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Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Race to Contain vs the Desire for Cure

Back in April, 1955 Dr Jonas Salk's vaccine against polio was declared by experts to be both "safe and effective".  It had a success rate of 100% in the prevention of paralysis and other crippling factors and was celebrated around the world with the same joy and prayer as the end of WWII,

Polio was cured and most importantly, the vaccine was made available to everyone without pharmaceuticals overcharging the public.

Name a disease that has been cured since?

Now the goal isn't to cure but to contain..
Have AIDS?  'Why you can lead a long life like Magic Johnson if you keep taking this HIV cocktail of pills daily for the rest of your life.. '

 "Monthly HIV treatment regimens range from $2,000 to $5,000 — much of it for drugs. With the life expectancy for HIV patients increasing, the lifetime cost of treatment in today's terms is estimated at more than half-million dollars" (source NPR, 2012)

Jerry Lewis raised over $2 billion throughout his realm as the face of the fight against Muscular Dystrophy and yet after all this time later, they and we are nowhere closer to a cure than when the organization began.
Scientists can not find cures for the simplest things like depression or the common colds so why believe overpaying for pink pots, pans and personal Panini makers with the Susan G Konen 'Race for the Cure" logos will make a dent?

In fact, if someone ever did invent the cure for cancer, he/she better also invent a pay to protect themselves against murder because such a discovery especially if provided to the general public for free

Imagine if you will.. No more death from tumors found in the breast or ovaries or prostate..

No more sports leagues and other for-profit ventures to latch their corporate sponsorship synergies
No more oncologists and chemo radiation treatments and the expenses involved; All those monster machines sitting in hospitals collecting dust while radiologists twiddle their thumbs

No need for those charity jogging races or really much charity of any kind. Donations like University department funding would severely dry up..

So many jobs lost in the medical field but still have to pay those loans..

Action -- Reaction
Probably the only person in the world with a bigger assassination trigger on their back would whoever was brilliant yet dumb enough to invent the means to never ever again be dependent on Middle East oil to replenish our cars, truckss

Finance and economics work the same

Why do anything or implement any system or process of steps to sincerely help ween individuals off personal debt if it takes billions of people owing someone something to keep the cogs turning?

Where's the incentive in any secular society?
Where's the motivation to fix the political process and/or allow third parties with differing points of view to get their ideas out there into the mainstream?

Medically the goal seems to figure how to do just enough to keep us alive into the 90s as our bodies deteriorate and we desperately cling on to every pill cosmetic and medical miracle cure-all.

Meanwhile between the expenses and perpetual care, any chance of leaving any inheritance for the next of kin to make their lives a little bit easier is swindle-swallowed up..

Just the way the System intends

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