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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

President Bow-Down & Evil of WWII Japan

~ Pic from early in Obama's Presidency where he shows his inferiority toward Japan's Emperor

We talk a lot here about historical revisionism because it is a living breathing tool of Evil used by Evil; the politically correct, white guiters and secular progressives to continually alter facts into pleasant fictions, change heroes into villains and judge everything by the insulated prism of 21st century one-world society.

President Oreo Cookie decided to join in the 'fun' last weekend delivering a speech at Hiroshima pretty much making the Japanese into victims and painting Truman as a killer and by extension the US back then as murderous monsters for daring to drop the bomb

The chocolate monkey did stop short of a full apology..
Somehow in his Occidental College educated brain, he forgot about something called Pearl Harbor

Who attacked us?  Who dropped the bombs and caused the deaths of 2,403 American servicemen with another 1,178 wounded (68 civilians were killed, 35 wounded)?

Hint.. It was a people with slant eyes who lived on an island and sought to dominate the entirety of the Pacific region.  They obeyed an Emperor who gave the commands yet who we after war's conclusion were too cowardly to put on trial and execute for war crimes.

Between 1937 and 1945, these evil Nips were responsible for the deaths of over 4 million military and another 26 million civilian deaths.

Do people know nothing about how the Japanese treated surrendered Americans & Filipino during the Bataan Death march?

The Japs starved them, denied them water and beat them and ultimately over 21,600 died..

In POW camps, it is documented fact that Japanese would not only beat and torture American POWs but urinate on them and other horrific things; the bastards..

Had the US not bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, choosing instead to invade Japan, it would have meant even more unnecessary US soldiers' lives lost..
~ Former VP Dick Cheney greeting the Emperor the Proper way

Truman did the right thing and no American should feel the slightest bit guilty or apologetic

But that's not how President Ignorant Nigger Oreo sees it (if that is not Obama's real name on his birth certificate, it should be)..

To him, we're all one now.. One world.. One people..

One global economy with one giant global workforce to pool from

One day.. One great nationality with open borders for all

Just another example why Obama is such a deeply Rotten and Incompetent President.

But since the man is in such an apologetic mood, how about he apologize to all the hundreds of thousands of dead Confederate soldiers for the actions of Lincoln?

We know..  Don't hold our breath..

Friday, May 27, 2016

National Debt & Mutually Assured Economic Destruction

~ A still shot from Frankie Goes To Hollywood's 1984 music video 'Two Tribes' where an actor playing Reagan is going all Tyson on the Russian Premier's ear..

Most people can vividly recall things like first time they kissed or fully did the 'deed' or the first time they heard a swear word in a movie, etc.., and certainly I can as well..

But can you remember the first time you remember ever hearing about National debts and deficits?

Generally speaking, for me it was during the election of 1984
I only remember off hand references that the debt was spiraling out of control at $1 Trillion thanks to Reagan's military buildup which really was his attempt to outspend the Soviets until they went bankrupt and ceased to be, thus ending the Cold War..

And the only reason I even recall that was they used my favorite TV show at the time, Saturday Night Live as the venue to harp upon it..

I was too young back then to fully realize how politically one-sided the show was or how they never met a conservative in office they liked or respected.   It took their mean-vicious coverage of Dan Quayle in 1988 to understand SNL's writers and those who make the show tick were losers...
But back to the topic at hand..

For over 30 years regarding the national debt we've been told a lot of lies of course but among the biggest were the following:

1)  Democrats in the White House would keep the debt in check.. 

Wrong - both parties since 1980 are equally to blame, mainly because the last "real" Democrat as we at A&G call them was Carter and while he was not a good President, he was sincere to the ideals of his party unlike the trash who soul the party's soul to Wall Street (Bill Clinton was a major force)
A lot of people believe while in office Bill Clinton lowered the national debt...

No.. He lowered the deficit which is completely different.
In 1993 when Clinton took office, the debt was at $4.064T ..  This is what was inherited from Reagan and Bush..

When Clinton left office in 2001, the debt was at $5.8T..

So give the dog his due in that the debt only went up $1.7 Trillion compared to war-mongers Bush and Obama, but it still went upward..
2) Constant fear mongering that the nation could not handle a debt of another Trillion

We are at near $20T and no one has called in a debt yet.

