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Monday, October 31, 2016

'Four Years of Constant Investigation & Scandal'

~ 'Why does everyone keep picking on me?  Sniff.. Sniffle..'

There was a lot of big news over the weekend about the FBI, over 640,000 found emails on the computer of the husband of Hillary's condifant (and secret lover) Huma Aberdin and Hillary which came from her private email and all the typical denials of incrimination that follow

We already know Hillary is a piece of feces so we're personally more interested in emails of a more intimate/sexual tone; things like expressing Hillary missing Huma next to her in bed and so forth.. (we are positive they are part of the email batch even if the FBI chooses to never release them)
Everyone will have their own thoughts on this, mostly based on their biases or hates, and we freely admit we have hated Hillary for quite a long time because the Clintons have represented nothing but scandal, criminality, probes, investigations and somehow always consequence even when found guilty (Hillbilly Bill's impeachment)

So we just look at people who are Starting to reassess Hillary with 8-9 days to go with a big 'Oh Really!!???..  NOW you are just starting to look deeper???

For us the big news item over the weekend wasn't the FBI's decision or why they decided to re-open the investigation or what did they find?

It was for the first time (and perhaps only time), a major newspaper that isn't right-slanted called for Hillary to resign as Presidential nominee for the good of the Democratic Party and nation
From Chicago Tribune:

Democrats Should Ask Clinton To Step Aside -- "Has America become so numb by the decades of lies and cynicism oozing from Clinton Inc. that it could elect Hillary Clinton as president, even after Friday's FBI announcement that it had reopened an investigation of her emails while secretary of state?...

If ruling Democrats hold themselves to the high moral standards they impose on the people they govern, they would follow a simple process:

They would demand that Mrs. Clinton step down, immediately, and let her vice presidential nominee, Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, stand in her place.

Democrats should say, honestly, that with a new criminal investigation going on into events around her home-brew email server from the time she was secretary of state, having Clinton anywhere near the White House is just not a good idea."
Because like her piece of shit husband, This is what you are getting in a Hillary Presidency..   Constant Scandal..  Constant Investigation..

Of course the Financial Times endorsed Hillary today.. heartily.

They are the ultimate cheerleaders for the super-wealthy and for the rich and powerful of the world to continue growing and expanding, so makes perfect sense..

Those days of the Democrats being a party of the working person is as dead as bell-bottoms and platform shoes.. The modern party of 'Greed is Good' is the Dems and their heroes are the Clintons.

Now back to Hillary's corruption and evil...
How many people alive during the early 1970s thought all the constant coverage of Watergate for the entirety of Nixon's abridged second-term was 'Fun'?

How many had they known then what is known now would have even bothered re-electing him?

Everything about that rancid cunt is controversy from the moments her hubby took office in 1993..

There was the mysterious suicide death (possibly murder) of Vince Foster who once employed Hillary when she was an attorney and then was part of Hillary's staff when openly and humiliatingly berated by her for not doing enough to deflect the sex scandals away from Bill
David Hale, the source of criminal allegations against the Clintons, claimed in November 1993 that Bill Clinton had pressured him into providing an illegal $300,000 loan to Susan McDougal, the Clintons' partner in the Whitewater land deal.

A U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigation did result in convictions against the McDougals for their role in the Whitewater project. Jim Guy Tucker, Bill Clinton's successor as governor, was convicted of fraud and sentenced to four years of probation for his role in the matter.

Susan McDougal served 18 months in prison for contempt of court for refusing to answer questions relating to Whitewater (whatever did Hillary and Bill promise her?  Or have over her head?) and she was granted a pardon by President Clinton before he left office.
The actual first Clinton scandal during those years was 'Travelgate' where they fired 7 members of the White House travel office and then Hillary made inconsistent remarks to FBI on the matter when investigated

Then there was that time prior to the Bill Clinton serving as Governor of Arkansas, Hillary had invested $1,000 in commodity stocks in 1978 that after only 10 months of trading ballooned to $100,000!

The NY Times wrote about it in 1994, trying to cover for her by saying the market back then was 'volatile'..

