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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

In Awe of Charitable, Profit Hungry Money Robots

~ Wealth, Adoration, Easy going white wife with fake breasts..  Yep Michael Jordan is living every black man's dream

Yesterday the liberal media, deeply grateful they had something to write other than how absolutely Corrupt their political party affiliation is, focused on Michael Jordan giving $1mil a piece to two different charities and then gushed endlessly about him

One million went to some police fund and the other million went to the NAACP legal fund which is a nice way of saying, a fund to provide for defense when a colored person is accused of beating, raping and/or killing a white person.

*  We were unable to find any charity or Legal Fund aimed to providing Defense Counsel or other financial assistance for Caucasians attacked or harmed by Blacks..

And since the 'C' in NAACP stands for 'colored' then that's the word we choose for Jordan and all those other ignorant people who believe 'black lives matter'
We've said it before.. said it again.. Black lives do NOT matter to us nor should it to any non-black as long as so many blacks show in their actions, they do not matter to each other!!

And its not just about shootings and killings..  The vast majority of young blacks will take their first drink of alcohol, or do their first drug when offered by a black..

And when those low class inner city niggers are be-bop walking down the halls of school with their caps turned sideways, acting bored and disruptive in class so to appear cool while not learning a damn thing while harrasing the kids who can answer the teacher's questions..

Sorry but they're not emulating white kids' behavior
Failure and poverty and addiction and death is all coming from their own so called 'brothers' or 'sisters''..

Thank god I'm not black.. With this 'family' of saboteurs, I'd never have a chance

Now let's go back to Michael Jordan, that commercial endorsement Whore.

He is a worthless bitch who for decades has sent the Wrong message to young people that one should strive to make as much money as humanly possible and just keep profiting and profiting until dead..
You know the drill folks:  'When you make $1 billion, then strive for $2B.. then $3B..  and if you make $100 billion, then work hard to achieve a Trillion'

We are told to admire these creatures; these completely empty soul-lacking vessel; a money robot..

Only thing worse than a money whore is one hungry for power...

Isn't that right, old woman Hillary??  Your deeply ugly daughter has produced a couple grandchildren for you to dote over and you rather rule the world and prove women are just as diabolically Evil as men
But back to the merchandising whore

At one time that NBA playing prostitute sold out his image and likeness to promote 8 different corporations.. Eight!  

And the stupid people loved it while the price of their Nikes and Gatorade and McDonalds' hamburgers went up in price to afford his sponsorship fees.

So yesterday Jordan, the first Billionaire athlete in history donated $2 million in total..

Sure its a lot to everyday working people on the surface but let's break it down..
As we said, Jordan is worth at minimum $1 Billion meaning $2 million equals 1/500th of the totality of his net worth.

If a person had a nest egg life savings of $100,000, 1/500th would be donating $200.

So you can see how measly that donation really is..   Plus we will never respect anyone who donates with a 'look at me' motivation..     You donate privately and quietly or not at all.

BTW, according to Forbes, thanks to advertising and merchandising sales, the dark chocolate whore Still makes $100 million annually so that $2 million won't be missed

That 10 hours working in a cubicle to recoup your $200 charitable deed will probably be felt more..

Let's just hope you didn't waste in on any Association that discriminatorilly Advances Colored people over all others..