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Monday, October 10, 2016

Do Savers Even Exist Anymore After Obama?

As of this writing, we had not watched the 2nd Presidential Debate..  Perhaps we will on YouTube later today during a lull..

Just didn't see the need..  95% of voters know they're going to vote for Trump or the cunt so what's the point...

Oopsie, we called her the 'c' word that we suppose makes Trump's comments on pussy pale in comparison, doesn't it..

Guess when men are around men being men, he should have used the clinical term 'vagina' or cutesty euphemisms like 'yoo-hoo' or something more financially apropos like 'Bermuda Triangle'

But we digress
It really did not matter who won to us as long as Trump attacked that cyborg Terminator-woman personally and viciously, and from accounts from those we talked to, he did..

So good..

What interested us more to talk about was a USA Today article over the weekend that said that 7 out of 10 Americans have less than $1,000 in savings for emergencies and such..

That's 70% for those who attended public school in the inner cities
The St Louis Fed stated that on average, people are saving just 5.7% of what they're earning which is half what it was 50 years ago when people tended to put aside on average 10-15%

Now what was interesting about the article and just another example of pro-Obama bias was the article only blames two factors -- Americans living beyond their means and the modern ease of payment such as credit cards and alternate payment platforms like using one's cell phone.

Of course somehow the black bastard gets a free pass
Almost eight years in office and doing nothing for the economy that helped anyone but the 1%, corporations, banks and Investors..

No sincere job creation legislation.. Nothing to financially assist new entrepreneurs get their first foothold to building a business (unless you're black)..  No expansive hiring program on government level..  Nothing..

Just another Reagan 'trickle down' disciple like Hillary and like scummy hubby Bill was and how the two rotten Bushes governed and admittedly as Trump will be as well..

This complete lie that only the wealthy and powerful create jobs and by giving them one tax break after another so they end up paying nothing, this creates the employment opportunities for everyday folk...
And in a deviant clever-twisted way, the employee is paying for the 'privilege' of working vis a vis the taxes paid local, state & Federal which cover both the worker's responsibility and allowing government to recoup the revenue they're not getting from the employer..

For example, Facebook has not had to pay any taxes the last couple years thanks to liberal piece of shit billionaire Mark Zuckerberg super-cozy relationship with Obama..

The person hired to clean his toilet bowl after he pees and shits in it however, does not get the same break..

But back to savings..
It is pretty difficult to save when prices go up and wages either stagnate or go down..  That is basic economics

And the article just assumes people are going crazy shopping for clothes and electronics and toys without a worry in the world..

People for the most part get into severe credit card debt paying for necessities like food, the electric and utilities bills, car payments, insurances and in some cases, medical bills...

They do it because without the option, the bankruptcy rate would skyrocket and we'd go from a nation of debtors to a nation of Chapter 7ers
Globalism and outsourcing of jobs and technology is absolutely killing the US economy and has for decades, and its not a Dem v Rep thing

Horrible traitorous Presidents from Bush 41 to Clinton to W. Bush to Obama.. 28 years of leaders selling this nation out economically for the betterment of the New World Order

It really is not difficult to understand..  Every time a new group of people infiltrate the workplace, the influx and infusion of new competition for work causes wages to depress..

All racial, ethnic and gender-related tensions in US History are based on economics
The heavy influx of Irish Catholics into the US in the 1840s due mainly in part to their potato famine caused great tension and hostility among native White Protestant Americans as the Irish would work longer and for less

Then ultimately those same Irish would grow to despise and want to physically attack newly-freed blacks who would work much cheaper because 5 cents a day is 5 cents more than working in the fields for free

And few to none were against slavery in the North during the Civil War for moral or ethical reasons..  They were pissed off that even though they paid their immigrant workers nearly nothing as they lived in slum conditions, 'nearly nothing' was still more than paying 'nothing' as Southern slaveholders were doing..

So a war was fought and 600k soldiers had to die so the 'pay-nothings' had to be forced to pay next to nothing just like their Union-loving countrymen
Then by the 1890s, the hate became focused on Southern and Eastern European people like Jews and Italians thanks to the 2nd wave of heavy immigration..

This is around the time of the re-birth of the Klan in the northern state of Illinois.   The original Klan had Catholics and Jews in it and was meant simply to stop blacks from vandalizing.. The modern Klan originating in the 1890s is what we think of today..

Ultimately the labor fight once again became black v white, and by the time women made a serious, consistent push into the work force by the 1960s & 1970s, wages were so depressed that no longer could one breadwinner reasonable expect to support the family..
From this push to work, women lost their right of Meaningful choice..

Women may think they possess 'choice' because of the freedom to have abortions at-will but in terms of true Meaningful life choices, they completely lost the freedom to Choose to work..

Now it is no option even for a married woman; it is absolutely necessity for the financial survival of the home..

Nice job Radical Feminists....
Every new group agreed to work for less and in order for those in the system to stay employed, they had to agree to work for less as well..

And now its globalism and outsourcing on massive scale

This is why corporations and businesses Love recessions and depressions..

The more people out of work, the more desperate to find work albeit at lower wages and the better chance someone will be in such a financial bind, that he/she has to accept on employer's terms..
We do not know the exact figure but we guess-estimate that 99.9% of all people who currently work in some capacity has a boss at some level over them which has the power to dictate everything from appearance to lunch break schedules, and who possesses decision making power to promote, demote or outright fire..

A pretty depressing thought

BTW, remember the big hoo-ha the Democrats made last week as a means of upsetting middle and lower class Americans because Trump avoided paying taxes for years thanks to certain loopholes such as declaring 'operating losses'..

Well it slipped purposely through the news crevices but Hillary later admitted doing the same thing when the parasite utilized a $700,000 "loss" to avoid paying some taxes in 2015.

What a woman..
And if you expect Hillary to champion the middle class...?

“I'm kind of far removed from the struggles of the middle lass because the life I've lived and the economic, you know, fortunes that my husband and I now enjoy."  --  From a Wikileaks leaked transcript of Hillary's speech to Goldman Sachs on 2/4/14 where she was paid $250,000

So, no we didn't bother watching the 2nd debate

As we stated before, we couldn't stomach seeing a corrupt to the core, lying cunt try to make a big deal over Trump saying the word 'pussy' as her henchmen (the moderators such as homosexual liberal Anderson Cooper) did the dirty work for her