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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Why We Hate the Republican Party

~ "Hi folks, I'm Ted Cruz and I'm a piece of shit.."

Before we start, anyone who has taken the time to read A&G for at least a couple postings know we absolutely abhor the Democrat party and find their most loyal followers to be brain dead parasites who possess no conscience (We'll get back to that word later)

This means do not take the title of today's post as pro-Democrat or as any kind of endorsement toward that lying, corrupt, old bitch as President.

We have been Trump supporters since the beginning of the party nomination process who have seen the actions of a some petty, vindictive and spoiled individuals make their entire Party look like a total embarrassment
The list is so long- where to start?

Guess we can start with those worthless Bushes..

From grandpa Maine Senator Prescott Bush who had business dealings with the Nazis before WWII to Bush 41 who was looked upon mostly as a failure for not dealing adequately with Saddam and only in the revisionist history of his son Bush 43's foreign policy failures, was 41 looked upon as a success and 'visionary'.

George W's brother Jeb along with Trump and the other candidates signed a pledge months ago stating they would join together and unite the party by supporting the ultimate candidate and not create divisions.

Then like a wealthy, spoiled piece of shit silver-spoon, Jeb not liking Trump's truthful attacks on his baby brother W's horrible Presidency, refuses to support the Donald.   The rest of that selfish clan follow suit
Then you had secondary candidates like Carly Fiorina who actually was under the delusion that she was going to be Cruz' VP nominee this spring even though Trump held a massive lead

Speaking of that Worm..

Seems he was given air time last night before Newt Gingrich went on air and the selfish, rotten Canadian-born prick could not bring himself to endorse the Republican nominee at their own celebratory event!

Cruz was deservedly booed and Chris Christie put it best:

“It was an awful, selfish speech by someone who tonight, through the words he said on that stage, showed everybody why he has richly earned the reputation that he has on Capitol Hill,”
Cruz has stated in his pity-party speech that ,“If you love our country and love your children as much as I know that you do, stand and speak and vote your conscience... Vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.

Told you we'd come back to that word - conscience

Is Cruz actually implying with a straight face that the rotten Democrat cunt directly responsible for the execution of Libya's President Ghadafi, the ultimate chaos in that region and the Bengazi attack on a US Ambassador and three others resulting in the man's death is Better??
The same woman who involved herself in the email server scandal and uses her so-called charitable 'Foundation' to siphon millions in future bribes..  She is the better choice if we let our 'conscience' dictate...

The same woman who called black children 'super-predators' back in the 90s?


Some are saying this could be a disaster for Trump and the party; a public fracutre with only a couple months left

We say the opposite..
Those passionate for Trump will wake up from their comfy, lethargic post-primary slumber and start actively fighting for Trump again instead of quietly sitting on the sidelines

And its good to always know clearly and without any debate who your enemies are and not exhaust pretending

There a lot of disgusting, putrid Republicans out there who need to learn and experience what it is to bend over, 'grin' and bear it for the ultimate good of the Party

Personally we did it back in 2004 when we supported and voted for that war-mongerer Bush..  We did  it for that cadaver John McCain in 2008 and even did it in 2012 when that snooty billionaire Romney was running..

These people should be Forced to do the same with Trump