun him.

'You can do drugs and kill yourself but not around me'

Would it have made the difference?   Depends when the tough-love approach was used...

In the final weeks before his death when Farley was just too far gone?   Admittedly no.. it would not have made a difference.

But prior when he was performing in Chicago on stage at Second City then eventually on Saturday Night Live and just starting his up-hill trajectory towards being a star?

Yes, it would have.
But who really cares That much for another person?

Easier to say with gylcerin-tears, 'I.. I told him to watch himself'

There was a moment in the documentary where the celebrity friend interviewed said Chris would put himself down and they'd always say positive, reassuring things to pick him up...

And I thought to myself how would Chris have reacted if someone said.. 'Yes you're right..  you are all the things you are saying about yourself'

Would Farley have nodded, weeped or got angry or said 'F U!', meaning he still had some fight in him..  We'll never know of course..

So hard to tell when celebs are surrounded by enablers and supporters
There's many people in showbiz I like who make me laugh or sing a great song or really are skilled at their particular sport but it takes much more for me to admire and respect them then put a ball in a hoop or fall on a table for laughs..

With the singular exception of taking prescription drugs to deal with continual pain, there is no one I admire or respect, either famous or everyday who uses or has used drugs.

When people try drugs that first time. usually it is in a social atmosphere where peer pressure is involved and that means the need to to be liked and accepted; to conform

Social drugs.. hard drugs.. performance enhancers..  really no different than another when it comes to the public conditioning..

'Love the person, hate the drug' and don't judge anyone

And that is why the US will never Ever win the drug war.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

What Would a President Trump Do If In Office Today?

Now that Trump has pretty much won the Republican nomination in spite of deeply delusional people like Ted Cruz who had the audacity to pick a running mate after going 0 for 5 this past Tuesday and zero chance statistically of winning on the first ballot..

We feel its time for Trump to start talking more policy and express what he would do as President based on real-world situations going on in the national and global economy.

For instance in first quarter of 2016, the US economy "grew" if that is the right word by a deeply underwhelming 0.5%, the lowest growth rate in two years...

It was also the third consecutive quarter of GDP declines, and once it hits negative for two quarters in a row, that is officially a recession (though we've been in a recession-depression for 8 years and only the 1% and Obama-sycophants say otherwise)

So OK, imagine Trump is President today.. What does he do?
Does he give free reign for the evil Fed to do whatever they want like Obama did?  Does he put into motion a bill with Congress to expand Federal hiring?  Does he lower or raise taxes on corporations?

OK, Next item in the news..

A Greek Default looms in July after EU rejects Greek Emergency Summit..

We know.. We know..  Worthless Greece back in the news..
Too damn cowardly to default on the crippling debts when they had the chance to restart fresh and even more scared to leave the vampire European Union as it sucks all the financial 'blood' from the nation..

So if the EU has had truly enough of Greece and there's nothing left to feed upon, what happens when the Grecian carcass is tossed out to sea?   Will markets globally destabilize or is it built into the cake by this point?

As for a President Trump, does he get involved in any way?   Does he give Herr Merkel a call and 'strongly suggest' some alternative policy of action?  And if Greece actually has the balls to cut ties before the EU is ready and there's destabilization, what would Trump's policy on economic intervention be?
Next piece of news..

Venezuela has run out of money to print its money.. That's how broke it is..

De La Rue, the world’s largest currency maker, sent a letter to the central bank of Venezuela complaining that it was owed $71 million and would inform its shareholders if the money were not forthcoming. The letter was leaked to a Venezuelan news website and confirmed by Bloomberg News.

Late last year, the central bank ordered more than 10 billion bank notes, surpassing the 7.6 billion the U.S. Federal Reserve requested this year for an economy many times the size of Venezuela’s.
Then add in Argentina which is close to another global bank default and Brazil in a current recession along with wasted money spent to host this summer's Olympics, and it looks like some truly rough waters for South America, our protectorate and whom we treat as our colonies (though no one in government ever utters the 'C' word out loud)

What would a President Trump do if anything to stabilize the situation so you don't have democracies turn into dictatorships, imprisonment, torture and death for dissenters, etc..  You know.. all the 'good stuff' from the 1970s.?
Lastly, Japan is in a continual economic death spiral.. They've been in a multi-decade long recession with no hope of ever getting out and the only answer their leadership knows is hyper-QE

As a result, just the other day, their stock exchange the Nikkei dropped 1000 pts in one trading day...

