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Monday, July 18, 2016

Obama Fudd

~ Shh.. I'm huntin' wabbit & white people..  Hehehehe...

Seems more police were killed by black pieces of garbage over the weekend, this time in Baton Rouge..

But really, you can file the 'Black lives matter' movement in the folder 'What did you really expect??'

For instance, if you fall in love with and marry someone who constantly plays the field, can you dare act surprised or shocked when you're cheated on?

Of if you befriended a jobless drug addict with kleptomanic-like traits, should it be that surprising to find your purse or wallet rummaged through on occasion?
So why should it be so surprising aver 7+ years of this divisive (rhymes with bigger and trigger) President who has successfully played race and the race card to get elected, to deflect pretty much all genuine criticism of his policies and inexperience and fake-empathy for 'his people' that you have this racially polarized America?

We've said it a million-billion times..  Even though we find Hillary to be total scum, she absolutely positively would have won the Presidency back in 2008 if not for Obama's charcoal skin.

Practically every Obama voter cast their ballot in 2008 based on wanting to see someone in office who looked like them (blacks) or to make some kind of silly-idiotic point to the world that America was not raciat (white-guilters, PC fool and other morons called Democrats)
Of course the Republicans didn't help any by choosing two duds but Christ how respectful they were of this Oreo cookie during the elections to never even broach race, it was comical!

Once again the question is asked.. Do Black Lives Matter?


Don't tell us as Caucasians that black lives matter when Blacks kill other Blacks at excessive rates and then respond with shrugs; when black men rape other black men in prison and infect them with HIV because the bigger gorillas had a momentary need..

Black lives absolutely do not matter.

It is like self-respect.  On an individual level how can a person who like you and think positive about you if you do not like or think positive on yourself?
Now worthless bitch Hillary, who will say and do anything to win, says Black Lives Matter and not 'All Lives Matter' which begs the question, "Old Woman Hillary, if you believe that, why do you have Secret Service protection for both you and your milky-white skinned family? ALL lives don't matter right?  Only blacks, yes?  So why does your life matter a fuck worthy of protection??"

Lincoln should have repatriated them...

So now we live in this society of fear where this Nigger President won't call terrorists 'Muslim' and won't defend those who daily risk their lives protecting the law here at home
What does Obama care?.. He and his precious family are protected by a million-billion tanks, planes, guns and bullets for the next 40-50 years which unfortunately we the people pay for with our taxes among other wastes..

Its very easy to be brave and stay Joe Kool in that light..

Every time the blacks get uppity, they always win..  This was true in historically bigoted times and absolutely true today..

They are like terrorists; they usually win through a combination of fear scare tactics and people on the inside who hate themselves, hate their background and 'privilege' thus hating America's history
Sorry we have to write so bluntly but who else is?

America and really the world is in a really bad place thanks in large part to Obama being such a leaderless President and so-called 'leader of the free world'

Just wondering what it will take for Americans will wake up and get into fight, both here and abroad and stop letting the inferiors have their victories