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Friday, July 15, 2016

Nice, France Tragedy - Still Not the 'Straw that Broke Camel's Back' Moment

The following was an empty prayer from an empty vassal who knows nothing else to express

Who is the 'kindness' and compassion' supposed to be directed at?

Other French people in grief?  Or people who believe in that backward bullshit pretend cult-faith Islam, the perpetrators of EVERY terror attack upon civilians upon the world since and including 9/11?

As for 'peace'?   Would Jesus just sit quietly and idly by if he was alive and let his people be systematically slaughtered for no reason by mindless animals?

Archbishop, do you really see your Savior as That weak and effete?
So another day and night has passed in this ongoing (losing) war on terror..

Another 80 or so needlessly killed, mostly children..  20 or so injured.  

There will be some crying.. some grieving.. some counseling..

Then everyone moves on and soon forgets ,just like the Secularists want.
Just keep treating this carnage as a normal part of the up & down; ebb & flow of everyday life and no one politically has the courage to say we need to declare war on these people

Sorry Hillary but none of those innocents died by means of a gun..  We know what you and your politically distorted side are thinking.. 'Oh Fudge!' We can't use this tragedy to get our gun legislation passed..  ~fingersnap  

Another evening of lost life..  Another opportunity for this worthless President to specifically say the terrorists all share the same faith and values as he, Michelle and the spoiled daughters..  Muslim

And we keep wondering what will be that proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back where the West is no longer tolerant of all the Middle East evil they allowed to infiltrate into their societies and makes the politically correct but socially necessary decisions to restore some peace and order

A few months ago we expressed the  theory that the mathematical number of lost US lives at the hands of Muslim scum has to be at minimum over 3,000  because we lost 2,996 lives on 9/11 and absolutely nothing was done to sincerely avenge it.

So just 80 more dead on French soil so now everyone can keep calm, move along and after tweeting #hashtag condolences think about things like does Taylor Swift and her new beau make a good couple?
France seems to get the brunt of Muslim hostility more than most because they unlike the US and Britain have the courage and determination to force these mindless  monsters head on.

While we in the US bend over backward to respect and condone those who want to see us dead, the French try to fight the Muslims to force their assimilation.  So the bastards choose to infiltrate and cause destruction to those areas they are most nested

And this PC white-Christian guilt generation has been successfully taught to love  and empathize with the enemy then blame the US for all of the other's suffering...

Yep, that oughta' bring them back and make our enemies 'forgive us..

Just wondering what it will take for people to move out of the passive stage of mourning and treat these losses of life as if it was their own family rather than statistics