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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Oh To Be Undecided This Late Into an Election...

Last night there was some kind of Presidential Forum hosted by Clinton Foundation donor Matt Lauer where each candidate answered questions for an hour.

Admittedly we didn't watch it..

Sorry but if you do not know who are supporting by now and you really need this forum and the upcoming debates to sway you, then you're either a moron or purposely and intentionally detached from the news.

Put aside all the rhetoric, issues of corruption or trustworthiness or who is uglier to look at and look at where the two stand on major issues and it should be clear to anyone that their personal preference is Hillary or Trump 
Hillary is a pro-NAFTA, pro-outsourcing globalist who believes the US is secondary to the United Nations and the ultimate goal for mankind is a border-less One-World

Trump has stated he believes in rebuilding America by forcing US corporations to stop thinking global-first and bring back manufacturing jobs or face penalties.  Trump also believes the UN does not dictate policy to the US

So right there you have a sizable difference between the two
On illegal immigration, Trump wants to build a wall to keep Mexican illegals who drain US resources and many are criminals, out of the country and wants to prevent both Syrians and Muslims in general from entering without thorough checks on their background so not to accidentally allow in terrorists

Hillary wants open borders, supports allowing illegals to enter as they wish (the poorer and more ignorant you are, the more likely you are to vote Democrat) and wants to expand the number of Syrian refugees we allow into the country.

Once again, a big difference..
Why does anyone need a forum and 3 Presidential debates along with a VP debate to know who the hell you're supporting?

Trump wants to lower taxes for everyone..  Hillary wants to raise them

Hillary is vehemently anti-2nd Amendment (gun control) and Trump believes in the right of an individual to bare arms

A Hillary Presidency means a Supreme Court packed with social progressives who will destroy the moral and ethical fabric of this nation forever (Look how 5 piece of shit Justices validated gay 'marriage' for all 320 million to now be forced to respect)

A Trump Presidency means a Supreme Court means Justices who are moderate to fully Conservative in their interpretation of the Constitution
The worthless, shit media Intentionally wants to distract people from these extremely clear differences by focusing on Trump's temper or his odd hairstyle or anything of non-consequence that most people can be triggered to respond emotionally to

Everyone knows most voters are not very intelligent.. The media knows it.. The candidates know it..

For example Trump has said that under Obama, the National Debt has doubled to over $19 trillion which is true, but he knows no one would understand him if he attempted to explain WHY this happened
Half of the debt carried by the Obama Administration comes from that Evil Federal Reserve and the $5+ Trillion they've spent over the last 7 years artificially pumping that vile stock market so everyone can cheer and celebrate Dow 18,500 instead of 7,949 when that black bastard took office

Yes, in less than 8 years, the Dow has gone up 11,000 points based on absolutely Nothing real except the liquidity pumped in by the Federal Reserve who set interest rates to near zero making the money banks and corporations borrow to invest and speculate essentially free

Our GDP is anemic -- we're lucky if we grow by 1% annually..  Prior to 2008, the normal rate of national economic growth was at least 5%
Then add the government bonds they continually bought up when no one else would and now turning to the purchase of corporate bonds to keep the plates spinning and one can see the correlation 

$5+ Trillion spent by the Fed to raise the Dow by 11k points..  No different than the energy and effort it takes to get a hot air balloon off the ground..  It sure is not climbing up into the air on its own.

Think the average dum-dum could possibly understand that?

Think most people even know the Fed is a private bank and Not an agency of the government? 

Or that they've bailed out numerous times the European Commonwealth Bank and the Bank of Japan which of course gets added to US taxpayer debt?
Nope.. Voters focus on things that mean absolutely nothing like coolness and whether or not would want to sit and 'hang out' with the candidate

Is it any wonder we elect terrible Presidents?

With maybe the exception of George Bush, Sr, every President from Reagan to Obama has this quality about them where the average Joe feels they would like to share a beer or watch a ball game with them and votes accordingly.
Honestly, I would not want to sit down and watch or drink anything with Hillary or Trump, much less invite either of them into my home.

But when I vote, it is not based on which candidate has the best one-liners or who I would prefer going to the movies with..

You would be surprised how many do base their vote on idiocy like that, which explains why with 2 months to go, so many are still so undecided.