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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

$21.7M and She Didn't Even Have to Post a Topless Selfie

~ Yes this was photoshopped though not by us.. You can tell its a fake because she's proudly showing off the colors of the US flag

Hillary Clinton is a whore..

Not a sexual whore; in fact we're quite sure she is as cold and frigid down below as any part of Antarctica you may want to visit this summer..

No, Hillary is a financial whore.
Between 2013 and 2015, she generated $21.7 million and didn't even have to dunk a basketball or have a sex change to boost a cable TV show's ratings

Nope, all she had to do was give 45min speeches

We published the list a few months ago but since so much has gone on in the world since then, here is the detailed list once again:

She actually gave three speeches to GoldmanSachs between June 14 and October 29, 2013 in three different locations..

Wonder if she was able to make $750k by giving essentially the same speech..

Clinton says the speeches are private and from a legal standpoint, she is correct since she Ms PacMan'd all that delicious money as a private citizen

Of course we can imagine what her speeches did Not sound like:
~  "Thankyou GoldmanSachs for this invitation to speak before you today..  If and when I am President, expect my administration to come down hard on you and the rest of the financial industry for what you did to cause the 2008 crash.  

I'm sorry but the people expect financial justice and you've had it too good too long..  When I am President, laws will be passed to regulate you all better..  I appreciate your understanding..

Now if you could, please make the check out to either myself or 'The Clinton Foundation'.. Thank you all and have a most lovely day.."

Yep.. We're sure the speeches were not of that tone..
We feel most sorry for the Jewish organizations that pissed away their money to pay and hear the bile woman speak

We're sure she said a lot of nice pro-Israel things as she winked at and subtly flirted with her Palestinian assistant and secret lover Huma Abedin who is "married" to Anthony Weiner, the lil prick who got caught in that scandal where he sent photos of his penis to women he was texting

When will Democrat-leaning Jewish people ever learn?
So let's see -- the average annual wage for a US citizen is around $45k and the evil old woman got $225k on average for a 45minute read off teleprompters..

So basic math tells us that equals $5k per minute and after 9 minutes she made the same amount as that US wage average for the everyday citizen...

We can't imagine any one else getting paid so much who has done so little and who ultimately has so little to say...
It reminds us of a throwaway scene from the film 2001 where Heywood Floyd, the Director of Aeronautics flies to the moon to give a brief speech to allay any fears and concerns about a black monolith found earlier..

He basically double-talks for 30seconds, says very little that everyone in the room didn't already know and deflects questions with some words and a half smile..

A few moments later, as a small group are heading out to examine the monolith directly, one of the men who was in the room for the speech stated with sincerity "Good speech back there, Floyd.. Real morale booster..  It was just what we needed to hear"
We're sure all the banks, hedge funds, and other Wall Street financials felt the same way when Hillary was done speaking..

Yes.. money well spent...

Now they just have to get the old bat elected..