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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Why the Media Hillary-Bias? It's a 20-yr Thank-You to her Hubby

It was a revealing statement that flew largely under the radar earlier this month..

The mainstream media pretty much openly admitted it would never recover from its openly biased, completely irresponsible and wholly negligent coverage of the 2016 presidential election.

A recent column published in the New York Post referred to the media’s reporting as “the complete collapse of American journalism as we know it.”
In his article for the Post, Fox News contributor Michael Goodwin discussed the media’s pro-Clinton bias which everyone but the purposefully delusional and most rabid Hillary lovers know:

“By torching its remaining credibility in service of Clinton, the mainstream media’s reputations will likely never recover, nor will the standards. No future producer, editor, reporter or anchor can be expected to meet a test of fairness when that standard has been trashed in such willful and blatant fashion.”

The evil, rotten, corrupt, and extremely old post-menopausal cunt Hillary and her power-hungry political machine has effectively infiltrated corporate media.
Last year, the Intercept, an online site that studies the news, reported MSNBC failed to disclose that multiple pundits who spoke favorably about Clinton were actually employees of a consulting firm hired by her campaign.

No shock really since after all it is the far-left network but still..

More recently, embarrassing DNC leaks released in July revealed DNC officials attempted to craft narratives painting Bernie Sanders in a negative light to undermine his campaign including ways to try to cast aspersions to Midwest primary voters about Sanders' Jewishness..

They also organized a secret fundraiser with the Washington Post (now owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos) and were careful to keep it under the radar.
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, (that piece of shit who is so loyal to Hillary that after the now-disgraced former chairman of the DNC was fired prior to the convention, cunt Hillary hired her for her election team two days later), along with one of her colleagues, personally contacted MSNBC to complain when one of its anchors criticized Clinton and suggested she drop out.

In addition, per a “deal” with the DNC, one POLITICO writer sent an article critical of Clinton to the DNC for suggestions before he sent it to his editor.

There is no question the mainstream media has sided with the political establishment in its decision to craft narratives that paint Clinton as a competent leader who is the only option in the face of a catastrophic Trump presidency.

Indeed, in spite of Clinton’s lack of popularity among the general population (68% polled in July said she is not trustworthy), the media continues to suggest she is the only thing standing between America and its descent into fascism.
The media pretends they are so openly biased to protect the nation from the possibility of electing another Hitler or such absolute nonsense..  That narrative is meant to instill fear in the undecided and the ignorant

The reason the media is so passionately pushing a Hillary Clinton Presidency has much more to do with her slimy, penis-popping hillbilly hick of a former President and a way to continually thank him and by extension her for allowing media monopolies to occur,

Prior to Clinton passing the Telecommunications Act of 1996, there were limitations on how much media one person or corporation could own because of the concern they would have too many outlets to get their political messages out and influence people in ways they did not realize.
Think of it like laundry detergent..  You go to a store and you see ample bottles of Tide, Cheer, Gain and Era..  Which bottle to do put in your cart - the orange one, blue one, green one or red one??

Well all are made by Proctor & Gamble so in the end, one entity is getting your money regardless.

Right now only 6 corporations own 90% of All media..

We wrote on this years ago.. click on link below to see the detailed list:
So besides the media being so disgustingly liberal, it is directives from the very top of the corporate food chain pushing this hard sell of Hillary-Good; Trump-Satan

Everyone has an agenda..  Its just very few admit it publicly

Of course we do.. We try to be as transparent as possible..

We deeply hate and despise Hillary as both a political candidate and human being; the most rotten person to enter politics since Nixon..
And while Trump has his flaws and has an attitude that can easily rub people wrong, we feel he's far and away the best candidate at this moment in time to be President

You agree or you don't; you stay a loyal reader or you go elsewhere, but no one can ever read A&G and think 'Hmm, now where does this blog coming upon its 7th Anniversary next week really stand?'

Can you say the same about ABC, CBS or CNN?

