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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Weakness of Hillary, Ostrich Democrats and Europe's Economy

An NBC poll yesterday found that just over 2/3 of those interviewed found Hillary to be  'Dishonest and Trustworthy'..

And the rotten, vile woman supposedly still held a lead in the race for President.

She holds a margin of 3% over Trump, the smallest lead since May.

Quite honestly when you look at this deeply scummy woman and her history of corruption and the horrible black monster currently sitting smug in the White House over the last 7+ years, there is no excuse for Trump to ever be trailing
A strong majority of voters (82%) agreed that it was inappropriate for Clinton to use a personal email server during her tenure as secretary of state...

But enough must naively believe once she's in office, Hillary will develop a conscience and suddenly be an ethical leader..   Why else still support her?

Doesn't seem to matter how many Americans are murdered by Muslims and how many times she refuses to say their religion in denouncing terror
Gays still love Hillary in spite of Orlando and the fact she like Obama never sincerely supported gay marriage until the political tides were so strong in favor, the closet lesbian had no choice

Women still love this vile, detestable woman even though she's as fake a feminist as one can be (Real feminist women do not tolerate adultery and stay in the relationship...ever!)

In addition, she's never passed any legislation as Senator for the gender's benefit and she degrades independent free-spirited Christian women when she says kind words on Sharia law and wears a headscarf in their presence like any other 3rd class Arabic woman would..
We believe ultimately Trump will win in November not just based on his ideas and direction for the country being better,

We also believe this autumn the economy will plunge like it did in 2008, especially since little to nothing has been done in eight years to actually fix it, so how could anyone expect a different outcome..

And like in 2008, we believe a collapsing market will hurt the party in office worse.

Of course few to no one else wishes to..
We've been correct on Europe for a long time now..

We’ve noted for more than 5 years that the European crisis would spread in the following order … more or less:

Greece → Ireland → Portugal → Spain → Italy → UK

We also warned that the EU’s approach to economic problems like in America in the periphery would lead the cancer to spread to the core.
We’ve repeatedly warned that:

Bailing out the big European banks would just transfer the risk to the people

Propping up stocks and asset prices won’t get Europe out of the crisis

Covering up fraud by the European banks would sink the economy

Now, the IMF is forecasting that Italy could be in recession for two decades (that's called a Lost Generation.. ask Japan)… and that it’s weakness could spread to the rest of the system.
Greece is experiencing a depression deeper than the United States experienced in the 1930s

Those fucking political cowards had ample opportunity to leave the EU.. there would have been some pain but their situation today would be better because it would be progressing toward a more stable economy..

Instead like the saying goes, a coward dies a thousand deaths; brave just one

The US is in no better shape.
For instance, in 2012, a US Congressional report found that US officials refused to prosecute British bank HSBC for money laundering in 2012 because of concerns within the DOJ that it would cause a "global financial disaster."

The report also revealed that UK officials, including Chancellor George Osborne, added to pressure by warning the US it could lead to market turmoil. The report alleges the UK "hampered" the probe of the most systemically important UK bank, and "influenced" the outcome.
According to the report "George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, the UK's chief financial minister, intervened in the HSBC matter by sending a letter to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke... to express the UK's concerns regarding US enforcement actions against British banks."
The letter said that prosecuting HSBC could have "very serious implications for financial and economic stability, particularly in Europe and Asia".

In other words, the US liaison who prevented justice at the time was not so much Eric Holder, who was merely doing as instructed, as the then-Fed chairman Bernanke.

Justice Department spokesman Peter Carr said a series of factors were considered when deciding how to resolve a case, including whether there may be "adverse consequences for innocent third parties, such as employees, customers, investors, pension holders and the public". The report also accuses former US Attorney General Eric Holder of misleading Congress about the decision.
The report says Holder ignored the recommendations of more junior staff to prosecute HSBC because of the bank's "systemic importance" to the financial markets.

The 2012 settlement with HSBC detailed how the bank violated US sanctions by conducting business for customers in Iran, Libya, Sudan, Burma and Cuba.

HSBC accounts were also used by the Sinaloa drug cartel in Mexico and Norte del Valle cartel in Colombia to launder $881m. The settlement allowed the bank to avoid pleading guilty to any wrongdoing.
If HSBC had been proven guilty of criminal action, it could have lost its banking charter in the US.

Remember, we allowed British Petroleum an easy go of things after they destroyed the environment off the SE coast of the US and now we protect Britain's banking apparatus..

Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves

As the financial world shows more open cracks and the powers that be can not taper over them, it will work to only help Trump secure a victory that quite frankly he should have over this bitch Hillary even the economy was strong.