The more correct word would be 'turbulent' as the economy was stuck in malaise, the Dow had still not reached 1,000 for the first time in its history and it would be impossible without some sort of rigging from friends on inside to make all the correct trades needed to turn $1k into $100k in 10months!
And who can forget all Bill's sex scandals and rapes covered up as skillfully by Hillary as Camilla Cosby did with her hubby Bill.

Then add in all the tretchery and chaos she created around the world as Secretary of State...

And millions of deeply imbicilic people are still passionate supporters ready to vote her in next Tuesday..

Talk about excessive hubris in not being able to admit they're wrong about their candidate (and beliefs)!

So this is what we're all going to be getting if that parasite wins..

Nothing but investigations.. And more scandal

Friday, October 28, 2016

'People Don't Change' & How ALL Media Heavily Donates Left

People come up to yours truly and ask why so many people back Hillary in spite of the endless scandals and the daily deluge of slimy dealings care of Wikileaks

I give them two reasons:

1)  Democrats and loyal Hillary sycophants will defend her constant corruption to their last breath because they are really defending themselves; their personal ideals, beliefs and judgment.

To back her then admit she is a no-good c-word who is genuinely dangerous with any power, much less the Presidency just hits too hard for people..
Remember, there were still deep Nixon loyalists back in 1973 when he resigned in disgrace and they stayed loyal even to his death and beyond..

And let's not forget the millions of sports loving minions who absolutely refused to believe OJ Simpson was really a base nigger animal who murdered his wife and one another; just constant excuses and rationales all throughout the trial

It does not matter if its Communism, Fascism, Nazism or being a Democrat -- once you commit, baby, its for life..
2) Democrats and we suppose Republicans to an extent, do not vote the person in a Presidential election... they vote the Party

There is a major difference and we explained before..

Switch the sides the two candidates represent so that Trump was the Democrat and Hillary the Republican and you would see such intense media loyalty toward Trump and daily disparaging of Hillary, you would not believe!
Democrats have certain core beliefs such as extreme-tolerance for all, political correct totalitarianism, white-guilt n' shame, the freedom of a woman to fuck 'n abort for any rhyme or reason even during late 3rd trimester if possible, taking away others' 2nd Amendment freedoms, open borders, a globalist one-world new order where UN runs the show and the US merely one of many nations under its thumb, etc..etc..

So as stated in previous posts, if Hitler or bin Laden or any other pure scum from human history came up from the depths of hell and won the Democrat nomination, the same Hillary loyalists would support that candidate as long as there was the promise he (or she) would pack the Supreme Court with like-minded people
And if Jesus himself ran as a Republican, the Democrat machine would throw so much garbage at him that they'd make the Romans who crucified Jesus during the Passion look like saints in comparison

Sorry but its the truth.. it is the Party's 'scorched earth' M.O.

One thing for certain, if that bitch wins, expect these scandals to never go away.. 4 to 8 years of this..

When you are that money and power hungry, it all comes with the territory
Remember exactly why the Clinton Foundation was set up in the first place..

If the Clintons really wanted to do good for others, they'd simply take some of the millions upon millions they've received to give 60min speeches to major financial corporations and donate it to the Red Cross, UNICEF or other legitimate organizations.

But the Foundation is a front for 'pay to play' and has always been intended as such with their naive daughter Chelsea set up as the 'head' of it while purposely kept out of the loop for legal reasons..
Andrew Mitchell, the MSNBC (More Shit-Nothing But Clinton) reporter who for some reason has been allowed to work in journalism for decades even though married to now former 4-term Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan, tried to clever-clever describe it as 'pay to play with'

Isn't it cute how the media, especially the 24/7 news work so tirelessly to defend Hillary's lack of ethics..
MSNBC's Chris Matthews of 'Hardball' spoke about it with a rare moment of non-biased candor:

"People don’t change because we swear them into the White House. They become that person big-time. And the Clintons were raising money like this hand over hand, hand over fist, back in 1996, using—we called it Motel 6. 

They were hoarding them in, pulling them in by train loads of contributors and then letting them sit in the Lincoln bedroom for a while and charging them by the hour. You can still vote for Hillary Clinton, but remember, you’re getting this as part of the package, because that’s been their pattern."

Even after that moment of honesty, he still says 'you can still vote for Hillary..'