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Defending Another's Rights to Protect Mine

On the surface, the whole Colin Kaepernick - National Anthem thing seems like the perfect media sensationalized story to serve as late summer filler until everyone returns from Labor Day break

But whether the media or anyone else realizes or not, this story is far more important that 99% of the trivial nonsense they and social media focus upon

Whether or not to stand for the national anthem and the need for others to seek out financial retribution every time a thought or action is expressed which someone does not like (in this case the San Francisco Police union contacting the NFL Commissioner and seeking him to punish Kaepernick) in a supposed free society protected by First Amendment rights matters more than National Debt and even the election itself
Personally I believe Kaepernick's reasons for protesting are wrong though historically they're soundly based (in 1916 blacks were treated bad; in 2016 they're mollycoddled and given exalted status) but I fully respect his decision and support his act of peaceful civil disobedience especially since it does not impede my progress through life in any way.

I do so because if his right to protest is infringed and if he has to endure penalties of some kind when he is not breaking the law, that means you and I can see our rights equally punished if we speak out against something else that may not be the majority view.

In the 1960s, how many hippies and others who felt strongly against the Vietnam War protested with marches, sit-ins and in some cases burning of draft cards?

Were they right or wrong?  They felt they were completely in the right and their parents probably thought they were rabble-rousers..  But they had every right to express peaceful dissent and if they broke the real law then consequences went with it.
I say 'real law' because in today's society, the law that everyone seems to fear is that of the employer; the god damn corporation that does not want any interruptions to its non-stop pursuit of selling to all walks of life with no controversies or anything that would alienate a shopper

You see its not like it was back in the 1960s when we were a cash based society --  Everyone in 2016 has credit cards just waiting to be maxed out and all stores happily accept them..

The employer has too much power over the employee.

For most people who are not famous and in the public eye, in all likelihood if you say or so something controversial, offensive or inappropriate by majority standards off the clock, no one is ever going to know
When you're famous, you have some sway because you have media in your face which creates an audience for those opinions.  And then if an employer is not happy, he can dock pay or suspend or fire you

Employers are the only entity who can middle finger Fuck-You the First Amendment and get away with it because to those who make and enforce the laws, protecting all aspects of commerce is paramount to protecting free speech

For instance, what was the legal device the government used to enforce the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

They said anyone who discriminated against blacks was found to be guilty of breaking the Interstate Commerce Act that guarantees people can move about from state to state without any infringement; commerce used to ensure equality
Employers also get away with it because employees let them..  

No one wants to lose their job and/or a good paycheck over principle and unions are weaker than they've been since they first were in existence back in the 1880's so there's no entity to fight for or protect workers' rights

And in a globalized, outsourcing world, people are as expendable as ever which is just how corporations want it.

Right now American sports is just over-saturated with patriotism..  Its origins were the introduction of the national anthem at baseball games when we entered World War I back in 1918 and has stayed with us since..

Prior to that, the anthem was never uttered and for the next 70 years or so, sports was content with that
Then 9/11...

And the NFL decided to saturate and suffocate everyone with continual patriotic visuals which culminated in that late January game known usually as the Super Bowl but should have been renamed the "God Bless America Bowl"

Ironic how the 4th of July is now an excuse to go vacation or BBQ in the backyard and the Super Bowl is the annual spectacle of pure unabashed patriotism and love of country..

But unless the NFL and other entities feel compelled to write into their rules or the contracts players sign that they all Must stand for the flag (assuming that was not overturned by some court) the NFL can not punish Kaepernick and nor should it..

In another day or so this, the media will move on and focus on something else like a celebrity coming out of the closet or treating the Tropical Storm in the Gulf of Mexico like its the next Katrina

And there's always the #1 media fallback - incessant Trump bashing.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Defending the Right to Disagree

The big news story this weekend in the world of sports which seemed to permeate into a larger national discourse was the decision of San Francisco 49ers back-up QB Colin Kaepernick to not stand and salute the US flag during pre-game ceremonies.

