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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Trump's Courage to Attack the Fed

~ Fed Chair Janet Yellen.. A more dangerous and powerful woman than Hillary could ever hope to be..  BTW, the National Debt this moment is $19,532 Trillion so obviously the photo is old by maybe 6 months

When we have an extra day to think back on Monday's debate and noticing how polls are still steadily climbing for Trump, maybe we were a little harsh on the Donald..

He wasn't perfect by any stretch but maybe he wasn't nearly as awful as we first feared..

A lot of it has to do with expectations..

Most expected the barbs and jabs but there were still a number of people who believed the Clinton camp lies that he was some kind of nut who should be kept 40miles away from any nuclear code

So he firmly showed he had Presidential temperment - the necessary mixture of calmness and passion
What we were most impressed by and admittedly it was something we missed in the initial watching was the absolutely refreshing and gutsy way he attacked the Federal Reserve and Fed Chair Janet Yellen directly

That simply does not ever happen in a Presidential debate when usually both candidates are bought and paid for by Wall Street and the same business interests.

John McCain has the nickname of 'Maverick' but turned out to be an old, impotent scardy-cat when facing Obama in 2008

Trump is the true Maverick
The Fed has absolutely destroyed any chance of economic growth in this nation by keeping interest rates at record lows at near 0% for at least 8 years now which has Killed savers and the ability of retirees to live off their savings

This has been done for many reasons among them it keeps down the interest on the repayment of the debts the government owes to the Fed, China, Japan and dozen or so other nations..

It also allows banks to borrow at nothing which makes it essentially free money.
People don't know this but when large corporate banks borrow from the Fed, they make a profit even if none of the money is ever invested.

This is because the Fed itself becomes the holding bank for the money they lent out and they out interest on that money just like any other bank..

In other words, let's say you borrow $10,000 from a bank at 0% interest with 5 years to pay it back and while doing so that same bank is holding your money at 1% interest..

This means over the life of the loan, you would be paying not one penny in interest as you basically give back the money in monthly increments and yet have made a profit of $500 or so on the borrowing (1% interest for each year of the loan or $100 x 5)

Now imagine how much banks are allowed to make interest when they borrow $1 billion?
Remember the Fed is a private bank that works to benefit other banks and is allowed to exist because politicians in 1913 sold their soul to vote in banker-created legislation for it to exist.

And by the way, that lent-out money by the Fed becomes public debt added to the National Debt which we all re-pay

Right after the political tensions of late 2008 and the $700 Billion TARP vote, Congress snuck in a law on New Year's Eve that the Fed would be the ones to make decisions on how much money to allocate to stop the market slide and what strategies to use

That's why since 2008, it is not Congress that makes these decisions
So Trump was absolutely right to call out the Fed for the evil which it is..

Everyone may celebrate Dow 18,000 or whatever it is but to give some perspective, from the beginning of our nation in 1793 with Washington's inauguration, the Dow did not reach 1,000 until January 18, 1966

That is 173 YEARS of trading!

The first time it hit 10,000 was March 30, 1999 so it took another 33 years to get from 1,000 to 10,000
Now on March 9, 2009 the Dow was 6,547 which was the low point of the 2008 market crash..

Today, less than 8 years later thanks to TRILLIONS spent via Quantitative Easing where the Fed bought up US Treasuries and now are buying corporate stocks, the Dow is at 18,208 as of this writing..

That is a jump of 11,661 points!  In less than 8 years!

And based on Nothing real..
We read an AP news item today which said Trump's attack on the Fed chairwoman during this week's presidential debate was so aggressive that many now think it's possible Yellen will have to resign if Trump ends up becoming president.

The AP writer actually used the word 'vicious' to describe the debate comments toward Yellen.  Guess we know which side of the political and financial fence he or she supports

Her resignation would be a good first step but of course whoever would replace Yellen would be a carbon copy of Greenspan, Bernanke and her since unlike other President-made cabinet appointments, he would not get to choose his own person..

A list of suitable candidate is Provided by the Fed for the President to choose one from and Then that person goes through the confirmation process.

This ensures the Fed is always run and operated as They wish it to be...  
Do you yet understand how rigged the US financial system is and by extension our government?

We will never pretend to say a Trump victory means a new peaceful revolution of freedom and liberty or a new utopia awaits..

But if there's going to be any change in how this nation is run domestically, internationally, financially and every other way that impacts millions of people for the better, it sure isn't going to come from a Hillary win..