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Monday, August 1, 2016

Over the Years.. A Personal Lost Love-Affair with Elections

As the DNC finally ended and there was a weekend of relative political quiet, I took the opportunity to think back and wonder, when did I start hating political elections so much?

There was a time I actually enjoyed the Presidential elections..  Following closely from the primaries, watching conventions when they were on the Big 3 stations for three hours a night.. to debates with excitement and interest..

Was there a particular moment that jarred me and turned me negative to the whole process or did it just develop over time; this deep dislike of politicians and their putrid Parties?

So to do this exercise, I had to travel back in time a little bit
I don't remember caring anything about politics in 1984 but I do even at a young age feeling very optimistic and excited about things both in that 'present and the future.  The movies were great, the music was even better, and had I been old enough to vote, it would have been for Reagan

1988 I followed with interest.. It was George Bush Sr running against Michael Dukakis..

I still couldn't vote but had I, it would have been for Bush.  Partly it was due to how I felt things were still good in America after two Reagan terms and partially due to the negative feelings I had toward Democrat politicians during that whole Iran Contra farce.
So many in media and satire spoof shows like SNL going out of their way to try to hurt Reagan, his legacy and Col. Oliver North   That event was probably the first that shaped my personal political bias as anti-liberal.

I felt happy at the time Bush won..

Then the Bush Presidency occurred..

It would be the first of many times a pretend Conservative would somehow win the GOP in my lifetime

He invades oil-rich Kuwait to protect them vs the Iraqis while making Zero demands they fund any portion of their liberation and won't actually invade Iraq to remove this so-called dictator compared tirresponsibly by Bush to Hitler

And while Bush may look brilliant today, he looked incompatant to many people then
By the time 1992 rolled around, we were in a 2yr recession, that slick bullshit artist Bill Clinton captivated the Dems by selling out his Party's ideological base, and i found myself so irritated by both, my support was for Ross Perot.

Clinton and his fugly wife Hillary took the Presidency in 1992, it was depressing and I wore black a lot..  Four years later, the Rep Party instead of running candidates of quality anointed Bob Dole because he was extremely old, he ran a million times before and well, it was his time

So 1996 I knew was a loser for Republicans and my support once again was for Perot though admittedly half-heatedly
The 2000 Election rejuvenated me as I was a big W. Bush supporter.

Clinton showed himself to be nothing more than a liar and Wall Street whore, his wife was as repugnant then as now and I just did not want to see a 3rd Clinton term via Gore.

And the extension of that election and witnessing every dirty Democrat legal trick imaginable to get Gore in.

So its early 2001.. Bush wins.. life is good..

And then 9/11

I resented that our national unity only lasted a mere three months..

I resented that on September 10, Bush was looked upon as a goofball and loser and then on Sept 12th, his approval rating was 92% and so much in awe and respected, no one on late night TV dared make fun of him and then by 2002, it was OK to treat him as a moron again
Politics and elections have never been enjoyable for me to follow since.

In 2004 it was Bush against the prick John Kerry who purposely married into money via the Heinz fortune..   Thank goodness for 'Swift Boat'

By 2008, I started to harden on Bush though.. The war which I originally supported in Iraq was turning into a failure, and I resented his economic policies such as making it easy as cake for anyone go get access to a 30yr mortgage even without proper background (I knew of this faced as far back as 2003)                                                        

I also despised Bush signing the Bankruptcy Overhaul Act in 2007 making it much harder for those struggling to file a chapter 7.  It was as if he knew a crash was coming and taking preventive steps to keep people from protecting their assets
Then 2008 and Lehman and the Crash.. and Fucking Obama..

Maybe I'm the only one who thinks this or perhaps the only one who openly will express what others feel but the ONLY reason he won two elections was his black skin in a PC nation where no one had the guts to take his incompetence and insincerity on for fear of being called 'racist'

And so the American people voted in the know-nothing, Mr Kool..
I knew the Republicans would lose in 2012.. Milquetoast Mittens Romney.. So polite and proper like a effete school boy off to Oxford ..  Never went on the attack once toward that Oreo cookie..  Only attacked those who didn't make up his "47%"

And now 2016..   I'm very excited about Trump's chances..  He will (in a political sense, not literally) punch Hillary repeatedly in the face and kick and stomp on her which is what she deserves

For this moment in time vs this rotten corrupt woman, Trump is the Perfect candidate I believe; the only Republican who can defeat her.

Because to destroy a terminator monster, you need to possess or Be one yourself
Hopefully Trump will win this November.   I sure would like to rekindle my joy of elections and reaffirm my belief in the people of this nation to do the right thing

Then again there's a lot of bitter, ugly, homely post-menopausal Democrat women out there who never married or experienced love who still fight angrily for the right to abort babies and are Zealots that a woman be in charge, like the Colored population and PC do-gooders felt 8 years ago..

100 or so days left..    Yep..