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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Black President, White Sport & Americans Seeing Red

When you look at Obama's failed Presidency there is one thing he has accomplished which no one can ever deny..

He has probably played more golf than any black man alive, even fellow mulatto Tiger Woods..

Golf Digest proudly reported on August 8th, the President participated in his 300th round of the white man's sport

Of course that does not count all the golf outings since then as the people of Louisiana suffer from devastating which have left a couple dozen dead and currently affect hundreds of thousands of people
Nope.. gotta pretend he's Caucasian and drive his little cart around a large open space that used to be full of lush foliage once upon a time so he can hit a fucking white ball into a cup

Its always nice to hear people who are or were in leadership positions honestly and openly criticize Obama as the piece of crap that he is (of course they do it much more professional and polished than admittedly we here do)

Even more refreshing when its another black person

Former Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory who is black accurately accused Obama of turning a “blind eye” to the flooding in the state, saying he does not seem to care about the plight of poor black people and questioned why President Obama could not cut short his golfing vacation to help out in the flood-hit state.

“It’s difficult to understand why he could not break from his vacation and his golfing and come to Louisiana..."
When the interviewer quoted Kanye West, who said in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 that former president George W. Bush’s response showed he did not care about Black people, former Senator Guillory said the same could be said of President Obama.

“Under [Obama’s] administration he bailed out the banks, he bailed out Wall Street, but Black unemployment is the highest it has been since the Great Depression...  More than 60% of our students, sometimes as many as 90 in urban areas, cannot read and write at grade level.”

Senator Guillory who became a Republican in 2013, then condemned his former party for keeping poor Black “enslaved” through government handouts.
So golfing is really only one of three things this President does anymore, with the other two being getting involved in the 2016 campaign as if the egotist was the candidate and doing all he can to get his unpopular policies through such as the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) which even Hillary does not support

The TPP is a trade agreement among 12 Pacific Rim nations and the US.

When we look back on the Obama Presidency, its failings and its historical legacy, All of the fault and blame will go toward every individual who is not a left-leaning liberal Democrat who still voted him into office especially in 2008 out of white guilt.

The need to placate blacks and right invisible wrongs which none of us alive are responsible for.
Blacks play the race guilt card quite well and most whites always seem to fold in the name of being politically correct, tolerant, wanting to simply 'get along' or coexist peaceably, or out of sheer fear of the damage blacks and white liberals can do to one's reputation and career

And they successfully got an incompetent half-black man into office with no real governing experience who never in his life ran so much as a lemonade stand back in 2008 while still being able to keep hold of the victimization card as if we're all living in 1961

It's really an amazing thing we've all allowed.

Black President.. Black Attorney General.. Black former Secretaries of Defense, State and Supreme Court Justices..  and yet Affirmative Action continues because its argued its necessary??
And don't think other groups haven't learned the lessons i,e, political zealot gays successfully getting gay marriage legalized while still claiming discrimination vis a vis connecting their interests with transgender bathroom cause..

Nothing is accidental.. Political movements are well thought out and are there for the long haul

If one really studies and understands history you can see parallels between these various social Progressive movements and how the vile Viet Cong dealt with America during the Vietnam War; there is a singular focus to never stop until they win while the US political leaders then and everyday folk today are so easily distracted by how others will think of us

That really was the downfall of the US in that war..
Every strategy..  Every policy was based on how the world would look at us.. 'How would we be perceived if we walked away from an ally (South Vietnam)? '..  'How would we look if we blew up dams and starved the people even though strategically it was what was required?'..etc..

Many today, most whites think the same about blacks..

How would we appear if we say rap music is Shit, that black actors do not deserve to be nominated for awards based on skin color and that a large percentage of blacks especially in the inner cities milk the system while are responsible for a large percentage of violent crime and drugs?

We know the truth but can't ever say it much less do anything to fix it especially nowadays perception can be deadly if becoming reality

And from that, we elected and suffering through a really bad Presidency with an Oreo cookie obsessed equally with playing golf and trying to convey to other blacks he's really one of them..
The highlight of Obama's Presidency for him was probably this year's White House Press Correspondents' Dinner where the black comedian called him 'My Nigga!'

Nigger is right..  to Wall Street, banks and corporations..

Obama was quite a good boy.. and oh so loyal.. And he will get rewarded one day with a gigantic Presidential Library, his pick of prestigious well playing private sector jobs and 6-7 figure speeches from those just happy to hear him wax nostalgic on his golfing

Five months to go..