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Friday, August 5, 2016

List: Islamic Terror Acts Globally Simply In Last 30 Days

How many acts of Islamic terror do you believe have been committed around the world in just the last 30 days?

10 attacks?  Perhaps 20?

Surely no more than 30?

There were 133 Islamic actions of violence and cold blooded murder perpetrated by Muslims of deep faith in 20 countries, in which 1087 people were killed and 1751 injured
Most involve weapons, rockets or bomb detonation..

Some are merely individuals who believed so fervently in that bullshit cult-faith of Islam, they took it upon themselves to kill female family members who acted 'improperly' based to the teachings of their 'holy' book..

This is the new 'Normal' Obama and Hillary are conditioning people to accept by refusing to call a spade a spade and not going after the religion responsible for all the carnage listed below.

It's not just ISIS and "radical" Islam.. It is the faith itself.   And one does not have to be the direct perpetrator of violence to be responsible for it becoming on-going.
Goodness knows how many "peaceful" people in their cult-faith quietly support the terror in their hearts and believe in the righteousness of their deeds in 'His' name yet are smart enough to never publicly utter a peep

No one thinks of that..

For example, how was it the IRA was able to fund its terror in the UK for so long when so many spoke out against them?  They quietly got moral support and lots of funding from Irish Americans who thought they were doing right by their Irish-Catholic faith

Here's the complete list of terror acts over the last 30 days..  For time perspective, remember the attack in France on Bastille Day which got news attention occurred only 22 days ago.. That's how quickly things are pushed aside in a 24 hour news cycle..
Think about it.. if 133 acts of violence have been perpetrated by Muslims in only 30 days and the Obama Administration & Hillary STILL refuse to specify who the world's enemy is

The most recent terror event is listed first:

2016.08.04 Afghanistan -- 12  foreign tourists on two minibuses are machine-gunned by the Taliban; 6 wounded

2016.08.02 Libya -- 23 lives lost to a Fedayeen suicide bomber in a residential area; 20 wounded
2016.08.01 Pakistan -- 2 Hazara religious minorities are brutally gunned down on the street.

2016.08.01 Afghanistan -- A guard is killed during a suicide assault on a foreign guesthouse; 4 wounded

2016.07.31 Somalia -- At least 10 are killed when religious hardliners launch a suicide attack on a police building; 15 wounded.

2016.07.31 Iraq -- ISIS members enter the control room for a pumping station and shoot 5 employees to death; 2 wounded
2016.07.28 Iraq  -- 5 women and a child are among 14 civilians executed by firing squad for trying to flee the caliphate (that is an area containing an Islamic steward known as a caliph, a person considered a religious successor to the Islamic prophet, and a leader of the entire Muslim community)

2016.07.28 Afghanistan -- A 22-year-old woman is shot to death for 'having relations' with a man over the phone.

2016.07.27 Syria -- Women and children are among 67 innocents blown apart by two Fedayeen suicide bombers; another 185 wounded

2016.07.27 Pakistan --  Two Hindu teens are set upon by a Muslim mob angered over an alleged Quran 'desecration' elsewhere; 1 dead, 1 wounded
2016.07.27 Iraq -- 3 people are killed when a suicide bomber on foot detonates in a Shiite neighborhood; 15 wounded

2016.07.27 Iraq -- 3 shoppers are blown to bits by a well-placed bomb at a mall; 9 wounded

2016.07.27 Iraq -- Militant Sunnis shoot 3 people to death.

2016.07.27 Iraq -- Sectarian Jihadis place a bomb outside a row of shops that kills 2 bystanders' 5 wounded

2016.07.27 Yemen -- Shiite militia place a bomb at a packed market that kills 8 patrons; 15 wounded
2016.07.27 Pakistan -- A 15-year-old girl is strangled by her conservative uncle for having a boyfriend.

2016.07.27 Syria -- 4 people are beheaded for helping families escape the caliphate.

2016.07.27 Iraq -- Shiites are suspected of sending mortars into a displaced persons camp, killing a woman and four children; 7 wounded

2016.07.26 France -- Muslim radicals take hostages at a church and slit the throat of an 84-year-old priest; 1 wounded

2016.07.26 Iraq -- A Shiite is laid out by a Sunni bomb blast near a hospital; 4 wounded
2016.07.26 Iraq -- An ISIS bomb targeting fleeing families takes out a mother and her 4 daughters.