Of course he has every Constitutional right to do this yet it still seemed to upset a lot of people, especially kool-aid drinkers who believed the lies they were taught in history class

Kaepernick who is a mulatto, says basically America is racist and as long as they are black bodies on the streets, etc, he feels hypocritical saluting the US flag
We may or may not agree but that is not the point - He may have protested because he hates the song or he just didn't feel like standing.. That is his right.  If we want to stand, his not standing does not affect us..

And more importantly, just like someone who may prefer to salute the CSA flag instead, someone who chooses not to embrace the US flag should not be financially punished by an employer and deal with such animus by others.

Freedom of speech and self expression means you are able to express thoughts and ideas that are unpopular as well as the conventional.
So many love to put contingencies and restrictions on it - can't say 'this' about the nation or wish/hope 'that' about a President and those who hate the First Amendment always throw shit up like crying 'Fire!' in a crowded theater as justification to infringe upon it

In truth, there is no barometer of what is socially acceptable when it comes to thoughts and actions of an individual that do not physically impede our pursuit of happiness

It means for example saying the word Nigger is tolerated as much as saying 'I'm black and I'm proud'

It also means the freedom to criticize the place of your birth and point out its flaws without the simple-minded 'love it or leave it' folks chiming in.
It is incredible how much we are constricted by what we can and can not say..

For example try going on a comment section of a news site and use a word they deem 'profane' and see how easy it is to get the comment accepted.

Or go on a financial news site and tell them how corrupt they are and how you wish the stock market would just crash already so they would suffer and notice soon after, how quick you are blacklisted and barred from writing another comment..

Yours truly has enjoyed this response quite often and simply create new registrations because its important people get perspective that goes against political correct and social progressive thought.
People tend to only want to hear or read what they want so any one who basically yells that 'Emperor' is not wearing any clothing, they are resentful and intolerant toward.

Now personally we don't believe in painting a broad brush and punishing a nation for its history but there is this massive delusion that the US always wears the so-called 'white hat', especially when it came to the Civil War and fighting those 'evil' slave-owning Southerners

That is where we get very resentful and want to really fight back since the Confederacy had every Constitutional right in the world to secede peaceably based on the 10th Amendment though of course Lincoln literally posted soldiers in front of the Supreme Court building (yes this is 100% historical fact) to ever prevent any case arguing secession's validity from reaching the Justices.
The politically correct, the white-guilter and the historical imbecile have banded together to basically ban the beautiful Stars n Bars yet the US flag is a million times more racist, intolerant and hate-filled than the CSA flag could ever be!

Under which nation's flag was slavery legally allowed to continue as a new nation was born while developing special taxation rates so a black was 3/5ths of a person?  USA or CSA?

Under which nation's flag did its Congress pass one compromise after another during the first half of the 19th century protecting the institution and even going so far to make it a Federal crime if you found a runaway slave and did Not notify authorities so he/she could be taken back to their master?
Under which nation's flag did its Supreme Court rule in 1854 that a black slave taken by his owner into a free state remained a slave, or in the 1890s decide that the law of the land was 'separate but equal' in everything from schools to toilets?

Which nation ended Reconstruction abruptly which was the only protection blacks in the post-Civil War south had as a part of a compromise for political purposes to get a Presidential candidate into office (the compromise of 1876) and established and perpetuated Jim Crow policies for a full century after the Civil War ended?

Sorry, Charlie.. it wasn't the Stars' n Bars?
Its interesting that the first Jewish person to ever serve in a Presidential Cabinet took place under FDR in the 1930s and Yet a good 75 years prior, the Confederacy was so socially advanced and religiously tolerant, that a Jewish man was their Secretary of State, Defense and Treasury at one time or another..

So back to Kaepernick..

If he feels the US is racist and does not want to salute the flag based on history and what he thinks is going on today, one can not honestly say his reasons are fully misguided.

Some find the US flag to be sacred and sacrosanct; others only see its negative and would rather burn it than salute it...

And in a free society, both are right
Do we agree with Kaepernick when he bases a lot of his decision on how blacks are treated today?

