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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Distorted Polls and Phony Frivolity

~ Hillary in 1969 looking as unattractive and non-feminine as a woman can possibly be

We didn't watch the third Presidential debate last night..

Just didn't see the point..

Every factual argument Trump would make would get ignored by the media and every little flub or blunder would be magnified and mocked..

We did hear from other sources afterward that the media and those rotten Democrats made a big deal over the fact that Trump did not rule out the possibility of contesting the election if he lost..
~ LBJ speaking at the Al Smith Memorial Dinner in 1964; Hubert Humphrey is sitting bottom left

They tried to paint him as a sore loser among other negatives..

Funny as we recall back on election night 2000, assholes like Dan Rather declaring that Florida was won by Al Gore making him President over George W. Bush

And then the Bush team challenged..  The worthless liberal media did not like him doing that and made a big stink every step of the way

And a month or so later Bush was correctly made winner of the state making Him the President, not Gore

So there's successful precedent
~ LBJ applauding Nixon at Dinner in 1968 while Vietnam raged 

Now if you believe some of the polls out there and support Trump, you might begin to feel hopeless and not want to take the time to vote..

Which of course is the goal of the media and the pollsters putting out those distorted figures..

You see, around the Rep convention, Trump was showing he had a 5-6% lead on Hillary, and then it was decided by these liberal fucks that too many white men were polled and that skewed the results because to them it just was not 'realistic' that so many Caucasians would vote

So they started doubling up on blacks, Hispanics and other traditional Democrat groups and suddenly Trump was down and that's been the storyline for months
~ Carter & Reagan sharing smiles in 1980 as the hostages in Iran suffered

Rasmussen is probably one of the more honest polling outlets..

If you go on their website (article link below), they report that after last night's final debate, Trump has a 3 point lead over Hillary nationally.

LA Times says he still holds a 1% lead..

You would never know this if you get your news from most mainstream media.. Instead you would think he was down by 7-10 points
~ Sickening sight of Bush & Gore showing they like each other (2000)

So if you support Trump, do not feel at all discouraged.. Just continue supporting him as you would normally and don't let anyone dissuade you from voting

Overall we like many of you are very tired of this whole election..  It just seems to drag on and on when 96% of those who will bother to vote, already have made up their minds

If there is one specific day in a Presidential election cycle we absolute HATE more than any other, it is today, or rather this evening

Tonight will be the Al Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner

Now the reasoning for the Dinner we support - a means to raise money to help the poor, sick and underprivileged children in New York City
~ Warm smiles in 2008 as McCain & Obama acknowledge they work on the same team for the same people i.e. those in attendance..

What we hate is that it is a swanky white-tie dinner where the most wealthy and powerful get together to share laughs and bask in the glow of their superiority over the rest of the country..

It is also where you see the two candidates for President swap stories, tell jokes and show everyone what a complete farce elections are in terms of there being really no differences in the political parties.

I remember watching it on YouTube back in 2008 about one month after the stock market collapsed and Lehman went under..  There was Obama and McCain sharing smiles, chuckles and witty self-deprecating zingers as if best of friends and the nation was doing just fine while the 1% financial class laughed n' laughed
~ So a Colored man, a Cardinal and a Mormon enter a bar...

It bothered me as much in 2012 seeing Mitt Romney sit up on the stage with Obama, just yukking it up while the economy was in complete standstill and knowing there were people out there who lost their jobs and homes and living in their cars or on the street due to the crash and Obama's refusal to help them

And who can forget Romney's asshole remark in 2012 that he was only interested in bettering the lives of 47% of the nation

So tonight, a mere 24 hours after the last debate, this rotten, corrupt lying cunt woman will be sharing funny anecdotes and other phone frivolity with the man she really would rather scratch into a million pieces with her nails
~ Hillary and Trump at 30yrs old..

And Trump.. Its hard to tell about him..  He seems like he has Hillary sized up pretty well and yet on numerous occasions, he and the Trump family donated to Hillary's elections for Senator and supported the bitch in 2008 when she ran for President

It all makes a sincere person sick to their stomach

Keyword 'Al Smith Memorial Dinner' on YouTube and you will see how ridiculous and pompous the whole affair is (if you do so on Fri 10/21 or afterward and you can watch Trump and Hillary as well as past events)
~ Bill Clinton looks very happy to have a daughter as he holds Chelsea; Hillary doesn't look all that thrilled..

We support Trump and will continue to do so..

But we loyally support his candidacy because we care far more about the betterment of the nation & everyday people's lives and are voting for the positive change we hope he will bring to the nation

And that's as far as our support goes.