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Monday, September 26, 2016

When Political Enemies are Really Bestest Friends

~ Taken sometime in the early 1990s when Bill Clinton was President..  Trump is standing next to Hillary; he refers to her as a 'wonderful woman'.. ugh..

Even though we here at A&G have written quite often about politics, do not think for a moment we enjoy it or that we personally like anyone involved in it.

Yes we support Trump and have made it extremely obvious as to our bias toward his candidacy since before the New Hampshire Republican primary a long time ago

But do not confuse support of a candidate with support of a person.
Both Hillary and Trump are rotten, vile people in their own unique muck stench-like way but the difference is, at least from where we sit is a Hillary Presidency is a continuation of Obama and Trump is at least the Hope of something completely different..

And much better..

It is really all one can do because you can read endless newspapers of all political persuasions and listen carefully to every word of tonight's debate and subsequent ones

And you and we will still not really know anything.
~ Trump and Clinton.. best buddies

So many historical examples of people who run for President and they make these impassioned promises

In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson running for re-election promised he would not get America involved in the senseless bloodbath known as World War I..  It was the basis of his entire campaign

Five months after election in April, 1917 we declare war..

Historians do not tell you this but our soulless bankers and creditors lent Britain and France a TON of money at the beginning of the war and had they lost, we'd never have gotten that back.
~ Possible future First Lady Melania Trump is standing to Clinton.. 

Then there's Richard Nixon who centered his whole campaign for President about quickly ending the Vietnam War and bringing everyone home based on a secret plan

Yes, every last troop was brought home..  It just happened 7 years later

Then Bush 41 promised 'Read my lips.. No new taxes' and ultimately went back on his word since really his word did not mean spit..

Every person running for office promises the moon and the best one can hope for is that we the people don't put in the wrong person and get mooned back.
But what we hate the most.. Really HATE is the chumminess between all the people who were or are in power..

Old fart Bush 41 is best friends with degenerate Bill Clinton..

His idiot son Bushie 43 was super-chummy with the Obamas during a ceremony this weekend to open a black history museum (as if we really need That)
And in spite of all the rhetoric, Donald Trump really still thinks very fondly of Hillary and Bill.

Trump even at one time donated $100k to the corrupt pay to play Clinton Foundation and hosted Clinton fundraisers back in 2000 at Trump Tower

It is all a game at our expense- present and future.

It makes any decent person genuinely sick..
I can not speak for any other but I've personally never pretended to like someone I hate nor pretended to hate someone I liked.

I have never agreed to attend the wedding of someone I thought was racist, xenophobic or such (Hillary attending Trump's wedding), and I've certainly never played golf or involved myself in any social activity with someone I thought was a garbage human being. (Trump and Bill)
But it is all a country club; a super-exclusive clique...

And every election when these rats of both political parties are done their mud slinging and fear tactics while getting millions upon millions of people so angry and scared they want to yell and fight anyone who thinks different..

And these MF'rs just sit back, share some coffee or tea and just laugh and laugh..
Because to them, it all means nothing.

Kinda makes one long for the good ol days of the 19th century when if you felt passionately about something and another felt different, you bashed them with a cane (pro-slavery Senator Preston Brooks upon anti-slavery Charles Sumner's head in 1858 on the Senate floor)
Upon learning that Brooks broke his cane rightly attacking Sumner in the defense of his honor (Sumner had said all slave owners breeded with their slaves), he was deluged with dozens of new canes sent to him by appreciative southerners to replace the old

Now all matters are settled on the god-damn golf course where everyone wears conformist collared clothing and waste their day hitting a little white ball into a cup
~ Trump and Clinton with NYC mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg, a pretend 'Independent' scumbag who said he would only run for President if Bernie Sanders beat Hillary in the Democrat primaries

All we can say is this election will be over in about 6-7 weeks and since neither Trump or Hillary sincerely feel any dislike toward each other in this big charade, neither should you let it affect your personal interactions with those who think different

Don't let this ruin your relationships and friendships with those who may be voting different than you because in less than two months, these two will be sharing laughs and smiles (their daughters Ivanka and Chelsea grew up and still are best of friends)
~ Disgusting isn't it..

Meanwhile you certainly don't want to leave your personal interactions with others in tatters over This..

Just a rotten shame every election its between two people who deep down like each other, who pretty much see the world the same way and want the same people (the super wealthy) to benefit with every public policy.