Too Funny..
No secret by now the media is extremely biased against Trump

And yes, we would even put Fox News in that list

People think they are a conservative news network.. Wrong.  They are about 40% so which is 39.999% more than the other two..  And it really only takes is 40% fairness for the millions of Republican voters to tune in and watch

All one has to do was watch that deplorable interview the other day where Newt Gingrich put Megyn Kelly over his proverbial 'knee' and gave the uppity bitch a nice firm spanking like a daddy would to a bad daughter

Megyn is Murdoch's darling, the one slotted to replace Bill O'Reilly - the bitch is asking for $20m a year in contract negotiations and we expect her to get it and ultimately be the new 'face' of Fox News

We did research after that interview to see where Rupert Murdoch who runs Fox News along with the NY Post, Fox Broadcasting, SKY News in Britain, etc. stood politically based on donations..

Seems in the past he and his family have Heavily donated toward Democrats over Republicans including Hillary when she ran vs Obama in 2008

From NY Times, August 22, 2012:

"Even companies whose news outlets are often perceived as having a conservative bias have given significantly more money to Mr. Obama. Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, for example, has contributed $58,825 to Mr. Obama’s campaign, compared with $2,750 to Mr. Romney."

That is over 20x to Obama than what Romney received...
"News Corporation has donated $504,162 to individuals, Super PACs and candidates in 2012, according to the Center for Responsive Politics’s OpenSecrets Web site.  Eight of the 10 top recipients of that cash are Democrats...

In 2008, News Corporation contributed $380,558 to Mr. Obama’s campaign, compared with $32,740 to the Republican nominee John McCain."

Murdoch personally donated $2,300, the maximum an individual could donate back then to Hillary's candidacy as did his son..
Now lets' look at how the other media showed their political bias via their contributions:

"Other media companies have contributed more significantly to Mr. Obama, including Time Warner, owner of CNN and the magazine publishing house Time Inc. 

The company, which is based in New York and also owns Warner Brothers and HBO, has contributed $191,834 to Mr. Obama in the 2012 election cycle, compared with $10,750 to Mr. Romney. 

The Walt Disney Company, owner of ABC and ESPN, donated $125,856 to Mr. Obama and $9,950 to Mr. Romney.

Philadelphia-based Comcast Corporation, owner of NBC-Universal and one of the biggest spenders in lobbying money in Washington, has given $206,056 to Mr. Obama and $20,500 to Mr. Romney."

That seemed to be the pattern..  20 to 1 for Obama
Best thing for you to do if a Trump supporter is tune out 99% of the news ( is one exception- they're very pro-Trump) and then on November 8th, vote your guy..

Then pray hard..

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Is There Such A Thing As "American Made" Anymore?

After waking up and before writing this posting, yours truly decided to go for a nice long morning walk..

Now before doing so, I got my teeth all nice and clean using Colgate toothpaste on the same brand toothbrush, both originating from Canada and wiped my face clean using a hand towel made in Egypt.

Being a nippy-chilly morning, it was time to get dressed..
My fleece top and sweat bottoms, though different brands were both made in Vietnam and my undershirt was made in Honduras. The socks originated in Mexico, the running shoes and baseball-style cap from China and my watch from Japan..

The iPod located in my pocket was made in China and the water I was sipping on came from France (yes, Evian spelled backward is 'Naive')
Upon finishing up the morning walk, upon entering my home, I heard a repetitious series of beeps meaning it was time to change the 9V battery of the Carbon Monoxide alarm which was made in China

So I opened up the Duracell pack and glanced to see 'Made in the USA...'  Yayy!..  'of foreign and domestic materials'..  Boo!

Then I took a shower using both soap and shampoo made in Canada then sent to the US, wiped myself down dry with a towel made in Jordan and blow-dried my hair using a product once again made in China.
Afterwards I put on clothing made from places like Lesotho, Dominican Republic along with more items using Vietnamese or Chinese workers to create and sew together

Then I went downstairs and had a small breakfast of eggs (I think they originated in the US) with apple juice instead of OJ..  The apple juice bottle said the apples used were from the US, China and Chile..   What a combo..

