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Friday, October 7, 2016

Hurricane Hype, Politics & Individuality

~ Notice with specific color choices and the right amount of shading, Hurricane Matthew was made to look like a sinister smiling skull

Last night into today, Hurricane Matthew moved up from the Caribbean and ultimately passed through Florida, continuing its northern path which by weekend will become a tropical depression...

That is how a normal person describes it..

Now if we were a news or weather service heavily dependent on as many eyeballs clicking our site as possible to justify all the advertisements splattered on our pages (A&G never advertises), we might have instead this:

'Last night into today, the intense, foreboding category 4 Hurricane Matthew with winds up to 145mph which has unleashed damage in the Caribbean, killing at least 115 struck the coast of Florida, slowly moving north as it dumps heavy rains and sustained winds to millions without power...'
~ Now here's a photo that is not doctored with color graphics..  The centralized part of that swirl is the hurricane.. The rest is just rain and wind gusts in the 40-50mph range..  Most people believe that entire swath is 145mph of destruction..  It is not

The media used to want to provide information to viewers and readers..  A long time ago in a galaxy far away it seems

Today it is about anger and fear.

If the headline makes you feel one or both emotions you are far more likely to click the link which is how advertisers can see if their focused ad banners are being seen otherwise what's to stop a website from saying their traffic is a trillion people a month and charge accordingly.

Anger and Fear..
Yours truly had family who are currently in Florida while the Hurricane passed..

They never once lost power or phone connection and were able to watch cable, go on the Internet and pretty much every normal indoor activity one does in the comfort of one's home, like any other night

Maybe there will be debris to pick up and possibly a couple roof tiles to replace but otherwise.. Ehh..

Maybe other parts of the state and region will get worse but Hurricanes are what they are..  weather events..

They are Not global climate change events
That is more fuck-liberal garbage pushed by Democrat politicians so they can have the excuse to re-write laws to control even more of our daily lives

Hurricanes are not a modern phenomenon..

The first written documentation of a Hurricane was made by none other than the Great Christopher Columbus, a man that every single Caucasian living in the 'New World' should be thanking God for and building monuments for, rather than PC white-guilt crapping on his legacy..

In 1494, Columbus wrote of the violent storm that struck Hispaniola near La Isabela, Cuba. The storm he was talking about was the hurricane that hit on June 16 of that year...
For those bad at math, that hurricane took place 522 years ago

Long before the Industrial Revolution and Greenhouse Gases and CFCs and all the other nonsense terms used to scare and anger people into a tizzy

And the hurricane that hit Cuba in 1494 was not the first ever..  It was simply the first that Europeans were made aware of

The news is such garbage today..  Just gets progressively worse
There used to be a time when the news department of a television network was not supposed to turn a profit so those with journalistic integrity were allowed to report things honestly and with integrity unlike newspapers which always survived on yellow journalism

And then as corporations became conglomerates, those at the top started asking themselves 'Why can't the news division turn a profit as well?'

And from that, the birth of the female anchor and minority anchor and the co-anchor, and weather girls with snug clothing to show off their tits and ass as they read off teleprompters, expensive newsroom sets and lots of graphics and bells and whistles and stories of kittens in trees and squirrels eating cookies..
Whatever it took to draw in as many eyeballs as possible

Then ultimately the Internet became the last bastion of true news until someone figured how to make money from it and then you got online subscriptions and banner ads and pop-ups, and video intrusions, etc..

And sites like those pricks at Forbes.. If you have an ad blocker, they won't even let you see their free content..   Gotta be exposed to their ads so they can make money before they let you read information you can acquire via other sources

So back to hurricanes..
Can you imagine if the 2008 Financial Crisis was covered on TV one-thousandth the way hurricane coverage is?

"Today's top story for Oct, 7, 2008..  the market has crashed down another 600 points and there's great amount of panic and uncertainty within the walls of Wall Street..  President Bush once more tried to reassure the public but every indication shows this financial collapse is massive and is going to ultimately trigger massive layoffs in every sector..

Experts are saying the Dow could ultimately drop below 6,000 and will take at least a full decade to get the economy back to where it was for the everyday person..

Now here's some things you need to do to protect yourself and your family in the coming months... 1) Take your money out of the bank because cash will be king  2)  Do not buy more stocks until the crisis has calmed.. If you need to sell, to be able to pay bills, definitely do so.."

Etc.. Etc..
You didn't hear or read that once from any mainstream media.. You certainly did not hear any warnings before or after the crisis from financial news on TV or print

But a hurricane?

"This will be Massive!  Stock up on food now! Make sure your gas tank is full, and have enough supplies for 3 days!  Have a back up plan when you lose power for a long period..  Do not be out on the road for any reason!   Do what we say or you're all going to Dieeeeee!"
Ultimately it is your responsibility when you sense a situation in weather or the economy to take the necessary pre-eemptive measures tailored to you and your family's needs

You need to investigate what is what

That is what Individualism is all about.. Not following others; not being part of the sheep.. the Collective

Because if you depend on mainstream news as you sit on your recliner or scroll the iPad, when something serious comes, you will find yourself possibly swept away by the tide and blown away

And we're not speaking of weather.