What does a President Trump do if anything to try to stabilize this dead fish of an economy; a nation that holds more US debt than any other outside of China (the Fed holds more US debt than what all the nations of the world combined hold which is why we can never be allowed to default)

What if anything would a President Trump do if Japan or Venezuela or some something domestic caused a great market Panic at home?  Would he intervene?  Or let the natural forces of capitalism work itself out?
Honestly, we do not know the answers to these questions..   We can assume but that never gets anyone anywhere.

If Trump ever decided to be a bit more specific in terms of his economic policy and explain beyond generalities what he'd do if currently in office, it would go a long way toward Trump defeating Hillary..

And as we've said a thousand times before, we at A&G support Trump and like his combativeness..

But ultimately every person running for high office ultimately has to switch from generalities to details, especially in this economically volatile climate and among deep frustrations of many Americans seeking real leadership..

That means even Mr. Trump has to focus more on what he'd do as President and not as much the obvious rotten corruptness of his competition on the left

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"I'm Moving To Canada if Trump Wins.."

~  Trump and 'B-actor' Lena Dunham.. Who?   Exactly..

Today we start with a question for our readers to ask themselves..

When was the last time you asked the person serving you food at a restaurant or pouring your drinks behind the bar what their opinions were on politics, finance, society & culture, the meaning of life or anything of actual importance other than 'Could I have my check, please?'

Most of us would say 'Never'

Yet in places like New York City and Los Angeles, these are the future philosophers and sociologists and other 'intellectuals' who will shape how people (especially young people) view the world based on their mere expression blurts and the media will rabidly seek these people to give opinions on everything..

As soon as they star in their first TV or movie role of significance..
The same people that most of us could not give a damn what they think of the weather as they mess up our food orders, once they actually 'make it' in the entertainment business, then their same inconsequential views on the world now have merit and influence others

As we have said before, what other profession out there allows someone the opportunity to make 6 to 8 figure salaries while possessing nothing more than a HS diploma which in the Real World would not be enough education to manage a supermarket

And these are the people who are asked opinions about Presidential politics
So many of these imbeciles, being Democrat of course have exclaimed in grand hyperbole that if Trump wins the Presidency, they will move to Canada..

It is tiring and weak and unfortunately unenforceable because there's many celebrities we'd love to expel from the nation forever for being such nitwits

Usually a Presidential candidate does not respond to such idiocy but admittedly when Trump did yesterday, we felt this warmth down our legs (paraphrasing a comment MSNBC's Chris Matthews once said about Obama in 2008) and even more so want the Donald to be elected
The commenter was this pug ugly liberal bitch named Lena Dunham who created and stars in the HBO show 'Girls' which few to no one watches but she's a darling of the liberal entertainment community.

A year or so ago she made an attempt to be witty by penning a article for Vanity Fair called 'Dog or Jewish Boyfriend' where she compared her Jewish boyfriend to a dog by presenting that there really was no difference in the two

Of course the fucking anti-Semitic cunt was protected by the Jewish left - That's what these horrible people do..  Their politics trumps (pun pun) their religion..

Had she been conservative, her professional life would have been over.
So anyways, this loser like others stated she would to Canada if Trump was elected and happily Trump responded..

"Well, [Dunham's] a B-actor and has no mojo.. I heard Whoopi Goldberg said that too — that would be a great, great thing for our country if she got out.... Now I have to get elected because I’ll be doing a great service to our country. Now it's much more important. In fact, I'll immediately get off this call and start campaigning right now."