It certainly helps that our own Federal Reserve is holding onto a large chunk of it (more than what we even owe China) and that we're the reserve currency (for now) so we can print and print and it affects others more adversely than us..

It also helps that the System and global banking apparatus set up global debt load like the military arms race build up so that if any lender nation ever had the gall or balls to call in the debt on a lendee, it would assure mutual economic (and societal) destruction
For instance, lets' say China wanted its debt repaid now and was actually able to get that money in hand, what would happen?

Well the Fed would have to direct the Treasury to quickly print up a couple Trillion dollars which would make both the US dollar and the Chinese paper worthless.  In addition China would essentially kill off its #1 consumer..

We Americans buy more Chinese crap than anyone else, so how can you sell when you killed off your biggest buyer..
Now on the other hand, let's say a President Trump storms into Oval Office and passes legislation that successfully brings back tens of thousands of once-closed factories, thus millions of jobs back to the US and all the products once bought in China are now bought here..

Our unemployment rate would drop and in the short term, the US worker would have it good again, but then China's unemployment rate would explode from factory closures and no major buyer, and then there's no reason Not to call in the debt...

See how messed up it all is?

That is why Trump focuses a lot of his ire on NAFTA and Mexico rather than China..
The System as a million and one devious tricks up its sleeves to save itself but it does not mean everyday individuals will feel any benefit if/when things get bad..

It is always us that pays for their mistakes.

Sorry its not the happiest of pre-Memorial Day posts

To make it up to you, here... Have a kabob and a 'dog'

See you next week..  :-)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

2017 - The Year of the Obamacare Premium Explosion

When it is January, 2017 and a new President is being sworn in, the only political certainty we will go out on a limb and say is Obama will be remembered long after he leaves office..

There's just no getting around that fact when a brown monkey follows 44 white palaminos, puppies and pussies (depending on their achievements) who have presided before

The black stain on the white tablecloth always stands out.

Now the real Q is How will Obama be remembered?
There will always be segments of society that will put him up on a pedestal for no other reason than color or they share that 'D' affiliation and are as loyal to their own as those nutty Germans were to their Fuhrer when all was lost & he was hidden in that bunker..

But we believe he's been a most Terrible President and over time, even the liberally biased, white-guilt historians that plague University academia will take off their partiality glasses and evaluate Obama accurately and honestly..

A very bad President.
His one "accomplishment" if you want to call it that is ObamaCare

The past few years, there's been a lot of talk of how much policies and premiums will ultimately rise but because the pain has not yet been felt, its still been regarded as a cross between fear and fluff

But it is now it's official: years of warnings that Obamacare will lead to dramatic increases in healthcare premiums are about to be validated.

As the WSJ writes, big health plans stung by losses in the first few years of the U.S. health law’s implementation are seeking hefty premium increases for individual plans sold through insurance exchanges in more than a dozen states.

Expect to experience some financial shell-shock.. This is how much, on average, your plans will go up by.

Graphic comes from Wall Street Journal...

We bet by the time Georgians feel that 65.2% increase, they will have wished they won the Civil War back in the day and thus be no part of colored negro Obama's health law

And sorry if it upsets people but you can Not separate race from the piece of shit in the Oval Office currently..

We're not saying the nation would have been any better had Hillary beat Obama in 2008 because the Clintons are absolute devious scoundrels but you can bet every last dollar you own that had Obama been white, there is no way in Hell he beats her, much less win a general election..
A man who at best is 50% black though 100% raised by whites played the race card to the hilt to attract millions upon millions of ignorant black voters that in reality they had nothing in common with

And his white-man talk soothed the Caucasians' fears

OJ Simpson was excellent at that too..  Among his own kind, Simpson would talk all ghetto and then on the golf course around his white buddies he spoke quite Obamaian..
If you voted for Obama because you really, sincerely believed he would improve America in a positive way, we'll just call you a nitwit and wonder if you're one of the now record 45 million Americans on food stamps who perhaps 8 yrs ago was not?

And if you voted for the mulatto for social-political justice reasons or to prove some kind of silly point to the world that the US is not racist, then you are getting the President you deserve

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

$21.7M and She Didn't Even Have to Post a Topless Selfie

~ Yes this was photoshopped though not by us.. You can tell its a fake because she's proudly showing off the colors of the US flag

Hillary Clinton is a whore..

