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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Defending Another's Rights to Protect Mine

On the surface, the whole Colin Kaepernick - National Anthem thing seems like the perfect media sensationalized story to serve as late summer filler until everyone returns from Labor Day break

But whether the media or anyone else realizes or not, this story is far more important that 99% of the trivial nonsense they and social media focus upon

Whether or not to stand for the national anthem and the need for others to seek out financial retribution every time a thought or action is expressed which someone does not like (in this case the San Francisco Police union contacting the NFL Commissioner and seeking him to punish Kaepernick) in a supposed free society protected by First Amendment rights matters more than National Debt and even the election itself
Personally I believe Kaepernick's reasons for protesting are wrong though historically they're soundly based (in 1916 blacks were treated bad; in 2016 they're mollycoddled and given exalted status) but I fully respect his decision and support his act of peaceful civil disobedience especially since it does not impede my progress through life in any way.

I do so because if his right to protest is infringed and if he has to endure penalties of some kind when he is not breaking the law, that means you and I can see our rights equally punished if we speak out against something else that may not be the majority view.

In the 1960s, how many hippies and others who felt strongly against the Vietnam War protested with marches, sit-ins and in some cases burning of draft cards?

Were they right or wrong?  They felt they were completely in the right and their parents probably thought they were rabble-rousers..  But they had every right to express peaceful dissent and if they broke the real law then consequences went with it.
I say 'real law' because in today's society, the law that everyone seems to fear is that of the employer; the god damn corporation that does not want any interruptions to its non-stop pursuit of selling to all walks of life with no controversies or anything that would alienate a shopper

You see its not like it was back in the 1960s when we were a cash based society --  Everyone in 2016 has credit cards just waiting to be maxed out and all stores happily accept them..

The employer has too much power over the employee.

For most people who are not famous and in the public eye, in all likelihood if you say or so something controversial, offensive or inappropriate by majority standards off the clock, no one is ever going to know
When you're famous, you have some sway because you have media in your face which creates an audience for those opinions.  And then if an employer is not happy, he can dock pay or suspend or fire you

Employers are the only entity who can middle finger Fuck-You the First Amendment and get away with it because to those who make and enforce the laws, protecting all aspects of commerce is paramount to protecting free speech

For instance, what was the legal device the government used to enforce the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

They said anyone who discriminated against blacks was found to be guilty of breaking the Interstate Commerce Act that guarantees people can move about from state to state without any infringement; commerce used to ensure equality
Employers also get away with it because employees let them..  

No one wants to lose their job and/or a good paycheck over principle and unions are weaker than they've been since they first were in existence back in the 1880's so there's no entity to fight for or protect workers' rights

And in a globalized, outsourcing world, people are as expendable as ever which is just how corporations want it.

Right now American sports is just over-saturated with patriotism..  Its origins were the introduction of the national anthem at baseball games when we entered World War I back in 1918 and has stayed with us since..

Prior to that, the anthem was never uttered and for the next 70 years or so, sports was content with that
Then 9/11...

And the NFL decided to saturate and suffocate everyone with continual patriotic visuals which culminated in that late January game known usually as the Super Bowl but should have been renamed the "God Bless America Bowl"

Ironic how the 4th of July is now an excuse to go vacation or BBQ in the backyard and the Super Bowl is the annual spectacle of pure unabashed patriotism and love of country..

But unless the NFL and other entities feel compelled to write into their rules or the contracts players sign that they all Must stand for the flag (assuming that was not overturned by some court) the NFL can not punish Kaepernick and nor should it..

In another day or so this, the media will move on and focus on something else like a celebrity coming out of the closet or treating the Tropical Storm in the Gulf of Mexico like its the next Katrina

And there's always the #1 media fallback - incessant Trump bashing.