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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Colin Powell's Email: How Hillary & Obama Really Feel About Each Other

~ photo is from one of the 2008 Democrat Primary debates.. Gotta love body language

We heard a rumor last night and mind you, its just a rumor,,

But powerful dirty Democrat big-wigs at the DNC have been floating at least the possibility of asking Michelle Obama if she would be interested in stepping in to be the Democrat nominee vs Trump if Hillary is too ill to continue..

The rationale being that unlike most Democrats who are really too old, corrupt or disliked, Michelle is pretty much unblemished.
Now of course once again this is a rumor and there's no evidence that rotten Hillary is even contemplating this, and no one has the power to make her step down or replace without her consent

And based on a recently leaked email from that traitor to the Republicans, Colin Powell to Democrat mega-donor Jeffery Leeds, Hillary hates Obama too much to ever give the Obamas that opportunity that while breath is drawn

Especially for her to be the first woman President
Written from Powell to Leeds on March 6th, 2016 after Bernie Sanders wins Maine Primary:

"I think Hillary can't believe she may not make it.  It's the one prize she wants.  She has everything else.  And she HATES that the President ("that man" as the Clintons call him) kicked her ass in 2008.  She can't believe it or accept it"

When John McCain referred to Obama as "that One" in 2008, the piece of shit liberal media labeled him a racist..   We guess its OK to call him "that man"

We prefer Oreo cookie, mulatto, closet Muslim and other more specific terms but we digress..
In the same email exchange Leeds shares with Powell how Obama feels about old Hillary..

"I don't think the President would week if she found herself in real legal trouble"

Talk about expressing the obvious in a gutless, cowardly, roundabout way!  But he is a Democrat with far too much money on his hands to know what to do with other than donate to crooks, so excuse his lack of balls

So that is the true nature of the relationship between the two..
Obama only endorsed her and is campaigning for her because she is a Democrat, not because of who Hillary is as a person

As much as we are open supporters of Trump, we do concede that had the Democrat nominee been someone of decency, integrity and free of scandal without all the years of baggage, he or she would probably be ahead by double-digits over Trump.

It is still pretty sad and a real indictment on Democrat voters that Hillary has so much support after all that has come out in the last few months
Democrats are a group of people who collectively put their individual self-interests and personal ideologies ahead of the overall good of the nation.

Abortion rights matter more than employment.. Gay and transsexual rights matter more than National Security.. Black superiority rights matter more than our standing in the world as a global leader

We hate cliches but its like Democrats would rather elect the chicken-hungry wolf to guard the hen house because the other choice, the dog has an occasionally irritating bark
By the way, Hillary does not have pneumonia

She has Parkinsons which have symptoms that include stiff muscles, difficulty standing, walking walking & other bodily movements, problems with coordination,  slow shuffling gait, fatigue, poor jaw stiffness or reduced facial expression and blank stare, trembling and unintentional writhing

Let's pretend for a moment she really had pneumonia on 9/11 (which she did not)..   How does that explain the other episodes where she has stumbled, fallen or needed assistance standing or entering a plane or vehicle?

Does pneumonia last 12 months?
Why has she taken so many rest days in the last 6 weeks from campaigning for the position the power-hungry bitch most desires if her body simply does not have the energy to keep up with a full daily schedule?

It certainly does not get easier once in office

Maybe she knows if she wins, Hillary will not physically last a full term in office, but she will do everything to get elected because then she makes 'History' and gets to be celebrated by feminists in their Women's Studies courses for generations after her death

Who knows.. maybe one day when we're all dead, the cunt will find her face on a newly created and minted $3 bill
People like her have a distorted belief that after they leave Earth they still can hover around and see & hear everyone think and speak on them

George Washington is not hovering around his Washington DC Monument, the spirit of Thomas Jefferson is not at his Memorial and Teddy Roosevelt is not admiring his chiseled look at Mt Rushmore from the heavens

And if Hillary does win, she will not get much of a view when she is looking upwards from hell