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Monday, August 15, 2016

Presidential Predictions with around 90 days left

With 90 days or so until the end of this tiring election, if we had to make predictions it would be the following:

Hillary will win the popular vote by an overwhelming majority..   The media bias and lack of any pretense of fairness or objectivity will convince a lot of dum-dum voters out there to base their choice simply on their hard sell..

That said we still believe ultimately Trump will win the electoral college vote which is really all that matters.  We believe ultimately he will win the key states just barely and keep hold of all the other traditional red states..
Now our opinion could change but as of this moment, that is what we see, because though it is never reported, Trump is still extremely popular..  15,000... 20,000 people regularly attend his rallies when he criss-crosses the nation

And the loyal supporters.. They didn't sway a bit amid the garbage thrown at him during the primaries by pretend Republicans like Cruz, Bush, Romney and the like

Every election ultimately is about swaying moderates and Independents and because we live in such time of such deep ignorance in spite of a Internet where any information on any topic is easily accessible at the touch of a button, they often vote more on personality and perception
That's how that black bastard Obama won..

Yes we will always bring up his race because a 100% white Obama does not make it past the 2008 Democrat primaries.. Only someone colored could defeat the Hillary political machine and Trump does not enjoy that modern-day advantage

Too many people wanted America to be perceived as racially progressive from past history and not enough actually paid attention to what that con-artist of a political party was selling

Same applies today..
In Hillary, you have the embodiment of every rotten, devious trait and facet of Nixon and the liberals simply do not care.  Plus add that gender bullshit and it doesn't matter beyond that - lockstep, unwavering support

People are so used to being lied to and promised the moon every election cycle, they really don't know what to do when a person running for office speaks blunt honest; a form of paralysis sets in

And make no mistake on that - for all those who may not like or agree with Trump's views on illegals or Muslims, the greater offense for many is he said it openly and never apologized
We live in a disgusting pussy-PC white-guilt world where you are expected to apologize for any thought, comment or insinuation that anyone, particularly in the media deems offensive

And if you don't apologize and the normal parameters in place to shame or destroy a life do not do the job, the PC jackals do not simply stop.. In the case of Trump, they just go on a more organized and spirited attack

We have always believed the key to Trump's victory would be galvanizing the support of people who normally do not vote or feel so politically ostracized that they did not participate in the process in the past..

They are continually ignored by media much in the same way everyone happily reports unemployment around 5% when really over 90 million Americans are jobless based on Bureau of Labor Statistics (that's 28% unemployment)
We also know for a fact that people are not always honest in polling..

There's this assumption that when a complete total stranger calls you on the phone and asks you personal questions about who you support and why, that the guy or gal on the phone is going to be completely honest and forthright...


In the privacy of a ballot box, people do as they wish and don't have to answer to anyone for their choices..  Some may like openly volunteering their choice but many others believe its private.

We do think ultimately this race will either be doom or rejuvenation for Trump's campaign in those key swing states by the first debate, whenever that is
It will be the first opportunity where rotten old Hillary is really directly pressed on her continual corruption and have no safe quarter to hide even if the moderator is biased as they usually are

Hillary has had it quite easy politically speaking over the last year or so..

She ran for her Party's nomination basically unopposed unless you count an extremely old Socialist-Communist with a thick gutteral NYC accent who was so weak and impotent, he let Black Lives Matter protesters march onstage during a early campaign stop and take over the microphone as he stood by meek and weak

No one in the media has ever directly asked her a tough question and even the semi-tough ones, she ignores by choice and there's no follow up.  
If it wasn't for the scandals which she brought upon herself because she's is such a rotten evil woman, her campaign would be all clear-sailing.

Meanwhile Trump had to defeat 17 professionally bought and owned politicians on the Republican side and outside of Fox News which leans right, has yet to be treated fairly by any media outlet.

If Trump was 1/100th the 'Hitler' these liberal shit media entities make him out to be, they'd be pooping their panties knowing he'd severely punish them after election in ways the Fuhrer would have back in the 1930s..

But they know he's really not so while a Trump Presidency might be annoying to them, there is not any genuine fear..

The hyperbole is more for public consumption
So for Trump to win, he has to excite and motivate the traditional evangelical base, which completely middle-fingered Mormon Romney with zero support in 2012, and Trump seems to be doing well..

He also has to not worry about winning every state but targeting his message to places like Ohio and Wisconsin and Florida which are traditional swing states..

Everyone knows California is going Blue and Texas is going Red..

Trump also needs to stop being repetitive..

Yes we know Obama is the worst and Hillary is corrupt but he just seems to repeat the words over and over with little content afterwards.  We hope somehow he fixes that
As we said at the beginning, we believe Hillary wins the popular vote in a landslide.

People generally are stupid, politically apothetic and pay far more attention to celebs and gossip than what's best for them..

Thankfully we don't elect Presidents that way..

But really we'll all know what's going to happen in November by the first October debate..

Trump has got to throw some hard punches and if possible, knock her down..

Unfortunately we mean figuratively.