Not a sexual whore; in fact we're quite sure she is as cold and frigid down below as any part of Antarctica you may want to visit this summer..

No, Hillary is a financial whore.
Between 2013 and 2015, she generated $21.7 million and didn't even have to dunk a basketball or have a sex change to boost a cable TV show's ratings

Nope, all she had to do was give 45min speeches

We published the list a few months ago but since so much has gone on in the world since then, here is the detailed list once again:

She actually gave three speeches to GoldmanSachs between June 14 and October 29, 2013 in three different locations..

Wonder if she was able to make $750k by giving essentially the same speech..

Clinton says the speeches are private and from a legal standpoint, she is correct since she Ms PacMan'd all that delicious money as a private citizen

Of course we can imagine what her speeches did Not sound like:
~  "Thankyou GoldmanSachs for this invitation to speak before you today..  If and when I am President, expect my administration to come down hard on you and the rest of the financial industry for what you did to cause the 2008 crash.  

I'm sorry but the people expect financial justice and you've had it too good too long..  When I am President, laws will be passed to regulate you all better..  I appreciate your understanding..

Now if you could, please make the check out to either myself or 'The Clinton Foundation'.. Thank you all and have a most lovely day.."

Yep.. We're sure the speeches were not of that tone..
We feel most sorry for the Jewish organizations that pissed away their money to pay and hear the bile woman speak

We're sure she said a lot of nice pro-Israel things as she winked at and subtly flirted with her Palestinian assistant and secret lover Huma Abedin who is "married" to Anthony Weiner, the lil prick who got caught in that scandal where he sent photos of his penis to women he was texting

When will Democrat-leaning Jewish people ever learn?
So let's see -- the average annual wage for a US citizen is around $45k and the evil old woman got $225k on average for a 45minute read off teleprompters..

So basic math tells us that equals $5k per minute and after 9 minutes she made the same amount as that US wage average for the everyday citizen...

We can't imagine any one else getting paid so much who has done so little and who ultimately has so little to say...
It reminds us of a throwaway scene from the film 2001 where Heywood Floyd, the Director of Aeronautics flies to the moon to give a brief speech to allay any fears and concerns about a black monolith found earlier..

He basically double-talks for 30seconds, says very little that everyone in the room didn't already know and deflects questions with some words and a half smile..

A few moments later, as a small group are heading out to examine the monolith directly, one of the men who was in the room for the speech stated with sincerity "Good speech back there, Floyd.. Real morale booster..  It was just what we needed to hear"
We're sure all the banks, hedge funds, and other Wall Street financials felt the same way when Hillary was done speaking..

Yes.. money well spent...

Now they just have to get the old bat elected..

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Civil War Analogy as to Why Trump Will Win..

Since last summer, A&G has openly stated that we prefer Trump over all other candidates (we do like Bernie Sanders too but its not looking too good in that corrupt Dem primary)

We made it a point to be as transparent on this as possible.   You may agree with our logic or think we're total idiots but at least no reader ever has to guess or wonder where we stand

We're sick and tired of Establishment Elitism and Wall Street controlling things and we want an economy that sincerely benefits and improves the lives of more than the 1%

So as stated ad nauseum, we support Donald Trump
But if we were objective on this, we still can see this becoming a November victory for the Donald and the perfect analogy to explain is to use the Civil War

By early 1864, every Union General that Confederate General Robert E Lee faced was some combination of coward, over-cautious or incompetent with some being all three.

Time and time again, Lee would outfox and outsmart his opponent, and even when he lost a battle such as Antietam or Gettysburg, it was more to do with his mistakes than anything impressive Lee's opponents conjured on the battlefield
And as Lee's reputation grew in mythic stature, it made the Union Army more and more cautious and respectful..

Much like those two complete failures in John McCain and Mitt Romney who were so overly respectful of Obama as not to be called 'racist', they allowed that black bastard to destroy them in the last two elections..

And if there's one thing Republicans hate more than a loser it is a loser who makes no effort to fight

Donald Trump reminds us of Ulysses S Grant
In early 1864, Grant was selected to lead the Union forces in Virginia vs Lee with the goal of getting his army between Lee's and Richmond, the Confederate capital which would force a surrender and end the war...