Now some might find that type of response unprofessional or demeaning in some way

We find it so absolutely refreshing because worthless famous people like her get asked a million Q's on things they know Nothing about, are allowed to spout whatever idiocy enters their cabezas and no one challenges them on how stupid, naive or out of touch with the majority that they are.
A while back Vanity Fair was about to publish a article that actress Gwyneth Paltrow felt was unfair and negative toward her so she contacted all her Hollywood friends via an open letter email asking them to boycott VF including giving interviews in the future..

Vanity Fair buckled and never published the article

The same kind of power play happens all the time when a truly famous person does not like how they are perceived on Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood and next thing you know the shows are apologizing for fear of losing access to everyone in that famous person's clique.

So you know the chances of someone in the public eye coming out and saying a celebrity is full of shit is rare and special..
In America, intelligence and education is rarely rewarded or respected

Sure there are some fields where you can not get hired unless you possess a Masters or Doctorate but overall this nation and really by extension the western world celebrates commonness and ignorance.

Whether it be 'Are you smarter than a 5th grader' or back when Jay Leno hosted the Tonight Show and he'd go around asking people very basic questions that average people would constantly get wrong, this not constituted comedy but also coolness..
What does one usually do when they get a basic question wrong such as 'what is H2O?' or 'Who was our 3rd President?'..   The ignorant responder laughs..

There's no dejection.. No shame.. No embarrassment..

Just laughter..  and maybe a shrug.

What always happens in movies when a truly intelligent person speaks?   Another has to say something like 'Whoa.. In English ok?'

Ha..  Ha..    Haw..   Haw..
We don't admire intelligent people..

We are in awe when someone slam dunks a basketball or throws a football into the air or sings a pretty tune

But everyone thinks they are intelligent (which they are not) or capable of being if they simply tried (Nope) so society does not respect it.   We're more likely to be jealous/envious

We celebrate stupidity and nothing embodies it more than actors.
Truth is with very few exceptions, celebrities have nothing of importance to say on anything outside of their profession..

They think they are worldly because they travel around the world staying in posh hotels while promoting their projects and they pretend to care about everyday people while making millions per film and hobnobbing only with others who will advance their careers

When's the last time you heard of a truly big name celebrity having a sincere interaction or discussion with an everyday person?
They live insulated lives, are as interchangeable as batteries don't necessarily have to possess any skill or talent to become famous

And Americans can not get enough of them..  Or their views.

Of course no one bothers to ask a Former celeb his/her opinions on anything..  You have to be a Working performer to have your opinions mean anything.

So let all these dum-dums move to Canada if they choose..

Just not sure why such a beautiful country as the Great White North would take them in?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Censorship, Banishment & The Naughty 'R' Word

Funny thing happened to me yesterday..  Well, not 'Ha Ha' funny but..

After writing a comment to a sports related article in my local paper, I got a notice that my account had been permanently suspended.

Seems I used the naughty 'R' word - 'Retarded' which in this shitty PC society is equivalent to typing or saying 'fuck', 'shit', 'nigger' or 'cunt'...

Yes,, the word 'retarded' is now part of the censorship lexicon.
Personally I would never call someone or even refer to one with Actual mental or learning disabilities any negative name of any kind.  Ever..

However, I Will and Do call Normal people who Act like or express the thoughts of idiots, morons and nitwits the 'R' word..  And I do so with zero guilt.

So that's what I did in this one comment pen (think ostrich, not writing instrument) and the admittedly humorous part was I tried numerous times to get my word in..

I typed 're-tard-ed' and 'r.e.t.a.r.d.e.d'..  Even tried re(tard)ed

Boy those robot censors were tough bastards
Finally I put my comment across with the word 'ret@rded' and that worked like a charm... well, briefly..

Of course 5 minutes later I created a new ID and password and was able to resume leaving comments as usual but still I admit I was deeply miffed that this worthless newspaper that like all news media is supposed to be perched upon 1st Amendment freedom of speech and expression would go so out of its way to stifle then punish the use of the word 'retarded'

These corporations and media outlets keep getting worse and worse..
Years back I was permanently banned from CNBC and by extension the NBC family of websites because I used words that offended another group's sensibilities..

