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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Media Once Again Manipulates Poll Numbers for Hillary

Just over a month ago, Donald Trump shocked the establishment and took the lead in national polls.

From being as much as double-digits down from the old rotten bitch Hillary, now Trump is leading by between 3 points according to an LA Times poll and ahead in many others.

So of course the even more rotten and corrupt than Hillary media does not like this - they want they election to go their way

'Damn Democracy.. Full pro-Hillary push ahead!'
So Reuters jumped into action and 'tweaked' its polling methodology.

Whereas before there was a polling option of 'neither', now Reuters took that away as well as altered the wording of the poll and Ta Daaaa!

Order restored!!.  Hillary leads polls..  Nudge Nudge.. Wink Wink

Now whatever is the Clinton News Network (CNN), that bunch of vile bastards to do when their national poll showed Trump regaining the lead? (currently by 2 pts)

You do what MSNBC and others are now doing..

You 'tweak' the racial dynamic of the polling
According to Politico,  MSNBC helped out their political media bed-buddy CNN by 'unskewering' their national poll conducted yesterday that showed Trump leading Clinton by two points, re-weighting the results to match the 2012 electorate and showing a four-point lead for the old woman

How did the cunt magically get a 6 point 'bounce'?

MSNBC host Chuck Todd explained that the poll, in his network’s estimation, may have oversampled white voters without a college degree, one of Trump’s strongest groups.

“Whites without a college degree appear to make up nearly half of their sample. In 2012, by the way, whites without a college degree was slightly more than a third of all voters...

“The point is, your numbers may not be wrong but your weighting may be, your assumptions. So the CNN folks assumed an electorate that is not an impossible scenario for Trump, but it would be an historic shift if it occurred.”

Mission accomplished.
Of course this liberal prick who pretends to be unbiased while hosting 'Meet the Press' among others fails to understand (incidentally or purposefully) that one of the reasons Trump has been so successful during his campaign even as far back as the primaries was exciting and motivating people who felt left out or detached from the system to feel motivated for the first time in years if not ever to register, then vote.

So yes, this Will be the year of the White voter just like 2008 was the year the black voter along with the white-guilter charitably handed the Presidency to the current Mulatto in Chief.

The only statistics that matter is what the voters decide in two months and God willing, it will be a very angry, impassioned middle-finger at the media, Hollywood and every other powerful entity trying to distort or outright rig this election for that power-hungry vermin woman.