2016.07.26 Pakistan -- 2 security personnel are machine-gunned in their vehicle by Tehreek-e-Taliban.

2016.07.26 Somalia -- At least 13 people are killed by two suicide bombers near an airport and UN building; 5 wounded.

2016.07.25 Iraq -- Bomb blasts in three different commercial areas kill 9 Iraqis; 26 wounded
2016.07.25 Thailand -- 1 man is ambushed and killed by suspected Muslim 'separatists'.; 1 wounded

2016.07.25 Thailand -- 2 hunters are slain on their way home by Muslim terrorists.

2016.07.25 Nigeria -- Fulani gunmen murder 10 villagers; 3 wounded

2016.07.25 Egypt -- A young police officer is assassinated by ISIS.

2016.07.25 Syria -- A woman and her young son are disassembled by al-Nusra shrapnel; 4 wounded.
2016.07.25 Iraq -- The Islamic State beheads 23 young Iraqis.

2016.07.25 Iraq -- 16 people are incinerated by a suicide car bomber, including women and children packed onto a minibus; 41 wounded

2016.07.25 Iraq -- A little girl is among three members of a family burned alive for trying to flee the caliphate.

2016.07.24 Afghanistan -- An 'apostate' is shot in the head and thrown into a ravine.
2016.07.24 Iraq -- An Islamic State suicide bomber detonates in a Shiite neighborhood, killing 21 including women and children; 35 wounded

2016.07.24 Syria -- Jaish al-Islam lob a mortar into a restaurant, taking out 8 patrons; 16 wounded

2016.07.24 Germany -- A Syrian 'asylum seeker' detonates a nail-packed suicide bomb at a wine bar outside a music festival; 15 wounded
2016.07.24 Iraq -- Mujahideen bomb a popular market, taking out 3 patrons, 11 wounded

2016.07.24 Nigeria -- A 45-year-old farmer is beheaded by Muslim terrorists; 2 wounded
2016.07.23 Iraq -- Caliphate bombers obliterate 2 children; 10 wounded
2016.07.23 Iraq -- An ISIS IED takes out a 10-year-old girl; 1 wounded.

2016.07.23 India -- A border guard is dropped by Islamic snipers; 2 wounded

2016.07.23 Cent African Rep. -- 3 villagers are cut down in their own homes by Muslim militia gunmen; 3 wounded

2016.07.23 Afghanistan -- Three suicide bombers massacre 81 at a mass Shiite demonstration; 231 wounded.
2016.07.23 Iraq -- Two planted bombs kill 3 Iraqis; 13 wounded.

2016.07.23 Iraq -- A suicide bomber targets families fleeing the caliphate, killing 11 members; 9 wounded.

2016.07.22 Iraq -- A suspected homosexual is flung from a rooftop in the caliphate.

2016.07.22 Syria -- A child and two women are among 7 civilians killed by Sunni shrapnel; 44 wounded.
2016.07.22 Yemen -- A clergyman is shot to death by Religion of Peace rivals outside his mosque.

2016.07.22 Syria -- Caliphate members shoot a man in the back of the head for 'insulting Allah'

2016.07.21 Libya  -- A photojournalist is picked off by an ISIS sniper.

2016.07.21 Iraq -- Two 'terrified' men are beheaded by the caliphate.

2016.07.21 Afghanistan -- Taliban gunmen fire into a group of police, killing one; 4 wounded.
2016.07.21 Iraq -- A Mujahideen bomb blast outside a row of shops leaves 1 dead; 6 wounded.

2016.07.20 Iraq -- A 12 women hold a protest against the caliphate and are quickly gunned down.

2016.07.20 Iraq -- 2 men are beheaded in front of children by the Islamic State.

2016.07.20 Syria -- A video shows the beheading of a boy at the hands of Sunni 'rebels'.

2016.07.20 Yemen -- 4 security personnel are murdered by an ISIS bomber; 6 wounded.
2016.07.19 Iraq -- 33 civilians are executed in cold blood by the Islamic State.