Absolutely not.. Blacks have gone from being victims to being disgustingly over coddled and treated as a privileged class in a shockingly short amount of time

But we do agree with his right to not salute.

Societal conformity demands you do not think, you simply Do.

The flag is raised, the Star Spangled Banner begins and you just automatically supposed to stand in lockstep unison and put your hand to your chest, then hoot and holler excitedly when the singer is about to raise the octave level as the song concludes..
Growing up, I remember a popular slogan.. "I may disagree and not like what you say or do, but I will defend to the death, your right to say it.."

Whatever happened to that??

Friday, August 26, 2016

The Debt Clock

~ This photo shows the National Debt at $6.4 Trillion which means this pic was taken in 1993

Well its the end of another long week with one more to go before Labor Day, so as good a time as any to look at the ole' debt clock to see how the nation is doing thanks to that worthless piece of feces President...

If you want to look for yourself, go to

Some numbers are constantly changing by the second so all figures are based on , today Friday, August 26, 2016 at11:50a EST

National debt is now $19.436 Trillion
More Precisely, $19,436,417,684,123 dollars as of 11:50am..

In the span of just one minute, the debt rose a million dollars by 11:51a to $19,436,418,713,998

The national debt when the black bastard took office was $10.6 Trillion

So for those not big into math, that's an increase of nearly $9 Trillion with another 5 months to go and the possibly a parasite named Hillary sits on the throne next
The US population is 324.27 million people with only 12.4 million working in manufacturing..

Back in 2000, the number was around 19.5 million

That is a loss of 7.1 million manufacturing jobs thanks to NAFTA, and other trade agreements both corrupt political parties supported to enrich the 1% and push globalism, outsourcing and this rotten ideology of One-World at the expense of US citizens

In 2000, there were 16.3 million Union workers according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics..

Now there are a million less and when you consider the population in 2000 was 282 million, in 16 years, we've grown by 42 million souls and 1 million less Union protected workers
46.9 million living in poverty today. which is up from 43.6 million in 2009

Thanks to Obama, an additional 3.3 million are living in poverty that weren't 8 years ago

You can try to blame Bush all you want but we double-dog dare you to name One policy or law enacted by Obama to level the economic playing field, to Punish Wall Street legally or in their wallets or Anything where people got a benefit from his colored rear end sitting in the Oval Office

At least under Bush, every American received a check for $250 and as small a figure as that is, $250 is always more than zero
Once again for those who do not understand, we continually will bring up Obama's blackness and in a negative way for two reasons

1)  It is the ONLY reason this man beat Hillary for the nomination in 2008 and why so many voted for him in the general election - the need to make history mattered more than the fate of the nation

2)  No one publicly has the guts to even gently make fun of him much less mock and ridicule as he richly deserves

Compare how he is treated on shows like SNL and late night talk show monologues to Bush and even Bill Clinton..  Total kid gloves.. And we admit it-- we Resent the special treatment of him and all blacks to exalted status..

It is all Too much!

In a truly equal color-blind society everyone is looked upon and treated equal and that means everyone can be made fun of without fear of economic destruction befalling them and a reputation left in tatters
Well we could go on with endless stats but you can click on the Debt Clock link and look this up for yourself..

And now we return you to your regularly scheduled lazy-hazy late summer activities

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Ad with the Be-Bopping Burka-Clad Bitch

Last night by chance I saw a most disgusting commercial, something I've never seen before (I rarely watch television so maybe that's why) which by the end of it, I could only think to myself this is what happens when social progressivism is left unchecked

It was an ad for YouTube's pay music and you had a young, slender woman who would be attractive if not for being dressed head to to in a black burka though her face was showing.

Even though she had the clothing of that barbaric cult-faith on, she still was fully made up including pink lipstick to match her pink fingernails
This defiant Muslim woman is walking down the halls of a school with earbuds plugged in rapping out loud in tune with the black music as another scum girl in a burka smiles approvingly and shakes her hand.