Then popped in my German car whose chassis rests on four French tires (Michelin) made from rubber originating in Liberia, listened to 1980s Brit-pop on Pandora and headed to work with a quick stop to refill my vehicle with gasoline originating from goodness where in the Middle East..
Once at A&G headquarters, I turned on my computer which was made in China, wrote some notes and other things using a pen made in Mexico

Before writing this post, I glanced at some articles online explaining where many everyday products people use originate from vs the good ol' days when made by US workers

For instance, the baseballs used to play baseball, America's past time?   They are all made in Costa Rica - 2.4 million balls annually..  NFL footballs and NBA basketballs are made in US but because hockey pucks use vulcanized rubber, they're only made in 4 nations - Canada, China, Russia and Czech Republic
Remember the fire engine red 'Radio Flyer' wagon that was so popular in the 1950s and 60s for kids to play with?  -- Made in China

Barbies are made in Hong Kong and all Levi's Jeans with one specific brand line are made abroad.  If you want those 'Made in USA' Levi's, expect to pay around $200; if content with foreign made, pay around $40 or so..

The last TVs that were made in the US occurred in 2004, the vast majority of Hershey's chocolate is now made in Mexico and the little plastic houses and hotels used to play Monopoly are made in Ireland.

And if you want to buy a US flag, good luck finding one actually made here.. The vast majority are made in China
So with all due respect to Donald Trump who we at A&G firmly support and have done so for the past year, how is he going to even begin to reverse the trend of America outsourcing jobs, companies and technologies abroad?

How can any one person make a difference when so many business people and politicians over the last 35 years who claim to be patriotic Americans who love their nation, have sold out their country for paper with pretty pictures and shiny pieces of silver?

One thing for certain, we rather spend the next 4 years finding out rather than having a rotten old corrupt bitch run things where we know the direction downhill where the ultimate goal is one world, open borders and no national identity will be sped up

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Big F-U & More Incriminating Leaked Emails

~ Michael Moore, "man of the people" and his sprawling second home..

Michael Moore, equally famous for being a political filmmaker and big, fat disingenuous slob who is a multi-millionaire yet pretends he cares about working people said the other day that Trump's election victory would be 'the biggest Fuck You ever recorded in human history..'

We know he meant it as a negative because later he goes on to give the tired, old refrain of Trump voters being rednecks, racists and whatever colloquialism for 'trash' he could think of..
But we will take it as a positive because that is Exactly what this nation needs to the wealthy and powerful establishment who control Everything from finance to media and are paranoid of a Trump Presidency

Although to be fair, if we're equating 'fucking' with American people being continually fucked over and this nation even more so, then the award would go to Hillary if she wins

So much corruption and scandal and disregard for the law..

One could blog endlessly on it and still never get to the full scope of this socipathic, power-hungry woman's treachery and the pure evil which is the Democrat Party and its card-carrying minions
The following is from another blog site but info is excellent so we quote from it with proper credit due (page breaks are ours):

Executive Orders for Sale? Leaked Email Shows Hillary Camp Answering Wealthy Donor’s Questions about How Executive Orders Work

If you already thought the Executive Order system falls somewhere between problematic and completely unconstitutional, this takes it to a whole new, never before seen level of corruption.

Thanks to all the leaks, America now knows our government is essentially one giant pay-for-play operation. That’s how it works. That’s how the DNC works. That’s how the Clinton Foundation works.
But how far does that go?

How about bypassing Congress entirely with money in the most literal sense possible.

This leaked email chain hints at something that kind of makes votes and lobbyists and, well, all of it rather pointless.

If someone’s wealthy enough, can they straight up buy an executive order?

These days, the president uses Executive Orders to bypass Congress, even though there is no constitutional provision that explicitly permits the use of executive orders. It’s a system that’s been heavily abused in the past but now, apparently, it’s for sale.
A new revelation buried in the Wikileaks trove of tens of thousands of Hillary campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails shows him discussing executive orders in relation to an “idea” a wealthy donor has.

In a leaked email thread between Podesta and Mary Pat Bonner, a “donor adviser” who gets millions for her elite connections in bringing in donors and for being what The New York Times describes as a “master of making donors happy,”

It’s all but admitted that Executive Orders are another pay-for-play item on the corrupt American political menu.
In a (Wikileaks leaked) email with the subject line, “Is there someone in your shop,” Bonner writes, “Who totally understands ‘executive orders’. It is to answer a very big donors questions.”

