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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Understanding Deep Media Bias; Example: CNN

When it comes to news especially the 24 hour coverage of it, most people know yet still forget it works very much like any other fictionalized content that you see on anyother channel during the day.

The media outlets we all draw information from are profit based, they collect revenue from advertisers based on Nielsen ratings and the more eyeballs they can attract, the more they can go to those Wall Street corporations and demands for more money to show the ads.

Occasionally something tragic will occur which will cause those networks to not break away from coverage and put those ads off to the side, but its all for a purpose..  eyeball gathering.
For example if you go to CNN's 'Press Room' page this morning (, you will see the following self-pronouncement:


CNN Has Now Topped Fox in Prime Time for 6 of the Last 11 Months

CNN is within 5% of Fox for the Month in Total Day Demos

New Day Crushes MSNBC’s Morning Joe in Crucial Political Month

Notice CNN is not bragging that its coverage was the most 'accurate' or 'non-biased' politically or less driven or their TV talent was the most balanced.

In addition people forget or do not understand how a newsroom works..   

Every morning, there is a 'Production" meeting where producers, news compilers (people who sit at PCs and compile news that Associated Press or Reuters already reported), TV talent and others decide what will be the focus or theme for that day..

Your news is being created for you based on how others want you to perceive it

Let's use yesterday as an example..
A war veteran gave Donald Trump his Purple Heart medal award he believes so much in him to be a good President and Commander in Chief unlike who is currently keeping the seat warm

Well to all news outlets outside of Fox News that personally hate Trump and have a vested interest in Hillary winning, that story on the surface is simply good enough to report..

So the liberal people behind the scenes have a choice - ignore or report it and find that little 'twist' or spin' to make it look like Trump is a jerk..

So flattered and a little speechless at getting such an honor, Trump made little jokes such as 'Is this a real medal?' and "I always wanted to get the Purple Heart.. This is easier.."
Ehh..   Look, some people think they have that gift of being funny when far from it..  

I had a family member by marriage like that.. Meant well I guess but every time he made a joke, he sounded like a total asshole you wanted to hurt badly 

For example every time I would play a board game he'd come around, look things over and say something like.. "Oh I see you're winning.. Must be cheating.. Heh Heh!"


So some are just like that..  Trump has his faults too and the pro-Hillary zealots will jump upon Every little imperfection even though their Cunt candidate is genuinely the worst human being seeking public office in US politics since Nixon and no one on their side sees it..
So now you got the anti-Trump twist which motivated the news networks to report the act by the Veteran and the argument for that day's news cycle is that Trump was a draft dodger.

The media did not mind Bill Clinton being one.. He was a Democrat.. In fact that piece of shit beat two WWII war heroes in Bush Sr and Dole in '96 while putting is cock in any female hole he could find not named 'Hillary' and Bill's service avoidance didn't hurt him one whiff

But W Bush didn't serve.. OMG!!   And Mitt Romney... Wow..  And Trump.. What audacity to run for President.."
John McCain ran.. War Hero right?   "Fuck him and his imprisonment, the soulless Democrat voters cried.. 'We want the One with no experience simply because his skin is the color of poo...'

Remember kids, if you are a Democrat politician you can do Any immoral, unethical or illegal behavior you wish and not only get away with it but know the entirety of mainstream media and Celebritydom will defend you 

So here's how AP News which presents news to thousands and thousands of media outlets too cheap or lazy to do their own reporting, covered the story:
"Speaking at a rally in Virginia on Tuesday, Republican Donald Trump was presented with a gift from a supporter — the man’s Purple Heart medal, which he earned after being injured in combat in Vietnam.

‘Trump said he was grateful for the gesture and posed for a photo with the man, Lt. Col. Louis Dorfman.

“Something very nice just happened to me. A man came up to me and he handed me his Purple Heart,” Trump said. “I said to him, is that the real one, or is that a copy? He said, ‘That’s my real Purple Heart. I have such confidence in you.’ And I said, ‘Man, that’s big stuff.’”

Trump added: “I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier.”
And here's how supposedly un-biased CNN covered it (our comments in Red)

"A military veteran supporting Donald Trump gifted the Republican nominee his Purple Heart Tuesday, prompting Trump to say he "always wanted to get the Purple Heart" and this was "much easier" than serving in combat.

Purple Hearts are awarded to service members who suffer wounds in combat. (CNN puts this sentence in here to set the reader up for the 'body shots' to follow)

"Something very nice just happened to me. A man came up to me and handed me his Purple Heart," Trump told supporters at a campaign event here. "I said to him, 'Is that like the real one or is that a copy?' And he said, 'That's my real Purple Heart. I have such confidence in you.'"
Trump received the veteran, identified by his campaign as retired Lt. Col. Louis Dorfman, on stage at the start of the rally to receive the decoration. 

The campaign didn't specify which branch Dorfman served in.  (As far as CNN is concerned, how dare that bastard Racist Trump not know what branch of service!  Notice CNN never bothered to find out either)

"I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier," Trump said.

Trump then pocketed the decoration after the veteran left the stage.  (Yes, 'pocketed' like the way one would pocket a nickel found on the floor by one's foot)
The New York Times reported Monday that Trump received multiple student deferments and a medical deferment for a bone spur during the Vietnam War, successfully avoiding getting drafted into service.

Trump told Gray Television in an interview after the rally that he "regretted not serving in many ways" when asked about his five deferments to avoid the military draft during the Vietnam War.
Trump added that he was "fortunate" not to have to serve in the Vietnam War, which Trump called "highly contested and unpopular."

* Funny how acceptable and 'cool' it was during the 1960s that liberal hippie drug-addicted losers t of that generation would march and protest they weren't going to war and burnt draft cards effectively 'dodging' enlistment and treated by their peers as heroes

210,000 Americans were Cowards back then .. If you were/are liberal or Democrat, your decision was 'understandable' and if Republican or you dare to run for office as one, you're 'scum'..  Gotcha..
Illinois Rep. Tammy Duckworth, a Democrat running for Senate and a Purple Heart recipient, later tweeted out a picture of herself in the hospital.

".@realdonaldtrump, this is how one usually looks when you are awarded the Purple Heart. Nothing easy about it," she said. Duckworth is a double-amputee as the result of combat wounds she suffered in the Iraq War."

One is news.. One is propaganda..

Are you Beginning to see how liberal media molds and shapes people's views based on their agenda??

Trump's current VP choice Mike Pence has a son currently serving in the military.. Did you even know this?  The media sure as shit didn't see the need to tell you it..
It only matters when a Democrat or a family member of one serves, and even then it doesn't really "Matter"..  

All that matters to Democrats is they keep Power

Luckily it is early August and the vast majority of voters couldn't give a damn one way or another.. Too busy doing other things as summer winds down

But you best understand when you read anything on politics especially, its All bias
We at A&G never one hide what we stand for and who we like - We have never once pretended to cover this election down the middle

That means agree with us or think we're full of garbage, you know where we stand and can make up your free mind to read or move on..

Let's see the news at ABC, CBS, NBC or CNN let its viewers know its up-front biases and agendas

Just Dare them!