As the commercial plays out, this woman dressed as a terrorist continues walking super-confident and rapping out loud the shitty song she is listening to on her device as normal dressed Caucasians walk by her and smile and wave like she's class President.

I thought.. Dear Christ this is what America has become!

And all I wanted to know is who was to blame for this devolving..
How did this country become so overly-tolerant as well as over-sensitive to the slightest racial or minority slights?

Bad parenting?  Bad schooling?  Movies & TV?

Just in the last 24 hours or so a Good Morning America host apologized on air for saying 'colored' instead of 'people of color' to describe negroes and a local sports talk radio show host got fired for saying on-air his competitor station and society at large pushes too much white guilt on people.

The reason we by and large were able to survive the massive waves of immigration, especially the one between 1870 and 1910 was the desire for so many and/or their first generation US born offspring to want to Americanize

Immigrants or the children of sought to learn to speak, read and write English; to dress, and embrace the culture and norms established by people who lived here many generations here; the desire was to blend in, not stand out and be ostracized outside their urban ghettos.

And now we look at Muslim women wearing their primitive clothing and supposed to act like it is perfectly acceptable clothing for being out in public in American society.

It all starts with Madison Avenue..

As much as Hollywood socially engineers through its content, these bastards, the modern Mad Men (and women) come up with all the visual and print advertising we all hate so much yet alters our perception of what is reality

And by now they have completely mastered every subtlety and nuance of the Edward Bernays school of propaganda persuasion through appeals to emotion rather than logic and reason

While most commercials are forgettable garbage, occasionally the evil advertising entity comes up with some real doozies that change/alter public perception in ways often for the worse
During the 1964 Presidential Election, that Texas scum LBJ wanted to pain Republican nominee Barry Goldwater as some violent warhawk itching to use nuclear weapons (just like cunt Hillary tired to do with Trump).

So an ad was created where this girl is sitting in a field counting petals and then the visual freezes, you hear this abrasive voice-over countdown and then visuals of mushroom clouds.

That ad scared many naive voters and was credited for being very important in LBJ's victory and the American people were rewarded with the Vietnam escalation and this fictional Utopian 'Great Society' dream

There have been many other examples of ads changing public perception since then with the goal not only to sell sneakers, soda and sanitary napkins but to change how we think and act; to control behavior and redefine right from wrong and what makes a good society.
Absolutely nothing in advertising is accidental...

If you see a token colored person play a car salesman or 'best friend' or one Asian girl standing off to the side somewhere, its done purposely because either they or the company paying the ad thinks seeing a black and Asian for a fraction of a second will make those audiences identify with their product.

The big push today is interracial couples and their so-called 'beautiful' bi-racial children, homosexual 'married' couples and now the goal is to attract Muslim-Americans who wish to look and act separate from real Americans.
Who knows what society will be in 50 years if social Progressivism has its way and Madison Avenue can convey it as normal -- maybe polygamy will make a return (Muslims in Italy are fighting in their High Court to legalize it) or maybe depict relationships between adults and young teens (it once was completely normal to marry a 13 yr old and remember one of Muhammad's wives was a child)

It is not as absurd as you think..  For those who were alive back in 1966, did you think so many undesirable groups and behaviors would be so openly accepted and incorporated into ads today?

In 2016, all non-whites dictate terms and if showing a Muslim spending happy time with his burka clad underage children-wives while drinking Coke or visiting Disney World will increase profits, you better believe that ad will be made
Hans Christian Andersen wrote the short tale 'The Emperor's New Clothes' back in 1837 which most if all should be familiar with, and it is not simply about the absurdity of a leader being so gullible to believe he was wearing clothing of invisible thread while prancing about naked

It is about the idiocy of all his subjects, save for one child who are either too afraid or too needing to follow the crowd to come out and call out the ridiculousness and wrongness of the situation;

The need to conform surpasses the need to be 'real'
By rights as a society we should treat those who dress this way with open ridicule and hostility and no employer, especially a corporation should Ever hire someone who dresses this way to work, much less even so much as wear a headscarf

If you're American then BE American!

