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Friday, July 29, 2016

How Much Did this Waste-Of-Time DNC Convention Cost?

~ We're not sure if Hillary likes any NFL football team but her skirt would indicate she is partial to the 'Browns'..

Well its finally over --

Four days and nights of non-stop lies and distortion, the DNC concluded with a deeply selfish uber-Career First lesbian with a list of job titles pretending to be a straight woman who was a loving wife and devoted mother with a list of pretend accomplishments giving a speech

Didn't matter what she said.. the Convention Center floor full of seals.. um.. people Arffed...
"Vote for Me!..  I will protect you from an enemy I refuse to personally name and take away handguns for millions based on the rationale that I do not personally need a gun, so neither do you!!"...

Arff Arff Arff ~clap-clap-clap... Arff Arff Arff!!

"And Trump is a Rasist and a Fascist even though I, Hillary personally attended Trump's wedding to Melania with my mostly absentee 'husband' Bill and happily accepted Trump's donations to my Senatorial campaigns"

Arff Arff Arff ~clap-clap-clap... Arff Arff Arff!!

So how much did this farce cost?
From Fiscal Times:  "Philadelphia set a budget of $84 million for the event. Most of that money will come from two groups: the Democratic National Convention Committee 2016 and the Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee, both of which rely on private donors. 

The DNC committee raised over $7 million... In total, private and corporate donors are expected to contribute $67.2 million, making this the most expensive Democratic convention in terms of private fundraising.

In addition to that money, the federal government gives up to $50 million to host cities to cover security costs. Philadelphia requested $43 million for security personnel, equipment and supplies.

That makes the total cost of the convention $127 million, more expensive than the Republican National Convention last week."
We think the producers of the shitty all-female version of 'Ghostbusters' got more bang for their investment buck and that film has already been declared a box office flop

So who exactly are the private donors who contributed to this farce?

The host committee has not released its donor contribution list.

The Pennsylvania Office of Open Records required the DNC host committee to immediately disclose its list of donors on June 14. Host Committee Chair (and former Philadelphia mayor) Ed Rendell refused; he claims that the Federal Election Commission does not require a public donor list until 60 days after the convention.
So no one will know until September 29th..  All we do know is it takes more than one person or entity to come up with the $67.2 million in corporate/private donor financing..

Of course no Democrat is contributing anything with the expectation of receiving some kind of favor or privilege on the back end if the old bitch is able to win..

Nope they donated out of goodness of heart and patriotism..

So what do people outside of the puppet-muppets at the Convention feel about Hillary?

In a recent CBS news poll taken on 7/27/16, a mere 33% of Democrats in a recent poll said they were very enthusiastic about voting for Clinton. With only 79% of Democrat voters say they will “definitely vote” in the upcoming election, compared to 86% of Republicans – a serious disadvantage for the former First Lady.

 Only 72% of Independents vow to come out on Election Day, and only 33% of that group say they’ll vote for Clinton; 40% expect to cast a ballot for Trump.

If those numbers hold true, that assures Democrat defeat..

Let us hope to God they are accurate..
The same CBS poll showed that 67% of the country thinks Hillary Clinton is dishonest. Think about that..

More than two-thirds of the country, not just of Republicans, think Clinton is deceitful.

Quite honestly Trump should be up by 10 pts or more but its summer time, people are fickle or distracted so the former First Liar um.. Lady is sure to get some bounce this weekend..

Based on what, we'll never know
The key to this election will be two things we believe..

1) The debates -- We fully expect Trump to clobber Hillary in the debates but if she holds fast or pretends to be weak and soft, playing the woman card with a sniffle and glycerin tear, that could help her a lot especially with the unattractive, lonely man-hating elements of her Party

2) Terror at home -- If innocent people are continually being killed by sadistic Muslim animals while the government continues its impotent response both militarily and in refusing to say just Who the killers are, that plays right into Trump

Just a little over three more months of this folks..


Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Laughing Hyena

~ A mouth wide enough to let out flies and big enough to.. well, we won't say

The DNC Convention is almost over..

