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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Answering 4Qs to Better Understand this Election

In today's post we take a moment to try to answer some of the basic questions people are asking themselves and each other about this election, as a means to help simplify and clarify.

Now as we've stated a zillion-million times over the last 10+ months,  we are biased..

A&G has supported Trump from the beginning and nothing in all this time has changed our view that he would be the best to lead for at least the next four years..

So call this more a primer to answer what Trump supporters are thinking..
1)  Why would so much political baggage as Hillary has, even bother to run in the first place?

Mostly ego and power..   Now one can say that about Trump as well but the difference is this..

Being a woman, Hillary believes she will be remembered and honored forever as the first female President and in the mind of a sociopath with heavy narcissism, that is a very big deal

The thought of being remembered for hundreds of years after death and decomposition..  Her ugly face on a stamp.. Maybe even coinage one day..  And don't forget the statues and monuments..
All these honors await simply for possessing breasts and ovaries

Of course there's a long history of women leading nations since the time of Cleopatra if not before, and recent history shows female leaders to be abject Failures

As just one example, never forget upon Margaret Thatcher's death, many Britons celebrated in the open with champagne drinking and loud cheers


So next question..
2)  Why does someone so corrupt and simply vile have so much support?

Simple answer - She is the Democrat nominee and they will vote whoever is the nominee regardless because pushing the cause is more important than the one leading the charge

This has been explained by us numerous times..

So question 2b become 'How did someone so corrupt and simply vile even get past the Democrat primaries?'

Simple answer - She was anointed by the Party.
No one else with the exception of Bernie Sanders, a socialist communist atheist who was born Jewish and married outside faith, and a nobody former mayor of Baltimore no one ever heard of, bothered to challenge her

Hillary had name recognition, the whole political-economic apparatus of her hubby still in place and to her, dammit, it was her turn!

And remember the head of the DNC for most of this election, disgusting Debbie Wasserman Schultz was such a staunch, loyal Hillary supporter that not only did she dissuade others from running and tried to sabotage Sanders at every turn but only Three days after being fired from DNC, Hillary hired her for the campaign

Voters in former Communist Soviet Union had more real choices in their elections than Democrats did in these primaries
3)  Many people say they support Hillary because she is the 'lesser of two evils'..  Is Trump that unlikable in many parts?

Honestly..  No.

The vast majority of people who have said disparaging things about Trump are Democrats who never ever were going to vote Republican even if Jesus himself was the nominee.

They loved 'Maverick' John McCain when he went after W. Bush time and time again but when he became the 2008 nominee, the Democrats shit on him and his war record and openly mocked his imprisonment in Hanoi.
And when Romney became the 2012 nominee, these same self-righteous fuck Democrats acted smug and sanctimonious as if only Republicans are wealthy and care about making as much as human possible while their colored President had spent the previous four years giving Wall Street figurative blowjobs and being a good boy to the 1%

And when the election was over, Romney, like McCain and like every other Republican nominee over the last 30 years (Bush 41, Bob Dole, W Bush, etc..) became likable again..

Trump is the Only candidate with the guts to openly attack Hillary viciously and continuously which is what a monster like her deserves..  The moment you act like a gentleman, to her, that is weakness and she will cut you to pieces

So don't believe the media which is controlled by the left..  They're scared to death of Trump changing their delusional social progressive world

4)  Last question.. Is there really anything, action or incident which could change people's perceptions of Hillary?

Honestly.. once again no..

Perhaps there's a few sincere independents out there who really haven't decided but a poll after the first debate showed 95% were not switching sides afterwards so we see that percentage as overall accurate.

Everyone knows Hillary is scum.. Even many Democrats..

So when the bar of ethics and decency is so low, we don't know what could be shocking or damning anymore considering Hillary's open-book history..
And Democrats have a history of electing criminals ..

For instance, remember former Washington DC mayor Marion Barry?   He was caught on tape smoking crack cocaine and ended up serving six months in jail..

And what did all those low-educated colored Democrats do after he was released?  They elected Barry once again to serve as their Mayor because serving time in Federal prison was not considered a black mark that would dissuade someone from public service

So why should their attitude be any different now?
We said this the other day and it is 100% truth -- Hillary could say 'nigger' every time she spoke of blacks, yell from the rooftops that gay marriage is bullshit and wear a swastika around her arm and every black, gay and Jewish Democrat would still vote for her simply because she is the Democrat.

All because political correctness, uber-tolerance and over-sensitivity to everyone and everything, and the pushing of unethical and immoral behaviors should never be judged or criminalized Trumps (pardon the pun) the disgustingness of the person in office who will pack the Supreme Court with like-minded people.

And if let's say Trump was the Democrat and Hillary was the Republican, every single person who now says vicious, terrible things about the Donald would be his most strident supporters and Hillary would be vilified

So that's where we are with one month to go