Podesta responds with simply, “Me.”

Bonner: “It is for Michael King.”

Podesta: “What does he need?”

Bonner: “He has an idea and just need answer [sic] to a bunch of easy questions about how this works.”
Oh goody. Mega wealthy donor Michael King has an “idea” about executive orders…

The Michael King they are likely referencing is rich TV mogul Michael King, the exec who inherited King World Productions later acquired by CBS. To give you an idea, King World Productions launched Harpo’s The Oprah Winfrey Show and Dr. Phil’s talk show.

Back in 2012, Bill Clinton teamed up with King on a pricey fundraiser for President Obama at King’s Pacific Palisades estate where tickets ranged from general seating starting at $1,000 and went all the way up to $40,000 premium seats with meet-and-greets.
While on the campaign trail over a year out from the election, Hillary Clinton has already vowed she will use Executive Orders to pass gun control regulations, for example.

Based on this email thread, you have to wonder what other EOs Hillary plans to pass as president… and whose “idea” they are.

And how much that idea cost.

Very well stated...
And of course who is the corpulent, egotistical, black bitch dog who desperately stated one does not have to actually like Hillary to vote for her?

The same Oprah who's show was produced by Michael King

Then add to everything else we know about Hillary and the people at the top running her campaign:

Thanks to emails released by Wikileaks, we learn that the day after Hillary Clinton testified in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi last October 23rd, John Podesta who remember is currently Hillary's campaign chairman met for dinner with a small group of well-connected friends
These friends included Peter Kadzik, who is currently a top official at the US Justice Department serving as Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs, superlobbyist Vincent Roberti and other well-placed Beltway fixtures.

The dinner was set for 7:30 that evening, just one day after Clinton gave 11 hours of testimony to the Benghazi Committee.

Think of it like this..  You're on trial for murder.. You didn't do it and were nonetheless found guilty and you find out the very next evening, your attorney had dinner with the prosecutor and the Judge..
Now let's be clear... Corruption and backroom power deals are nothing new in American politics and certainly not when it comes to human history..

It is just thanks to the email links and easy access to information on the Internet, so many people have never had so much access to seeing what goes behind the 'curtain'

And in the case of Hillary supporters, never have so many known the truth and chose to ignore it
But thank God there is still some hope with 2 weeks left:

For instance latest poll from Bloomberg released yesterday showed that Trump has regained a slim advantage in one of the most important battleground states, Florida (45% to 43%)

Yes.. Still hope left..

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Honorable State Espionage? "Game On- That's What We Do"

~ The good ole' days if Hillary has her way..

For some inexplicable reason, parasite Hillary has an ax to grind with Russia and seems determined to rekindle all the "fun" the world experienced during the seemingly never-ending global Cold War..

Which is odd considering she actually likes Putin and has had good dealings with him though she will never admit it now and her Campaign Chief John Podesta, the one of the 31,500+ Wikileaks emails has had personal dealings and made lots of money from Russian companies with direct ti

And of course the continual bullshit narrative where the Oreo cookie President, the Bitch who wants to be and the mainstream media all say that Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee and released emails to throw the election to Trump  (as if they would ever cry foul if it was perceived it was for her benefit)
But former CIA, State Department, and House Intelligence Committee security expert Fred Fleitz noted:

"Only two intelligence entities – the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) – have weighed in on this issue, not 17 intelligence agencies [as Hillary Clinton had claimed].  And what they said was ambiguous about Russian involvement. "

That means it is unclear and not provable
An unclassified October 7, 2016 joint DNI-DHS statement on this issue said the hacks

"Saying we think the hacks “are consistent with the methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts” is far short of saying we have evidence that Russia has been responsible for the hacks.

Maybe high-level officials would have authorized them if Russian hackers were responsible, but the DNI and DHS statement did NOT say there was evidence Russia was responsible... "

Russia probably would not have used a “known” hacking method to gather and then leak DNC emails to sway the election.
Instead – assuming it were Russia – they probably would have used a different, covert method, so people couldn’t see their fingerprints, like the U.S. did with the Stuxnet hack..

