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Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Ad with the Be-Bopping Burka-Clad Bitch

Last night by chance I saw a most disgusting commercial, something I've never seen before (I rarely watch television so maybe that's why) which by the end of it, I could only think to myself this is what happens when social progressivism is left unchecked

It was an ad for YouTube's pay music and you had a young, slender woman who would be attractive if not for being dressed head to to in a black burka though her face was showing.

Even though she had the clothing of that barbaric cult-faith on, she still was fully made up including pink lipstick to match her pink fingernails
This defiant Muslim woman is walking down the halls of a school with earbuds plugged in rapping out loud in tune with the black music as another scum girl in a burka smiles approvingly and shakes her hand.

As the commercial plays out, this woman dressed as a terrorist continues walking super-confident and rapping out loud the shitty song she is listening to on her device as normal dressed Caucasians walk by her and smile and wave like she's class President.

I thought.. Dear Christ this is what America has become!

And all I wanted to know is who was to blame for this devolving..
How did this country become so overly-tolerant as well as over-sensitive to the slightest racial or minority slights?

Bad parenting?  Bad schooling?  Movies & TV?

Just in the last 24 hours or so a Good Morning America host apologized on air for saying 'colored' instead of 'people of color' to describe negroes and a local sports talk radio show host got fired for saying on-air his competitor station and society at large pushes too much white guilt on people.

The reason we by and large were able to survive the massive waves of immigration, especially the one between 1870 and 1910 was the desire for so many and/or their first generation US born offspring to want to Americanize

Immigrants or the children of sought to learn to speak, read and write English; to dress, and embrace the culture and norms established by people who lived here many generations here; the desire was to blend in, not stand out and be ostracized outside their urban ghettos.

And now we look at Muslim women wearing their primitive clothing and supposed to act like it is perfectly acceptable clothing for being out in public in American society.

It all starts with Madison Avenue..

As much as Hollywood socially engineers through its content, these bastards, the modern Mad Men (and women) come up with all the visual and print advertising we all hate so much yet alters our perception of what is reality

And by now they have completely mastered every subtlety and nuance of the Edward Bernays school of propaganda persuasion through appeals to emotion rather than logic and reason

While most commercials are forgettable garbage, occasionally the evil advertising entity comes up with some real doozies that change/alter public perception in ways often for the worse
During the 1964 Presidential Election, that Texas scum LBJ wanted to pain Republican nominee Barry Goldwater as some violent warhawk itching to use nuclear weapons (just like cunt Hillary tired to do with Trump).

So an ad was created where this girl is sitting in a field counting petals and then the visual freezes, you hear this abrasive voice-over countdown and then visuals of mushroom clouds.

That ad scared many naive voters and was credited for being very important in LBJ's victory and the American people were rewarded with the Vietnam escalation and this fictional Utopian 'Great Society' dream

There have been many other examples of ads changing public perception since then with the goal not only to sell sneakers, soda and sanitary napkins but to change how we think and act; to control behavior and redefine right from wrong and what makes a good society.
Absolutely nothing in advertising is accidental...

If you see a token colored person play a car salesman or 'best friend' or one Asian girl standing off to the side somewhere, its done purposely because either they or the company paying the ad thinks seeing a black and Asian for a fraction of a second will make those audiences identify with their product.

The big push today is interracial couples and their so-called 'beautiful' bi-racial children, homosexual 'married' couples and now the goal is to attract Muslim-Americans who wish to look and act separate from real Americans.
Who knows what society will be in 50 years if social Progressivism has its way and Madison Avenue can convey it as normal -- maybe polygamy will make a return (Muslims in Italy are fighting in their High Court to legalize it) or maybe depict relationships between adults and young teens (it once was completely normal to marry a 13 yr old and remember one of Muhammad's wives was a child)

It is not as absurd as you think..  For those who were alive back in 1966, did you think so many undesirable groups and behaviors would be so openly accepted and incorporated into ads today?

In 2016, all non-whites dictate terms and if showing a Muslim spending happy time with his burka clad underage children-wives while drinking Coke or visiting Disney World will increase profits, you better believe that ad will be made
Hans Christian Andersen wrote the short tale 'The Emperor's New Clothes' back in 1837 which most if all should be familiar with, and it is not simply about the absurdity of a leader being so gullible to believe he was wearing clothing of invisible thread while prancing about naked

It is about the idiocy of all his subjects, save for one child who are either too afraid or too needing to follow the crowd to come out and call out the ridiculousness and wrongness of the situation;

The need to conform surpasses the need to be 'real'
By rights as a society we should treat those who dress this way with open ridicule and hostility and no employer, especially a corporation should Ever hire someone who dresses this way to work, much less even so much as wear a headscarf

If you're American then BE American!

They should be shunned in clearest terms and then they have a choice - get with the rest of society, be stubborn and accept the repercussions or move to Saudi Arabia or Iran and experience what it Really like to be a 3rd class citizen in a devout religious Muslim society

Last night I saw the future..

And it made me sick.