Three days of gobbletygook, bullshit, fibs, fakery, distortions and blatant Lies - Democrats do it so much better

Tuesday morning in Normandy France, an 84 yr old Priest was executed by followers of ISIS; was forced to kneel and while videotaped had his throat slashed from ear to ear..

By Muslims..

Wonder if this was ever mentioned in any of the speeches where the theme was safety and terrorism?
We had heard in that anal boil called the DNC Convention, there was no mention whatsoever of the word 'Isis' on Monday..  Wonder if there was a change of heart in the position of duping the people?

We had also heard thanks to those internal DNC memo leaks that around early June, Socialist-Communist Bernie Sanders was nicely bought and paid for in exchange for expressing unwavering support for cunt Hillary this autumn..

From Breitbart:  "Sen. Bernie Sanders will back Hillary Clinton in exchange for speaking opportunities at fall campaign rallies, a fully-funded campaign aircraft and a share of the credit for her hoped-for election, according to a negotiating memo obtained by BuzzFeed News and dated two days before the June 7 California primary."
So instead of selling out his conscience for 40 pieces of silver, all it took was the lure of a private aircraft and a sharing of some credit..

Speaking of phonies..  We read a good article the other day how not only do black lives Not matter to the Clintons, but rather their tragedies stimulate more profit for themselves and that Fake as plastic press-on fingernails Foundation.

In the wake of the Haitian earthquake in 2010— while 316,000 lifeless bodies lay buried under rubble, and while 300,000 Haitians suffered from injuries, with another 1.3 million displaced — Hillary Clinton’s family and monied cronies cashed in on the back of the tragedy-stricken Caribbean country.
Hillary Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, landed a lucrative and historically rare Haitian “gold exploitation permit,” while Clinton Foundation donors, including Digicel mobile phone company founder Denis O’Brien, were winning multi-million dollar contracts that would siphon massive profits from the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

While then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s State Department was funneling billions in relief funds to rebuild Haiti, the Clinton Foundation was leveraging its influence to guide high-dollar contracts to Clinton cronies who would go on to make millions off the catastrophe that had claimed so many lives on the island.

“I deal through the Clinton Foundation,” Tony Rodham said according to a transcript of his testimony during court proceedings, obtained by The New York Times. “That gets me in touch with the Haitian officials. I hound my brother-in-law [Bill Clinton], because it’s his fund that we’re going to get our money from. And he can’t do it until the Haitian government does it.”
On December 5, 2014, Haitians gathered outside to protest Bill and Hillary Clinton’s “full support” of former Haitian President Michel Martelly — who placed his criminally-inclined cronies in positions of power.

In March 2015, a large group of Haitians protested outside the Clinton offices in Manhattan, New York.

The Democratic National Convention has also been visited by Haitians, who’ve railed against Bill and Hillary Clinton’s transgressions against their country.

Guess little to none of this should be taken or surprised; scurrilous dogs

When that rotten corrupt old geriatric woman loses in three months, I hope Democrats look inward and ask themselves why did they allow their political party to so brazenly endorse a piece of Scum simply because of one measly letter 'D'

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What if it was Democrat Candidate Hitler instead of Hillary?

Thought we'd start today's posting with some quotes:

"I just think that giving a child a chance and sharing what you have with a child is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, as well as a child."

"No government can love a child, and no policy can substitute for a family's care. But at the same time, government can either support or undermine families as they cope with moral, social, and economic stresses of caring for children."

"As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation"

The first two quotes are from Hillary; the third from Hitler
Ever since its was assured that corrupt former First Lady would not lose any Democrat voter support in spite of polls showing 2/3 of Americans found her utterly untrustworthy, we've been imagining an interesting scenario:

How would the DNC, the party apparatus and its loyal base including many Jews sell Adolf Hitler as the Democrat nominee to go up against Trump, since in terms of being heartless, soulless, possessing a sociopathic mental disorder and deep seeded hunger for power, the two are inseparable..