They should be shunned in clearest terms and then they have a choice - get with the rest of society, be stubborn and accept the repercussions or move to Saudi Arabia or Iran and experience what it Really like to be a 3rd class citizen in a devout religious Muslim society

Last night I saw the future..

And it made me sick.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Long Line of Wishful Progression

As a nation, we've tolerated a lot over the last 7+ years with this colored President and pretty much have accepted a continual recession-depression, no real job growth, no meaningful increase in wages to keep up with inflation, a National Debt that's doubled and a perception around the world that we are weak and Jimmy Carter-like..

And we've accepted this rather peaceably.

Ah the power of patience mixed with false belief..
Let's put it this way..  You're standing in line at a supermarket or fast food restaurant and there are a lot of people in front of you waiting their turn..

Normally you may not be happy but unless you're in a supreme rush, you stand and wait it out..  This is based on an assumption the line will reasonably move and ultimately it will be your turn

So you will continue to stand in line as time ticks away as long as you see some evidence of progress

Now what if that line never moves yet you hear the people behind the counter assure you and others everyone's order will be quickly taken as soon as their computerized register is up and running which could be any moment..

How long do you stand in line?   
Now if you do, it is based not on a reality of progress but a mere assumption of it..  And belief things have to improve ultimately, right?  They said any moment all would be well, yes?

So you keep standing and waiting and waiting, all based on nothing real - only Wishing and Hoping the line will move.

You are in line and kept in line; you are controlled..

Or you decide enough is enough and you finally take some action (changing lines or leaving the restaurant) and by then its too late - you're more tired, more irritable and more hungry..  And then the thought becomes.. What do I do next?

Some dread that question, others embrace it.
When it comes to government and its response to crisis especially, this is the behaviorally conditioned mindset people take

This is the mindset the people of Louisiana are taking as they waited and waited for that black bullshitter to stop playing golf and publicly acknowledge them with an empty-worded speech

If you want to understand how the colonists of pre-Revolutionary War, the French before Bastille Day and the Russians before the Revolution became pro-active and took control of their destinies, the key thing that binds them all together is they possessed little to any false hope things would improve and saw those causing them harm exactly as they were

The reason we do not take charge of our own destiny today is we have been convinced democracy and freedom will take care of things in our behalf..
Corrupt or rotten President in office?  Oh well.. in a few years there will be another election and he will be voted out or be a lame duck, completely forgetting the two major political parties are cut from the same cloth and share the same masters

And if someone is really bad, well there's impeachment..  

Yep, Bill Clinton sure accepted that mark of historical shame..

There has only been one President who left the Presidency voluntarily before the term was completed and it was not due to any impeachment, but a fear of criminal punishment
We have one vote every four years which statistically in a nation of 320 million if all voted comes to 0.000000003% significance (yes, eight zeroes) and the rest of the time are pretty much ignored under the guise of 'representative' democracy.

Without that vote, the people when angry would rally, protest and insure their voices were heard...

With the vote and more importantly, a belief the vote matters -- people become docile puppies and kittens and tolerate quite a bit

This is part of the ruse of state controlled freedom.
Can't speak for others but just not my nature to stand in long lines, either literal or figurative; just can't bear to be controlled by others who do not have my best interests at heart and do so passively..

Don't know if it makes me a good 21st Century American citizen but it does make me a Patriot in the 18th Century sense

Which would you rather be?

You simply can not walk or march to the beat of your own drum while standing in one place 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Black President, White Sport & Americans Seeing Red

When you look at Obama's failed Presidency there is one thing he has accomplished which no one can ever deny..

He has probably played more golf than any black man alive, even fellow mulatto Tiger Woods..

