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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Hillary Debate Seizure or No.. Which is Better?

Yesterday over lunch with colleagues, we debated the following question:

Would it be better for Trump if Hillary had a seizure and staggered on stage during one of the debates or would it not?

Some such as myself thought it would be a wonderful thing to see because it would once and for all destroy this carefully crafted media and Democrat party illusion that the rotten woman is healthy and physically fit to hold office.
If visuals were the reason JFK beat Nixon in the 1960s debate (people who listened on the radio said Nixon won based on content and those who watched on TV thought JFK did since Nixon looked so sweaty) then maybe visual 'nails' to her coffin are needed

But then it was counter-argued that her shaking and convulsing on stage would elicit empathy and it would be blamed on mere campaign stress or Trump's meanness.

Plus it would not matter if she vomited blood or literally died on stage, millions upon millions of deeply ignorant Democrats would still vote in a deceased Hillary because she is a Dem and if a feces eating monkey ran, they'd elect him or her

And since we have a monkey currently in office...
It is very difficult to figure which would be best because the American voter can be such a complete idiot sometimes and vote people into office for the stupidest of reasons

Or put personal ideology over the good of the nation.

Then we talked about the rumors that the disingenuous evil-to-the-core Democrats may seek to replace Hillary with Joe Biden who would be 74 if inaugurated.

Remember back in 1980, Jimmy Carter tried to make Reagan's old age a factor in the race (he was 69 at the time of the election)?

So why suddenly is 73 treated as an acceptable age for someone to run?
Plus if Biden is such a great candidate, why did he not run last year against this parasite woman?   Afraid?  Or did the DNC machine led by that scum Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who represents the worst stereotypes of a Jewish woman basically tell him if he ran, the party will destroy him as they did Bernie Sanders?

And why in two previous attempts (1988 & 2008) did voters flat out reject his bid to be nominee of the party?

All the fucking worthless Democrats would now be rallying around a guy who just 8 years they tried to destroy during the Dem primaries because he said that black lying bastard Obama was 'articulate'?

Sorry but an articulate, educated black is not commonplace.  That is a media creation.  Go to your local Wal Mart.. That is the typical black for all positives and negatives.  Obama is an anomaly.

But we digress
Funny how national elections just bring out the hate

I remember a time long long ago when I could read and study politics and not feel so continually angry and want to personalize a party or candidate

There was a time I respected Democrats because there was an underlying core of sincerity to make life better for people, especially everyday folk.

And being pro-Union, I understood the the role the party played in protecting workers' rights and working to ensure jobs stayed in this country whereas Republicans were always stereotyped as cold-hearted, profit-first businessmen

And while never a registered Democrat, there was a time I actually voted and supported Dems for positions such as state Governor and US Senator..
Then like a basket of apples, things turned rancid

And the rot was called Bill Clinton..

That lying piece of shit scumbag who would fuck anything with a vagina, whether he or she was betrothed to another while his power-hungry closet-dyke of a bitch wife did everything she could to defend him and destroy the accusers so he's remain in power..

Did it in Arkansas.. Did it in Washington..

Sorta like how Camilla Cosby is when it comes her hubby Bill Cosby, defending the man to the death because there's just too much invested
But what made Bill Clinton so terrible was he took the Democrats and hard-tilted them economically right to the point that they are as much political oral-sex whores to Wall Street and corporations as the Republicans

And today the best that True-Blue Democrats can hope for to represent their values is a socialist-communist atheist in Sanders.   How depressing is That for sincere Dems?

Clinton was/is poor white backwoods trash who looked at wealthy people with the same admiration and zeal as a child may look to a comic book superhero.

And so the entire Clinton Presidency was aimed at pleasing the 1% with every financial benefit and access to the White House as they could muster and the white-trash was rewarded heavily with donations and a grandiose Presidential library..

And that deplorable old, convulsing Bitch is taking full advantage of decades of established contacts and dirty backdoor quid pro quo

The Clinton Foundation is merely the epitome of decades long pay-to-play.  They didn't originate deceit and corruption.. Only moved the bar
So if you want to know why we hate the Clintons so much, there you are..

As to the original question posed with colleagues, we still are hoping that Hillary collapses on stage with a major seizure and is rushed to a hospital at some point during the debates

Because even if millions of Dem loyalists will rationalize it as just another case of the sniffles, the debates are not about them..  It is about independents and the undecided

Plus its a good life lesson.. When you spend your entire life with the single-minded goal of being President and wanting power, this is your fate