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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 5th.. Resuming 364 days of 'Dependence'

If you ask people why they love being Americans, the word 'freedom' will be expressed by many

And it is true that as much as a populace can be free in a post-9/11 globalist, politically correct, white-guilt world we Americans are.

Of course the freedom to shop consume is misconstrued from 'freedom' and being Free

We are free to travel from NYC to LAX on a whim with only the cost of a plane ticket to really be a major stumbling block or decide to call up cable TV and order 500 channels or go to the mall and buy pretty summer dresses in every color of the rainbow..

People here are free to do and say a lot of things in America.
Most of us do not possess Freedom though.

Just like in fiction, you and your doppelganger can not be present together in the same place, neither can indebtedness and freedom co-exist in reality.

Debt hinders choice; it forces a reprioritization of one's life decisions big and small based on factors such as size of debt, income generated allowing for repayment and interest accrued during that period.
Most people figure they will take on some level of debt and its a 'good' thing because it allows one to grow a credit score which allows the borrowing of money for more things and the more you owe, as long as you pay on time, the credit application is approved..

Until one day it is not and you wouldn't believe how many people there are out there who make their living simply off your personal debt downfall to the bottom

So what's the difference between being free and possessing freedom?

Let's take how you spent your 4th of July weekend..

Travel a bit? Or choose to stay local; Activities with friends and family or just enjoy some alone time..  Maybe you had traditional food yesterday - burgers & dogs.. Or maybe you ordered pizza

That's being Free.

Now how are you spending July 5th?  Still vacationing?  Or is it back to the ol' grind?  Did you want to take off today?  Maybe afraid of the consequence?  Pills to be paid, right/

One can't be experiencing Freedom when some Other holds power and sway over you
Of all the various forms of voluntary debt load one gets into, the most dangerous and crippling is student loan..  It can not be discharged in bankruptcy and now in New Jersey even cancer or death does not discharge debt..

That means if you owe $20,000 in student loan debt and possess $20k in stocks, bonds, etc upon your death, guess who gets satisfied first.. your creditors or next of kin?

Of course people find this incredibly unjust..

So is believing the generational lie parents tell that the only chance at a future for a 17-18yr old son and daughter is a University degree, especially somewhere with a recognizable name.
BTW, here's New Jersey's solution to the problem of student loan debt ---  encourage students to buy life insurance in case they die to help co-signers repay.

How lovely..

If you want true freedom in your life, minimize if not eliminate your debt load and actually take the time to read the documents you are signing before taking such suffocating debt especially at an early age.