In early May, Grant's first effort in what was known as the Battle of the Wilderness was militarily a failure but unlike his predecessors, Grant did not retreat.

His army was to always be marching south.. always attacking..

If it lost an engagement or a battle, it would simply flank left or right as need be and keep going..  keep attacking.. never give Lee a day's rest
Ultimately this led to a a lot of blood spilled and ultimately 9 month siege of Richmond and nearby Petersburg, VA where the armies were stuck in trenches, much like what the WWI soldiers dealt with in 1914-18

But no matter the situation or circumstance, Grant always attacked, never backed down and even though at times it looked like his strategy was insane, the men loved him because they could see that proverbial 'light' at the end of the tunnel

Trump is going to do this to Hillary..
Hillary will be attacked so often on so many fronts with so many of her and Bill's political and personal faults, they won't have the energy or ability to combat them all..

And as Trump attacks, it will energize and invigorate not only all his supporters but even Republicans who at this point are saying they won't support him..

People can say what they want in public but people like to support and back winners, and in the privacy of the voting booth, they're not going to be choosing the Libertarian candidate.
Trump is more Teflon than even Reagan was; nothing sticks

Hillary is vulnerable; she's corrupt and unethical and unlikable and most people who will be voting for her don't even sincerely like her; they're just loyal to their Party.

Women can see she is a pretend Feminist who stayed in a loveless marriage for decades while her hubby raped, assaulted and sexually harassed women (not counting all those who voluntarily went to his bedroom) out of political necessity

No real woman especially a Feminist would have tolerated this Tammy Wynette 'Stand By Your Man' bullshit..
So as Trump is starting up the attacks on Bill's sexual life and even bringing up the suicide (or possible murder) of Vince Foster (one time Deputy White House Counsel and friend of Hillary), it is clear to us that for this moment, for this election, Trump is 'da man

Just as Grant was probably the only General capable of fighting Lee in that manner and having the ability to stick with that strategy to the very end of the War, Trump is the perfect person and probably only person to bring Hillary down in a general election...
So Trump is Grant and Hillary is Lee with one exception..

Lee is forever admired, respected and revered; Hillary is not and nor will she ever in the future be

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Agenda of the PC-Pushers

There is nothing in life we hate and despise more than political correctness

There is nothing even remotely cute or humorous about it so often even those who pretend to be against speaking and thinking PC end up using all those non-offensive terms that were the building blocks of that culture

For example, TV shows like Real Time with Bill Maher and The O'Reilly Factor refer to blacks as 'African American' which they are not!
There is an old unwritten rule about words -- A person or group can not create their own nickname.  Someone else has to come up with it.

That means you can not go up to someone and say "Hi, I'm Barbara but friends call me 'Babs' when you have no friends who have ever referred to you that way!!

It was Rev Jesse Jackson, the epitome of black scum who back in the late 1980s discovered the term 'Afr Amer.' in a poem then made a strong & ultimately successful public push so he and all his secondary people could celebrate in hyphenated form, the continent where they came from before the nation they currently reside

Now just about every Caucasian weakling calls them that term and as expressed in an earlier posting, if there is ever a time when those people decide to make everyone call them 'Superior-Americans', the same white guilt worms will meekly oblige.
Political correctness is about power and control of language.. Making those groups who traditionally held the power and manipulating their descendants who do not seem to know any better to elevate others who haven't deserved it on their own merits..

And even if most aren't offended, to the PC parasites, all it takes is one..

Here's as good an example as any..

The very liberal Washington Post decided to conduct a survey of American Indians (these pricks referred to them as 'Native Americans' because that's what the PC do..)
They surveyed 504 Indians, a sampling that included respondents in every state and the District of Columbia, over a five-month period that ended in April, and included respondents from a wide range of demographic classes.

The Results?

The poll found that 7 out of 10 Indians did not find the term "Redskin" disrespectful, and 8 out of every 10 said they would not be offended if called that name by a non-American Indian.

Nine out of 10 Indians said the name Redskin "does not bother" them.