Golf Digest proudly reported on August 8th, the President participated in his 300th round of the white man's sport

Of course that does not count all the golf outings since then as the people of Louisiana suffer from devastating which have left a couple dozen dead and currently affect hundreds of thousands of people
Nope.. gotta pretend he's Caucasian and drive his little cart around a large open space that used to be full of lush foliage once upon a time so he can hit a fucking white ball into a cup

Its always nice to hear people who are or were in leadership positions honestly and openly criticize Obama as the piece of crap that he is (of course they do it much more professional and polished than admittedly we here do)

Even more refreshing when its another black person

Former Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory who is black accurately accused Obama of turning a “blind eye” to the flooding in the state, saying he does not seem to care about the plight of poor black people and questioned why President Obama could not cut short his golfing vacation to help out in the flood-hit state.

“It’s difficult to understand why he could not break from his vacation and his golfing and come to Louisiana..."
When the interviewer quoted Kanye West, who said in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 that former president George W. Bush’s response showed he did not care about Black people, former Senator Guillory said the same could be said of President Obama.

“Under [Obama’s] administration he bailed out the banks, he bailed out Wall Street, but Black unemployment is the highest it has been since the Great Depression...  More than 60% of our students, sometimes as many as 90 in urban areas, cannot read and write at grade level.”

Senator Guillory who became a Republican in 2013, then condemned his former party for keeping poor Black “enslaved” through government handouts.
So golfing is really only one of three things this President does anymore, with the other two being getting involved in the 2016 campaign as if the egotist was the candidate and doing all he can to get his unpopular policies through such as the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) which even Hillary does not support

The TPP is a trade agreement among 12 Pacific Rim nations and the US.

When we look back on the Obama Presidency, its failings and its historical legacy, All of the fault and blame will go toward every individual who is not a left-leaning liberal Democrat who still voted him into office especially in 2008 out of white guilt.

The need to placate blacks and right invisible wrongs which none of us alive are responsible for.
Blacks play the race guilt card quite well and most whites always seem to fold in the name of being politically correct, tolerant, wanting to simply 'get along' or coexist peaceably, or out of sheer fear of the damage blacks and white liberals can do to one's reputation and career

And they successfully got an incompetent half-black man into office with no real governing experience who never in his life ran so much as a lemonade stand back in 2008 while still being able to keep hold of the victimization card as if we're all living in 1961

It's really an amazing thing we've all allowed.

Black President.. Black Attorney General.. Black former Secretaries of Defense, State and Supreme Court Justices..  and yet Affirmative Action continues because its argued its necessary??
And don't think other groups haven't learned the lessons i,e, political zealot gays successfully getting gay marriage legalized while still claiming discrimination vis a vis connecting their interests with transgender bathroom cause..

Nothing is accidental.. Political movements are well thought out and are there for the long haul

If one really studies and understands history you can see parallels between these various social Progressive movements and how the vile Viet Cong dealt with America during the Vietnam War; there is a singular focus to never stop until they win while the US political leaders then and everyday folk today are so easily distracted by how others will think of us

That really was the downfall of the US in that war..
Every strategy..  Every policy was based on how the world would look at us.. 'How would we be perceived if we walked away from an ally (South Vietnam)? '..  'How would we look if we blew up dams and starved the people even though strategically it was what was required?'..etc..

Many today, most whites think the same about blacks..

How would we appear if we say rap music is Shit, that black actors do not deserve to be nominated for awards based on skin color and that a large percentage of blacks especially in the inner cities milk the system while are responsible for a large percentage of violent crime and drugs?

We know the truth but can't ever say it much less do anything to fix it especially nowadays perception can be deadly if becoming reality

And from that, we elected and suffering through a really bad Presidency with an Oreo cookie obsessed equally with playing golf and trying to convey to other blacks he's really one of them..
The highlight of Obama's Presidency for him was probably this year's White House Press Correspondents' Dinner where the black comedian called him 'My Nigga!'

Nigger is right..  to Wall Street, banks and corporations..

Obama was quite a good boy.. and oh so loyal.. And he will get rewarded one day with a gigantic Presidential Library, his pick of prestigious well playing private sector jobs and 6-7 figure speeches from those just happy to hear him wax nostalgic on his golfing

Five months to go..