That group being the collection on rot known as Investors, banks and the 1% class that continually profits off the backs of the bottom 99% while most of the common people are conditioned to look upward with admiration towards these blood-sucking ticks

And the words I used to describe them were things like 'rats' and 'cancer' and 'tumors' which those entities are to the overall economic lifeblood of a nation

And I kept expressing that the people that would go on TV and tell people to Buy Buy no matter what were worthless carnival barkers, and hucksters and the scum of this society for never trying to protect the everyday Mom & Pop investor to say 'Hey, its really bad right now.. might be best to pull out'

So I got banned..

I admit I am proud of that.
The media.. Does not matter if its related to finance, politics or sports -- they will tell you what they want you to know and how they they want you to think or act/react, and then block as much as possible the lines of communication back because the reader or viewer is merely a peon

Newspapers will moderate comments of course to make sure you don't cuss, threaten others or use PC no-no words but you could write paragraphs of academically sound and astute points to refute what the article writer expressed and well..  No one gives a damn.

Your comments are rarely if ever actually read.. At best, their skimmed

The NY Times thinks so low of its readership it does not even provide a comment section..  Why bother even pretending the people's thoughts matter
Most people who read online media and don't bother leaving opinions will have a hard time relating to all this..  What's the big to-do?

But many, many out there possess passion and vitriol towards this nation and where its headed..

They're tired of being lied to.. sold to.. used and discarded like a carton of milk.. They're so frustrated they leave comments knowing full well the all-powerful media entities don't give a damn even when a letter is sent directly

That is why for those reading who identify and feel the same Rrrrr, I strongly urge you start your own media to get your message out there and make your voice heard..  
Blog, podcast, etc..   It does not matter.. But get in the fight..

When you own and run your own media, no one can censor you or control your content, your topics, your word choice, the flavor and tone of your presentation...

It may not make money but honestly, that isn't why one should be doing it..

You're doing it to be heard and counted!
Around 7 years ago we ar A&G got sick and tired of the post 2008 crash and how both the rotten Republicans and despicable Democrats worked together with the banks and corps and Wall Street and the Fed to patch everything up quickly and create more economic balloons and QE trickery to get that God-Damn NYSE Dow to keep rising

Wherever we turned.. liberal or conservative media, no one wanted to write the truth and they certainly weren't going to allow those who differed to use their web platform to correct them

Then we decided to get our voice out to the world.
On Sept 6, 2010  A&G was created and with nearly 2,000 postings, it has been going strong ever since.  We have thousands of readers in the US and over two dozen other nations around the world who are tired of propaganda, spin and PC bullshit..

A&G has always had two goals.. to Inform and to Inspire

There is nothing we'd love more than if you the reader one day feel motivated to do what we do and in your own voice scream out 'I'm not taking this nonsense anymore!'

And even if you don't ever create your own media, we hope A&G continues to be a place you can visit and know that you're not alone in your beliefs and worldview, no matter what the PC retards say..

Oopsie.. I used the 'r' word again..

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Continued Exploitation and Sexualization of the Music Artist

I admit surprise over the longer than normal public mourning period for Prince, an artist that had not released a genuinely successful CD since the late 1980s and for the most part was a recluse that wanted absolutely nothing to do with his fans unless it was to ensure no one could ever listen to his music on YouTube

I saw on iTunes the film 'Purple Rain' was the 2nd most popular movie over the weekend and no doubt his drug-induced death helped sell quite a lot of albums

Its like the lyrics from Smiths' song "Paint a Vulgar Picture" of the 'Strangeways Here They Come' CD state:
"At the record company meeting
On their hands - a dead star
And ooh, the plans that they weave
And ooh, the sickening greed

At the record company party
On their hands - a dead star
The sycophantic slags all say:
"I knew him first, and I knew him well"

Re-issue! Re-package! Re-package!
Re-evaluate the songs
Double pack with a photograph
Extra Track (and a tacky badge)...

