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Friday, August 12, 2016

Modern Absurdity of Elections & Meeting Michael Dukakis

Hillary Clinton is a corrupt criminal; the most vile politician since Nixon..

And Democrats really couldn't care less.

That's their nominee; their political savior..   The one that will ride into office and pack the Supreme Court with zealous socially Progressive liberals

The nation will be irrevocably changed forever because at minimum one Justice needs to be replaced (Scalia's death) and possibly up to 4 others may retire in the next 4 years..

So to Democrats, Hillary could be a child molester or literally have directly or indirectly killed someone (former confidante Vince Foster in 1993?) and they'd lockstep support, defend and vote..

Just how it is in politics.
We've said before and say again.. if Hitler or bin Laden rose up from the depths of Hell and secured the Democrat nomination, as long as they promised to protect abortions on demand, gay marriage, and Obamacare would get the same passionate support as Hillary is receiving

Now if the bitch was not running, not so close to the Presidency and all that delicious intoxicating power no one would really give two damns if Hillary lived or died, much less what she thought on anything or her dishonest life

It makes me think back to a True story to show a comparison
Back in 1988. when George Bush Sr won election, the Democrat candidate was Michael Dukakis, former governor of Massachusetts.

He was/is a good man.. a sincere True-Blue Democrat who genuinely wanted to make America better, unlike power hungry Wall Street Whores like Bill, Hillary and Obama which took over & destroyed the purity of that Party..

Back during the campaign, like with any campaign for the President, Dukakis had a fleet of Secret Security to protect him and his family, and the media bombarded him with a million-billion questions from policy issues to what was his favorite color and food

The Democrats passionately supported him..  Even when he looked silly driving an armored tank as a PR stunt, they said he looked cool..   He was their 'guy'
Then the people vote..   Dukakis loses.

Within moments after his concession speech, no one really gave a darn what Dukakis thought or felt on anything.  His once important opinions mattered as much as any other citizen, which is to say zero

A bit of shame since he was/is an intelligent man.

A very short time later the Secret Service detail stops protecting him and now this man, so close to winning the Presidency is really just a normal person

Hillary will always have Secret Service protection thanks to being married to her husband who deplores sharing the same bed with her
Sometime in 1994 by chance I happened to meet Dukakis

Nothing too extraordinary a circumstance... We happened to be at the same event, I recognized him and went up to shake his hand, and we talked a couple minutes.

It was cordial and pleasant, even shared a laugh... Then we went our separate ways never to meet again

He was a genuinely nice, kind man..

The antithesis of Hillary, basically.
It was so easy to forget this man only six years prior had galvanized millions and millions of people to support him emotionally and financially and give the man their vote

How big a stage his short man once stood upon and how close he was to being Commander in Chief..

Wonder if he would have made the same decision to invade Iraq to protect oil-wealthy Kuwait, setting into motion all we've experienced the last 25 years?

And now Dukakis was able to mingle among people without protection and live his normal life without disruption.
It just reminds me every time I think upon my chance meeting with Dukakis how much empty pomp these bullshit elections really are.

If Clinton loses, she has all those millions of dollars through ill gotten gains to live off of from giving speeches to the banks and other corporate entities responsible for the 2008 crash as well as her shady Clinton Foundation kickbacks..  And perhaps more speech opportunities for six-figures later on.

If Trump loses, he has all his billions and a loving family to console him, and continues making business deals to expand his profits to be richer and richer
And one of these people.. as of November 9th, no one is going to give a shit what one of these two people think or feel on anything and all the millions of passionate supporters who committed to the losing side will think of their gal or guy with bitterness or indifference instead of the blind loyalty of today..

Just funny how elections work and how the voter is so easily manipulated every election cycle to misplace their loyalty deserved more for family and friends