So how as we at A&G imagine it, would the Democrat leadership and base loyalists respond to the following allegations in defending their guy (just like they're doing with Hillary)
~  On the ideologies written by candidate Hitler in 'Mein Kampf'

"Look we first need to remember those thoughts were written a long time ago and since then Hitler has offered an apology and I think its best we take him at his word.

Also don't forget Trump's "RACIST" comments on illegal Mexicans and Muslims were expressed recently so that makes him worse..."

~  Yes but what about Hitler expressing a desire for an ultimate 'Final Solution' to wipe Jews, gypsies, gays, Slavic people and any other 'undesirable' off the face of the Earth?

"Once again, those thoughts which none of us at the DNC condone need to be put in proper perspective..  This was during a down period in his life.. He was in prison and just exorcising some demons onto paper..

We feel Trump's position to build a wall around Mexico is far worse, much more dangerous and deeply concerning than whatever Mr Hitler wrote or expressed in a moment of darkness..  It was probably he just had too much to drink..
~ Hitler has stated repeatedly he does not drink alcohol.."

"Well, maybe it was cough syrup.. who knows.."

~ Hitler has also stated that "To first conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens"   Is he talking about the US and repealing 2nd Amendment repeal?

"No No No.. Hitler respects the Constitution and believe all law abiding citizens who fully document their guns with a national registry so the government knows exactly who and how many weapons to confiscate from are free to own...

Mr Hitler has stated at this time he has no desire as President to 'conquer' the people but will let the media know if this policy ever does change
~ Tell us again why you Democrats are so loyally supporting such an evil, despicable, corrupt, evil man such as Hitler in the election who is the epitome of pure rottenness, cruel sadism and need for absolute power?

"Well look..  First of all the people have spoken and they chose him over Bernie even though we did everything possible at the DNC to rig things so the Jewish Atheist Socialist would never represent our Party

Second, it is Donald Trump who is the far more dangerous choice for the nation and the world..  He's going to renegotiate all our unbalanced trade deals to make them more fair and balanced, and dare to bring jobs back; The rotten man is going to try to undo 30years of globalism and put America First!

That is dangerous talk and dark thinking..

Lastly.. We Democrats are loyal to the core; loyal without thought.. And as long as Hitler belongs to our party and represents us, we're going to give him 100% blind support in this upcoming election..
So to the Democrat Party, what difference does it really make?

So replace 'Hitler' in this posting with 'Hillary' and maybe you can sorta begin to understand why she carries such a loyal yet ignorant backing into this autumn while being a Grade A scum bucket..

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

In Awe of Charitable, Profit Hungry Money Robots

~ Wealth, Adoration, Easy going white wife with fake breasts..  Yep Michael Jordan is living every black man's dream

Yesterday the liberal media, deeply grateful they had something to write other than how absolutely Corrupt their political party affiliation is, focused on Michael Jordan giving $1mil a piece to two different charities and then gushed endlessly about him

One million went to some police fund and the other million went to the NAACP legal fund which is a nice way of saying, a fund to provide for defense when a colored person is accused of beating, raping and/or killing a white person.

*  We were unable to find any charity or Legal Fund aimed to providing Defense Counsel or other financial assistance for Caucasians attacked or harmed by Blacks..

And since the 'C' in NAACP stands for 'colored' then that's the word we choose for Jordan and all those other ignorant people who believe 'black lives matter'
We've said it before.. said it again.. Black lives do NOT matter to us nor should it to any non-black as long as so many blacks show in their actions, they do not matter to each other!!

And its not just about shootings and killings..  The vast majority of young blacks will take their first drink of alcohol, or do their first drug when offered by a black..

And when those low class inner city niggers are be-bop walking down the halls of school with their caps turned sideways, acting bored and disruptive in class so to appear cool while not learning a damn thing while harrasing the kids who can answer the teacher's questions..

Sorry but they're not emulating white kids' behavior
Failure and poverty and addiction and death is all coming from their own so called 'brothers' or 'sisters''..

Thank god I'm not black.. With this 'family' of saboteurs, I'd never have a chance

Now let's go back to Michael Jordan, that commercial endorsement Whore.