Now a normal sensible person would accept that 'Redskins' is not offensive or racist and thus the Washington DC football team should NOT have to change their name, especially due to pressure groups
But that is not how these PC toilet fudge lickers think,,

90% isn't good enough..    Even  95% isn't enough..

No one can be offended and no one Should be offended.

And because there was no great public uprising to fight the PC liberal shits when they started this nonsense about 25-30 years ago, there's really no opposition out there to fight PC extremism
Phil Simms, former NY Giants QB and now color commentator for CBS absolutely refuses to say 'Redskins' in its broadcasts because he doesn't want to offend..   How sweet..

He actually is more offensive by going out of his way to make a political statement than just doing his job..

CBS should have forced him to comply or fire the bastard on the spot because 'Redskins' is a copyrighted business trademark and logo and no announcer getting paid to cover NFL games should be allowed the power to decide which teams' nicknames are publicly acknowledged and which aren't

It is no different than a bank spending tens of millions to sponsor a stadium and the announcer refuses to say the bank's name for his own personal convictions..
We at A&G do not nor have we ever embraced political correctness or the BS buzzwords of 'tolerance' and 'coexist' and whatever clever catchphrases you see on liberal people's bumper-stickers.

We are not phonies and that is what PC society wants us to become.

 Political correctness and the continual never-ending push is no accident.. They also want to get us conditioned for a New World Order of open borders, global currency, police and taxation where the UN is truly the supreme governing body and the group we belong to is that of Earthling

We respect all those who deserve it and it is based on the individual's content of character, and not pigment, sexual preference or hereditary.

And everyone is open to being made fun of or mocked or teased..  It is up to the person to toughen up and fight back if offended or to choose to let it roll off them.
No group should have exclusive 100% control of a word (Nigger) and no one outside that group should have to lose their livelihood over expressing it..

As a society, we're no where close to a sincere fight against the PC white guilt culture we're continually suffocated by.  Even a President Trump will still say 'Afr Am' and all the other patronizing terms needed to get votes..

Somewhere somehow it will take a grassroots effort where the pendulum is turned back and things go back to how they were and if lucky, some people in current positions of power will be put back in their places..

It would be just Heaven to live in a world with 21st century technologies and advancements and keep 19th century values and social order

Friday, May 20, 2016

Middle-Fingering History

Yesterday the Republican House Minority leader and all around piece of garbage Paul Ryan decided to just sit on his hands and allow a bill to be passed that prevented descendants of Confederate veterans from flying the Confederate flag to honor their memories.

Seems that Stars n' Bars flag elicits too much pain and sadness for those emotionally Frail and psychologically Weak black people and other white guilters to handle

Yep.. Gotta stamp out or completely revise all aspects of that part of our nation's history so these inferior people can cling to their dignity and the nation to move past the 'stain' of slavery..
Except when it is to the blacks' advantage..

Then expect the story of slavery and the Civil War to be told and retold and embellished and exaggerated to the point people will actually believe they suffered through the worst atrocity known to human kind..

We believe slavery in the days of Moses and the Hebrews where the Pharoahs kept them bondage for 400+ years and they had to toil in the hot Egyptian sun was far worse than being slaves in America for less than half that time
History in America has become something you alter,or remove as thoughtlessly as one would alter their breast size or wrinkles on the face..

Don't like a certain era in history or a person or a symbol..  Deleted

Or maybe a certain era or person or symbol is necessary to teach but you don't want to hurt any colored person's feelings..   Ehh.. Just change or delete a few facts, re-shape it and create a new narrative..

It's only History.. That is so Past 
If television, movies and commercials tell us one consistent message, it's that nothing matters in life but this moment or the future because we are all social evolving, accepting and tolerating

Of course the Confederacy did exist as a nation.. it did have both a governmental and battle flag, and blacks were slaves, Happily served their masters and not only were Never beaten but treated so wonderfully that even after they were freed, they stayed with them for the rest of the slaves' lives

Blacks also fought for the Confederacy, some even serving voluntarily under Nathan Bedford Forrest, the greatest Cavalry Commander in North American History and briefly the head of the Klan before he disbanded it for being too violent.
So much history we are Never taught in schools because the Union won the war and to the victors go the spoils of writing, re-writing and distorting history to suit ideological agendas.

