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Monday, September 26, 2016

Hilly is 'Gilly'

~ SNL Character 'Gilly' played by Kristen Wiig

Here's Tuesday's posting a bit early.. Monday Evening..

Just couldn't wait..

A few years ago on Saturday Night Live when it was funny and the cast did not resemble 'In Living Color', there was a re-occurring character played by Kristen Wiig named 'Gilly' who was a young girl who always got into trouble and did bad things to her classmates

The teacher would constantly go 'Gilly....  Gilly....' and every time he exaggeratedly called her name to find out what mischief and destruction she caused, her response would be an obnoxious smile mixing arrogance and lack of any guilt

After enough times of hearing her name called and being asked what she did and why, Gilly would grin even more stupidly and then say 'Sorry' and everything was treated as OK while she would do a smug victory 'dance'
And watching that horrible debate last night, that's all I could think of when looking at Hillary's fucking face and her deeply phony, arrogant, smug perpetual grin every time Trump cornered her on her unethical behavior and rottenness.

One continual grin painted on her face like an old clown.

And maybe there were some undecided dum-dum voters who were swayed by that and/or the fact that to be honest Trump just rambles too god-damn much about things that are not of consequence

Who gives a fuck what Trump's tax returns show or if he did or did not support the Iraq War in 2002!!
Trump probably pays 5x more in income tax annually than all the millions of dollars Hillary made doing nothing but giving speeches to Fortune 500 corporations and evil Goldman Sachs (twice)

What matters is our debt is at $20 Trillion and will keep climbing as we annually spend more than we take in tax revenue (it has become the new norm) and the Federal Reserve keeps spending Trillions to prop up that stock market to close to 20k based on nothing tangible or real; a gigantic ponzi-scheme investment bubble..

What matters is our enemy, ISIS beheads people; cutting throats from ear to ear like a normal person cuts into a stick of butter, they're now in 30 nations and their growth and expansion is ALL on Obama/Hillary's watch
What matters is you will never EVER have a truly equal society as long as one group of people deem themselves superior while playing the victim card when it suits them;  Blacks collectively do not give a Shit about the death of a black at the hands of another black and they exaggerate a black death at the hands of a police officer..

And Obama has tolerated this uppity behavior by these Black Lives (do not) Matter monkeys.

It was so painful and pathetic to see both candidates Constantly refer to blacks as 'Afr-Amer'.. Makes us nauseous to even type the full term of racial egotism

Trump should have pressed the rancid bitch on ALL lives matter by saying 'Don't you believe the lives of Hispanics matter?  How about Asians?  And Jewish people?  And Irish Catholics? ..  So why are you a coward that you can't disavow BLM?'

That's what he should have done..  Gone for the jugular
Now Trump did attack but everything she was prepared for with a lie and another fucking insincere 'there you go again' like smile, as if trying to take a page from another extremely old person when he ran in 1980 + 84..  Reagan

We don't know how you the reader saw the debate but putting aside who won or lost,we found it to be an extremely frustrating experience and when all was said and done, really learned nothing positive about either person..

Trump should have gone for the kill like any skillful hunter would when dealing with cunning deceptive game and instead he seemed distracted by harmless irritant gnats
And Hillary spent her time hiding from the voters well.. She learned how to present herself as 100% completely opposite her true nature; Someone friendly and kind and warm..

An elderly, devious Cheshire Cat

And when it comes to Benghazi, the 33,000 lost emails, the pay-for-play Clinton Foundation, supporting corporations in Haiti when they fought the government to prevent them from raising minimum wages to $5 a day, on and on and on...

Hilly is a 'Gilly'