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Friday, September 30, 2016

Positives of a 6 Year Presidency

~ Two bitches.. One in cartoon form..

Can you believe just a little more than 5 weeks before 1/3 of all Americans take the time to vote for someone for President they've known they were supporting since summertime..

Elections are quite long, drawn out affairs..   For instance, Trump announced his candidacy on June 15, 2015 which means those who seek that office out tend to formally do so a good 16 to 18 months in advance..

They say running for President is not for the feint of heart..  It certainly is no place for commitment-phobes either
The other day we had an in-office debate about how the Presidency is set up in terms of term limits..  Right now as everyone knows a President can serve no more than two full terms  and a maximum of 10 years if those first two were as a VP who became President while in office

Used to be no limit officially though everyone prior to FDR respected two-terms because Washington did not seek a third.  And after FDR, Congress made sure there would be no 4-term President again

I proposed the argument that this nation would be better off if it followed the Constitution of the Confederacy where a President was elected to one 6 year term and then he left office.
The most appealing reasons being that Presidents usually spend their first term doing little to nothing but setting themselves up for re-election and there hasn't been a President since WWII that had as good or better a second term in office than the first..

So it means the American people have two years less time to suffer with someone incompetent or outright bad (ex: Obama) and it gives the person in office less time to erect their grandiose delusional visions of how he wants to shape the world (ex: W Bush)

It also would mean that while nothing can stop an egotist from making decisions based on 'legacy' and pleasing the wealthy individuals and corporations that will one day pay for their Libraries (all Presidents are this way), it makes a re-election campaign and all the time needed to raise money moot..
It is ironic but had Nixon served a 6 year term, not only would there never have been Watergate since the basis for that was his need to win a re-election, but his term would have ended in January 1975 anyways,  5 months after when he left in disgrace and would have kept his dignity intact.

And think of Reagan..  Had he served one 6 year term, he would have left office in January, 1987 the same month that Congress announced it was opening up hearings on Iran-Contra..  Maybe they would not have bothered if a new President was being inaugurated that month.
As for Bill Clinton, while the Monica Lewinsky affair came to light in 1998, that would have been year 6 of his Presidency and because he would have left office January, 1999 there would never have been all the Impeachment hearings (not that he ever acknowledges he lied under oath nor feels any shame for the whole situation)

And George W Bush..   Well if his term had ended in January, 2007 instead of 2009, very little of the stock market crash of '08 could be laid at his feet..  Now of course because he served the full 8 years, his ignorance of finance, naivety about housing and bad policy making were a lot to blame for Lehman going under and starting the chain reaction..
We know.. We know..  The Constitution will never be changed to 6 years for a President especially if any historical connection is made to the Confederacy

But just think of it... If that rotten, old, corrupt parasite Hillary wins in November, we'd all have two years less of her and 24 fewer months for her to destroy this nation forever..

And if Trump wins...

Well OK, we can see some positives of 8 years..