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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Victory for 9/11 Victims; Humiliation for their President

While the big news out of the latest 24 hour news cycle might be the train crash in New Jersey which caused a lot of injuries and some fatalities, for us the most important news story is that Congress over-rided Obama's veto on the bill allowing victims of 9/11 to sue the Saudis.

Its an important event for many reasons:

1)  Since every single person involved directly in 9/11 was Saudi Arabian, this nation finally in some way will go after the nationality directly responsible.

The Taliban might be bad and Saddam was no peach but the last 15 years it is like someone plotting revenge against the neighbor who lives to the right of their home for poisoning the family dog when the culprit was the neighbor who lives to the left.
2)  An egotistical bastard President got publicly humiliated...

Even those the bill passed both houses of Congress unanimously, this race-agitating piece of dog shit President decided to still veto it and in the process middle finger victims of 9/11, many who stupidly voted for the prick

Obama is many things but he is not stupid -- he knew there was absolutely no chance his veto would succeed and yet did it anyways..

Why?  To appease the Saudis probably and because he Could veto so he did
So now Obama is experiencing his first veto though it came 7 years and 8 months into his terrible Presidency and show just how insignificant a lame duck he has become

Hopefully voters will tune out his pleas to vote Hillary as easily as members of Congress ignored his pleas to not pass this bill.

Obama's stated the measure could erode the concept of sovereign immunity, leaving American citizens and assets abroad vulnerable to lawsuits if foreign countries pass reciprocal laws.
“The concern that I've had is -- has nothing to do with Saudi Arabia per se, or my sympathy for 9/11 families... It has to do with me not wanting a situation in which we're suddenly exposed to liabilities for all the work that we're doing all around the world.”

In other words, maybe the victims of Libya might want to sue the US for all the carnage created due to Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State assassinating Ghadafi, a man who just 2 years prior, Obama smiled and shook his hand

Or maybe it opens up the US to be sued by countless victims for all the war crimes of the Bush 43 and Obama Administrations..

It is not as if the American court system ever punished W's actions..

He got to leave office after two terms, collect an annual pension, Secret Service protection for life at taxpayer's dime even though he is very wealthy and get's to spend his free time smoozing with every rotten Democrat he can find like the Obamas
We said it before.. Said it again..  The last 28 years from a political stand point, it has just been hell for any American who truly loves this nation and does not buy into the D vs R game

The last election where you had two candidates for President who were genuine opposites in ideology and background was the election of 1998 between Bush 41 and Michael Dukakis, the last of the Real Democrats.

And since then its been Wall Street Dem v Wall Street Rep and 28 years of globalist Presidents who have put America second by their actions and left us on the short end of the economic stick especially where trade agreements are concerned.

One candidate is the continuation of Obama and the other we believe, will be a dramatic departure..

And who would have thought Obama's mantra of Change was so badly needed...

Of course after his Presidency..