For reference, Stuxnet was a malicious computer worm believed to be a jointly built American-Israeli cyberweapon

While no organization or state ever has officially admitted responsibility, the Washington Post based of anonymous official sources, stated the worm was developed during the Bush administration to try to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program

But back to the topic at hand..
Julian Assange of Wikileaks – not only denied that it was the Russians, but has strongly and repeatedly hinted that the hacker was a DNC insider.

So why blame Russia and war monger the US public into wanting a second cold war?

You don't have to be a deep cynic to know that there’s lots and lots of money in it for the military-industrial-intelligence-governmental complex if a new war was started, this time with an enemy who can be visually identified and does not live in caves or blends into the population

And remember there is a long history of politicians colluding the manipulate the public into 'us v them' where it turns out to be either an exaggeration or outright lie
The Spanish-American War was started based on the explosion of the USS Maine ('Remember the Maine!') in Havana which was actually intentional US sabotage & detonation of the ship and not the Spanish

Of course we know how the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964 got blown way out of proportion to allow LBJ the excuse to dramatically expand operations in Vietnam

Who can forget Bush saying Saddam had weapons of mass destruction based on aluminum funnel tubes and yellow cake (with or without the chocolate icing and color jimmy sprinkles) which that black bastard Colin Powell lied to the UN about then turned Democrat and joined team-Obama in 2008
And remember a couple years back when the North Koreans were accused of hacking Sony emails and threatening violence if the terrible film 'The Interview' about assassinating N. Korea's leader was shown in theaters?

Turned out that was a hacker who was a disgruntled former Sony employee

But let's just say it is true that Russia did hack the DNC emails, what does it actually mean?  
Well, the former head of both the CIA and NSA Michael Hayden said according to on 10/18/16:

"I have to admit my definition of what the Russians did [in alleging hacking the Democratic National Committee] is, unfortunately, honorable state espionage."

A foreign intelligence service getting the internal emails of a major political party in a major foreign adversary?  Game on. That’s what we do.

By the way, I would not want to be in an American court of law and be forced to deny that I never did anything like that as director of the NSA."
In other words, even if Russia was the source of the DNC emails, the U.S. has done the same exact thing.

And you bet your ass a Hillary Presidency would expand upon it

They don't teach this stuff in your Political Science or American History 101 college courses do they..

Monday, October 24, 2016

A Pro-Hillary Blitzkreig

Right now with the election only a couple weeks away, whether or not the rotten Hillary will win the Presidency or not, it is assured that simply because she is the Democrat nominee, this rancid woman will receive tens upon tens of millions of votes of support

Across this great land, millions of genuinely clueless people who care more about their personal political ideologies than the greater survival of the nation will be casting their ballot for a parasite who:

-- Established a Foundation with her devious, slick husband that under the guise of being a charity, was a mechanism where donations could be received by anyone domestic and abroad who sought pay for play special favors while as Sec of State and promises once she is in office
Hillary and Bill then put her daughter in charge while keeping Chelsea intentionally clueless because she is nothing but a front to make something corrupt seem legitimate  (very reminiscent of the plot of Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather - Part 3)

Bob Woodword of the Washington Post and Watergate investigation fame said the following over the weekend about the Foundation:

"It’s corrupt. It's -- it’s a scandal. And she didn't answer your question at all...  the mixing of speech fees, the Clinton Foundation, and actions by the State Department, which she ran, are all intertwined and it's corrupt..."
--  She personally directed the destruction of over 39,000 emails from her server which was against the law but since the Attorney General is basically a Democrat who serves Obama, no charges were filed at the great dismay of the FBI

Think of it like this -- if it takes an average of 5 seconds to read one email, then Hillary deleted the equivalent of 32.5 hours of non-stop email reading

--  As Secretary of State she was personally responsible for the civil war and on-going chaos of Libya which is now one of two dozen nations ISIS is located in and more importantly the assassination of Ghadafi..

Like him or hate him, he still was their leader and even though the CIA has a history of killing third world leaders they don't like covertly at the government's insistence, just think how we'd feel it the shoe had been on the other foot..
On and on and on..

If you are loyal readers here at A&G you know her long history of deviousness and treachery..

And so how do her supporters, worthless piece of shit Democrats that only will be voting for her because of sharing party affiliation and thought of packing the Court with like-minded social progressives..

