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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Republican Convention - Night 1 Synopsis

Last night was opening night of the Republican National Convention..

We admit we didn't watch very much of it, partly because its only shown for one hour every night and mostly because the network coverage is so God-Damn (purposely??) terrible that its often not worth the effort to try..

Speaking at 10p when we turned on the TV was former NYC mayor Rudolph Guliani giving a speech as passionate and terrific as we've ever heard him give..  very 'red meat' as the political expression goes

Of course had I tried to watch the speech on ABC, CBS or NBC, I would have seen numerous cutaways to things going on that were unimportant, or asking Democrat pundits their thoughts as the speech was going on (as if they will express an honest sentiment ever..)

Because I refuse to have cable or satellite TV, to watch Guliani in its entirety, I went online to and watch for free
I did notice even there was a PC delay, all network feeds were shared..  I kept my TV on mute and saw both devices show an inconsequential Code Pink protester at the same point in the Mayor's speech

Then Trump came up on stage looking like a rock star.   We can say that because after all it was and is His show..

Its' like if one spends time and energy to see a new Denzel Washington action flick, you don't want to wait until 3/4th in, to finally get a glimpse of the hero

So Trump broke with tradition and appeared Monday introducing his wife Melania

The speech was impressive just for how it was delivered.  English is Melania's 2nd language so to present it flawless without pauses or public pardons for doing over was
Otherwise she basically said Trump was a great man; great wife and father, and would make a great President which is what you'd ex.

She finished at 20min before 11p and basically even though others followed on the podium, the night was effectively over.  

CBS decided to air a 15 minute interview aound 10:45p between that closetcd lesbian and pathological liar Hillary and showman Charlie Rose.
There used to be an unwritten rule that political parties respected the other party's conventions.  Now they both infiltrate and try to be nuances.

It was a good first night but tonight's speaker really needs to put more mmmphhff behind it and make a strong, convincing case to undecided voters that Trump will make a far better leader than Hillary.

If the speaker is interesting, we like many others will watch, and if not, like many others will not bothe