He is a worthless bitch who for decades has sent the Wrong message to young people that one should strive to make as much money as humanly possible and just keep profiting and profiting until dead..
You know the drill folks:  'When you make $1 billion, then strive for $2B.. then $3B..  and if you make $100 billion, then work hard to achieve a Trillion'

We are told to admire these creatures; these completely empty soul-lacking vessel; a money robot..

Only thing worse than a money whore is one hungry for power...

Isn't that right, old woman Hillary??  Your deeply ugly daughter has produced a couple grandchildren for you to dote over and you rather rule the world and prove women are just as diabolically Evil as men
But back to the merchandising whore

At one time that NBA playing prostitute sold out his image and likeness to promote 8 different corporations.. Eight!  

And the stupid people loved it while the price of their Nikes and Gatorade and McDonalds' hamburgers went up in price to afford his sponsorship fees.

So yesterday Jordan, the first Billionaire athlete in history donated $2 million in total..

Sure its a lot to everyday working people on the surface but let's break it down..
As we said, Jordan is worth at minimum $1 Billion meaning $2 million equals 1/500th of the totality of his net worth.

If a person had a nest egg life savings of $100,000, 1/500th would be donating $200.

So you can see how measly that donation really is..   Plus we will never respect anyone who donates with a 'look at me' motivation..     You donate privately and quietly or not at all.

BTW, according to Forbes, thanks to advertising and merchandising sales, the dark chocolate whore Still makes $100 million annually so that $2 million won't be missed

That 10 hours working in a cubicle to recoup your $200 charitable deed will probably be felt more..

Let's just hope you didn't waste in on any Association that discriminatorilly Advances Colored people over all others..

Monday, July 25, 2016

Four Days of Lies and Lipstick on Pigs

~  "You see folks.. I am female, heterosexual and look just like my daughter Chelsea.. So please vote for me this November.. Nothing to be afraid of here...  HeeHee  Oink!"

Well its Monday, late July and its hot as hell pretty much everywhere in the country..

Must mean its time for the Democrats to do their little thing - 4 nights of propaganda, fibs, mistruths, exaggerations and outright lies..

All to con as many people to vote for this incredibly corrupt old woman who if not for all her connections would neither be the Democrat nominee, nor allowed by the Justice department to talk around free in her ultra-expensive, ultra-dykish pantsuits.
Some might try to argue last week's RNC was the same but when truthful, honest information was provided on the state of the nation thanks to 7+ years of Obama, its hard to look at the two conventions exactly the sam3

Then you had the whole wiki-leaks fiasco..

Thousands of emails between that rotten DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other insiders in her party strategizing how to harm Bernie Sanders presidential bid from within so their gal-pal Hillary can just have a simple quick nomination victory in March and devote this past spring and summer to donations.
The internal emails also showed everything from racist and homophobic jokes sent to and from people who work for the DNC but the myriad of ways they tried to arm twist their loyalist news agencies like MSNBC and CNN to cover news the way They wanted it portrayed..

For example..

Here is an internal memo trying to figure out how to deal with Sanders' religion while campaigning in the Southern states..
"On May 5, 2016, at 1:31 AM, Brad Marshall <> wrote:
>> It might may no difference, but for KY and WVA can we get someone to 
>>ask his belief. Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he
 >>has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could 
>>make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps 
>>would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist."

There's so many things to choose from .. From the DNC putting operative moles in Sanders' campaign to getting approval to create fake Trump ads to post on websites to using Democrat interns to 'protest' the RNC when not enough Real ones showed up..

Please take your time to look at the above link.. It just was too much to copy/paste here

In most societies, someone like Hillary would be imprisoned or literally put on trial for crimes against the State, found guilty of Treason then hung or burnt at the stake

In America, she is allowed to run for President with 50% loyally supporting her out of deep ignorance, loyalty to the 'D' affiliation or picking what they believe the lesser than two evils, as if someone who approves the assassination on Libya'a leader is equal to someone a bit verbose and cocky in his speeches..
So its going to be four nights of tele-orchestrated bullshit and hopefully people are smart enough to see through all the Hollywood glitz as they try their best to put ample amounts of lipstick and rouge on a homely pig.