Oprah's endorsement is as good an example as any:

"All the people sitting around talking about they can’t decide. ..  where people say, ‘I just don’t know if I like her.'..  She’s not coming over to your house! You don’t have to like her..  You don’t have to like her... Do you like freedom and liberty? Do you like this country? OK. "

Great argument you power hungry, black dog Obama sycophant..
And if Team Hillary and all her minions in the entertainment industry can not sway you with terrible arguments like Oprah's they will do it through poll distortions called oversampling

The other day ABC News reported Hillary held a 12 point lead over Trump which was meant to emotionally discourage Conservatives; think of the media as basically a domestic Tokyo Rose

At the very bottom under 'methodology', ABC admits the following:

"This ABC News poll was conducted by landline and cellular telephone Oct. 20-22, 2016, in English and Spanish, among a random national sample of 874 likely voters.  Results have a margin of sampling error of 3.5 points, including the design effect.   Partisan divisions are 36-27-31 percent, Democrats - Republicans - Independents."
So basically 9% more Democrats were polled..  Intentionally..

Just about one in four Republicans were polled..  Intentionally..

There's a basketball term to describe what is going on..  it is called a full court press.  In football, it would be called a blitz..

Everyone relentlessly coming at once in all directions and infecting every aspect of life that people enjoy as a normal escape from the deluge

Want to read the news..  any news?   Nope -- all anti-Trump tainted
Want to enjoy sports?  There's all those niggers and white-guilt trash kneeling and putting their fists in the air to honor Black Lives (really do not) Matter and injecting race-based Democrat politics into sporting events that people pay good money to attend live

They're doing it in football and in basketball..  Even those paid to sing the National Anthem are kneeling, raising their fists and wearing BLM shirts (B.M. is more like it i.e. bowel movement)

Want to read entertainment gossip for fun?  Good luck..

They're so desperate to report anything against Trump that they will treat deeply-ugly Lada Ga Ga dedicating a song to Trayvon Martin, the black thug deservedly shot by George Zimmerman in Sanford, Fla and 5th tier pseudo-celebs tweeting pics of them middle fingering Trump as 'news'
Want to enjoy television?   SNL is simply ulcer inducing, especially since they hired token black actresses and black writers after the black actors on the show shame-pressured its producer to turn the show into 'In Living Color'

And when a Hillary-loving political lesbian dyke is portraying her, you know that she will be getting the kid gloves treatment while Alec Baldwin, the ultra-liberal famous for calling his 11yr old daughter 'a thoughtless little pig' during a recorded answering machine message is playing Trump so...
Since over 95% of the entertainment industry is liberal, do not ever expect any conservative point of view, especially on social, moral or religious issues to ever be depicted with any semblance of fairness

But admittedly this problem has been there for decades and will continue no matter who wins..

And do not even try to watch the Sunday morning news programs..  The extremely liberal biased Chuck Todd on NBC's 'Meet the Press' declared two weeks ago Hillary had won and spent the duration of the show predicting how she would form her Cabinet
So if you want to mentally survive, you better start playing lots of video games or embracing the weather and horoscopes part of the newspaper..

Though we could see that being twisted too..

'The weather today is sunny because Hillary is ahead but a cold front bringing rain and black clouds could be coming if Trump is ahead..'

If subtle enough, anything is possible and most would not even know they are being bombarded with propaganda..
Also be conscience of the environments you're in, especially places like fast food restaurants, many nowadays have TV sets set to CNN or MSNBC with volume turned on so you hear the constant pro-Hillary clatter while trying to quietly enjoy your burger and fries..

We've written to all the major chains about it.. Burger King, McDonalds, Wendys.. even spoke to the managers of those places where they had TV sets blasting the cable news onto patrons..  Got lip service or outright ignored..

The media is rotten and corrupt.. even more than Hillary if possible..
Back during the Civil War, Lincoln got tired of certain newspapers in the north reporting pro-Southern and anti-Lincoln bias affecting the morale of the populace while trying to conduct a war..

So he suspended habeus corpus, had those writers and newspaper owners jailed for long duration without trial and directed those newspaper presses to be destroyed

It is a shame if/when Trump wins, he will not do the same