2016.07.19 Saudi Arabia -- 3 Saudis lose their lives to a rocket fired by Shiite radicals.

2016.07.19 France -- A mother and her three young daughters are stabbed by a Muslim man during breakfast for not being sufficiently clothed; all survived

2016.07.19 Mali -- An al-Qaeda linked group claims an assault on a local security camp that leaves 17 dead; 35 wounded
2016.07.18 Pakistan -- 7 members of a peace committee are pulverized by a Taliban IED; 3 wounded

2016.07.18 Pakistan -- A secular politician is shot to death in his car by Sharia proponents.

2016.07.18 Kazakhstan -- An extremist shouting praises to Allah murders a civilian and three policemen.

2016.07.18 Yemen -- 10 people are blown to bits by a suicide car bomber; 18 wounded.
2016.07.18 Yemen -- At least one other person is killed by a Fedayeen suicide bomber; 19 wounded.

2016.07.18 Syria -- Sunnis send rockets into a residential neighborhood, taking out a child and two women; 15 wounded

2016.07.18 Iraq -- 3 people are leveled by a suicide bomb blast; 5 wounded

2016.07.18 Germany -- A 'refugee' with an axe hacks at people on a train while screaming 'Allah Akbar'; all survive.
2016.07.18 Pakistan-- Suspected militants kill a rival prayer leader inside a mosque.

2016.07.18 Nigeria -- A village leader and his driver are murdered by Fulani terrorists.

2016.07.17 India -- A civilian is gunned down at close range by Islamic militants.

2016.07.17 Egypt -- One killed when attacked by a Muslim mob armed with knives; 1 wounded.

2016.07.17 Bangladesh -- Two elderly women are among 3 religious minorities hacked in the beds by machete-wielding extremist; all survived.
2016.07.16 Iraq -- Mujahideen detonate a bomb outside a market that leaves 3 dead; 6 wounded
2016.07.16 Iraq -- 5 civilians are burned alive in cages by Islamic State members.

2016.07.16 Afghanistan -- A bomb attached to a vehicle kills one and injures two

2016.07.16 Pakistan -- A model is strangled to death by her brother after offending religious conservatives.

2016.07.16 Kazakhstan -- Two Islamic radicals kill a woman.
2016.07.16 Syria -- Two brothers are two women are among 5 civilians ripped to shreds by Sunni shrapnel; 9 wounded

2016.07.16 Syria -- 24 Kurdish civilians, including women and children, are brutally stabbed to death by Islamic State members.

2016.07.15 Nigeria -- A Fulani man beats a shepherd to death and credits Allah.

2016.07.15 Iraq -- 22 people are taken to a swamp and executed by the Islamic State.

2016.07.15 Kenya -- 4 Kenyans lose the lives to an al-Shabaab ambush.
2016.07.15 India -- A terrorist lobs a grenade into a group of policemen, killing 1; 7 wounded.

2016.07.14 France -- A Muslim migrant mows down 85 Bastille Day
revelers (including ten children) with a truck while shouting praises to Allah; 202 wounded
2016.07.14 Philippines -- 3 off-duty soldiers are ambushed and killed by Abu Sayyaf while buying food.

2016.07.14 Pakistan -- A traffic cop is gunned down by religious radicals.
2016.07.14 Iraq -- 3 Iraqis are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber; 4 wounded.

2016.07.14 Iraq -- 1 killed by a suicide bomber.; 5 wounded

2016.07.14 Bangladesh -- An imam's throat is slit at his home by Religion of Peace rivals.

2016.07.13 Iraq -- 2 people are killed in their own home by a suicide bomber.

2016.07.13 Syria -- A teenager is disassembled in his own home by a Sunni rocket.
2016.07.13 Iraq -- 7 Iraqis are laid out by a Fedayeen suicide bomber; 11 wounded.

2016.07.13 Iraq -- A well-placed ISIS bomb takes out a journalist; 2 wounded.

2016.07.13 Iraq -- Two separate Mujahid blasts leave 4 dead; 16 wounded.

2016.07.12 Iraq -- 3 shoppers are killed by a Religion of Peace bomb blast at an outdoor market; 10 wounded.
2016.07.12 Nigeria -- A school principal is among 5 villagers murdered by Fulani terrorists.