BTW, out of curiosity, what if she does win, does hubby Bill stay with her in the White House for the next 4 years like all good, devout, well behaved First Ladies?

Or does he immediately high tail it out of DC to go back to his West Coast bachelor pad filled with lovely bric-a-brac and even lovelier girls with easy access?
We all know the Clintons have not shared a bed together since at least the Monica Lewinsky shame so we know that's 18 years and Hillary is not sleeping alone.. not with a man anyways..

Just wondered how their bullshit marriage arrangement would be altered to regrettably to Bill, the viper snake does actually win?

And no one can honestly believe Obama wants this sociopathic power hungry cunt following him into the Oval Office as he is leaving?

Guess it will be an interesting week ahead..

Friday, July 22, 2016

It's Friday & Feelin' Good.

Not sure how many of you who are supporters of Trump got to see his speech last night or later via YouTube but if you missed it, you really should check it out..

It will make you feel very good about his chances in November and at the very least make all supporters think to themselves.. 'Finally!!  Finally a GOP Nominee with Fight who does not hold back..

And for those able to listen, can you imagine smirky-slimy George W Bush, John 'Cadaver' McCain or "Mittens" Romney taking on that rotten piece of scum Hillary so aggressively; to fire truthful insult and accusation, one after another like a semi-automatic weapon?

No, we can't picture it either
Usually what happens is the nominee chooses a VP no one's heard of to do the dirty work and attacks then put upon all of the blame when their campaign fails.

But Trump is the attack dog.. He's strong and confident to not hide behind others to get his message across so his VP candidate Mike Pence looks quite like a standard Presidential candidate in his own right

Usually in elections, you always hear candidates seeking the Presidency to focus on the worst aspects of the last President's administration with some exaggeration in order to excite the base and get appeal to independents and undecideds

This election, Trump really did not need to fib because it is even more horrible economically that even he states:  National Debt of over $19.4 Trillion with more US debt held by the Fed than all foreign nations combined
This means the US does not have the option to default because it is our own economic apparatus which holds the leins and IOU's

You have had a man in office the last 7+ years who has enjoyed being President more than actually doing Presidential things to make people's lives better

Obama came into power with really only one goal -the placement of Obamacare.  That was to be his legacy..

So he threw all his energies to it.. used up all his political capital with promises, lies and arm twists as Iraq burned and no one played the fiddle
The rest of the time, the Oreo cookie would take ultra-expensive trips to Hawaii and play as many rounds of golf as humanly possible while pretending to be a black American and fake-empathasing with their plight

Remember, that current piece of shit in the Oval Office had a African father who abandoned his family and Barry was raised by a white mother and white grandparents..   Absolutely nothing black about the man other than genetic pigment and hair frizz.  

Nothing for the positive has changed.
One of the biggest reasons we at A&G have been so supportive of Trump since he first entered the political fray last summer was that we felt he was the only candidate with the guts and temperment to give Hillary some close-fisted political punches to the face and not be scared of her gender the way McCain and Romney were terrified of Obama's race.

Trump already has a history of being a mysogynist and 'pig' and it never affected him in a sincerely adverse way this whole campaign.

There was a scene in one of the Terminator movies years back where Arnold Schwartzenegger played the 'good' Terminator vs this evil woman Terminator aimed at killing the people Arnie was protecting..

The two were fighting and at one point Arnold, takes the woman's head (remember these are Terminator robots) and shoves it into the toilet and that is how you have to fight Hillary..
And that's how you defeat such a scourge..  treat her like like a non-human robot and do whatever is absolutely necessary to destroy her, gender be damned                

So we're going into this weekend feeling quite good about the next couple months

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Why We Hate the Republican Party

~ "Hi folks, I'm Ted Cruz and I'm a piece of shit.."

