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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Like Father, Like Daughter

~ The pic is one of Obama's precious, over-privileged Princess daughters Malia recently smoking a joint at a concert

So many things we could have written today about rotten, corrupt Hillary and all her recent scandals including the cozy relationship between her Clinton Foundation, super wealthy foreign donors and the State Department doing favors for them both

And we will tomorrow..

Today we're going to focus on that piece of shit President a little more
~ Mr 'I Don't Play By No Rulez..  I'm Too Cool For School.."

As we wrote under the posting photo, there's the daughter of the President of the United States smoking pot which anyone who is not a pot-smoker themselves or "420" loyalist knows is a gateway drug to harder substances

And of course if you follow social media, the big response is 'Who cares?'  and 'So what?'  which the absolutely disgusting pro-liberal media is pushing as their narrative

It raises questions that few Obama zealots which to ask

Such as what kind of morals and ethics were taught to this girl who basically has been sheltered and protected all her life while given every advantage possible that few of us ever experience?
~ Unattractive Malia pretending to be sexy by twerking like her role model Miley Cyrus..  using her black ass to attract the boys

Another question is who gave her the joint?

If it was simply passed around, why didn't the enormous entourage of Secret Service protection paid by the taxpayers to protect her and this nothing of a family, step in and confiscate it??

Or worse..  she she bring her own joint with her?

And who supplied the marijuana in the first place?
Maybe Obama did himself from his secret stash?   Maybe he is a continual pot smoker as well..

After all he did say a couple years back that marijuana was no worse than alcohol to which the Surgeon General and Drug Enforcement Agency had to politely scold him for such ignorance

And funny how we make fast food employees and hotel housekeepers test for drugs in order to get hired and yet we never demand drug tests for those occupying the most powerful and important position in the world..
Like what if Obama was so stoned, he decided to push the red button? (little joke to all the asshole Democrats who try to imply Trump somehow is drooling at the opportunity if elected)

Pot may be legal in Washington and Colorado because they were so financially desperate for a new tax revenue stream but as of now it is still not legal in DC or where the concert took place

Oh by the way, let's imagine one of George W Bush's daughters was photographed smoking pot as she danced like a two-bit whore..  Think that wouldn't be milked as one big humiliation for Papa George and then tie it all the the 'losing' war on drugs??
~ Grind it baby..  Yeah.. Push it.. Push it real good..

But of course Malia herself means absolutely nothing - she's just a stupid teen girl like so many who is treated like a Princess by Daddy and can never do any wrong

But 'Daddy' is the President

And currently the US is waging a $25 Billion dollar war on drugs around the world and that includes marijuana

For any other person not given special protection from the law, currently possession of marijuana is punishable by up to one year in jail and a minimum fine of $1,000 for a first conviction

But hey.. Who cares, yes?  We need to leave the President's daughter alone, right?.. She's young and black and represents all the values of the Democrat party in an election year as he non-stop campaigns for the geriatric bitch who can't even stand up on her own

And as we said before, marijuana is a gateway drug.  Even the anally-liberal New York Times says so...

Marijuana Has Proven to Be a Gateway Drug  (4/26/16)  --  "Like nearly all people with substance abuse problems, most heroin users initiated their drug use early in their teens, usually beginning with alcohol and marijuana. There is ample evidence that early initiation of drug use primes the brain for enhanced later responses to other drugs....

Establishing it as a third legal drug, along with tobacco and alcohol, will increase drug abuse, including the expanding opioid epidemic.
Marijuana use is positively correlated with alcohol use and cigarette use, as well as illegal drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine... people who use marijuana also consume more, not less, legal and illegal drugs than do people who do not use marijuana.

People who are addicted to marijuana are three times more likely to be addicted to heroin."

On a list of things we deeply hate besides Wall Street greed, New World Order globalism and liberal social progressivism is drug usage.
Drug production and distribution we actually understand though do not support or condone it..

They are business people selling a product high in demand with excellent profit margins that make the risks worth it, and notice the ones at the top rarely if ever use their product - only the common losers at the bottom of the societal food chain and spoiled rich bitches like Malia

Truth is like anything else, drugs are products like BMWs or Beanie Babies and work by the basic economic concept of supply and demand

You want to stop drugs -- you stop the consumer from wanting it or in the case of drugs, being tempted to try
Somehow, and we admit we don't have all the answers, but somehow you take away the 'coolness' and sociability factor of drugs, especially pot and over time, you'd cut down on use and temptation to try

Think about how many movies you saw growing up, especially comedies where for absolutely No reason whatsoever with nothing to do with the plot, there's a scene where people are sitting around smoking or passing around a joint?

And of course laughing, bonding and having so much fun..

The vast majority of young losers who tried their first joint did not do so in solitude.  It was offered, and it wasn't by their 80yr old glaucoma riddled granny..  It was a peer of same age group
It is estimated that at least 24.6 million Americans aged 12 or older—9.4% of the population—had used an illicit drug within a 30 day period and more people in the USA use drugs than anywhere else in the world even though most of us do not experience any Real suffering or struggle like so many who live in poverty and violence around the globe.

We have it cushy and we can't cope with any kind of reality.. So we consume more than those to really need the temporary escape

So as long as smoking pot is 'cool' and 'fun' and looked upon as harmless as a glass of Chardonnay, the drug war will never be won and people will look at that little over privileged & sheltered black bitch Malia's actions with a shrug