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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Faux Racism and Societal PC Weakness

I like Clint Eastwood.. Always have.. Always Will

A great entertainer and Hollywood Icon that even the most political left-wing actors seek to work for..

His 'I don't give a fuck about repercussions' attitude which not enough people possess, is refreshing.. the man usually tells things as they are..

How can one not respect that..
When someone asked Clint about Trump who he supports and this whole PC culture we're suppressed and suffocated by today, he expressed the following:

"We’re really in a pussy generation.  Everybody’s walking on eggshells.  We see people accusing people of being racist and all kinds of stuff. When I grew up, those things weren’t called racist."

Absolutely correct on all fronts..

One does not have to travel far back in time to some point in time long past to see the dramatic changes in this culture, and not for the better.

Political correctness began somewhere in the 1980's, really took root during the Clinton years and now like overgrown vines, has captured a social conscience

For all the big bulging muscles, bodies covered with piercings and actions the young do to try to look and seem tough, truth is, the last two generations are emotionally weaker and more fragile than the generations that preceded them
In my day if someone called you a name that was offensive or derogatory, you confronted the other, got into a fight, verbally dished it back or fled yet knowing it wasn't going to stop until the person or people were confronted.

Now its more passive responses..

If someone is insulted or offended, the goal is to find some other person or entity to handle the problem.. Get the person suspended or fired from their job so you destroy their future..

Yes that will teach someone to respect another group of people..  How can you not admire black people More after they cause you to lose your livelihood and status in your community..
Everyone was taught growing up 'sticks and stones will break bones but words will never hurt' and yet today, this is encouraged to be ignored and words are now on par if not surpassing the 'sticks' in terms of pain

Sorry..  No

Most people haven't the slightest clue what racism really is..

It is not words, it is deeds.
It is physically hurting and sometimes killing another for no reason other than skin color

It is denying someone a job or entrance into college or a real estate agent steering someone to look for homes in specific parts of town..

It is depriving someone of the right to be served food or use the bathroom or get a good night's sleep in a hotel

That is real racism...

And for race baiting blacks, the oversensitive and organizations like the NAACP, that is the problem -- They're becoming obsolete
In 2016, there is Nothing sincere left to fight against and if you can't find Something to fight over to justify your organization, how can it continue to exist?

How can the donations keep flowing if there's no anger to motivate the check writing?

So racism must be Created; Manufactured...

And 'thinking' must be treated equal to 'acting' racist

Even if you do not think racist thoughts, if you look at black and white as equal and do not acknowledge black suffering, black 'pain', and black lives mattering more than whites..

Congratulations, you're a racist..
In a country that pretends being racist is worst than being a rapist, you might as well kill yourself at the first accusation of it because like a tumor, its not just quickly going away..

Unless you choose to put on your big-boy pants, be an adult and stop playing into the mental manipulation

Are you strong enough inside to think as you wish and not care?

Well.. are ya, punk!  (yes yes.. we know.. corny Clint Eastwood reference there  lol)
Here's a brief test to see if according to PC people, you have racist tendencies:

1)  What is your favorite color?

2)  What is your favorite brand of automobile?

3)  What are your physical preferences in an ideal mate, lover or spouse?

OK..  Let's see how you did..
Question 1..  The correct answer to them would be you should not have any favorite color at all..  If you prefer red to blue or blue to red, or anything else, you are assigning personal bias and "pre-judging" which is prejudice

Question 2..  Once again to PC pussies as Clint calls them, you should not prefer any brand to another..  They're just cars and if you base your decision to like one over overs based on its history, physical look, etc, you are prone to bias in all aspects including race
Question 3..  The "obvious" answer to them is No preferences...

If for instance you're a beautiful white, blonde girl seeking a male, it should not matter what color penis you allow to penetrate you and ultimately forever alter your gene lineage for the worse via procreation..

White penis.. Hispanic brown penis.. dark black Colored penis.. You're supposed to look at all them as equal

Of course you end up with a bi-racial child with cocoa skin, negroid nose, frizzy hair, and black voice who is proud to be black but not white..

You know.. someone like Obama..
We live in an over sensitive society.. Can't take criticism, critique, satire or jest

Personally we at A&G do not care what a person says or thinks about any of us one way or another..

The judgments and opinions of others as to how we may look and whatever diverse backgrounds we come from or life choices is completely irrelevant..

Don't mean to be preachy but to succeed in life especially if you are minority, your attitude Needs to be this:

'Think what you want of me..Say what you want of me.. (Shrug~)..  BUT you best not in any way impede my forward progress through life or sabotage my right to the pursuit of my personal happiness...

THEN we will have problems..."
That's how you defeat Real racism

Anything less than that attitude and you're just a bitter fruit still attached to a rotten, decayed tree