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Friday, August 26, 2016

The Debt Clock

~ This photo shows the National Debt at $6.4 Trillion which means this pic was taken in 1993

Well its the end of another long week with one more to go before Labor Day, so as good a time as any to look at the ole' debt clock to see how the nation is doing thanks to that worthless piece of feces President...

If you want to look for yourself, go to

Some numbers are constantly changing by the second so all figures are based on , today Friday, August 26, 2016 at11:50a EST

National debt is now $19.436 Trillion
More Precisely, $19,436,417,684,123 dollars as of 11:50am..

In the span of just one minute, the debt rose a million dollars by 11:51a to $19,436,418,713,998

The national debt when the black bastard took office was $10.6 Trillion

So for those not big into math, that's an increase of nearly $9 Trillion with another 5 months to go and the possibly a parasite named Hillary sits on the throne next
The US population is 324.27 million people with only 12.4 million working in manufacturing..

Back in 2000, the number was around 19.5 million

That is a loss of 7.1 million manufacturing jobs thanks to NAFTA, and other trade agreements both corrupt political parties supported to enrich the 1% and push globalism, outsourcing and this rotten ideology of One-World at the expense of US citizens

In 2000, there were 16.3 million Union workers according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics..

Now there are a million less and when you consider the population in 2000 was 282 million, in 16 years, we've grown by 42 million souls and 1 million less Union protected workers
46.9 million living in poverty today. which is up from 43.6 million in 2009

Thanks to Obama, an additional 3.3 million are living in poverty that weren't 8 years ago

You can try to blame Bush all you want but we double-dog dare you to name One policy or law enacted by Obama to level the economic playing field, to Punish Wall Street legally or in their wallets or Anything where people got a benefit from his colored rear end sitting in the Oval Office

At least under Bush, every American received a check for $250 and as small a figure as that is, $250 is always more than zero
Once again for those who do not understand, we continually will bring up Obama's blackness and in a negative way for two reasons

1)  It is the ONLY reason this man beat Hillary for the nomination in 2008 and why so many voted for him in the general election - the need to make history mattered more than the fate of the nation

2)  No one publicly has the guts to even gently make fun of him much less mock and ridicule as he richly deserves

Compare how he is treated on shows like SNL and late night talk show monologues to Bush and even Bill Clinton..  Total kid gloves.. And we admit it-- we Resent the special treatment of him and all blacks to exalted status..

It is all Too much!

In a truly equal color-blind society everyone is looked upon and treated equal and that means everyone can be made fun of without fear of economic destruction befalling them and a reputation left in tatters
Well we could go on with endless stats but you can click on the Debt Clock link and look this up for yourself..

And now we return you to your regularly scheduled lazy-hazy late summer activities