Best of! Most of!
Satiate the need
Slip them into different sleeves!
Buy both, and be deceived"
Sometimes a dead former star is a godsend to the entertainment industry; certainly more profitable than a continual living one..

Speaking of a living star, I happened to watch a video by Rihanna over the weekend that simply amazed me..

I can't remember the song title but she's standing by a pool I believe, holding a silver gun in sexual-erotic ways and not only showing off all the classless tattoos adorning her body but Rihanna was actually fully topless

She wore a very thin powder blue 'robe' but her bare breasts were completely visible for extended durations of the video
Now personally I have no problems with nudity..

As far as I am concerned God created the human body and it is we as 'humankind' that made the decision that a woman's breasts were to be always clothed while her wrists fully exposed (Of course if a man's cock got aroused looking at a female's wrists instead of her breasts, all women would be walking around topless and wearing wristbands)

But it really showed quite a downward trajectory in projecting sexiness in music artists and how desperate one will go to sell albums.

Back in the 1960s, sexiness was a female singer's pretty face.  In the 70's perhaps you saw some shoulder and leg..  And in the 1980s Madonna made it OK for some parents to allow their pre-teen daughters to wear bras over their clothing
Who would have thought by 2016, artists would need to be fully topless so everyone from children to adults could see their nipples and aureoles.

As the social progressive movement shows us, there's no boundary of decency or propriety that deserves to remain up if we're to have a happy tolerant accepting secular anti-religion one-world society.

So expect the next generation of young starlets to be lip-syncing to the videos while parting their legs with vaginas in full view.. Or who knows, maybe even performing full-penetration sex on camera

Careful porn stars.. the modern female singer may soon cause your profession to become redundant

And if you have problems or moral qualms with that, you must be one of those 'damned conservative Fascists idiots who believe in God'
Prince in his day made a lot of money off average songs by being so overly sexual in lyrics and performance.

He was supposedly 100% straight yet looked like a gay 'bottom' meaning he'd be the one that umm 'receives' another man.  This way Prince could sell his albums to all proclivities, and pretty much all his songs were about fucking or giving oral sex to a girl

Who can forget the classy lyrics to 'Darling Nikki' for instance:
I knew a girl named Nikki
I guess you could say she was a sex fiend
I met her in a hotel lobby
Masturbating with a magazine
She said how'd you like to waste some time
And I could not resist when I saw little Nikki grind

She took me to her castle
And I just couldn't believe my eyes
She had so many devices
Everything that money could buy
She said sign your name on the dotted line
The lights went out
And Nikki started to grind...

Oh, Nikki, ohhhh

Come back Nikki, come back
Your dirty little Prince
Wanna grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind

[backwards at the end...]
"Hello, how are you? I'm fine. 'cause I know
That the Lord is coming soon, coming, coming soon."
The word 'coming' really means 'cumming'

Then would play his guitar like a Jimi Hendrix wannabe, often simulating penile masterbation with the neck of the guitar while everyone cheered him on

Yes we sure did lose someone special..
BTW over the weekend a soul singer by the name of Billy Paul passed away..  He was 81..  In case you're not familiar, he performed the classic 70's hit song 'Me and Mrs Jones'..

That's the song you're listening to now (as if the time of this writing)    If it is not playing automatically, just click up at the top of the page

Now that was music..

And someone worth showing condolences for..

Friday, April 22, 2016

Personal Simple Rules for Mourning Celebrities

I try to live as uncomplicated a life as possible and to do so, that means at times I must set forth personal 'rules' or guidelines which I follow to help keep things simple and avoiding the shaded ambiguities that is so popular at present

I have personal guidelines when it comes to life and in death..

Particularly the topic of famous people's passing.

For instance I will never mourn the death of murderers, pedophiles, rapists or other common criminal scum no matter how good they were at their given vocation...

