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Friday, July 29, 2016

How Much Did this Waste-Of-Time DNC Convention Cost?

~ We're not sure if Hillary likes any NFL football team but her skirt would indicate she is partial to the 'Browns'..

Well its finally over --

Four days and nights of non-stop lies and distortion, the DNC concluded with a deeply selfish uber-Career First lesbian with a list of job titles pretending to be a straight woman who was a loving wife and devoted mother with a list of pretend accomplishments giving a speech

Didn't matter what she said.. the Convention Center floor full of seals.. um.. people Arffed...
"Vote for Me!..  I will protect you from an enemy I refuse to personally name and take away handguns for millions based on the rationale that I do not personally need a gun, so neither do you!!"...

Arff Arff Arff ~clap-clap-clap... Arff Arff Arff!!

"And Trump is a Rasist and a Fascist even though I, Hillary personally attended Trump's wedding to Melania with my mostly absentee 'husband' Bill and happily accepted Trump's donations to my Senatorial campaigns"

Arff Arff Arff ~clap-clap-clap... Arff Arff Arff!!

So how much did this farce cost?
From Fiscal Times:  "Philadelphia set a budget of $84 million for the event. Most of that money will come from two groups: the Democratic National Convention Committee 2016 and the Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee, both of which rely on private donors. 

The DNC committee raised over $7 million... In total, private and corporate donors are expected to contribute $67.2 million, making this the most expensive Democratic convention in terms of private fundraising.

In addition to that money, the federal government gives up to $50 million to host cities to cover security costs. Philadelphia requested $43 million for security personnel, equipment and supplies.

That makes the total cost of the convention $127 million, more expensive than the Republican National Convention last week."
We think the producers of the shitty all-female version of 'Ghostbusters' got more bang for their investment buck and that film has already been declared a box office flop

So who exactly are the private donors who contributed to this farce?

The host committee has not released its donor contribution list.

The Pennsylvania Office of Open Records required the DNC host committee to immediately disclose its list of donors on June 14. Host Committee Chair (and former Philadelphia mayor) Ed Rendell refused; he claims that the Federal Election Commission does not require a public donor list until 60 days after the convention.
So no one will know until September 29th..  All we do know is it takes more than one person or entity to come up with the $67.2 million in corporate/private donor financing..

Of course no Democrat is contributing anything with the expectation of receiving some kind of favor or privilege on the back end if the old bitch is able to win..

Nope they donated out of goodness of heart and patriotism..

So what do people outside of the puppet-muppets at the Convention feel about Hillary?

In a recent CBS news poll taken on 7/27/16, a mere 33% of Democrats in a recent poll said they were very enthusiastic about voting for Clinton. With only 79% of Democrat voters say they will “definitely vote” in the upcoming election, compared to 86% of Republicans – a serious disadvantage for the former First Lady.

 Only 72% of Independents vow to come out on Election Day, and only 33% of that group say they’ll vote for Clinton; 40% expect to cast a ballot for Trump.

If those numbers hold true, that assures Democrat defeat..

Let us hope to God they are accurate..
The same CBS poll showed that 67% of the country thinks Hillary Clinton is dishonest. Think about that..

More than two-thirds of the country, not just of Republicans, think Clinton is deceitful.

Quite honestly Trump should be up by 10 pts or more but its summer time, people are fickle or distracted so the former First Liar um.. Lady is sure to get some bounce this weekend..

Based on what, we'll never know
The key to this election will be two things we believe..

1) The debates -- We fully expect Trump to clobber Hillary in the debates but if she holds fast or pretends to be weak and soft, playing the woman card with a sniffle and glycerin tear, that could help her a lot especially with the unattractive, lonely man-hating elements of her Party

2) Terror at home -- If innocent people are continually being killed by sadistic Muslim animals while the government continues its impotent response both militarily and in refusing to say just Who the killers are, that plays right into Trump

Just a little over three more months of this folks..