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Friday, July 22, 2016

It's Friday & Feelin' Good.

Not sure how many of you who are supporters of Trump got to see his speech last night or later via YouTube but if you missed it, you really should check it out..

It will make you feel very good about his chances in November and at the very least make all supporters think to themselves.. 'Finally!!  Finally a GOP Nominee with Fight who does not hold back..

And for those able to listen, can you imagine smirky-slimy George W Bush, John 'Cadaver' McCain or "Mittens" Romney taking on that rotten piece of scum Hillary so aggressively; to fire truthful insult and accusation, one after another like a semi-automatic weapon?

No, we can't picture it either
Usually what happens is the nominee chooses a VP no one's heard of to do the dirty work and attacks then put upon all of the blame when their campaign fails.

But Trump is the attack dog.. He's strong and confident to not hide behind others to get his message across so his VP candidate Mike Pence looks quite like a standard Presidential candidate in his own right

Usually in elections, you always hear candidates seeking the Presidency to focus on the worst aspects of the last President's administration with some exaggeration in order to excite the base and get appeal to independents and undecideds

This election, Trump really did not need to fib because it is even more horrible economically that even he states:  National Debt of over $19.4 Trillion with more US debt held by the Fed than all foreign nations combined
This means the US does not have the option to default because it is our own economic apparatus which holds the leins and IOU's

You have had a man in office the last 7+ years who has enjoyed being President more than actually doing Presidential things to make people's lives better

Obama came into power with really only one goal -the placement of Obamacare.  That was to be his legacy..

So he threw all his energies to it.. used up all his political capital with promises, lies and arm twists as Iraq burned and no one played the fiddle
The rest of the time, the Oreo cookie would take ultra-expensive trips to Hawaii and play as many rounds of golf as humanly possible while pretending to be a black American and fake-empathasing with their plight

Remember, that current piece of shit in the Oval Office had a African father who abandoned his family and Barry was raised by a white mother and white grandparents..   Absolutely nothing black about the man other than genetic pigment and hair frizz.  

Nothing for the positive has changed.
One of the biggest reasons we at A&G have been so supportive of Trump since he first entered the political fray last summer was that we felt he was the only candidate with the guts and temperment to give Hillary some close-fisted political punches to the face and not be scared of her gender the way McCain and Romney were terrified of Obama's race.

Trump already has a history of being a mysogynist and 'pig' and it never affected him in a sincerely adverse way this whole campaign.

There was a scene in one of the Terminator movies years back where Arnold Schwartzenegger played the 'good' Terminator vs this evil woman Terminator aimed at killing the people Arnie was protecting..

The two were fighting and at one point Arnold, takes the woman's head (remember these are Terminator robots) and shoves it into the toilet and that is how you have to fight Hillary..
And that's how you defeat such a scourge..  treat her like like a non-human robot and do whatever is absolutely necessary to destroy her, gender be damned                

So we're going into this weekend feeling quite good about the next couple months