Before we start, anyone who has taken the time to read A&G for at least a couple postings know we absolutely abhor the Democrat party and find their most loyal followers to be brain dead parasites who possess no conscience (We'll get back to that word later)

This means do not take the title of today's post as pro-Democrat or as any kind of endorsement toward that lying, corrupt, old bitch as President.

We have been Trump supporters since the beginning of the party nomination process who have seen the actions of a some petty, vindictive and spoiled individuals make their entire Party look like a total embarrassment
The list is so long- where to start?

Guess we can start with those worthless Bushes..

From grandpa Maine Senator Prescott Bush who had business dealings with the Nazis before WWII to Bush 41 who was looked upon mostly as a failure for not dealing adequately with Saddam and only in the revisionist history of his son Bush 43's foreign policy failures, was 41 looked upon as a success and 'visionary'.

George W's brother Jeb along with Trump and the other candidates signed a pledge months ago stating they would join together and unite the party by supporting the ultimate candidate and not create divisions.

Then like a wealthy, spoiled piece of shit silver-spoon, Jeb not liking Trump's truthful attacks on his baby brother W's horrible Presidency, refuses to support the Donald.   The rest of that selfish clan follow suit
Then you had secondary candidates like Carly Fiorina who actually was under the delusion that she was going to be Cruz' VP nominee this spring even though Trump held a massive lead

Speaking of that Worm..

Seems he was given air time last night before Newt Gingrich went on air and the selfish, rotten Canadian-born prick could not bring himself to endorse the Republican nominee at their own celebratory event!

Cruz was deservedly booed and Chris Christie put it best:

“It was an awful, selfish speech by someone who tonight, through the words he said on that stage, showed everybody why he has richly earned the reputation that he has on Capitol Hill,”
Cruz has stated in his pity-party speech that ,“If you love our country and love your children as much as I know that you do, stand and speak and vote your conscience... Vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.

Told you we'd come back to that word - conscience

Is Cruz actually implying with a straight face that the rotten Democrat cunt directly responsible for the execution of Libya's President Ghadafi, the ultimate chaos in that region and the Bengazi attack on a US Ambassador and three others resulting in the man's death is Better??
The same woman who involved herself in the email server scandal and uses her so-called charitable 'Foundation' to siphon millions in future bribes..  She is the better choice if we let our 'conscience' dictate...

The same woman who called black children 'super-predators' back in the 90s?


Some are saying this could be a disaster for Trump and the party; a public fracutre with only a couple months left

We say the opposite..
Those passionate for Trump will wake up from their comfy, lethargic post-primary slumber and start actively fighting for Trump again instead of quietly sitting on the sidelines

And its good to always know clearly and without any debate who your enemies are and not exhaust pretending

There a lot of disgusting, putrid Republicans out there who need to learn and experience what it is to bend over, 'grin' and bear it for the ultimate good of the Party

Personally we did it back in 2004 when we supported and voted for that war-mongerer Bush..  We did  it for that cadaver John McCain in 2008 and even did it in 2012 when that snooty billionaire Romney was running..

These people should be Forced to do the same with Trump

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Republican Convention - Night 1 Synopsis

Last night was opening night of the Republican National Convention..

We admit we didn't watch very much of it, partly because its only shown for one hour every night and mostly because the network coverage is so God-Damn (purposely??) terrible that its often not worth the effort to try..

Speaking at 10p when we turned on the TV was former NYC mayor Rudolph Guliani giving a speech as passionate and terrific as we've ever heard him give..  very 'red meat' as the political expression goes

Of course had I tried to watch the speech on ABC, CBS or NBC, I would have seen numerous cutaways to things going on that were unimportant, or asking Democrat pundits their thoughts as the speech was going on (as if they will express an honest sentiment ever..)

Because I refuse to have cable or satellite TV, to watch Guliani in its entirety, I went online to and watch for free
I did notice even there was a PC delay, all network feeds were shared..  I kept my TV on mute and saw both devices show an inconsequential Code Pink protester at the same point in the Mayor's speech

Then Trump came up on stage looking like a rock star.   We can say that because after all it was and is His show..