So sorry O.J. and Robert Blake - I won't be sobbing when either of you die..
Same with you Roman Polanski.. No 'he will be missed..RIP' tweets to show off to the world like 99.999% of other celebs who use Twitter to express condolensces and seek 15 more seconds of 'fame'

I won't even mourn Jack Nicholson who lent his home while away so Roman could have a place to fuck the 12yr old girl, then defended and protected the director to the hilt

So no tears for you Jack..
I also do not mourn drug addicts or those who were heavy drug users then had the audacity to pretend all they did was simply look in a mirror, snap their finger and 'Stop!'  


The absolute worst kind of former drug user is one who pretends its all smooth sailing without even the slightest urge to re-use and won't even advise people not to use because its more important he/she not appear hypocritical than possibly save a life
So that means a big Fuck You to Prince...

You were a drug addict, it took your life and your ultimate end was no different than that of trash on skid row.

All that money couldn't bring happiness and inner-contentment; all those sycophants around you and no one was strong enough to tell you 'No' and everyone is supposed to cry and mourn your passing..

Your worthless PR person was told to lie and say your plane landed and was taken to a hospital for the Flu!!  And then you wouldn't allow yourself to be admitted because the hospital couldn't give you a private room??

Nigger please!

Just another drug addicted black man to add to the stats..
I don't mourn celebrities with addictions with one exception - prescription drugs due to actual pain from injury that becomes abused..

For instance Michael Jackson..

I didn't hold it against the self-proclaimed "King" of Pop that he died of drugs but of course I couldn't mourn a pedophile so once again I was on the sidelines when all the tributes poured in back in the day.

People say in indignation 'Who are you to judge another?!'

Well I answer two ways..
1)  It is the Lord who gave me and every other individual the ability to differentiate right from wrong, ethical from unethical, moral vs immoral so by making such evaluations both private and public, I am doing no more than my God has empowered me to do..

2)  If I am deemed with the power to sit on a jury and decide a person's fate; freedom or jail, life incarceration or death based merely on the controlled presentation of evidence in a courtroom, I'm perfectly capable of deciding a person who does not use drugs is strong of body and character and one who is addicted is weak

Really the biggest problem with society today is people's lack of social judgment.   Everything is tolerated and accepted..  Any behavior or vice or belief no matter how anti-norm

There is no peer pressure of any kind.
The disgusting secular Progressive liberals have worked extremely hard over the last few decades to create a non-judgment society and congrats to the evil-doers..  They've won

One day in the future when harder drugs like cocaine and heroin are legalized and an adult can not be arrested for dating/fucking someone underage, just thank the Progressives..

And before you laugh, did you ever see a time 30 years ago where one day marijuana could be smoked openly with no consequence and gays could middle-finger thousands of years of religion and tradition by calling their partnerships 'marriage'?
I once asked a Jewish friend how it is her people have stayed together as a religion for thousands of years in the face of so much adversity yet lately most Jewish people don't seem to care about their faith and treat it more like a nuisance?

She explained that for most of her people's history, either by choice or by force they lived among each other, everyone knew one another and there was a real sense of community with rules, structure and order..

And there was a elder hierarchy and fear of ostracization and possible banishment if they just did as they pleased with no respect for traditions or responsibility to anything or anyone greater than themselves

Americanism is the complete opposite..  As long as you don't break the law no one cares if you pray or stay at home.  Work on the Sabbath.. eat what you want.. do what you want.. marry outside the faith and allow the half-Jewish child to be Baptized..  It is all a big shrug...  

And no one in the faith is allowed to judge or criticize.. For liberal Democrat-voting Reform Jews, that is worse than the anti-Judism acts themselves..

I just listened and nodded
But back to the subject at hand..

Most celebrities I don't give two shits about..  They're vain, arrogant, mostly uneducated (what other career can you make a good living with only a HS diploma?) politically ignorant (98% of them blindly loyal Democrats who spout whatever their told)

But occasionally someone passes away and I genuinely feel sad

Someone like Garry Shandling .. Unlike Prince, he was a real loss..
Same with Patty Duke..  

She was a former addict but she never glorified it.  Rather she spent her post-recovery days trying to help people who were dealing with drugs and mental health issues like she suffered through

Now that's a good person..

Unlike Prince.