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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Current Examples of Female World Leaders

After a lengthy break due to Labor Day, we're back all rested and refreshed, full of vim and vigor all excited to cover the goings on a most disingenuous and hypocritical political and economic world..

Today is also a very special day for us here at A&G because today September 6th we celebrate our 6th anniversary with posting #2,010 ..    Yayyy~

Now onto today's post..
The extremely old, rotten, corrupt (and did we say old) Hillary wants to sell her campaign to get elected and be like Nixon in office based on gender

Her unofficial motto is "It is about time a woman ran the country.." which if you think about that sentence and replace woman with black, and you can see how we as a nation have suffered as a result of ballot box race charity.

Now anyone with half a brain knows women have led nations as far back as the days of Cleopatra and perhaps even before, so this notion of a woman running a nation in the form of Queen, Prime Minister, Chancellor or President should Not in any way be thought of as special or exceptional.

But to the female "Its about time.." zealots, you will never be able to convince them they aren't systematic victims
In recent memory there have been a few notable women who have ran nations and quite honestly with maybe one exception, they've been fuck ups

For this exercise we will not count Queen Elizabeth II because she does not make policy nor will we count Britain's current PM Theresa May who has been in office only a couple months thanks to the Brexit vote which caused David Cameron to resign.

We'll also try to keep things relatively recent and not focus on Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel who was a rarity - a successful modern female leader, or Indira Gandhi who was so 'beloved' that she was assassinated by her own Sikh bodyguards back in 1984.
And we won't talk about Margaret Thatcher who is quite admired in many Conservative circles here in the US yet so deeply despised in many other circles in England that her death was celebrated with loud cheers, public dancing and popping of champagne corks

The three most power women over the last decade in terms of running a nation has been Dilma Rousseff of Brazil, Cristina Kirchner of Argentina and Andrea Merkel of Germany..

Let's see how they are doing currently in office..
Well in the case of Brazil's Rousseff, she was impeached just a week ago after it was voted to convict her for manipulating their Federal budget to conceal the nation's mounting economic problems (They are in their worst recession in 80 years and that complete waste of money hosting World Cup Soccer (2014) and Olympics (2016) didn't help matters

As for Kirchner, she's involved in a scandal known in Argentina as the K-Money Trail where she used her office to directly cover up sizable financial transactions i.e. money laundering of a prominent but very shady businessman.

In addition under this woman's leadership, her economy has fell into a deep recession and there is serious and realistic chance of another Argentine economic default (they defaulted on their debts back in 2001).
Because Argentina is not part of some greater political or economic Union, no one outside of banks really care so no news is ever mentioned on the subject globally.

So that leads us to female fuck-up #3 -- Andrea Merkel

It was bad enough she has led the systematic economic destruction of Greece through her consolidation of power where basically by now Germany runs the European Union and that body of nations has many times in the last 8 years teetered on brink of collapse if not for Billions upon Billions in US Federal Reserve bailouts (remember every $1 the Fed spends is added to the US National Debt)
If that was not bad enough, Merkel forever diluted the racial and ethnic purity of her nation by allowing hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees in to add to the other Muslim scum who live in the nation who refuse to blend in with the population at large and are a breeding source for terrorist cells.

This is the same policy of Obama and one Hillary has stated she would continue as President

In the last year or so since the influx of Muslims into Germany, there has been a dramatic rise in sexual assaults even in public settings..

Washington Post headline from July 11, 2016:  "Leaked document says 2,000 men allegedly assaulted 1,200 German women on New Year’s Eve"

The only words missing were 'Muslim' before 'men' and "white Christian" before the word "women"
Makes one absolutely nauseous just picturing those dirty, filthy, backwards people violating those women

And so there are 3 examples of when you elect women to run a nation simply to make a historical point.  All three corrupt, vile and evil to the core..

Put them all together and you only begin to have the true representation of that Cunt the Democrats are allying themselves to in November.
Of course there are many capable women who can lead nations to greatness and prosperity.. They just aren't running this moment for US President..

But blame the Democrat voters as much as Hillary herself.

If Hitler rose from the depth of Hell and secured the Democrat nomination, millions upon millions would loyally support him too if he promised to protect gay marriage, the freedom to kill life in the womb and promised to pack the Court with social Progressives.

Today September 6th, we celebrate 6 years of being blunt honest in a media full of lies and deception..

We hope to be celebrating just as joyously on Tuesday November 8th with a Trump victory because God knows this nation needs him