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Monday, August 29, 2016

Defending the Right to Disagree

The big news story this weekend in the world of sports which seemed to permeate into a larger national discourse was the decision of San Francisco 49ers back-up QB Colin Kaepernick to not stand and salute the US flag during pre-game ceremonies.

Of course he has every Constitutional right to do this yet it still seemed to upset a lot of people, especially kool-aid drinkers who believed the lies they were taught in history class

Kaepernick who is a mulatto, says basically America is racist and as long as they are black bodies on the streets, etc, he feels hypocritical saluting the US flag
We may or may not agree but that is not the point - He may have protested because he hates the song or he just didn't feel like standing.. That is his right.  If we want to stand, his not standing does not affect us..

And more importantly, just like someone who may prefer to salute the CSA flag instead, someone who chooses not to embrace the US flag should not be financially punished by an employer and deal with such animus by others.

Freedom of speech and self expression means you are able to express thoughts and ideas that are unpopular as well as the conventional.
So many love to put contingencies and restrictions on it - can't say 'this' about the nation or wish/hope 'that' about a President and those who hate the First Amendment always throw shit up like crying 'Fire!' in a crowded theater as justification to infringe upon it

In truth, there is no barometer of what is socially acceptable when it comes to thoughts and actions of an individual that do not physically impede our pursuit of happiness

It means for example saying the word Nigger is tolerated as much as saying 'I'm black and I'm proud'

It also means the freedom to criticize the place of your birth and point out its flaws without the simple-minded 'love it or leave it' folks chiming in.
It is incredible how much we are constricted by what we can and can not say..

For example try going on a comment section of a news site and use a word they deem 'profane' and see how easy it is to get the comment accepted.

Or go on a financial news site and tell them how corrupt they are and how you wish the stock market would just crash already so they would suffer and notice soon after, how quick you are blacklisted and barred from writing another comment..

Yours truly has enjoyed this response quite often and simply create new registrations because its important people get perspective that goes against political correct and social progressive thought.
People tend to only want to hear or read what they want so any one who basically yells that 'Emperor' is not wearing any clothing, they are resentful and intolerant toward.

Now personally we don't believe in painting a broad brush and punishing a nation for its history but there is this massive delusion that the US always wears the so-called 'white hat', especially when it came to the Civil War and fighting those 'evil' slave-owning Southerners

That is where we get very resentful and want to really fight back since the Confederacy had every Constitutional right in the world to secede peaceably based on the 10th Amendment though of course Lincoln literally posted soldiers in front of the Supreme Court building (yes this is 100% historical fact) to ever prevent any case arguing secession's validity from reaching the Justices.
The politically correct, the white-guilter and the historical imbecile have banded together to basically ban the beautiful Stars n Bars yet the US flag is a million times more racist, intolerant and hate-filled than the CSA flag could ever be!

Under which nation's flag was slavery legally allowed to continue as a new nation was born while developing special taxation rates so a black was 3/5ths of a person?  USA or CSA?

Under which nation's flag did its Congress pass one compromise after another during the first half of the 19th century protecting the institution and even going so far to make it a Federal crime if you found a runaway slave and did Not notify authorities so he/she could be taken back to their master?
Under which nation's flag did its Supreme Court rule in 1854 that a black slave taken by his owner into a free state remained a slave, or in the 1890s decide that the law of the land was 'separate but equal' in everything from schools to toilets?

Which nation ended Reconstruction abruptly which was the only protection blacks in the post-Civil War south had as a part of a compromise for political purposes to get a Presidential candidate into office (the compromise of 1876) and established and perpetuated Jim Crow policies for a full century after the Civil War ended?

Sorry, Charlie.. it wasn't the Stars' n Bars?
Its interesting that the first Jewish person to ever serve in a Presidential Cabinet took place under FDR in the 1930s and Yet a good 75 years prior, the Confederacy was so socially advanced and religiously tolerant, that a Jewish man was their Secretary of State, Defense and Treasury at one time or another..

So back to Kaepernick..

If he feels the US is racist and does not want to salute the flag based on history and what he thinks is going on today, one can not honestly say his reasons are fully misguided.

Some find the US flag to be sacred and sacrosanct; others only see its negative and would rather burn it than salute it...

And in a free society, both are right
Do we agree with Kaepernick when he bases a lot of his decision on how blacks are treated today?

Absolutely not.. Blacks have gone from being victims to being disgustingly over coddled and treated as a privileged class in a shockingly short amount of time

But we do agree with his right to not salute.

Societal conformity demands you do not think, you simply Do.

The flag is raised, the Star Spangled Banner begins and you just automatically supposed to stand in lockstep unison and put your hand to your chest, then hoot and holler excitedly when the singer is about to raise the octave level as the song concludes..
Growing up, I remember a popular slogan.. "I may disagree and not like what you say or do, but I will defend to the death, your right to say it.."

Whatever happened to that??