Dare you to find one person who teaches history in the public school system to take the time to explain to their class that the Civil War was not fought to free slaves, but because the South got sick and tired of the North putting continual taxes upon cotton and other crops while Wall Street then (as now) dictated what prices the farmers could sell at..

Too boring..

Remember, that parasite Lincoln only made the Civil War a 'moral' fight when it looked like massive numbers of troops tired of fighting for 'Union' looked like they would not enlist

Whatever it takes, right?
History is also spit upon when it comes to movies

Last night we finally saw the Oscar winning film The Revenant starring Leonardo DiCaprio...

It was a very gory and bloody film but very well made..  Problem is the film historically-speaking was complete bullshit.

You see, if one was to make a film about someone mauled by a bear in the 1820s and left to survive and fend for himself in winter conditions after he is abandoned and left for dead, if fictional characters were used, then you're free to take whatever liberties desired to tell an entertaining story..

But when a movie is made about real people who did live and had personal histories of their own, no one can in good conscious alter or distort that just for the sake of a film'
Before we continue, we give a Warning now to readers if you haven't seen The Revenant and plan to do so shortly and do not like ending spoilers, please stop reading now...

For all others, we continue.

So here's how the film ends.. 
DiCaprio's character Hugh Glass is found alive after a tretcherous 200mi trek and returns to camp.

He tells General Andrew Henry the head of the company he works for that Tom Fitzgerald, a man assigned to look after Glass instead decided he didn't want to wait while Indians were approaching.

So instead, he tried to kill Glass and when his half-Indian son made a ruckus, Fitzgerald killed Glass' boy before fleeing

So Henry and Glass go after Fitzgerald..  They meet.. Fitzgerald kills the General, then Glass and Fitzgerald fight and ultimately gives Fitzgerald to Indians who were nearby for them to finish him off.

Justice prevails.. as 'happy' an ending as you're going to get in this time of film...
OK, now the historical truth..

#1 - General Henry was neither shot nor killed -- He lived another 10 years ultimately dying in Missouri in 1832 while pursuing a business in lead mining

#2  Fitzgerald was never shot nor killed by Glass  -- Fitzgerald was not found immediately as the movie indicates but a very long time after when Glass tracked him down in Nebraska when Fitzgerald had enlisted in the US Army.

Because to shoot and kill Fitzgerald would be to attack an US Army Captain, nothing happened but a warning by Glass that if Fitzgerald ever leave the Army, he would assuredly be killed
Hugh Glass was killed, along with two of his fellow trappers, in early spring of 1833 on the Yellowstone River, in an attack by the Arikara Indians

Two historical, real people were given fictitious deaths because well hey, its Hollywood right and if they do it, then its quite OK

Guess that means we could make a movie about Obama's life and A&G can re-write his childhood so for instance depict two devoted black parents instead of he really having one white mother and one negro African piece of shit who abandoned the family
And since we're free to take liberties in a film as long as we say it is "loosely" based on a true story, we can depict Obama as a gay porn star, involved in 3somes, orgies and whatever grotesqueness involving Obama's mouth and anus as he paid his way through law school..

Then we'll have Obama work as a busboy in a nightclub and in the pivotal scene stolen right out of 'Boogie Nights', a Democrat bigwig will be noticing him and ask if he'd like to be President someday?

Obama wearing a halter top and pink lipstick will softly say 'Sure' and eight years later, we flash to his Inaugural Address..    
Of course it would be total bullshit but hey, its Hollywood!  We're just making a movie.. Why should we be forced to actually respect a person's life biography... 

And why should we give a shit about history or any sense of accuracy or fairness in our Obama biography film when so many victim-clinging minorities, PC-do gooders and white guilters do not give a shit about the Confederate flag?

History is not all peaches and cream; its not all happy endings and good triumphing over bad..  

Hollywood distorts our prism of reality so much and in 2016 we've become a nation of emotional weaklings who neither can accept a taunt or tease but face anything painful from our past.

We can't even show 9-11 video of the towers coming down anymore on TV without people just breaking down on the spot or becoming consumed with paranoia and conspiracy..
It is just such a rotten, fucked up world we live in..  

No one respects the past or values the past, assumes all will be rosy in the future, and never accomplishes anything of true meaning in the present..

As driftless and lost as a leaf in water

You can't know where you're going if you don't know where you came from