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Friday, July 1, 2016

Controlled Chaos

Amid all the good joy over the British people middle fingering their political parties and globalism, we were presented with an outlook of thinking that ultimately could not be ignored no matter how ill it made us..

The concept was simple -- the rotten, soulless uber-Capitalist globalist swine not only secretly wanted Britain to 'Brexit' but worked behind the scenes to make it happen and while a few took early losses, most were given enough heads up to protect their most vulnerable exposures.

If you notice, Britain and its populace are thinking they're on a 2 year time line to leave allowing for treaties to be re-written and an otherwise orderly transition to occur.
Herr Merkel who now singularly runs the EU show wants the Brits out 'Jetzt!' (Now!) so they can't poison the well and encourage others to leave and to quicken the loss of whatever economic benefits of being in the EU, Britain was receiving.

Sure can't make it look easy so as to encourage deadbeats like Greece and Spain from fleeing too..

From this point, the globalists will do all they can to destroy them economically while keep them afloat just enough to be able to financially cover their NATO and other treaty obligations.

Just yesterday, President Oreo said in a news conference that the US was busy formulating a new economic treaty with the EU and Britain was 'pushed to the back of the queue'

What a lovely way to treat our best European if not global ally
You can't have a long bloody US Civil War resulting in the complete stomping out of Southern culture without allowing Ft Sumter, you can not have a long bloody WWII without Pearl Harbor and you can't have passage of the Federal Reserve Act without a controlled, manipulated crisis

Just think of 9/11 and how our world has changed..

No attacks on NYC or the Pentagon by plane, no need for TSA checks and frisks that would otherwise be deemed too intrusive and unconstitutional.

No 9/11 and No need for the Patriot Act, which intrudes into the privacy of every American under the guise of democracy

The globalists want to stomp out this mindset of nations putting themselves and their national interests as a higher focus than that of the collective.  To them, UN and EU come first
This ultimately means a global currency and global VAT taxes..

Sat good bye to dollars and oil petrodollars and reserve currency status giving the US special exemptions which has allowed them to buttress from the effects of 2008.

Not too pleasant a reality but this is how they think:  long term

So we'll see what happens in the next few months..  Maybe this gives Trump a bump that helps him ultimately wins in November but this is ultimately beyond the Donald and US elections

This is about who controls the populace in the 21st Century and beyond -- Nation States or Corporate corrpteed