Its' like if one spends time and energy to see a new Denzel Washington action flick, you don't want to wait until 3/4th in, to finally get a glimpse of the hero

So Trump broke with tradition and appeared Monday introducing his wife Melania

The speech was impressive just for how it was delivered.  English is Melania's 2nd language so to present it flawless without pauses or public pardons for doing over was
Otherwise she basically said Trump was a great man; great wife and father, and would make a great President which is what you'd ex.

She finished at 20min before 11p and basically even though others followed on the podium, the night was effectively over.  

CBS decided to air a 15 minute interview aound 10:45p between that closetcd lesbian and pathological liar Hillary and showman Charlie Rose.
There used to be an unwritten rule that political parties respected the other party's conventions.  Now they both infiltrate and try to be nuances.

It was a good first night but tonight's speaker really needs to put more mmmphhff behind it and make a strong, convincing case to undecided voters that Trump will make a far better leader than Hillary.

If the speaker is interesting, we like many others will watch, and if not, like many others will not bothe

Monday, July 18, 2016

Obama Fudd

~ Shh.. I'm huntin' wabbit & white people..  Hehehehe...

Seems more police were killed by black pieces of garbage over the weekend, this time in Baton Rouge..

But really, you can file the 'Black lives matter' movement in the folder 'What did you really expect??'

For instance, if you fall in love with and marry someone who constantly plays the field, can you dare act surprised or shocked when you're cheated on?

Of if you befriended a jobless drug addict with kleptomanic-like traits, should it be that surprising to find your purse or wallet rummaged through on occasion?
So why should it be so surprising aver 7+ years of this divisive (rhymes with bigger and trigger) President who has successfully played race and the race card to get elected, to deflect pretty much all genuine criticism of his policies and inexperience and fake-empathy for 'his people' that you have this racially polarized America?

We've said it a million-billion times..  Even though we find Hillary to be total scum, she absolutely positively would have won the Presidency back in 2008 if not for Obama's charcoal skin.

Practically every Obama voter cast their ballot in 2008 based on wanting to see someone in office who looked like them (blacks) or to make some kind of silly-idiotic point to the world that America was not raciat (white-guilters, PC fool and other morons called Democrats)
Of course the Republicans didn't help any by choosing two duds but Christ how respectful they were of this Oreo cookie during the elections to never even broach race, it was comical!

Once again the question is asked.. Do Black Lives Matter?


Don't tell us as Caucasians that black lives matter when Blacks kill other Blacks at excessive rates and then respond with shrugs; when black men rape other black men in prison and infect them with HIV because the bigger gorillas had a momentary need..

Black lives absolutely do not matter.

It is like self-respect.  On an individual level how can a person who like you and think positive about you if you do not like or think positive on yourself?
Now worthless bitch Hillary, who will say and do anything to win, says Black Lives Matter and not 'All Lives Matter' which begs the question, "Old Woman Hillary, if you believe that, why do you have Secret Service protection for both you and your milky-white skinned family? ALL lives don't matter right?  Only blacks, yes?  So why does your life matter a fuck worthy of protection??"

Lincoln should have repatriated them...

So now we live in this society of fear where this Nigger President won't call terrorists 'Muslim' and won't defend those who daily risk their lives protecting the law here at home
What does Obama care?.. He and his precious family are protected by a million-billion tanks, planes, guns and bullets for the next 40-50 years which unfortunately we the people pay for with our taxes among other wastes..

Its very easy to be brave and stay Joe Kool in that light..

Every time the blacks get uppity, they always win..  This was true in historically bigoted times and absolutely true today..

They are like terrorists; they usually win through a combination of fear scare tactics and people on the inside who hate themselves, hate their background and 'privilege' thus hating America's history
Sorry we have to write so bluntly but who else is?

America and really the world is in a really bad place thanks in large part to Obama being such a leaderless President and so-called 'leader of the free world'

Just wondering what it will take for Americans will wake up and get into fight, both here and abroad and stop letting the inferiors have their victories