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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The "Fun" of Pretending To Not Know Whom To Vote For

A Presidential campaign usually lasts about 18 months, assuming that candidate makes it to the final stage where he/she represent their political party for the November ballot.

That's a year and a half for the math-challenged

And after numerous election cycles, it always amazes us how many people sincerely can not make up their mind who they are supporting by this point

Is a debate really going to sway you That much?

Or are you waiting to see who your ideologically slanted daily newspaper endorses?
Maybe its not about policy for you.. It's a matter of trust..  Who do you trust more, or less?

The other day, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook said voters will trust Hillary Clinton More after she’s elected president.

In other words, OK maybe you think she is a lying, conniving, cancerous, corrupt old Cunt of a woman (and you'd be right) but the best way to see if you can 'Trust' her is to elect her into office and give the profit & power hungry Devil four years to ruin the nation by stacking the Court with Liberals and continuing Obama's policies..

Sorta like.. "Ok, Yes this black bottle does have the skull and crossbones to indicate 'poison' and you normally should not swallow But if you don't, how will you ever say with certainty you know.."

Rolls eyes ~
So many people love her..

So few to none ever give reasons why that make any sense...

The closest argument I've heard that I sorta kinda understand though I still don't agree with, is I was told that some people out there just LOVE the Clintons

They're like some sort of political comfort junk food to many in that party's base and along with that, the delusion that if there's ever a real problem i.e. the famous 3a wake up call, that Hillary can just turn to Bill and seek his advice, then all problems solved
Of course chances are if its 3a, he is not sleeping next to her in the White House bedroom but at one of his private residences, sharing a bed with someone attractive, warm and sweet.. You know.. all the qualitities Hillary never possessed

And picturing the egotistical me-first bitch Hillary seeking him out after dreaming of being President and putting the insatiable desire into work for more than 16 years ("Bill, I need your help.. I don't know where to turn..)

Yea right..  One can really see that..

So you are NOT getting three Bill Clinton terms

You are getting the same rotten, despicable, mercurial woman most hated as First Lady except now she has the power to veto legislation, bypass law via Executive Orders and the power to push the red button
~ Everyone including their daughters are such good friends.. ugh..