2016.07.12 Iraq -- 12 people at a vegetable and fruit market are reduced to pulp by a Shahid suicide bomber.

2016.07.12 Philippines -- 1 person is taken out by an Abu Sayyaf IED; 5 wounded.

2016.07.12 Pakistan -- A Christian family man is murdered in a targeted attack by Muslim kidnappers

2016.07.12 Nigeria -- A Boko Haram attack leaves two others dead; 7 wounded.
2016.07.11 Pakistan -- A young tribal leader is tortured and murdered by suspected militants.

2016.07.11 Iraq -- Women and the elderly are among 9 members of two families dragged from their homes and executed by ISIS.

2016.07.11 India -- A border guard is murdered by Muslim terrorists; 2 wounded.

2016.07.11 Nigeria -- 11 people in two villages are hacked to death by Fulani terrorists.

2016.07.11 Somalia -- 11 are killed by a Fedayeen suicide car bomber; 6 wounded
2016.07.11 Somalia -- An al-Shabaab bomb blast claims 1 life; 6 wounded
2016.07.11 Pakistan -- A woman is shot dead by her conservative brother-in-law for 'bringing dishonor' to the family; 1 wounded

2016.07.11 Iraq -- 4 doctors are beheaded by the Islamic State.

2016.07.10 Nigeria -- Death toll from two weeks of rolling Fulani attacks on peaceful farming communities rises 81

2016.07.10 Syria -- 5 civilians are beheaded in front of their families by the Islamic State.
2016.07.10 Syria -- al-Nusra members sends a barrage of explosives into a residential neighborhood, laying out 5 civilians; 61 wounded.

2016.07.10 Iraq -- 46 Sunnis are burned alive by Hashd al-Shaabi, a Shiite militia.

2016.07.10 India -- 3 security personnel are killed by a Muslim mob, angered over the death of a terrorist; 96 wounded.

2016.07.10 Afghanistan -- 3 children are ripped apart by Taliban shrapnel; 6 wounded.
2016.07.09 Nigeria -- A female pastor is hacked to death by Muslim radicals who left her severed head on a Bible.

2016.07.09 Mali  -- 2 guards at a checkpoint are machine-gunned point-blank by suspected Jihadis.

2016.07.09 Pakistan -- The wife of a Shiite cleric is gunned down in a targeted attack; 1 wounded.

2016.07.09 Iraq -- 3 Kurdish brothers are executed by the Islamic State.
2016.07.09 Iraq -- ISIS is suspected of a home invasion in which a moderate cleric and his family member are killed; 2 wounded.

2016.07.09 Nigeria -- Boko Haram invade a village, gun down 7 residents.

2016.07.09 Libya -- A secret ISIS prison is unearthed with 7 bodies and 3 surviving torture victims

2016.07.09 Bangladesh -- A Catholic nurse is set on fire by suspected Religion of Peace operatives; she survives

2016.07.08 Nigeria -- A suicide bomber strikes a rival mosque, killing 9; 12 wounded.
2016.07.08 Syria -- al-Nusra members send shells into a populated area, killing 34 civilians; 200 wounded.

2016.07.08 Syria -- Women and children are among 10 taken out by an ISIS suicide bombing at a popular market; 11 wounded.

2016.07.07 Libya --A dozen people are sent to Allah by a Shahid suicide bomber; 35 wounded

2016.07.07 Bangladesh -- A police officer is hacked to death and a woman is among 4 total killed by an Islamist attack during Eid prayers; 12 wounded

2016.07.07 Iraq -- 56 pilgrims are blown up by a Sunni suicide bomb attack on a Shiite shrine; 70 wounded.

2016.07.06 Syria -- 3 civilians are flattened by a Sunni mortar barrage; 3 wounded

2016.07.06 Syria -- 2 children are turned to paste by a Sunni rocket; 6 wounded.

2016.07.06 Iraq -- 6 people are beheaded by a Sharia court.
2016.07.06 Yemen -- al-Qaeda suicide bombers take out 25 local soldiers; 8 wounded.

2016.07.06 India -- A teen is honor-killed by her conservative Muslim mother for having an affair with a Hindu boy.

2016.07.06 Afghanistan -- 4 family members are wiped out by a Shahid suicide bomber.