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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Long Line of Wishful Progression

As a nation, we've tolerated a lot over the last 7+ years with this colored President and pretty much have accepted a continual recession-depression, no real job growth, no meaningful increase in wages to keep up with inflation, a National Debt that's doubled and a perception around the world that we are weak and Jimmy Carter-like..

And we've accepted this rather peaceably.

Ah the power of patience mixed with false belief..
Let's put it this way..  You're standing in line at a supermarket or fast food restaurant and there are a lot of people in front of you waiting their turn..

Normally you may not be happy but unless you're in a supreme rush, you stand and wait it out..  This is based on an assumption the line will reasonably move and ultimately it will be your turn

So you will continue to stand in line as time ticks away as long as you see some evidence of progress

Now what if that line never moves yet you hear the people behind the counter assure you and others everyone's order will be quickly taken as soon as their computerized register is up and running which could be any moment..

How long do you stand in line?   
Now if you do, it is based not on a reality of progress but a mere assumption of it..  And belief things have to improve ultimately, right?  They said any moment all would be well, yes?

So you keep standing and waiting and waiting, all based on nothing real - only Wishing and Hoping the line will move.

You are in line and kept in line; you are controlled..

Or you decide enough is enough and you finally take some action (changing lines or leaving the restaurant) and by then its too late - you're more tired, more irritable and more hungry..  And then the thought becomes.. What do I do next?

Some dread that question, others embrace it.
When it comes to government and its response to crisis especially, this is the behaviorally conditioned mindset people take

This is the mindset the people of Louisiana are taking as they waited and waited for that black bullshitter to stop playing golf and publicly acknowledge them with an empty-worded speech

If you want to understand how the colonists of pre-Revolutionary War, the French before Bastille Day and the Russians before the Revolution became pro-active and took control of their destinies, the key thing that binds them all together is they possessed little to any false hope things would improve and saw those causing them harm exactly as they were

The reason we do not take charge of our own destiny today is we have been convinced democracy and freedom will take care of things in our behalf..
Corrupt or rotten President in office?  Oh well.. in a few years there will be another election and he will be voted out or be a lame duck, completely forgetting the two major political parties are cut from the same cloth and share the same masters

And if someone is really bad, well there's impeachment..  

Yep, Bill Clinton sure accepted that mark of historical shame..

There has only been one President who left the Presidency voluntarily before the term was completed and it was not due to any impeachment, but a fear of criminal punishment
We have one vote every four years which statistically in a nation of 320 million if all voted comes to 0.000000003% significance (yes, eight zeroes) and the rest of the time are pretty much ignored under the guise of 'representative' democracy.

Without that vote, the people when angry would rally, protest and insure their voices were heard...

With the vote and more importantly, a belief the vote matters -- people become docile puppies and kittens and tolerate quite a bit

This is part of the ruse of state controlled freedom.
Can't speak for others but just not my nature to stand in long lines, either literal or figurative; just can't bear to be controlled by others who do not have my best interests at heart and do so passively..

Don't know if it makes me a good 21st Century American citizen but it does make me a Patriot in the 18th Century sense

Which would you rather be?

You simply can not walk or march to the beat of your own drum while standing in one place